OmniDominator Review (Keyword research)

if you are a content creator you love to write stuff or maybe you are a YouTuber you like to create YouTube videos on specific topics then it's good to have a tool that will help you to know what people are searching for well today I'll be reviewing Omni Dominator which is a keyword research tool that allows you to search for keywords in different countries what people are looking for on Google and on YouTube plus this tool also allows you uh to create hashtags and more now what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a full review I'm going to show you all the details before I do uh I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about the pricing available upgrade some extras that you're going to get if you purchase this through my link so make sure in case you're interested that you check that out all right let's dive into this let me show you how this platform works so right now I'm logged in this is the dashboard and basically here in the left menu is everything that you'll need so first it starts with an SEO keyword research tool for Google and then we also have a YouTube keyword now let's start with the SEO keyword research tool and the platform is uh super simple basically you search here what you'd like to search for in Google and then Omni Dominator will give you the results now first you type your keyword so let's say you want to write or create content about affiliate marketing choose the country here so basically you can also search in other countries for uh specific languages as well so in this case I'm going to do United States and I'm going to generate the suggestions here now this will take about between five and 15 seconds I think uh for it to generate the list there you go and here you can see the keywords that are available and also some extra information about those keywords so here you can see for example in the First Column you can see all of the keywords that people are searching for so for example affiliate link on Pinterest affiliate link websites uh let's see here affiliate marketing beginner uh affiliate marketing beginners best uh affiliate marketing best niches now these are the the things people are searching for and and there are 148 entries here where you can search here 1 2 3 4 5 6 uh and on the other columns you can see how many costs per click this will cost if you do pay ads for example to this keyword now you can also see the monthly searches in here also the competition like if you want to write stuff uh that you want to rank for you can see that this is a low competition keyword also the ranking score is in here as well so you can also filter here let's say you want to have a lot of monthly searches here affiliate marketing course you can see always when I use a tool like this it inspires me to see what subjects people are thinking about and hey I can create content around this subject so affiliate Market salary um definition let's see here so you go through here and to get the good IDs best affiliate marketing programs this would for example be a good one to rank for uh it has 2.4 let's say 2,400,000 searches here 2.4 th000 searches and is low competition so this is how you get the information about the keywords now the second option is Here YouTube keywords and by the way let me go back and let me show you an example here because for example you can also do um in Dutch here who Mar website so let's say we want to search in a d Dutch engine here like I said you can do this in any uh search uh in any country here so let's say so will be Netherlands yes so I'm going to generate suggestions here and then it's going to show me the Dutch results here and there you go like website website so how to start a website you can see the monthly searches in here and also the competition Etc so you could search for any country second one is YouTube keywords so in here you can do basically exactly the same so let's say we want to search we want to create content about creating a website let's see what people are searching for around this specific topic so now you can see here AI website builder is a very uh very very hot right now it's 60,000 monthly searches but it's also so very difficult to rank for an AI website build because probably a lot of people are creating content for this specific subject but basically you can get the IDS here so for example best platforms for websites this has a lower difficulty and don't get me wrong uh don't think when it says low difficulty that you're that your videos will rank instantly because you know to rank your videos it needs a lot more than only a video created for specific subject so if you're just starting out with YouTube your videos will less likely rank in the search engines then we have an established YouTube channel with thousands sub of subscribers so keep in mind that in order to rank in YouTube it always needs consistency and basically that is also the same when you create content for Google as well so what this does to me is it gives me IDs for example here here so you go over this the best best platforms for websites uh best website builder so you can create a topic around the best website builder so you can do comparison uh and you can create titles like this so that your videos will be found in the YouTube search engine so for example here how to make a website for free this is very popular but this also very difficult to rank because there's a lot of topics already around this topic but you get the ID uh that you can get more IDs from putting keywords in here so let's do something else let's say Photoshop and we want to create content around Photoshop but we want to get IDs for Photoshop well here you get the IDS right so you get okay you can also ad do is also from Photoshop let's see here art classes so probably we need to specify a little more because it has 228 entries but at the other hand we can get IDs here calling Smith tutorial uh clipping mask uh let's see so these are short best Photoshop course here so this is also a high one so let's say the difficulty let's put that to medium here so let's say um glowing object effect in Photoshop if you want to do an tutorial about that but I think you got the IDE right creating a mockup in Photoshop you get the idea that you can get a lot of insight in the search engine of YouTube tube now these are these honestly these two tools are to me the most exciting Parts in this software because it gives you a good Insight of the Search terms about the volumes the difficulty also um one other the thing is for example um in this case we're searching for YouTube so you see the comp competition score difficulty Etc when you go to the SEO keywords research you could also see what people had to pay per click well it will be a little bit similar to YouTube videos when people Target that uh if you want to start or if you want to have your YouTube channel and you want to live from your YouTube ad Revenue then it's better to create videos around topics that have high uh where people have to pay a lot of money to put ads on those keywords because that means that you're also going to get paid a lot so for example uh you know let's let's do Photoshop here let's do one more time in here let's go to um uh let's see how to start let's say how to start Drop Shipping let's do something like this and then we do United States um boom yes this one and let's generate some IDs there you go here you can see can you do Drop Shipping under 18 you can see here the cost per click these are some nice cost per clicks what advertisers are paying per click when somebody's searching for AliExpress Drop Shipping they pay $5.70 for a click to their website so if you create topics around dropshipping you're probably going to get paid uh some nice click revenue from YouTube when you create videos around that subject because advertises will Target your videos uh next thing in here is the hashtag manager and that's the second tool where you have all these tools like hashtag generator hashtags from hashtags from URL trending hashtags let's simply go over them quickly so a hashtag generator let's say we want to do affiliate marketing we to type that in here and we're going to click generate and boom here you get all the hashtags that you can use and you can see the total post with this you can see the average likes so you can add these hashtags to your videos Etc or maybe also to your blog post Etc here you can do hashtags from text so you could basically type something in here so let's type something in here in this Photoshop tutorial we're going to show you how to remove the background from an image Photoshop you can say I want to generate from this text I want to create hashtags so tutorial remove background you know you can come up with these yourself as well that's why I said those two are the most exciting tools from this product hashtags from a URL so you could basically take a URL and then it will give you hashtag from that URL trending hashtags so you could see what kind of hashtags are trending so when I click here you can search for these hashtags so these are currently very trending you can see the tweets per hour the retweets per hour the exposure so you can see you know if you want to have a trending um you want to post something on Twitter for example here uh you can see exactly how many tweets so this has thousand tweets per hour right now playlist you know Bitcoin is very hot right now 234 uh tweets per hour with that hashtag so um yeah here you can get some information which will be good for you to put on Twitter use the right hashtag if you want to get attention for people that are searching for those hasht hashtags also B hashtags so this is an example here uh where you can see if hashtags are bent so for example let me put that in here you can say gener at and from my hashtags I can now see that these two hashtags are Bann so you're probably not better use those hashtags on social media platforms uh outo hashtags in here so here you can also write a piece of content uh and then it will generate hashtags for you so let's say you want to create seven hashtags here uh at the end anywhere you can say where you would like to have these hashtags so when I do anywhere here I can generate hashtags and then it will add the hashtags here unlock your creative potential and here you see with our Photoshop training and then dive into the world of digital creativity and master the art so it's going to generate these hashtags in the content or in the description that you have created uh on your social media channels it can be YouTube uh Instagram Etc I think this is a cool feature as well because it saves you time you simply type that in here and it's going to hasht the important keywords for you and then the final one is Emoji suggestions here uh where you can type something in here so let's type the same text here like un unlock your create cre creative potential with our Photoshop training uh it's about Photoshop generate the emojis that I can use in this post personally I would have loved that they also added these emojis directly to the post similar with the auto hashtags uh but these are basically the imag that you can use like a pencil here uh Globe here eyeballs so this has to do with the content and you can add them to your content and that's basically what Omni Dominator is all about uh it's giving you inside in keywords uh on Google YouTube it's creating hashtags for you Etc so in case you're interested again check out the link in the description if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below and if you haven't subscribed to my channel consider doing so uh I do a lot of product reviews marketing related product reviews and uh yeah hit the notification Bell to stay updated uh each time I upload a new video hey thank you so much for watching hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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