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sometimes when you review a product you're really impressed by the creation of the product and that's exactly what I'm having today with planero I really like this software and I think you will like it as well if you like to create videos tons of videos if you like to have a ton of templates and if you like to schedule your videos Upfront for a year for example then planero is the ideal platform for you as it allows you to schedule your videos to your social media platforms as well it comes with a full-blown video editor uh I'm impressed I'm going to show you all the details before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can get access to planero you can see the pricing and the details here on my page of the available upgrades as well plus I'm also going to get you give you some extra free upgrades as well they're listed at the bottom of this page when you click the link below this video you can see them you're going to get them completely free so make sure to check that out all right let's dive into this and let me show you how planero works so right now I'm logged in and this is the dashboard now the cool thing about planero is that you can schedule and create videos for different brands and businesses so as you can see here at the top it says my brand and when I click on that I can create up to five Brands the front-end product allows you to create five different brands as you can see here I can give a brand name contact number I can upload my logo so that the logo will be used inside of the videos automatically the address Etc will be automatically added to the videos Etc to the templates very cool now if you want to create videos you can do the two ways you can go to the dashboard here and then if you like to use one of these templates that are here you can simply click on use this template here and then you can choose for which brand you'd like to create this video so let's say I want to use this for tweets this is my main company then I'm going to click continue and I can choose if I like to create a square a landscape or a portrait video now let's say I want to create a square video and it's going to load the editor for me now this is the video editor and it's a very cool editor it comes with a timeline as you can see here with all the layers here on the timeline so you can add layers yourself as well you can scroll through your video as you can see here so this is the video that has been created this is the template done for you template it comes with layers here at the right side where you can move layers up and down plus it comes with a sidebar here where you can add your own videos your own images your own text your own assets there are a lot of Assets in here that you can choose from and also your own music you can add that as well now let's just play something with this editor so that you get a nice feeling of this editor so first what I want to do is I want to replace the music that comes with this track so I'm going to click the music here I'm going to delete this because I have my own music in here that I want to use so when I click on this plus icon in here I can decide if I want to add this music trick I can play it here and I can trim this video so when I trim it here I can say I want to trim this and then I can give this a title and rename this and then start using this or I can click on insert and now this video this audio track will be added to my project here I can select the volume of the audio track in here so let's say I want to have this at uh let's say 18 and let's play this video and look how this template look likes so here you can see the details my email address my phone number Etc is in the editor already [Music] and this is the video template that you can use now you can edit all these details so you can you can move all these elements in here inside of these templates or simply you can save this if you want to save this and another thing that you can do is you can start with a blank canvas so let's say I want to start here I'm going to go to my brand that's the other part of the way how you can do it so first we chose here one of these videos and then we said I want to create this for this brand the other thing you can do is you can go to your brand directly in here select your brand so I have two brands in here as you can see and if you like to create an extra bench you can do that but let's say I want to schedule a post for this brand then I can choose from these videos now look at this first it comes with all events now based on the country that you set up for your brand you will see the events for that specific country so I've set up this account for the USA and as you can see these are all the available events that I can create videos for and I can also go to calendar events and you can see in April here we have Good Friday we've had that already we have Easter Sunday but when we scroll down here you can see today's tax day on the 18th of April so let's say you want to use this you can add this to your short list and then in the second tab here we have our short list where we can start creating our videos now those videos are listed based on the date so this is an April and this was also in April but if you have other things like Mother's Day if you already added that to your short list listed videos then this will be here in your main tab now let's say I want to create a video from scratch you can also do that you can simply click on this plus here you can decide what kind of videos so let's say I want to create a square video again and let's say this is my demo demo video and I'm going to click continue and now I can edit my video now it says no layers found so we can add our own layers in here now you can start from the top here so let's say we want to add a video now first of all you will see your own videos that you have added to your account but it also comes with a library of videos as you can see in here now this is based on pixabay this is an integration with pixabay where you can choose your video so if you want to use one of these videos you can first preview them in here so you can watch this video and you can say okay this I really like this video and if you like this video you can click on use video and then it says it will be imported and downloaded to your account and it will appear here in your videos now this will only take a few seconds before it will appear in here but for this purpose let's go with this video I'm going to use this video in here so this is my first layer and I'm gonna drag this like this and gonna Center this a bit so I'm gonna have this like this so now when I play this video here look at this this is the video that's starting now at the bottom here you see your timeline it's playing so if I want to add a text element here let's say I want to have a text element in here I can simply click on text and I can add a heading in here so I can say I want to have um say check this out here and I can change everything I change the font here and of course I want to change the color as well so let's say I want to have a white color I can change that you can also set a background color so let's say you want to have a red background color or a black background color you can also add padding so you can say 20 20 20 20 20 so that it has padding here outside of your font in here and you can move this now the cool thing is that when you open this timeline in here you can select the layers so in here it says check this out you can also decide if you want to make this text frame longer this is simply drag and drop so if you want to create a 16 second 17 seconds and when you click on this layer you also have an animate option here at the top where you can say I want to have this slide in from the right or zoom in so let's say I want to zoom this in look what happens here when it comes in zoof you see that boom there it comes and you can also do the same thing for the exit animation so here you can go to the outro here and you can say I want to slide this down for example or slide to the left or zoom out in this case I like to zoom out here then you can go through your video and you can see boom there it goes do you see that so now when you start playing your video you can see there it starts boom your text comes in and you can add multiple layers so let's say we want to get rid of this back black backgrounds we're going to remove this here and we want to do a layer or let's say we want to go to our assets we have a lot of assets here so let's say I want to do background shapes in here look at this it comes with all different kind of background shapes you can load more and this can be added to your video and let's say I want to do here these shapes I think here's one that I like um no abstract shapes maybe this is the one yeah I like this one here this is a cool one so let's say we want to add this one then we can add this layer here we can make it bigger so that our font will be on top of it I can move it like this uh here let's move it to here and then when I go to my layers here I can say I want to have my text on top of my image and look at this boom now my text is on top of my image and of course I also want to have an animation in this layer as well so I want to zoom this one in as well and I like to start this layer here I'm going to drag this to the left because I want to start this before the text you see that boom do you see how easy it is to work with this video editor so now when I play this video let's move a little bit to the left here a little bit to the left here and then let's start playing boom do you see that check this out not sure why I think I've moved my audio layer deleted my audio player by accident but this is how you can create your videos now it comes with a lot of things so it comes with all these videos and here you can see this video is now in my library you have those video libraries you have your images so these are your imported and uploaded videos but you can also get videos and images from pixabay and pixels as well here at the top and then it will be imported into your account as well again you can add text layers in here so with your text layer you can do all these options like make them bold your alignment your font size your padding opacity you can also rotate if you like to rotate your phones as well as you can see here check this out the assets lots of Assets in here so abstract shapes here I really like these shapes these are really modern as you can see you can add those to your videos arrows here all different kind of arrows that you can add background shapes here basic shapes I can do a lot of things here ornaments where did I see that one so Christmas ornaments a circle flower frame so you have different kind of frames you can add as well here you see this there are lots of many beautiful design parts inside of planero I really like this and here also you can resize modes alignments opacity rotation um let me go back here to the assets you can see lots of things here frames different frames that you can add to your videos as well Halloween collection label and Frames mixed Stars here uh look at this you can add those to your videos as well super simple and also here in the music part you can add your own music you can record your own music as well if you like to record plus there is a library with a ton of music as well here I can load a ton of Music These are all good music tracks that you can use inside of your video now let's say you're finished then you can click on Save here and then you can click on continue and now you can schedule your video so let's say I want to schedule one of the videos that I created and I can simply go to these three dots in here I can first of all download them so when I click on downloads I can choose if I want to download an HD an fhd or 4K video so let's say I'm gonna do fhd then I'm going to click on download and now it will be rendered in the background now this rendering goes very fast here it will be shown in your downloads folder uh where within I think a minute this video will be ready in here we're gonna check that within a minute as well now when you go back to the shortlisted videos and you want to schedule this one as well then you can say I want to schedule this and from here you can connect these accounts so I've connected my Facebook account here and I can choose one of my Facebook pages where I want to add this video to so let's say I want to add this to viral reads for example then I can say here I want to plan this at a Eastern Time I want to plan this on the 18th for example at 4 pm let's do something like this and then I can click on schedule and now I can see that these are my schedule posts these are ready to be placed to my social media channels automatically and if you want to do it again you can reschedule this here or you can move this to the short list again or you can remove this and yeah you can simply schedule your videos here to all these channels so you can log this into LinkedIn you can log in with Twitter with Facebook for your Instagram business accounts with Pinterest you can post these to your social media channels and now let's go back to my downloads folder because as you can see here the video is already ready and now I can download this and this will be downloaded to my computer so I can manually upload this as well now inside of your account here you can see your media library at the top these are all the videos that you've downloaded from pixels or that you've uploaded to your account your audio files everything will be inside of your media library and keep in mind that this is for the specific brand that we're working in right now then we also have an agency in here where you can add agency users so let's say you want to add a person here you're going to do his last name and then in here you fill out his email address brand name here you can decide this user has access to tweets to this tweeze brand to this tweet company or maybe you say hey he also is able to connect connection point or maybe you want to remove tweets so we can only add uh new videos to connection points and you create a password and then your user is also able uh to uh to work inside of your account so you can also add agency users inside your account as well and that's basically what planero is all about it comes with a ton of templates as you can see when you go to your brand here you can also go here schedule post for this brand to Everyday content IDs and look at this these are all templates it comes with hundreds and hundreds of templates that you can choose from here this is just the first page you can go to the next page here and look at this these are all templates video templates that you can start using right away and you can schedule these to your social media channels you can go to the next field here I can go on and on as you can see lots of templates to choose from so if this is interesting to you again check out the link in the description of this video uh right now you can get it for an early bird prize there's also a coupon on my page if you're purchasing the front-end product use Tim special and if you decide to purchase the bundle which also comes with white label rights and lots of other options make sure to use coupon Tim bundle to get to get fifty dollars off the price um that's it for today if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below please hit the thumbs up if this video was useful for you also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I create a lot of product reviews uh so yeah subscribe hit that notification Bell so you get notified each time I upload a video and for now thank you so much for watching hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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