Tarantula Review (Impressive AI SEO tool)

today we're going to talk about an EO spider actually this is the first EO spider with AI so how would you like it that you could call your websites or your comp competition websites to find ranking analysis find the keywords they're ranking for find articles on their website and rewrite articles for yourself your website so many more features uh I'm talking today with surreal and we're going to discuss his brand new app which is super robust and that you definitely will like so first of all serial thank you for being here ma'am thank you Tim it's been long due I have seen so many of your videos so many of your reviews and it's a privilege to finally be featured in one of your videos well it's it's awesome to have you here man so can you tell us a little bit more about the the app it's called tantula what is it and why yeah why did you develop it what can it do for for everyone okay so so this is tarantula SEO spider and I actually got an inspiration uh when I was trying to do SEO for my own side and I actually saw a number of tools that would solve many different problems uh but some of them were quite old you know SE is old like seo's been around for 20 years I've been I've been using it forever so it still still works still gets traffic I use it a lot and I use it for marketing my apps I sell a lot of products that way it's relevant today to but the problem was most most of those tools were not keeping a breast of modern technology like AI is the technology of our times and I've been working on AI since the last couple of years ever since chj 3.5 came in before that chj 2 I've been researching working and learning and I I came across a brain wave that you know you have these Legacy tools that do that do so things so many things so well but they don't have ai to make them even smarter and cut down the work of people so I built tantula SEO spider with the aim to use AI to lessen the work of SEO professionals or even somebody who wants to be doing SEO for their own website so that they wouldn't have to hire a SEO professional they should get the same kind of data and be able to use that data to generate the content that will help them Rank and this was also in tune uh with the learnings that I've been uh you know I've been I like to research I'm a I'm a programmer I'm a career programmer I started coding I was a teenager and it's been my passion to just study things as as much as possible so one of the things I I realized across all this time was that the traditional way of uh doing SEO backlinks and uh you know trying to get a lot of guest posts out or building keyword or targeting keywords that's not relevant anymore because the the nature of search engine is actually changed quite a lot now search engines are all yeah that you you see generative search result at the top right now and you uh that those results are selected by AI so the fundamental changes there is no more algorithm working for search results now there was a specific algorithm with about 180 whatever you know 180 or 124 factors whatever number of factors they were but now when you have the AI actually selecting the search results it's not a specific algorithm with AI what happens is usually you I mean not usually this is how it works you give an AI model and inut like a series of uh you know data points and then you let the AI model generate some output and you just tell the AI model this is good and this is bad and based on that over the time the perfect neural network is created that uh generates you know that generates all the data that we use like that it's the same way for images it's the same way for article generation it's all a neural network and nobody even you know even the people who code that thing even the people who create those neural networks even they don't know exactly how things are working inside exactly the algorithm so right now what's going to happen is AI is taking over search it's not going to be a specific algorithm it's going to be about what AI thinks is right and if it matches the expectation of the people that is going to be the algo and that's how it is going to be so backlinks have no place in such a situation because the AI is not counting back Lings it's counting the the it still has has a bit of still has some some power back Lings right but you need to combine it with the right content people are looking for yeah they do you know you know in in my uh mind as I see it this is the situation today where the algo is working with the AI so you have separate generative search results on top and then you have other results at the bottom so both of the things are presented at the same time but as time goes by Google is going to see what's working better and if clearly generative search results are working better then they are going to take precedence and that is the world we need to prepare for you know because that could very likely happen where AI is actually generating all the results not just the top little section and I think it's very relevant now and it's a perfect perfect opportunity actually now to create content that actually can rank without having to do all that investment uh without having to create a lot of authority first without having to create a lot of backlinks first you can create content that ranks on the merits of the content itself because then an an engine is actually evaluating the evalu the content and not all the other stuff that goes with it so that I think is a perfect opportunity it's like a big turning point in SEO it's not quite here but uh you know this is something that bu up to yeah so AI has to be in every SEO software so in tarantula SEO spider I have you know this is a product that actually can crawl your own website and it can crawl your competitors's websites too so on your own website if you crawl your own website with it you can see how your website is structured uh in terms of SEO friendliness so it will detect all the issues like it will tell you if there are any broken links if there any broken images it'll tell you if there are missing signals like you don't have correct meta descriptions or meta tags there all those things like actually it's quite a big software so there actually a number of factors will tell you exactly what you need to change in your website another thing it can generate your site Maps now site maps are very important because Google actually crawls billions of pages and it has to keep a breast of all the changes there so if you don't give Google an incentive to crawl your pages to crawl your website frequently or you don't tell Google hey I have changed this come look at this page and add it uh it it's likely that your pages are going to be indexed quite late so s maps are very important you can generate your sit maps with this tool it can keep your sit Maps updated and it can also create your robots.

Teex so you can present to Google exactly what data you want to to submit to search and hide the data that you don't want the search engines to see so lots of things like that it's like a complete SEO toolkit it can do uh practically everything for on page SEO because that is in my mind the future it's all about going to be all about on page SEO what you have on the page is going to be more important versus what is off the page you're talking about backlinks mostly so right now of course they are very important But as time goes by as AI takes over it's going to be on page on page on page now you can use this for competitor analysis too so what I like to do often is like I'm in the SAS space I have a number of SAS products that are doing you know at some level some are doing poorly some are doing very well so I like to see my top competitors find out what they're doing right I like craw their websites and many times I find that you know people create these wonderful content Pages like uh in I just was scrolling on a product website earlier and I saw that they had created these wonderful alternative Pages where they were talking about you know product X versus product Y and Y is product X better and they would have a very comprehensive page on that and I was able to find all the competitors from that that particular section and I realized that I can do pretty much the same job with uh my product and it will give disc you discovered all of that with tarantula with your tool yeah yeah when when that's the only way to find these things you know sometimes these things are not even ranking and you're not even searching for those keywords like half of those Alternatives I wasn't even looking for on Google I was looking only for the first product but because I was able to crawl the entire website through tant aming it's showing a lot of things from from your competitor site actually any site that you're scanning right is an idea that we jump into the app straight so that that you can explain directly what you're doing yeah absolutely absolutely so yeah I will I will uh share my screen I think I did uh I don't know how to put it on the screen yeah thank you we can see your screen now yeah so this is uh tarantula SEO spider it is actually I would say one of the biggest applications I have made me and my team have been working for it since last six months and I completed it about one and a half months ago then I ran a beta test still still going on a lot of work is going on on it so I think in the last one and a half months we've released an update almost every 15 days so it's one of it's going to be my Flagship product I'm quite you know excited about this so let me do a crawl of my own website that's that's the coolest thing so my website techn force.com here you can decide how many pages you want to crawl because some of the websites can be practically quite huge like if you decide to call CNET or maybe news.com you might they might havee you know like millions of pages so just scroll as much as you're comfortable with I might like let's go for 500 and you can control exactly what you want to crawl so you can crawl subdomains or you know all those options like it is powerful so uh let me show you something cool so I think uh yeah there were hold on yeah if you click on the shortcuts you can see that there are a lot of uh shortcuts so it's meant for power users as you use it you're going to learn a lot about it so you can quickly toggle from one place to another using shortcuts so again let's click on Crawl and I have this crawl earlier so it's going to ask you do you want to continue from the earlier spot so it it it actually has recovery so you know okay so you can always go back to your previous search results yes yes yes you can just continue from there but I'm going to start from scratch so you start from scratch it's just going to crawl the entire website very very fast now taranas spy is very fast as we speak it's working it's crawling the pages and whatever data it gets it's already populating it so for example this particular page it's already crawled it the status code is 200 and it's indexable so it it generates a lot of data that you can see here the title that they're using and you can see the changes coming in you know as as the list is expanding it's changing so for example this one this this page has a 3001 read okay sorry 3001 redirect so it's moved permanently so you can you can see for example in your competitors Pages what are the changes that they're making on their site and what are the different things that they're doing uh if you go like on the left side bar there is a there are a lot of sections each section I'll come to that soon uh MH yeah so here let me continue with this you can also see the meta description that the that they have the length of the meta description and this is a good signal sometimes you will find that you are not doing a good job of using the entire meta space available to you you should send as much you know signal as or as much as much information as you can to the search engines so you will find Opportunities like that and you can find out pretty quickly if you if you don't have made a descriptions on specific Pages Etc it's it's a very easy way to get an overview of your own website to see what can be improved yeah for example this this page you know like even on my own website there are errors like this is a 404 and I I have a link to it somewhere so when you have doing a crawl obviously the page is being discovered through another page so I need to fix this I need to either remove the 404 or or I need to create something as a placeholder or I need to remove the link which is pointing so it will find a lot of issues like like that on your side you can you can do some analysis for example this is what I would do with the comp analysis now external links these are the links that are pointing to other websites so if you're calling my website for example you can see these are the places that my site is linking to so you know that I have some kind of association with these websites maybe it's my group company or maybe it's my another whatever it is so you can of course uh on your own site you might you know might know this information but when you trying to crawl your competition you can find out who are the people they are linking to and if for example you are crawling a blog or you're crawling a affiliate business you can find information like who they are partnered with and maybe you know you can use that information as a business intelligence too now security is a section where you will see the issues with uh https and U you know other security issues so if you have any security problems in your uh in your HTTP which is important for Google it will be uh it will be reflected here thankfully I don't seem to have any of that the call is still going on mean so that's why it's populated a little bit and what what I also noce at the right side at the right side you can also make selections right so if there are errors it will be shown on the right side and then you can select the pages specifically that have that specific error am I correct yeah you're right in fact Let Me Explain the sections to you so the left side is the navigation area where you've got all the different uh sections that you can visit by just clicking on them this is what I call the main area where you can see a kind of a large data you know set where you can see all the data that that is relevant to this particular section and you know every URL has a lot of information associated with it so here we've got a grid with some information if you click on it if you click on any URL you can see more information or detailed information about that particular URL right below it right and on the on the right section you have uh an overview this is the default overview which kind of gives you a summary of the crawl uh which kind of tells you exactly uh what are the different aspects of the crawl as like you know total URLs and you can of course make it wider or smaller as you want so you can make it easier to read and you can see C data like these were the number of HTML Pages these many JavaScript Pages were there and you can click on any section to quickly go like you said like you want to see all the images that are being you know which are there so you can just click on the image section and it will uh show you only the images right so that that's already that's already there and then we also have issues so issues is something very important so these is actually all the problems in that could be there in the website and you can click on any issue to see the data on the side like okay this is the this is the problem cool so so it will show the pages with that specific problem yeah exactly exactly so you can fix it you know exactly what to fix nice now for titles yeah let me uh yeah and now I'm going to hold on let me just get this out of the way a little bit Yeah so again uh in URLs you can see all the URL so it will exclude the Javascript file and the images in titles you can see a title kind of a View Title oriented view where you see all the page titles along with stuff like title length and what could be the title pixel width width is it indexable the page is indexable or not same for meta descriptions meta keywords you can see for example which Pages don't have meta keywords it's a good idea to put them in uh I would I think you know sometimes people are making these uh they're ignoring these things these are small things they might not add a ton to your SEO today but I would say if you are investing on your site you should get everything right as much as possible so put in all the details meta description meta keywords all of that should be put in now I've got something called AI keywords and this is actually the way the search engine actually the AI will see your page and interpret it and it's a great way to also find keywords that your competitors are using without you know thinking about uh what they are projecting this is these are actually the real keywords that they're targeting and I'll show you exactly how it works so I'm now in the AI keyword section and I you can see all the pages that I have uh in the on the website all the crawl is there so you can click on any uh particular uh result for example let me just click on this one and check it and then click on get AI keywords and that will get the keyword for example this particular page has keywords like privacy technique Force policy and uh you can do that for any other page too you want if you want like we are choosing contact easily is this also a bit similar to what you were saying with the dynamic results that it's looking for results like that on a page but basically what happens here is AI is going to read that page and interpret it and tell you what keywords are being targeted by by that page so this is all AI generated and you know it's yeah it is connected to the way search will now see or way generative searchi sees yeah generative search AI the way it sees the pages so this is something that can help you understand what your pages can rank for and you can modify your intent or if you're crawling your competitors this is a dual use feature you can use it to figure out what your competitor is uh targeting what kind of keywords they're targeting with any particular page so that is you know possible with this particular feature then I've also got rewrite with AI and this is something that is useful in case you want to quickly rewrite an article let's say I have an article on this website on my website called how to use Twitter to grow your you know profile or something like that grow your business right so you want you don't have that article on your website and you think you should be ranking for it you should have that content so you can just copy and Link lift it and paste it of course it's a copyright violation you will never get ranked anyway that and if you wanted to go the other route you would have to hire a writer get them to do the job and then look at it verify it check the grammar check the English and then post it but with rewrite with AI what you can do is click on any page on your competitor's website and just click on rewrite so it will generate the article that takes a little bit of I think this feature is is good to do on competitor's website right yeah yeah you wouldn't want to write your own article because I mean you wouldn't you already got that content but if you're calling your competitors's website here you have the article written based on the content they have so just in seconds you're able to create an alternative for their content so you can post it on your website and then you will be able to you know rank alongside them or at least have content that they are targeting that you want to be targeting to so this is a Time saer feature it uses AI to rewrite the article and I think this is better than actually asking AI to write an article from scratch because what this does is it does a paragraph by paragraph rewrite of the article that is originally done by a competitor so they have done a lot of work to make it original unique they put in their own mind and angles and you can benefit from their work and this is copy important things this is copy Escape past it will never fail the copy Escape it will never uh you know be uh ranked as a seen as a duplicate article because the AI is going to change the words it's going to change the order of things it's going to change a lot of stuff in this content to make it acceptable to search so you wouldn't get penalized for this very nice specifically like the part that it gets the content from the website itself so that you know exactly what to write about and just instead of just a general article about it yeah exactly that's that's the trick you know you you want to that's really powerful yeah you want to use your computors work against them whether it's for I you know whether it's targeting the keywords what keywords they're targeting just you take it from them or whether it's taking the content you can do both and it's legit and if you want you can of course you know this is an article that you can use as a starting point you can modify it it's all up to you the level of work or the amount of work you want to do but this is going to definitely save a lot of your time then we have headings now uh on on a page on a Blog for example blog article for example you might have H1 H2 H3 level headings so you can see all of these headings in one place for for the uh for the art for the pages that you're crawling in here I think you know something there's not much there's not much content on this particular website that I have called so you can't see a lot of headings but otherwise you can see all the different headings that they have targeted for example these and the heading length and and how many times it occurred on the entire website you can you can have all these all this information uh content is again for the actual content on the website so for example this particular article or this particular page has 338 words this particular page has 174 words so this is the way to actually analyze what kind of Articles or how long articles your computors are writing if you're analyzing your own website you can see which articles are comprehensive which articles are not uh I've I have realized and this is what the SEO wisdom is that any article that is targeting uh search engine results should be about 1200 words so that's what you want to be targeting at least uh beyond that it's okay but I don't think it should be 300 words because it's a good way because you can also search on on YouTube for example and then see the top sites of your competitors and then put that into the tool and see how many words they're using for those pages so it's it's a really yeah cool application to to basically duplicate what they're doing right for yourself so you get better rankings as well just yeah you got to beat them for example let's say you see your computor has right has written an article that's 1200 words you know that to beat it you you will want to Target something like, 1600 words so that the search engine thinks your article is more comprehensive so you're going to make it more comprehensive go beyond 1200 words so if you targeting a specific keyword you could actually do that you could check out which keyword you know how well how the what the kind the kind of the work that is already there in the market for the keyword or the topic that you're trying to rank for and then you know where to build from how much you got to spend or time and effort to it to what kind of content you should be creating so it's a it's a it's a great analytical tool nice nice very nice and then we have images so you can see all the images with the size you know so uh hold on okay so just a second sorry so you can see the images and the size of the images so if some images let's say Beyond uh a particular size like search enges don't like heavy images like 5 MBS or 6 MBS so you will know exactly which image is is too big and you will be able to uh fix it and you will be able to you know spot the images that are too big and if you got your competition then you can see the kind of images they have you can export this data to file then you can analyze it better so all of that Fe all of those features are here nice then in canonical uh canonical is is you know like you have uh two versions of a page and one of them is the canonical the other one is just an alternative sometimes we used to do that earlier there was a www subdomain or sub prefix earlier so if there is a situation in which your your web your web pages are linked from two places or linked in two different ways it will show up here and this website there are none you can see pagination data so if if there is a search result and there is paging if on this website whatever website you're crawling you will see the paging data too if there are any search engine directives you will see them here like if there is a meta refresh or meta robots directive any special directive in this particular website there is nothing you can also see language directives so if there is any specific language directive that the person is set up you can see that and you can see JavaScript files like these are the JavaScript files that are connected you can figure out what libraries they're using and if there are any JavaScript errors like I have a couple of JavaScript files which are missing or you know errors there are some errors you can find that and EMP is a technology which will tell you uh whether you know uh uh whether you know EMP is about is a search technology so that that is also a part of it it will tell you whether there is EMP on the page and like for example here I have some EMP U gen EMP details here so all of those details will be available to you and you can also manage your site map so in this particular website I don't have a site map M and I think this is very important that every website should have a sit map and this product can generate your sitemaps too so just click on generate sitemap and it will save a Sit map for this entire website and you can upload it so that is created during the crawl itself so it's pretty easy it can also validate sit Maps so validation is also very important because sit Maps tend to get old let's say you have created a Sit map and then you make changes to the website you remove some pages and then those pages are not valid they're not they're 404 but they're still showing up on the site map that's not good so you can validate the sit map and it will it will show you all the errors and then or you can generate a new s map which will be the correct Ty map you can also manage your robots.

Text this particular file has no robots. text no data no directives to the search engine but let's say you wanted to uh stop the search engine from crawling certain websites certain areas you could do that click on customize and you can actually give you can create a robot text on on the Fly for example this is what you want to do with Google bot you want to allow or disallow and you can put in the custom path like is there a admin like you know you don't want them to crawl the WordPress admin so you can give that kind of directives and you can just click on uh add another row add as many rows as you want and then click on export it will create your robot Des Tex file too that you can upload nice now the speed analysis is done with API connection to Google so I've not that set I've not set it up yet but once you set it up you will be able to see your page speed too as reported by Google console and we also have integration with Google analytics so you can actually uh connect it with Google analytics too and then it will show you uh a review of your page things like you know with the things like viewership like how many visitors were there how many uh you know how much time did they spend on the P direct integration with analytics yeah it's got API Integrations with uh with Google too and then F we also have this uh great uh get great you know interesting product called SEO report which is a five which is a feature of the product you can download an SEO report which has a comprehensive you know which has kind not a comprehensive but a summary of the crawl what is whatever happened how many errors were there and all those things and you can then use this PDF report as a lead magnet so I know a lot of people who will buy this software be SEO professionals or people who want to work as agencies who want to uh you know something to uh to customers so they can use the SEO report as a lead magnet and they can reach out to to to the buyers and tell them hey we scrolled your website we saw these many errors and we can fix it for you so it's in a zip format for easy portability let me just open it up I'll show it to you I put it in the downloads okay so y here we go so this is the report okay uh just a second yeah I have two screens and sometimes that message things move things yeah this is the report so you can see you know for example if you give this report to your prospect tell them hey your website has four four in 167 places and these are all the issues that are causing to not rank properly so you can hire me and I will fix these things for you and I will also help you improve your website they see this they see the work that you've already done they know that uh you're coming from a place with you know with some data and you've all actually already worked on their website so that's a great way to kind of impress them to kind of build that relationship and get new clients feature is this feature in included in the front end cial or is this one of the upgrades this is a this is the pro level feature so it's in the Pro the it's in the first upgrade uh the first uh upgrade which is for professionals so it's in there I love it and uh yeah lots of cool stuff in there and if there are any issues in the crawl like you know while crawling the website if if there was any any kind of network issues they'll be reported here so that you can review and if you want to crawl again you could do that in settings you can control uh things like you can put in your agency's name you can even upload a logo for your agency and the SEO report that is created will have your customization it will have your logo and everything you can also control things like how many links deep you want to go so these are like you know how many you know whether you want to crawl the you want to respect the robots.

Text or no so all of these things are something that you would control you know if you are crawling your competitors um you know you would want to do analysis like that so that's the AP integration is there and we use open AI in the back end so uh yeah sorry so we use openi in the back end and it's got uh integration with with openi credit so you can see exactly how many credits you've spent how many credits you've got all of that information is available too so are these credits by open AI is this uh linked with your own open AI key no actually uh we have we don't want to hassle the people with it because it means that people need to you know some of the audience some of the users might be able to do it easily that way but many people can't so uh I made it easier they can just uh you know recharge the credits inside so it's like just buying the credits from open but you don't have to go through the hassle of setting up an OP account and all those things it's just a part of the app itself nice nice so yeah that's that's the that's about it and all the websites what you just showed at the top they will be remembered yeah these are all the Coss that you done earlier if you want to remove you clear them all all yeah yeah yeah because uh you shouldn't have you know crawling is something that takes a couple of minutes sometimes depending on the website so you shouldn't have to do it from scratch every time that's why it remembers you know so if you resume your crawl it will always try to resume it will ask you do you want to resume and if you don't want to resume only then it will start crawling from scetch nice nice yeah I've already shown you the shortcuts part so as you get used to using the software you can learn the shortcuts and make things you know even faster for you awesome well this looks like a really solid product I mean uh I'm Blown Away by all the functionalities that that are inside this tool um you're actually launching it today uh we're recording this at the morning of uh we're we're both early birds here most of the people are USA so we decided to do the recording on the day of the lunch right um can you tell us a little bit more about the product uh there's a front end product there are some upgrades can you tell a little bit more about that yeah sure so this is on the front end I am see like you know that this product actually took a lot of investment and my team has been working for it a long time but I want to make it affordable as affordable as possible for everyone so we have different levels different upgrades the front end is uh has two options the basic and the elite version which is meant for personal use if you don't want to crawl uh as a professional that is you don't want to work for other people and crawl their websites you just want to use it on on your own website and maybe maybe you've got some competitors maybe 20 30 whatever number you have you want to call your their websites but not do it as a job or make money from IT professional version is there it's quite uh you know affordable right now actually I'm selling it at an insane price I think it's at $37 and $47 option you can pick one of those and then if you are a professional or if you want to provide SEO as a service you can go for the pro upgrade and that gives you all the power like I told you about the SE report and a lot of other things it gives you a lot more AI credits too because then you would be using uh you know the app more frequently it totally removes the limits from The Crawling so you can crawl unlimited websites every day you can crawl unlimited pages and it also unlocks a lot of features that are only for professionals uh professional people who do who do it as a as a job or who want to charge people and this is uh again you know this is all new and I think this is a great opportunity because the the product has a lot of new information like Ai and everything which can help people actually land new clients yeah so if you are if you're somebody who's trying to get clients then definitely go for pro it's available at $67 and I have a pro Max version which actually gives you a lot more credits lot more data a lot more capabilities at $97 so there are two options there too and then I have uh the reseller version and this again is to help people monetize tarantula they can actually sell taranta licenses and make money from it so like this is a long-term product for me uh I don't know if you've seen you actually seen many of my products but like all your products I love it yeah I want I want to cite in a specific example like there is this product called tube rank Jeet which I built in 2012 it's been what 12 years now and uh I'm going to release the version six soon which will have a lot of AI I've done some crazy work on it and across all these 12 years I kept this product maintained I updated It upgraded it and still the best desktop SEO software for YouTube SEO that's what I love about products you you keep maintaining them and that's what I love about your products uh one thing that I just noticed is that you say it's um is a desktop app right people need to know that it's not you don't need to log in you just install this on your computer right yeah that's that's true uh you know there is a reason why I made this in desktop because when you're doing things like scws you know there are there the there's the reason why all the cloud-based SEO software are so expensive because they are spending a pile of money on cloud infrastructure on proxies and crawling so you can't make it cheap at all I wanted to make this product affordable so it's a desktop app to so that people can use it to the max without any kind of you know pipeline limits okay you can only do because when it's on the server it it requires a lot of data it it it puts a lot of pressure on the server if everyone is searching at the same time that's what you're trying to say right yeah absolutely that and also crawling is something that if you do it from one computer you cannot crawl for 10,000 people or for 5,000 people so that's a crazy amount of infrastructure that you will need to build and I think it's better to just inverse it everybody has a computer if they are logged on to the Internet so they should be able to use their own infrastructure to crawl the websites that they're targeting and that's how I'm able to keep it affordable so uh yeah it's it's a it's a desktop application but I do have good news uh it's also compatible with Mac and it's available for both Windows PC and Mac I know a lot this is actually your first app now that you also switch over to Mac right yeah I did you finally listen to Guys Like Me yeah I got a lot of eight about it people write to me and tell me hey man what are you doing you've got these applications and you don't have them or for Mac why why is that so and I realized that it's just been that you know I've been just too lazy I've I've always been more excited about creating new stuff than you know porting writing the codee twice but I have changed that finally so this this product is available for mac and PC it'll be it'll be maintain and upgrade it for both these platforms and of course I'm porting my other products too which will be available later for Mac awesome awesome uh bundle deal is that also available yeah we have a bundle deal and it's a fantastic deal uh actually right now uh you get you get tarentula elite tantula pro tenta reseller and I won't miss the the other products in the funnel there is cloudfunnels pro which is an amazing funnel Builder by the way I put AI in it very recently so it can write your sales Pages it can write your headlines and everything cloudfunnels AI Pro that's a part of the deal then we also have posty fluence which is a way to collaborate with bloggers you can find bloggers in any Nation it will automate your marketing so it'll send out messages to them through email or even SMS you can send out your offers your collaboration offers if you want guest posts if you want to work with them affiliate or whatever you've got in your mind you could do that that's a part of the deal that's available too so uh so these all these products are there I think there's one more product somehow I have I don't I have forgotten which one so let me just quickly look at yeah funnel and tell you just a second also by the way if you're watching this I also yeah sorry yeah I want to say that if you see this sorry sometimes a little delay in the in in communication I also mentioned it on the page if you're if you're watching this uh I also mention it on the page there's a link below this video if you're in YouTube uh you can see the details of the funnel on the page as well uh and of the bundle deal which is basically all the upgrades right in the bundle deal absolutely so there is also tube rank je on it and you can get like five of my products for an amazing price the bundle deal is right now marked listed at $97 so uh that's the deal I have so it's a crazy amount of value in there I think tarantula alone is worth that much price and you would expect to pay that much if you were trying to get something like that in the market without the AI so with the AI it should be more valuable so I think this is a crazy deal right now and I'm going to definitely take it off after launch uh all of my products are actually recuring if you look I've got about 22 products in the market selling in the market right now every single of one of them is either on monthly or yearly recording I don't do onetime prizes after launch so this is the right opportunity to so only during the launch it's a onetime price and after that it's recurring yeah absolutely I want to make money longterm and the launches are a way for me to monetize the development expense I put in so it's a happy moment and I want to uh you know all these people who have you know shown the confidence to buy this product when it's just first launched I want to reward them for their uh you know initiative so that the purpose of the launch but after that it's all recording all the time yeah I love that because that allows you to maintain your products absolutely awesome and it makes me more money long term so I'm happy about that you know maintaining the product is the best thing I can do actually absolutely and keep your keep your customers happy yep awesome hey seral thank you so much for your time I think we spend a lot of time now showing everything so I think this gives you a good overview of what this product is all like about of what you can expect when you purchase this product uh the deals that are available so in case you're interested uh make sure to check out the link in the description it will give you all the details uh you can get it right now for a onetime price uh best deal bundle deal is your best purchase but just decide for yourself you know if you only need it for personal use and nothing else maybe the frontend product is for you uh make your wise decision uh when is the when does the lounge end you know that surreal yeah 20th midnight so like 11:59 p.m.

20th 20 so that's six days from now all right seven days long uh it should be like yeah it should be the seventh day then yeah the seventh day okay awesome is there anything else you would like to say seral I think uh that's about it we did Cover the thing pretty comprehensively yeah just one thing uh if I want to end it at that guys what I have now is not even the entire product and you're going to buy this when it's first launched I just expect to see a lot of cool things coming up on here this is a product that is going to be my Flagship product I've invested a lot of time in it and uh for buying it for onetime price you will get a lot of cool features in it in the coming months so uh yeah that's that that's I think the final message so you know from here it's on you guys awesome all right thank you so much for your time seral thank you so much was a privilege all the best with the with the Louch and I hope you uh you make a lot of sales to make you happy and the customers happy and everyone else thank you so much for watching and uh yeah please hit a thumbs up if this video was useful for you also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews I also interview product creators like I doing today so hit that notification Bell to get notified and for now thank you so much thank you so much shal and have an awesome day bye bye bye bye

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