The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program Review – Become Josh Turner’s Connect 365 Certified Partner!

The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program Review – Become Josh Turner's Connect 365 Certified Partner:
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What is The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program?

The 20 Minute Marketing Agency Program is the cutting-edge marketing system that professional service providers, consultants and marketers use to generate more consistent sales opportunities without wasting tons of time and money.

Who This Program Is Perfect For?

This program serves THREE different audiences:

1. People who are looking to create a NEW business that will be up and running generating 6-figures+ within just a few months.

2. People with existing businesses and clients who want to diversify by adding a new revenue stream that takes very little time to manage

3. Or those with existing businesses who simply want to get new leads and sales opportunities for their existing, coaching, consulting, agency, or professional services business.

2022 is What You Decide IT IS – Josh Turner needs your help…

This isn’t a joke.

Josh Turner came to me asking for help – YOUR help.

Here’s the situation:

Josh built something that is a true game-changer.

And it’s working big time.

And by “working”, I mean he’s got thousands of businesses applying to work with him every single month…

Begging him for his expertise…

And this is where this becomes a huge opportunity for you…

Josh does not have the capacity to take on all these clients!

Even with his team, it’s just too much.

But over the last 5 years, Josh has been perfecting software designed to fill almost any business’ calendar with new leads that can’t wait to work with them (and pay them well for it)…

We’ve used it here at:

Josh is drawing in literally, thousands of leads – and can’t help them all.

But you can.

This is why Josh is wanting to help you start your own “agency”…

Or add a 6-figure service to your existing business.

And then give you these clients, month after month, so you’ll never have to worry about getting leads.


– Clients like Mark, a CPA who signed 13 retainer clients, filled his pipeline to bursting, and built a 6-figure business in 4 months!

– Or Theresa, a Business Coach who got 8 high-paying clients in her first 90 days!

You might be wondering, “Why me, though?”

OR… you might even be wondering, “HOW? How can I build an “agency”?

(truth be told, you don’t have to. You can easily use this system solely to get leads and clients for YOUR current business and it would be well worth it)

Here’s the deal. Josh decided long ago to focus solely on his software business. But he has a non-stop flood of people asking him for done-for-you services. He doesn’t do that type of work anymore. So he wants YOU to help these clients.

Josh will show you how to get amazing results using his software…

Certify you as one of his consultants over the next 30 days…

Then – even help you serve them.

It’s truly a win-win.

Josh gets more people using his Connect 365 software…

And you get paid to manage the client’s work to get the best results. And it takes very little time for you to do this work. 20 minutes a day. Most of it is automated, you get leads from Josh, and he’ll show you exactly how to keep them on month after month, giving you an additional revenue stream.

It’s super-simple…

Click HERE to Get Started:

As soon as you’re in, Josh’s team will get going on helping launch your own agency very quickly!

Honestly, I’m stoked to see you grow from this opportunity.

It’s going to be awesome!

Start A 6 Figure Marketing Agency In As Little As 20 Minutes A Day:

Quick Overview:


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