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hey guys this is Tim fridao and today I'm here with the one and only tot grass thank you for being here Todd hey Tim it's good to be here hi absolutely so um yeah I love tots I love uh the man he is he's a good businessman he always comes with great products I always love to show toss product because when he comes with something it's always good last time that we were together he was interviewing me but this time thought it's the other way around you're here with me today and we're gonna talk about the upcoming products and like I always say with interviews it's the other person that needs to do the talking instead of me so I thought what what do you have coming oh no now the pressure's on okay no worries we have always been at the Forefront of the AI world now that all of a sudden it's a big hit it's like well this is old hat for us but while this has been going on this big explosion of AI products we in the meantime have taken our synthesis products we've merged them together we've improved them radically and we are now putting it all Under One Roof and wait until you see the amazing amazing humatards as we call them those are those real human-based avatars and wait till you hear the voices on our new text-to-speech and wait till you see the dazzling images on our text to image it's absolutely and you can get it all in one and that's what I'll be talking about today Tim so tell me whenever you want I also yeah I already I already heard I already heard some voices and they are really amazing I think they're the best voices I've ever heard I've seen images they're great so I think it's a good idea to just dive into this that you show us what you got and what's what's coming uh okay why did I do that I'll Dive Right In but I I just want to say right off the bat that the reason that these are so incredible is because we're talking about real human based stuff in other words it derives a real human being a real actor and that's why everything looks so good and everything sounds so good so let's head inside so that you could see what we're going to be uh you know doing here so we're actually inside right now what's called synthesis AI studio and even though there's a lot of little things that we aren't showing you right on the front screen when I say little things I'll explain as I go along why there's actually extras built in in there but we have the three big pillars the AI voices that's what you commonly would refer to as Text to Speech but in this case these voices is can actually speak with each other it's not just one way it's not like just the script is read you can actually like a conversation you have a conversation right and then we have ai humans that's number two those are those you know you're just seeing a few of them here uh those real human-based avatars um and that we call them humanitars we always have and then we have ai images which is really interesting um the AI images just in the last week literally it was seven days ago I think today that we're recording this that we were able to upgrade to the absolute latest best in the world text to image and we'll be showing you examples of that as well so let's take it in order Tim let's let's start out with AI voices yeah and then we'll take it from there now for AI voices uh you would just basically click on it like that and immediately you'll have this area here that says explore and it shows just some of the people that produced the voices so when you click on explore like that then you're into what is the beginning of a conversation so for instance we have automatically Ian was just thrown up there but we don't really necessarily need to have you in there but then we could click on ADD paragraph on the bottom left and we could actually start a conversation now we don't want Ian to talk to himself so what we do is we go to the left hand side we're going to pick an actor and you click on show all and then this is my favorite part because I like to pick the voice type that we call Ultra lifelike so we have for those of you that get the bundle which almost everybody will because it's just such an amazing deal in this case uh you will be getting a hundred Ultra lifelike voices and now I'm going to pick a gender and let's say I started with female now of the female Ultra lifelike voices there are some that I would like more than others so for instance Angie was picked here and I gave her a heart earlier so I would actually just select her like that and then I would add and then I'm back to my conversation and Angie's there so I would put oh nice so so you're basically at at voiceovers to your conversation that you can select in this uh editor right so then I would say uh something like um I'm not feeling well today today since it is raining outside something like that and then um we'd then go it's add another actor time for the second part so we're gonna this time pick a male we'll do a mail and the voice type will do ultra lifelike again and this time let's pick geralt and add and now we have a choice between Angie and Gerald because we picked those two Ian was never really there he was just to show that you could put something in there so we picture alt and then he says I'm so sorry to hear about that actually I'm having a great day here in Orlando and then um assuming that's the end what we would do is we just put our cursor at the very beginning and we'd preview it by pressing the play button on the bottom and then it's going to take you know maybe a minute to actually get that going and then it'll play those voices after we hear this I'll actually show you how you can make a full conversation a full podcast um with an example that I have and I'll show you that in just a sec cool so basically you're adding speakers to your conversation and how many speakers can you add to one conversation oh virtually endless I mean we have a hundred Ultra lifelike voices and we have uh 350 or so of the other voices I'm not feeling well today since it is raining outside I'm sorry to hear about that actually I'm having a great day here in Orlando all right so let's listen to how it would sound were you able to hear that on that side yeah I was able to hear that definitely okay fine so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to stop sharing this tab and I'm going to share another one and it's going to give you a full conversation that we've made so you can hear how that would come out is that the same conversation that you showed to me yes you've already heard cool tell me when you're ready Tim yeah I'm ready here hi I'm Roger a successful digital marketer and I'm John still climbing that corporate ladder remember our College dreams of Financial Freedom John I haven't forgotten Roger still dreaming I found a way to turn dreams into reality John ever heard of synthesis AI Studio no Roger I haven't please tell me more it's a powerful platform for generating Ultra life like voiceovers using artificial intelligence Maria what do you think oh yes Roger it's amazing it uses Advanced AI technology to create extremely realistic voiceovers you can create different voices for videos podcasts or any digital content without hiring professional voice over artists it's cost effective and efficient exactly Maria it's a game changer in the digital content World okay so I'm not going to play the whole thing wait wait wait wait wait wait thought because I want to hear from one minute because I really like that voice just just play it and to those watching join us in exploring these revolutionary tools your digital future starts now you just heard a superb example of our AI voices multi-voice functionality with AI voices our Ultra lifelike voices are synthesized from real human voices there are none out there better sounding you will get 100 of these Ultra lifelike voices and if that's not enough for you you will also get to select from 140 languages and 300 seconds that sounds amazing yeah I have to I have turned it up I'm getting uh I'm getting butterflies in my stomach I'll tell you what I'll tell you why I I'm a little nervous because that guy's voice is actually better than my voice and I'm a voice over artist that voice is so ridiculously good and the other one there was also one at 185 58 it was Elon that one was also awesome yeah and it's a little trial and error but then you could just you know you could put the ones that are your favorites you know what I mean yeah so um I'm sharing the screen again by the way yeah and uh you know I don't know what to say I mean it's gotten to the point where that is actually better than most of the voiceovers you'd hire somebody to do on Fiverr or at least yeah you could number them you know it's it's off it's obviously competitive anyway with what you'd get on something like fiber yeah so I'm really really excited about that module now there's a lot more to this but I need to move on Tim um sure because we have so much to cover and the next one of course is our trademark our Hallmark one um the one that you know made us famous and that is the humatars or the AI humans as they're called now with those uh what you do is you would click on explore and then you'd pick a template so for instance uh I did this one last night right here strategies webinar and then you would just add the template in it could be a blank template like the default and then you could just you know have move everything into another video editor afterwards with your humatar in it but this one already had some information here that I was able to change um and then you could pick your humatar here on the left and one of the things you could do is you could change the face of them believe it or not innumerable numbers of times um and the way you do that is with what we call the face swap option and um you're actually able to change that face which is you know just one other thing that is built in that previously we had sold as a separate you know a separate item so you could base it on your own face yeah you could actually change it to we did that with your face on one of them as a matter of fact and and you played around with it with yeah with Brad Pitt and stuff like that yeah exactly yeah you could you could have it look you know approximately like yourself but the hairstyle has to be similar in order for it to look like you yeah and then uh so you have all these to choose from on the left and then uh let's just see how this came out because basically I did this last night and I would do that by going into what we call the my uh Studio on the left is a tab my studio and then you could choose when you're in well let's go home let's pick AI humans again now let's go to my studio and that's the voices oh here it is upper right AI humans and uh this was mine from last night so let's let's take a look at that uh we'll do open this video and let me know if this opens in another window or if it's or if you could see it I can see you join us for the synthesis AI Studio webinar on Friday the 11th of August at 8pm eastern time with a follow-up live webinar the following morning on the 12th of August at 10 A.M okay so you join us for the synthesis AI Studio webinar on Friday the 11th at 8 pm eastern time with a follow-up live webinar you can go back so yeah and and I know that luanne's been working on this one here and what she did is she took uh did a demo so she actually had like in the background the whole demo running and then she had that particular uh AI Avatar you know pop in at one point and kind of say hello during that demo and that's one thing that you could do with it uh here's a project from this is going to show it right over green screen oh there's one right over green screen as an example and I just put it into edit mode is what I've done by clicking on it uh let's see if I can actually show this one from before open this video next we have our incredible AI images yeah so she's just starting with your important type if you aren't sure about your prompt yeah that was interesting all right and this is the one I wanted to show you that's right on green all the tools all in one place the best human voices available human tars to speak what you want now what's interesting about that is the the um lip syncing is really good with this product so if you look very closely at the words at the pronunciation it's matching I'll show you that one more time all the tools all in one place the best human voices available humatars to speak what you want flip faces create stunning images and more and all unlimited with AI script and prompt assistant built in all this at over 70 off when we okay so what you would do with these obviously is you'd make you'd include them in a video of any kind that you're making so that you can actually just type and you could get these real human voices you know to actually speak um as there as these human avatars these humatars are talking yeah so you can use them as spokespeople you don't have to be in your videos you could actually use them and if you want to change their face you could do that as well and change it to something else I may have an example somewhere of that trying to think where I would have that example I thought then if I'm correct what I just saw you're able to create multiple slides yes yes absolutely um I forgot to write down how many on the cheat sheet but I know that it's uh about 12.

So nice you have uh you know like a dozen slides so you could do you could do one person you're able to have them talk to each other that way yeah and there's even a way that you could put more than one onto it at a time okay so you can you can have multiple on one slide yeah there's a trick to do that and our beta testers figured that out it wasn't intended originally but he says it's a five minute trick and we're going to be handing that out during the webinar how to do it them all on one slide but if you don't then there's instructions and I want to show you how easy the training instructions are see where it says training on the left okay right here and this is probably going to open up a new window uh oh but uh let me see what happens if I could switch to it yeah I can see that you could see that okay great all right watch this hi in this video we are going to learn how to add multiple voice actors to a voice over oh okay that was the um that was the AI voices that's for the humans oh nice it's in Taps try that again welcome back in this video we're going to learn how to add multiple humidors to your video okay so AI humans has uh the option of adding slides to your video so depending on your plan you can add up to 12 slides to your video each slide can have up to one minute of content and each slide can have a different humidor let me show you how so the first slide has Amy as the humidor the second slide can have a different humidor the third slide also can have a differentiator and the fourth slide also can maybe have uh lee as the humidor here okay so this is how you uh add multiple humidors to your video and uh and not only that once the video is rendered it would be a seamless transition from one presenter to another and it would make the video look extremely Interactive so this is how you can go about adding uh multiple humidors to your video thank you so those are bite-sized chunks of training so I'm glad that we we threw that in because you can see those are all fairly short YouTube videos that you could watch so that you understand and there is an overall um you know overview overview yeah thank you Tim as well nice so those those are our human sources and as I said there's so much more to it like the face swap Etc but I just I need to to move on to the next one so let's go back to the home and I want to show you the amazing amazing AI images so the AI images where it says coming soon coming soon coming soon we actually have a way for you to do that now it's in our old platform and until it's infused into the new platform and you'll be able to remove image background remove video background remove AI object you can do that now even though it says coming soon it's just not in this particular login so I just wanted to make that okay but you start with a prompt you just click on explore and then all you do is you write what you want to see now normally I'd say you know go to the right here and pick some things to help you like if you have the the full bundle or the upgrade you'll be able to pick the artist the illustrations the art style and all that you can enable photo realistic mode but all I did to get some of the incredible images you see on the left is I didn't even do that um all I did is just pick Square horizontal or vertical and then from there I picked the resolution 1024 p or 512p and then I just wrote what I wanted to see so um a beautiful leg between the mountains and sunshine all right and we'll visualize that so um it could do nature like you just suggested to animals it can do people it can do but unlike previous text to images they don't come out wonky they almost always come out really good you still get four choices it gives you four different selections trying to guess what you want because the more you write in terms of your description the better wow [Music] that looks stunning yeah I mean I actually had to catch my breath when I saw that you were quiet for a few seconds [Laughter] the thing is and I'm going to switch to full screen here all right so you're able to see some of the ones that I did just like we did just now all right okay you're gonna switch now yeah yeah I'm gonna switch over to full screen shares uh entire screen I want to show you a few things one thing is now the celebrities really look like what they are so I wrote Brad Pitt um here screen three share you could see that now right yeah oh wow so I wrote Brad Pitt in a lying in a field of flowers all right then I said oh my goodness it really looks accurate uh let me try something else well I know what the Fall Foliage looks like in the Adirondacks in New York state that's the mountains Northern New York Tim and I know what the foliage should look like what kind of trees they have the red Maples and sugar Maples and I know what the mountains look like they're rounded on top and I wrote but I want to see a white sailboat on a lake in the atarak rondeck mountains early October Fall Foliage and look what I got that's exactly what the Adirondacks look like New York State I said all right this is crazy it knew right away exactly how to portray that image well I just came back from a cruise to Alaska Tim I literally was on a cruise in Alaska in June one of the things that happened is we we sailed up or we rode up something called Tracy arm which is a fjord and in that Fjord which is a channel of water that goes in towards a glacier it was created by the glacier which is retreating I got off the cruise ship and I got on a small boat and the boat went towards the glacier and I took a picture of my Disney cruise ship and I wanted to see if I could recreate that picture just by saying Disney cruise ship up the Fjord with Glacier in the background and it came out almost exactly the way I took that picture oh wow it was phenomenally close I even said in my prompt put a few small icebergs in there and so you you didn't upload a photo here I don't have the I don't have the photo myself that I took but it's very I mean you didn't upload a photo a preview photo for no no no no no no that's one thing you could do is you could upload a photo for it to base off of but I didn't have to do that I mean it just it got the colors right of of the top and everything everything is just you know extremely accurate wow including the you know the life wraps and everything I mean it was just so close to the way it looked the original you know uh that I was stunned that it came out so remarkably similar it knew it knew the Disney ship look it knew the fjord look it knew the iceberg look it knew that how the mountains come straight out of the sea look you know it was just incredible and that's what we've got now for our Texas Club yeah so we have more I could show you so uh let me just take these off and I'll show you some that I just did like I did Tom Cruise last night I wonder if I could show it I was writing an email [Music] yeah can you see this or is it in a different window yeah let's just know that's the same window okay so what I did here Tim is I was writing an email and I I was trying to say you should be on the webinar so all I did is I said Tom Cruise pointing to you to the camera right so I was able to use that for my email so it's pretty accurate stock photos not necessary anymore right uh then the cat ones are too funny with cats playing with toys they're so cute it looks just like my kitty where is she I will show you it looks like we can have a great pad oh wow like with playing with cat toys and then of course I I couldn't stop making something uh the lion you know the details on the lion yeah they look amazing uh oh and the cat is always the gray cat is always sleeping in a gray blanket so I wanted to see if they think this is a nice one yeah then um I wanted to do newsrooms so let's say you have a green screen and you stand in front of your green screen and you want a background for that oh wow so you can also do such pictures now you could do Studio backdrops so I wanted to see if it was similar to CNN and it actually turned out to be very very similar to CNN's real Studio well um that's not the CNN real Studio that's the fake one that we made but I happen to have uh you know done a search on that and I realized that then I wanted to see we saw the foliage was accurate correct in um for New York State I wanted to see if it would differentiate the foliage to make it accurate for Colorado and and that area and sure enough it knew about the aspen trees the Aspen's a yellow one that's the color they turn all at one time in the fall uh out west and was able to make that distinction I think in this case I was doing Utah I you know I set up Little Cottonwood Canyon so once again you know it's it's a new high in terms of the images that you can create you can create of course fantasy images as well [Music] there's a typical fantasy image I didn't say photorealistic in this so it just automatically thought when I put in the prompt that it was more of a fantasy uh sci-fi gaming type of image um because I didn't specify and that's what it gave me for my astronaut on the moon with Earth in the background very nice yeah and as I said basically uh Tim we're just scratching the surface here but all the the big demo of course is going to be during the webinar itself which is coming up yeah so right evening talking about the webinar thoughts uh when is the webinar going to happen yeah so you could get all three of these amazing tools um you know the the the mind-blowing AI on Friday evening at 8 pm eastern time uh that is of course the 11th of August or you could do it the following morning on the 10 a.m webinar that we're gonna have and that's uh going to be 10 a.m the 12th of August but if you can at all make it I know it's not perfect time for a lot of folks but if you can make it we are going to be doing this on a so-called dime sale okay which means the price is going to be going up during the course of the webinar okay for every 33 that are sold so and and the price increase starts at Friday already yeah it's going to start Friday evening even before we launch the product because what we're doing is those that attend the webinar are getting special pricing that nobody else is going to get later on okay that's cool once we're giving out a coupon as well yeah plus if you already own any synthesis product any other module any one of these if you already have for instance the voices the text-to-speech or you already have the images from us uh you'll be getting a special coupon to get the entire package at a huge huge discount as well okay nice so you want to definitely attend that webinar to make sure you are able to get that lowest price before the price starts going up and that you're able to utilize your coupon as well and that is just one of the little things we're doing on the webinar we're also giving away a free copy of the software we're also giving away money you know actually cold hard kills hey Al um so bring your PayPal email with you um you know we're going to be asking questions and if you get the right answer and you know the right number we're going to pick them from a from a random number of people then you can actually win money as well or win a free copy of this so there's many many many reasons to show up on this webinar nice so yeah if you're if you're watching this you're probably on one of my pages and if you want to sign up for the webinar then of course the link is below the video where you can sign up and uh yeah be sure to attend so it's Friday evening right instead of the morning Friday evening the 11th nice that's eastern time so that's in the wee hours of the morning stay up late if you're over in Europe exactly then we'll be midnight here in Europe I guess yeah all right thank you so much Toth I think you show those in the awesome demo of this product I'm impressed by what I've seen so far so if you want to see more of it uh and more details discussed make sure to be on that webinar and especially if you want to get the best price uh end up paying more later make sure to be to be there registered through the link below and I thought again thank you so much for being here I appreciate it you're welcome and just remember this is a quality that we're talking about absolutely this isn't just this throw away AI stuff that you see all over the place this is the quality that everybody else will be jealous that you have absolutely all right thank you so much thank you for watching and talk to you guys soon cheers

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