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lately I've been contacted several times by people asking me hey Tim do you have some good LinkedIn lead finding tools well I got some good news for you tomorrow it's coming and uh that's why I'm here with Adrien today uh Adrien thank you so much for being here hey what's going on thank you for having me team you're welcome good to have you here and uh yeah why is Adrian here because uh he's launching tomorrow a brand new uh LinkedIn lead finding tool that we're going to discuss today that will get you well there are millions of leads literally on LinkedIn and uh this is a high quality tool and uh we're going to discuss this now so Adrian what is this tool about what's it called what does it do can you take us uh through the app talk about it all right all right yeah I will certainly do so but um first of all I want to just do a quick uh uh quick summary of why am and why you should be actually listening to me so I've been I've been industry I've been in this industry as you know team for over 15 years now and in the past 5 years we've been focusing on developing uh high quality lead generation platforms lead finding and client closing tools for agency business for entrepreneurs that want to sell digital marketing services online and uh some of you guys may already know me from Le gorilla I am the one of the co-founders behind leads gorilla very successful uh lead finding and and client closing platform out there but there was something that was missing there we we didn't have the opportunity to to find and tap into the LinkedIn uh leads where actually all the business owners are so with uh with this new tool all right this is called prospector uh in the AI and it allows you to tap in O um in over 950 million uh decision makers leads all right I'm talking CEO Executives I'm talking uh sea level um persons that you need these are The Gatekeepers these are people uh that are on the plat platform for business we all know that LinkedIn is a business platform I know you know Instagram Facebook Tik Tok and Twitter are just fun platforms where people go ahead and post their their pictures with uh with with dogs with cats with family and stuff like that but where actually business is happening is on LinkedIn and many of agency um owners and marketers know that already so that's why we developed prospector which is an oin and AI powered lead finding and cl closing CRM platform that Taps into over 950 million business leads that are available on LinkedIn nice nice so those leads are completely different than the leads that you find on other platforms right yeah well you know for sure that you are going to talk with a sea level um um people that can make decisions people that you can sell to directly directly to the decision makers directly to the business owners to the CEOs to the to the to actual business owners right and and I'm talking small businesses midsize businesses big Enterprises you name it they're all there on LinkedIn one way or another nice so you got a tool to find those those leads can we just go over the tool and uh maybe you can show some things about it yeah sure actually I'm going to do a live demo right in front of you guys because uh you know we're going to be prepping up tomorrow for a really uh cool um free training that maybe some of you want to join so there I am going to go in depth over the full platform but right now I'm going to do a quick demo just to show you a sneak peek of what this thing is capable of and what you can do with it so first of all uh you have this dashboard is we have this is a full CRM where you can basically store your leads and contact them and all the things that the CRM needs to have we have it already here uh but we want to go in prospector because this is the lead finding mechanism over here so I'm going to switch to LinkedIn um extension right because the only way because LinkedIn kind of keeps their secrets very uh very secured so they're changing the algorith all the time there's literally no way you can do this without a Chrome extension so therefore we have developed a Chrome extension that is capable of um of going on LinkedIn and actually find and add all of these leads inside your C M so what I'm going to do now I'm just going to search for a niche tee would you like to suggest one or anything that I choose it's a great go well I have no idea all right let's say let's say we are interested in finding like restaurants business owners and you want to sell like marketing services to restaurant business owners because there's a lot of restaurants out there right so I'm going to um put restaurant owner maybe over here let's see what we got I'm going to navigate to people's tab that's I'm interested in in finding uh people right and for the purpose of this demonstration I'm going to go with United States uh and just show results does does it work for every country uh the ones that are supported in LinkedIn yes and I think it also works for cities let's say Denver right so yeah you can basically locate anything there business owners anywhere worldwide if they're on LinkedIn and it's worldwide you can find it so okay we have a list of people over here so what I'm going to do next it's actually pretty simple so it's nothing complicated it's just one click and when I say one click I really mean it I just click one button over here all right and now you can see here something opened right and it'sing Magic yeah it's doing its magic behind the scenes okay right at some point it's going to switch us to those tabs so hopefully it's going to go through them uh quite quickly so we can see the results back in convert lid just like I said it's going to move through these tabs it's going to find the executives from all the restaurants even Subway CEOs even uh big restaurant big chains restaurant chains you can find the business owners behind and using osint all right osint technology combined with AI we are able to not only find the leads on LinkedIn but uh with the leads the the system behind the scenes is actually going on the internet right now and trying to find the best details about the lead like the best the personal email the the phone number you know the their website everything that we can find the data that is publicly of course we cannot this is no like this is no gimmicks no hacks over it's searching for all public information if it's available then it's searching for for their email name Etc of course of course if a uh a user is private on LinkedIn then we have no rights to find this data so we're not going to be able to do that yeah right so just just a small disclaimer and they basically allow to to give their email address because it's available on LinkedIn yeah if they made it public then it means they they want to get contacted right so whenever uh that is um happening we are actually getting it and it kind of does this in the background so you just click one button and you sit back relax and wait for it to do its thing once it's completed we're going to hit stop over there and then all the all the leads that we've gathered are going to be pulled back entered into our system system and then the AI and the Austin technology is going to do its magic to enhance all of this data with um uh with more Rich data that we find online so that is that is why this is so powerful because we're not only relying on the data that we find over here but we're actually scraping forward on the internet to find everything there is about the business owners and the businesses and so on so forth so basically you're saying it's it's going to search for the information and then it's going to put that back into the system and save it there uh yeah okay cool hold on I'm just GNA uh right so osin stands from open source intelligent all right is a process of gathering information for free publicly available sources just as the internet oin is oftenly used by businesses and law enforcement agency among other organizations all right so this is actually things that like law enforcement uses we have Incorporated in prospector in all right so this is like I I could say this is this is police tech right here so we're going to find all the available information on on the internet about these businesses all right as you can see this is still doing its magic so it's it's working its magic behind the scenes and as the leads come by they should be reported over here let me just hit refresh not yet because we need to stop the the process uh let me know when you think we have enough I'll stop the process even though I'm not going to get like uh 100 of leads uh just couple of them would be suffice just to prove what to just show you how how the system works okay so we found seven leads during this time frame so let's just go ahead and start refresh and you can see that we are starting to populate this over here and we have the page score last post when they last posted uh some of the links over here we cannot speed up the process because there's a lot of uh background checks that the system is doing on your behalf so you don't have to do it uh after that okay okay Rick paluma all right so you've seen Luciano Cola Chad Ronan Paul all of these guys are actually restaurant owners right so if we want to sell restaurant marketing services this is the perfect list yeah right okay so I'm not going to wait for everything to Lo work with this right yeah so what we can do now is actually go here into the folder section just create let's say I'm going to have a restaurant owners in USA right or we can go by city I'm going to hit save over here so I have the folder ready let's give me one more refresh okay let's just select the Leist that we already have we're going to select the folder restaurant own say and move to the folder and that's it now we have access to this leads whenever we want in here um we can immediately send an email out right and with email it also it also allows you to send emails directly inside the system yeah yeah of course you have the Outreach uh possibility over here you can even add this um to Integrations like you can set up new lead add it to a certain campaign um set up your Integrations um set up the agent because we also have agents as so if you are an agency and you have like marketing experts or sales uh sales reps that you want them to close the lead for you you can assign agents to this lead so the agent when you're assigning an agent in a campaign the the lead is going straight to the agent and the agent can close the lead for you all right I hope this makes sense M right so I'm going to actually save this add to Automation and and send it to my one of my agents MH but you can also directly contact the business let's say um I want to craft an uh out an email out Outreach message dedicated for restaurant owners to sell marketing specialized to sell specialized restant marketing services so I'm going a little bit targeted mhm now here I'm going to say let's say restaurant owners uh digital marketing Services Agency marketing um restaurant clients whatever it should be enough and the tone you can you can select from among but I I like to use professional or even even um uh conventional or simple but let's go with professional just going to generate my first email Outreach is going to be uh fully created by artificial intelligence because we both know that in today's world there's nothing working without artificial intelligence anymore right so you got to have it all right so here it is we have the email Outreach which is pretty cool I'm not going to read it because it's going to take a while to read it but what you can do is actually take it from here directly uh put it over here just look at this exclusive opportunity to boost your restaurant's online presence with our specialized digital marketing mess and I'm put it as a subject all right all right so de team restaurant owner uh you can even even put the name in there yeah you can de steam let's say I want to use custom tags and put the name of the lead over here so it's going to put its name right inside the uh the email I hope this email finds Well as a dedicated restaurant owner you understand the importance of uh you see it just Taps into the problems that they have immediately um and we have the list that we can help them with and then at the end you can actually replace this as well with your tags like from Custom tags just put your email your phone your address your website even agent's name you can put the agent's name over here if you want to have your agent's name and once you hit save it's done it's already sent to the uh lead right so we already contacted one lead right off the gate yeah so you got a a contact from Subway straightly here Christine uh yeah that's nice all right so you can export the the leads in a CSV you can export it in the PDF uh these are just some of the functionality that uh uh we have but uh one of the most uh interesting functionalities are actually the agents where you can set agents and the Agents can actually receive this leads and respond to them in real time and you can track you can track their response rate if the lead has let's say a lead um is AI these are AI agents no no these are real real agents yeah real agents you can set up your Marketing sales rep over here and you can track and see how fast did they started contacting the lead and of course there's a bunch of stuff that's inside which I'm not able to talk about because some of these things are only available as part of the the upgrades which I'm going to reveal in the webinar tomorrow so yeah if you want to find the full uh if you want to find the full scoop of this I think the best way to do it is join my webinar tomorrow um you know where I can show you the full scoop and all the all the possibilities that the that prospector comes with nice nice very cool demo short demo but uh yeah if You' like to see more there is a link below this video uh what time is the webinar tomorrow uh believe I I believe the pre-launch starts at uh 10:00 a.m.

uh Eastern Standard Time so if anybody wants to connect at the first webinar or we can we can have multiple session throughout the launch um and yeah but I I can reveal some can I reveal something can I make a sneak peek over here SP the beans all right so here's the thing guys I I I haven't talked with Team about this but what I can tell you is that if you show up to the live webinar all right there are going to be some free prizes there are going to be some special discounts because we're in the Black Friday mood I'm still in the Black Friday mood is the Black Friday month I'm going to have some special um Black Friday coupons shared only on the live webinar so yeah if you if you show up you you're going to get some chance to win some free prizes uh get the full free strategy which I'm going to share tomorrow the three secrets to actually find lead close lead and start a six figure perer marketing agency business whatever you sell if you sell video Services if you sell uh what other things are your you can basically sell anything right I mean if you have web services video Business Service uh writing service whatever you have you can sell whatever whatever whatever is digital marketing services with LinkedIn leads you can sell them you can even sell local Services right local Services of course anything I think even products if I stand to think about it I think you can even sell products software and stuff like that yeah exactly because you can search exactly the leads you need to have right and that's where LinkedIn is so powerful because everyone is on LinkedIn with their business so it's it's super highly targeted of course those that is the place where decision makers hang out yeah absolutely well thank you so much uh Christian uh in case you're interested and you've seen Adrian I know I know the confusion Christian yeah Christian is my business partner it's always when things are live when things go WR and when my head is messed up no worries it's almost almost midnight over oh it's late here as well yeah so I said to to him I said I want to do an interview quickly let's let's do that quickly Adan so uh that's that's why we decided to to step in here but yeah thank you so much for watching there is a button below this video and if you're in YouTube there's a link below this video where you can register for the pre-lunch webinar and yeah as he said uh there are some specials available only during the live webinar some extra uh discount coupons as well if I understand correctly so uh make sure to sign up for that webinar and is there anything else you want to say uh Adrian um not at this stage I'm just uh looking forward to see everybody on the call tomorrow because that is where the uh all the hot tricks and all the the full methods the the secrets are going to be Spilled Out uh in full all right I've prepared everything for tomorrow we're going to have a blast hopefully many of you will show up and we're going to have some good time together tomorrow awesome well again thank you so much for being here and uh make sure to register for tomorrow looking forward to see you there and guys talk to you soon cheers yeah thank you so thank you so much for having me team bye-bye thank you guys bye-bye

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