Vidcraft AI Review

hey everyone it's Tim here and uh today I'll be reviewing vcra which is a video creation platform that allows you to create videos uh but not only that it also comes with an interactive video player like I've never seen before I mean you can add so many interactive elements to your videos that you create inside of this platform and the thing is that you can uh create videos with the platform but you can also import Vimeo or YouTube videos and add these interactive elements to those videos as well uh plus it also comes with landing pages where you can add your call to action buttons where those videos are integrated so I'm going to do a full review before I do so make sure to check out the link in the description if You' like to see the pricing the available upgrades some extra bonuses that you get if you purchase this through my link so check that out all right let's dive into this and let me show you how vdcp works so the first I'm going to start by showing you how to create videos from templates then I'm going to show you how to import your own videos and also uh those landing pages Etc and what I forgot to tell you is these videos can also be interactive you can send them to even with emails uh where you can display the name of the person on top of the video or a top of the image that you're sending inside of an email so lots to talk about all right let's let me show you how it works so to create a campaign you simply click on create campaign here and here you can choose from video templates or like I said you can import videos from Vimeo or YouTube or you can upload a video as well uh but let's start by a video from a template and here you have a library of templates that you can choose from so these are done for you basically videos that you can modify inside of the platform now the cool thing and maybe also uh this is the downside of this product is that it is basic uh but that means that everyone can create those videos it's very easy so let's say we want to create a fitness video here so this is really a video uh background as you can see here but it's also uh videos like this where you have these animated backgrounds like this these are more like uh drawings um cartoon cartoon style videos but let's say we want to take this one here we want to take this video we're going to give this name so let's say Fitness and we're going to click save and next and here you have the video creation tool now as you can see here at the bottom you can see the different slides here so I can click on another slide here and you can see what is being shown inside the video here now when you click on this text you can edit the text here so you can add your own text you can change the color inside the text you can change the font uh and here the two lines as you can see we guarantee you that our gym is the best place to work out now that's exactly what you see here so uh is the best place to to gym for example it doesn't make sense but just to show you that it changes in here now if you like to change background videos Etc you can do that as well so you simply click on change background video and then from here you could search so let's say I'm going to search for Fitness then it comes up with all different kind of videos about Fitness uh which I can import here I can simply select it and then I can say what time frame i' like to import so let's say I want to import this area in here now I can hit save and close uh it should be 4 seconds so I should be importing 4 seconds because the slide is 4 seconds so this is 4 seconds going to hit save and close and now this video uh will be used here it says your video will appear here so I can go over each slide here and I can modify it uh yeah I can change the text Etc and if I like to create extra slides I can do that as well by clicking on the plus here and this takes me to the library of slides that I can choose from so as you can see here there all different kind of styles that you can choose from like I just showed you uh but here you can see all the different templates that you can choose from you can also see for example here comes the text in the middle here comes the text at the top so let's say I want to use this one and I'm going to click insert here at the right bottom and now this video has been added here at the end and I can change the style here I can even change the background video again simply go to the background video and type Fitness and search for videos and I can import any kind of video here uh that I like to import so I'm going to hit save and close and now this video will be imported in the background let's say my video is done I'm going to click save and continue and then here I can choose the music so it comes with a library of music or you can upload your own music so let's say you have an MP3 in here you can simply upload it you can see here it's uploading here uh and you can play it so that's the music and then you can say save and render video and that's how easy it is to create videos with vcft it's it's super simple anyone can do this uh and the video is now rendering so when we go to our dashboard you can see uh there's video in the progress here it's rendering this is going to take some time let's say five between 5 and 10 minutes before the video is ready now as you can see I already had some videos in here but I'm going to show you now uh how you can add interactive elements to your video so I already have a video in here but let me first show you how you can import a video from Vimeo so let's say this is my Vimeo account I want to have this video with interactive elements I'm going to copy my link I go back to vcra and I'm going to create a new campaign in this case I'm going to import a video and here I'm going to choose between YouTube or Vimeo in this case I like to have voo videos because it doesn't show related videos Etc so I'm going to do voo import I'm going to call this or let's not let's call it what it is viral a viral dashboard and let's say I'm not going to do tag and description just going to hit proceed and now this is my video now look at this this is basically similar to a video that we created here so this video is still rendering but once this video is is done you can click on this personalize icon it's the same as with this video and then you will see this screen and uh honestly this screen blew me away by the possibilities that this screen screen comes with as you can see here this is my video but here are so so many options that you can add to your video so first let me show you video action so when I open this menu here look at this I can add a call to action link a custom CTA a link cart a free software download uh I'm going to show you show you all of them quickly and I expand these one polls and quizzes here I can add lead forms I can do overlay templates I can do views on top of my video from Google reviews I can do reservations I could do a QR code I can generate a QR code to a URL that will be displayed on top of my video I can add a timer I can do a menu card with a button I mean there are so many possibilities so let me show you here so when I click CTA link look at this it's going to add this on top of my video I can do more a custom CTA link and the cool thing is that for example here you could do a text type or an image type let's say a text type and uh I'm going to do something like by now here then I can redirected with a link so https and here I can say for example I want this to show at 8 seconds so this means when I apply this it will show at 8 seconds so let me play this video here okay I'm sorry it went a little bit wrong I got a phone call here it wasn't un muted it was an important call uh but let me play the video so here at 8 seconds that's where we were right so here it says buy now and I can click this and it will go to a Buton or I can skip this here now let me cancel this one and here you can see that it creates a timeline so let me show you more so A Link Card that's a Link Card here on the top let me show you quickly what you can do add a free software look at this you can add this to your video let me cancel this uh coming soon button you can create something like this on top of your video and you can move it on your video as you can see uh eBook download button so it's an ebook and again you can set the start time and for some you can also set the end time so between zero and 5 Seconds it will show this pop up on top of your video uh a quiz button here engage qu quizzes now the cool thing is that it will also show you uh the end results of quizzes as well it's pretty cool I'm going to show you that as well in a second uh shopping cart button so you can create things like this on top of your video and let me actually go back to the start of the video so you can see better look at this on top of your video here and here you have all these modifications and it's too much time to go over it but you can modify this whole pop up on top of your video as you can see you can change the colors here so if you like to change that to a blue button every everything changes and you can apply this and set the start and end time for all these things uh product buy now button here so you can add a product here and again you can move this around here wherever you would like to add this on top of your videos so you can imagine that you can sell your products through your videos a text and an image here look at this book now and again you can modify everything in here so that's the first P part that's the CTA links second one polls and quizzes here so I can do a full screen custom poll here your question I can change this what color do you like uh pink or white I can set the options in here I can set the time here and then also here you can see the reports and the poll results as well for for the video now let me go back here full uh for option poll small so you can also create a poll like this uh for option half screen look at this this look pretty cool right and there's a skip button there as well uh and you can also disable this so that the skip button is not there uh that's the polls you can do lead forms so that people can sign up you can add your own HTML form in here uh a trigger real form like that you're seeing right here look at this um next one lead collection form here the whole screen becomes a lead form and again you can allow or not allow to skip this so you can also say hey first fill out your name and email before you can see the rest of the video a text overlay lower thirds here so you can choose from all these lower thirds there are different templates that you can see here look at this John Doe uh and this is a lower third you cannot move the lower thirds by the way but you can change the colors here uh let me see social media icons you can add those so they're different designs as you can see here when you hover over them you can add that to your video you can add icons to to your video if you like to add those uh Next One reviews add a review here this is a cool one Google review batch so here you have the Google review batch uh where you can add Google reviews to your videos like this and let me see so you can add the URL in here and there are also add a review here so you can search for you could search for restaurant uh let me see here enter New York let me see if this works this quickly Google and okay give me a second okay I cannot find it maybe you need to connect your Google account in order but then it will show Google reviews on top of your videos as well that's possible a reservation here appointments open table here where they can do a reservation here and uh you can modify that all in here as you can see um embed script code so if you like to embed your own script code you can do that that inside of your video well you get the ID right here QR code button if you like to create a QR code you can simply add your URL in here and generate a QR code so that people can scan that inside of your video uh QR button too so that's another QR button same thing uh you can set the time when it appears Etc you can set a timer with a text inside of your video to create scarcity uh with a shopping cart here a timer and a shopping cart for your specific product um a restaurant menu here with a button here spicy fried fish you can do that in here and then the final one a Manu card here Italian pizza you know if you have a video with Italian pizza you could do that in here as well you can move that around uh you can add the url url to the checkout and yeah lots and lots and lots of options as you can see and what I wanted to show you is if you add multiple things so let's say you want to do a custom poll here and you set the time here to start at let's say here um let's start this at 70 seconds you can see here the timeline the first one is at 8 second the second one is at 17 seconds if you want to add a lead form you can do that as well so you say this is for 30 seconds for example you can see um oh I first need to add a code here but then the timeline will expand here where you see all your call to actions so that's the video part now the videos will be embedded on a page like you're seeing right here so this is a page that being created for you and this is done oh shoot I close my window let me get back to you sorry I clicked everything away but basically this works for every video so here you can see the video has been created it has been rendered so I can go to personalized video I can do everything I just showed you on top of this video as well uh and here you have your landing page as you can see here this is the landing page where your video will appear and you can modify anything on this page so you can change the text you can upload your own logo here you can redirect these buttons and this video will be published on this page when I preview this page here it looks like this here you have your video you can play the video as you can see and this is the end result me show it to [Music] you so that's the video that has been created very easily as I just showed you at the beginning of this video and you know this page can be modified here so like I said you can change the text you can type here anything you like you can delete anything you like and you can share this page with your customers now you can also customize everything so there is an option to add names inside of the video where you can personalize the video like you're seeing right here so here you can see an embed code for all these othero responders that you're seeing right here now I'm going to show you how that works so you can see all these other responders and it comes with a code here you could say personalized text but then you should also have the personalized uh code inside the video when you copy this code and you go to a website like online HTML editor and I paste this in here look at this it says hey hello first name and it will replace the first name with the name of that person and when you click on this it will open the landing page with your video there with all the call to actions that you've added to your video so that's how you can create those customiz iations and how you can copy and embed this on websites you can copy and embed this inside emails as well uh and that's how you can customize each video as well now another thing that you can do here is you can send emails through the platform so for example here you can see this is the email inside of the platform so here you can add contacts so here you can add contacts if you want to send this email to a person uh or you can also here uh me see import contact so you can upload a CSV file or XLS uh these files are available and then you can send emails through the platform now you need to set up your own SMTP details inside of vcra in order to send emails but you can see here so there different templates Christmas greeting Thanksgiving close a deal discount so there are some previews already so let's say uh discount offer here hi first name and then you can see the video in here and this can also be personalized and you can send this and then when they click on that video they will be redirected to your landing page and uh you can send a test email in here but this is how you can send emails through the platform as well now another thing that I want to show you here is with the video actions that I just showed you all these call to actions timeline actions you also have the video settings so you could do the player theme if you don't like the pink theme you can change that to another color so for example if you like to have blue you simply change this to blue and then the player becomes blue you can also add a link to the player logo if you like to do and your own player logo you can save this uh privacy if you like to set a password for your video or an expiry date you can do that as well and inside the reports you can see uh yeah if this video has been shared Etc also here you can set your own thumbnail for this video uh and that's basically how you can create videos with vcft like I just show you you can also create other campaigns let me quickly grab another one like this one you simply say Okay tour and click on select it click on Save next here uh and now you can see here it is with the first name do you see that so this will be replaced with your first name and again you can go through the slides you can modify the slides if you like to change the background again you can do that here uh and that's how easy easy you can create videos with vid craft now again if you're interested make sure to check out the link in the description below and please give this video a thumb up if it was useful uh it helps me to get my video up into the YouTube search results and if you haven't subscribed yet considered doing so I do a lot of product reviews and uh yeah thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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