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VideoLeadsMachine Review Webinar Replay Demo Bonus:
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What is VideoLeadsMachine?

The software actually creates a “Ted-Talk” like, “newsy” video interview with YOU in it that looks and feels like a segment from “60 minutes”, “20-20”, you get the idea. (Like you see in the image above) BUT.. the training teaches you how to take this one step farther and actually make these Ted-Talk videos for local businesses too!

Your client doesn’t have to be on camera either, it can all be done with just a voice-over if they wish!

The training will teach you how to properly position yourself, or your client as the “authority” using the video app, and way beyond. David Sprague is actually the #1 authority-trainer of businesses worldwide, and usually charges hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars to share his knowledge on the subject, so that you or your client can get ahead. and simply put… get a TON of leads!

What a refreshing and unique product that will propel you or your clients to new heights:


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– Bonus #15: Ultimate Local Citation Profit System

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

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