VidHostPro Review – Video hosting For A One-Time Payment

hey guys it's Tim ferdau here and today I'll be reviewing with host Pro which allows you to host all of your videos for a one-time payment now this is similar to a service like Vimeo wistia Etc uh super cool video player customizable you can create playlists and more and that all for just a one-time price now I've done the demo video for this product as well so in the demo video I'll show you everything uh what you can expect inside of Windows Pro so that's what I'm going to show you before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video if you're interested in picking up vid host Pro you're also going to get some free upgrades if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check out that link in the description you can also find some more information and uh yeah let's dive into this and let me show you the full demo of vit host Pro hey there and welcome to this demo video of fit host Pro now Windows Pro allows you to upload and share all of your videos but that's not all you're also able to access my Drive we are also able to store images documents audio files and more to get started go to videos here you will see a list of all of the videos that you've uploaded to fit host Pro to upload a new video Simply click on new video where you're able to upload a video from your computer simply select the video and upload it to videos Pro once the video has completed uploading you can go to the next step to customize your video in this step you're able to give your video a title a description attack [Music] and you can also give it a category when you click save you can go to the next tab here at the left side menu where you're able to add chapters to your video when you select this option you're able to add chapters by setting the time here so for example at zero seconds we start with the intro of the video and then after 10 seconds we set our second title and you can set it third chapter the fourth chapter just how many chapters you like and once you're done you click on save so you can go to the next tab in this tab we're going to customize our player so for example we've selected blue eyed but when you click on this button here you can also choose for Big Macs for example and then the player will look different if you like to create your own player that's also possible simply click on the plus here give it a title and then fill out all the details here like the player color if you like to have a blue color player text color [Music] controls for example if you want to Center the play button or not you want to display the video tile or you want to show the play bar or not or the control button you can all enable or disable it here in these settings you can also decide to auto play the video or maybe you want to display a thumbnail [Music] once you're done simply click on make custom player and your custom player has to be made that's your custom player look at these colors you can match them with your own brand still in the same tab we can also go to the frame option in this option you will be able to add a frame on top of your video so let's say you want to play your video inside of an iPhone here we can do that Simply Save Your option in here and look at this boom now our player is playing inside of an iPhone Simply Save Your option and once you embed your video into your website this iPhone will be displayed also you will be able to choose a custom thumbnail simply stop the video here for example here click on get screenshots and now you can choose this thumbnail to be your thumbnail Simply Save Your option and continue if you like to have subtitles you can do that as well you can paste your SRT file here in the advertisement tab you will be able to add advertisement to your videos so for example we give this advertisement a name and in the player you can decide where you want the app to be shown so for example after two seconds we can select the type of advertisement we like to show for example pop-ups video apps HTML image or text let's say we want to have a pop-up where people can sign up in order to watch the rest of the video Simply choose one of the pop-ups select the pop-up here and now you can modify the pop-up that will be shown on top of your video this is a drag and drop editor where you can modify it to your own needs once you're done simply click on publish and now this pop-up will be shown on your video after two seconds as you can see the advertisement is being shown below the video if you want to add another advertisement let's say a second one you can choose that from the module here so you could do a video app where you can upload here and redirect to another URL you can do your own custom HTML inside of your video could do images that you can upload or maybe you want to add text on top of your video [Music] you'll be able to skip or not skip the video after a certain amount of seconds it hit save and your actions are done another option will be to replace your video so let's say you're not satisfied with the current video then you can select another video from your PC and then you can replace the current video that's already embedded on your website here in the back end another option is here the SEO where you can give a made a title made a description made a keywords or Focus keywords you can decide to index or no index the robot meta and here you can also add your own analytics scripts like Google analytics tracking codes third-party analytics tracking code or Facebook remarketing pixel scripts in the security tab you will be able to set this video to public to private or maybe you want to password protect your video you can type it in here and then you can share your videos with a password in this case we go for public we save and activate our video now our video is ready to be embedded on our website as you can see here you get this code that you can add to any website if you like to share the video directly you can go to the video URL tab where you get your own URL which you can also edit here and share with the rest of the world [Music] now when we go back to our videos you can see that our video has been uploaded here to the list of videos from here you can manage your video to your analytics or you can preview your video here when we click on the right Dots here you're able to get the embed code or view the video page or maybe you want to delete your video a cool new feature is the playlist option when we go to the playlist you will be able to create playlists for your video to create a new playlist simply click on new playlist give it a name and upload an image or choose from your library in this case I'm uploading an image reviews choose that to be a thumbnail [Music] now I can add videos to my playlist simply click on add videos and select the videos that you would like to show inside of your playlist simply click on add into playlist select the playlist where you want to add the videos and click on ADD now when we go to our playlist here you can see that we have our playlist ready and we can view our videos here if we want to see our playlist simply go to your playlist click on the three dots and click on view playlist this will give the page that you can share with your audience where you can see the playlists or videos here as you can see here you can also see the ad that we created where people can fill out their email address in order to see the rest of the video or they can skip the video and here is the other call to action that we've added to our video also you can share your playlists on any website simply click on the three dots click on get embed code and from here you can choose how you would like to design your playlist you can choose between dark mode or light mode or orientation as vertical or horizontal simply copy the code paste it to your website and here you see how beautiful it looks on your website this is the bottom aligned playlist and this is the right align playlist once people have signed up to your list through your video you'll find them in your audience when you click on contacts you'll see all the contacts that have been stored through your sign up forms when we go back to audience here and click on communication we can also see the comments that has been placed on top of our videos when you go to your analytics we can see the audience how many total visits we got to our videos we can see the technology the locations and the goal of our videos [Music] go to my drive and in my drive you can upload your files like images documents videos audio files and other simply click on upload and upload your files and that's what vidth host Pro is all about simply host all of your videos and files inside One account alright so that was the demo of videos Pro if you're interested again there is a link in the description of this video and uh if you're interested in more to see more of those videos make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel I do a lot of product reviews uh hit that notification Bell so that you get notified each time I upload a new review and for now thank you so much for watching please hit the thumbs up if this video was useful and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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