Vidnami discontinued – Best Vidnami alternative


Best Vidnami Alternative – GoDaddy buys Vidnami

Vidnami alternative – what you need to know before 20 August 2021. Vidnami will shut down and you need to get your Vidnami alternatives now!

Hey this is Chris, with and in this video it's still early. I genuinely wasn't planning on doing this, but i got an email, disappointing email that Vidnami is closing down. In fact, the company sold over to GoDaddy, and so GoDaddy is going to be implementing their technology and video formation and all that into their platform that they have. So what does this mean for you, if you already own Vidnami or if you are a affiliate?

inVideo Alternative to Vidnami

Vidnami alternative #1

InVideo is the best alternative to continue with even more functionality than what you had with Vidnami.

Vidnami Alternatives

Vidnami alternative #2

One alternative to Vidnami is the software tool called This is a web-based platform. Goodbye cameras, microphones and actors!
Create professional AI videos from text in 40+ languages. Synthesia saves you money, time and nerves. Create training videos that engage your employees or business partners. They can be easily updated, translated and personalized.

Alternative to Invideo Synthesia

Explain, pitch, and sell with video. Easily turn PowerPoint presentations into videos, in 40+ languages, with the convenience of text input.

Improve your conversion rates by inserting the world's first realistically-looking personalized videos from Synthesia.

β€œIn a world with ever increasing demand for new content, Synthesia enables us not only to natively localize content but also to create and update existing videos for brands to engage and communicate more effectively with global consumers”
Create videos in minutes,
not weeks

All you need is an internet connection. No need for film crews, studios, actors or cameras. See a video of how it works here.

Use synthetic or real voices

You can use both synthetic voices that we provide out-of-the-box or upload your own audio clips.



Well on this sheet here, if you are an affiliate or if you are a customer of the Vidnami, you should have got an email be sure to click the link in the email, because it's going to make you to this page and it's going to answer some Questions that you probably have about affiliate, such as your monthly pay, what's going to happen to it when's the last affiliate pay, but down here, is also some purchaser questions like when is the last day you're going to be able to access your vidnami accounting and that's Going to be friday august, the 20 th, so you still have over a month about a month and a half you can use vidnami, and what i plan on make on this path is there's several other video implements that i use. That'S similar to the nami that i've been using for probably the last couple years, and so i've decided that i'm going to be represent some video reviews and showing you guys some of these other implements that i've been using that are similar to vidnami, that you can Use some of them actually have more features than vidnami gives you more power and access to create your videos and the things you can do with them and exporting them in actual 1080 hd, so higher character, some of them are cheaper. Some of them are a little more expensive, so it simply depends on exactly what you're trying to do exploiting such types of a tool. So, but that's all i wanted to say in this video like i said it is a huge disappointment. I'Ve been using vidnami for years.

I have hundreds of videos on there which, by the way, if you have videos on there and you want to keep them, you want to go ahead and download them now to your computer, because if you don't eventually, you will lose those so do that as soon As you can go ahead and continue to conclude videos with vidnami but uh yeah, there are other alternatives out there and, like i said, i will be providing video its consideration of that to kind of help you guys to move away from Vidnami to another video pulpit. So, where you can just paste in your verse and develop videos and other things that you can do with these founders out there as well, so that's it for this. Video people have a great day.

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