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hey everyone it's Tim here and uh it's appsumo Black Friday which means that a lot of deals are coming back to Black Friday that you can pick up maybe you missed a few Deals they are right now available for the best price today I'll be reviewing FAA which is one of those deals but in case you're interested in seeing all the other deals I've created a separate video where I go over each deal that is available right now so check out that video it's in the description link also uh I appreciate it if if you get the products through my link it will help you to support my Channel all right let's dive into this and let me show you what fora is all about now voila in my opinion this is one of the best jet GPT tools available to do a lot of to to do a lot of tasks for you and let's just dive into this and let me show you some examples so one of my favorite features is using Fila on YouTube here FAA is a Chrome extension as you can see see here at the top when you click on this it will open a window now look at this immediately it's going to say something when you're in YouTube it says summarize this YouTube video or use this video as context so it recognizes the YouTube video so when I click on this use the video as context it will say what to do with the selected text so it has selected YouTube and what I've done here I created a prompt myself it's called an email prompt here and it says write six emails from YouTube videoos so I created this prompt uh and here it says uh break down this video into an email newsletter follow-up series of six emails the first email should be focused on inviting people to a pre-lunch webinar that starts tomorrow and I can say here the date and the time now I can fill out some brackets here that I've preconfigured but when I press enter here look what happens it's going to write emails six emails based on the content in this video I mean this is is truly genius in my opinion it knows exactly what's in the video and it's going to write for me emails based on this video so that's one thing uh here you can see email 4 uh email 5 it's going to show you here email 3 email 2 email one so it's going to write all these email for you and it's also being stored now uh VOA is storing all the information on your own computer so nothing will be stored on their server I'm going to show you that in a second let me open VOA again because you can also click on summarize YouTube video and now it's going to create a summarize of this video for you so you don't have to watch the whole video you can simply read what's in here and you know exactly what this video is all about so instead of watching a half hour video you can now read this in one two minutes what the video is all about I really love this feature let me show you another example here let's go to Apple's website airpod Max you're on a website like this you can open fora with this shortcut as well on the Mac that's command M and what you can do is you can type anything in here so I can say uh let me do one thing first here at the bottom here you have the option to use the current P the current page as context so when I click this it's going to ask me what to do with the page content now what I'm going to do is I'm going to say write a blog post and I'm going to hit enter and now it's going to write a blog post simply from the information that's on this website so it knows exactly what you want to write about and look at this it's going to write a full blog post about the airpop max so yeah I'm on the website of Apple uh but now for I writing a full blog post on the airpop marks now another cool thing is when your open for out here uh you can choose between GPT 3.5 GPT 4 and G Auto Plus web access so it's also available on the web so let's say I'm going to select this one now I can say and I have not selected us this current page what I can say uh what is the latest news news about uh Apple airpods airpods airpods Max if I want to know more information about that look at this one moment searching the web so fora is searching the web and it's going to give me the latest information about Apple and it's also going to add links here you can see uh releases one 124 so it's going to add The Links at the bottom here as well so it's also able to search on the web for you once it's finished it's going to add the links here as well you can see you can click on these links and now you can search on the web and you can do your resar research very cool feature in my opinion okay let me show you another feature here let's say we're on this website 10 tips to become successful and achieve your life goals we can open F again here I can say here use this current page as context and I can say for example so these are 10 tips about success I'm going to say here write five extra tips and look at this it's going to uh write five extra ticks surround yourself with support of and like minded individuals and it writes some extra Embrace failure uh here Embrace failure as a learning opportunity well it created Five new points that I can use to write my own articles so very cool if you ask me next one here somebody sends a link to you on Facebook and it's very interesting but it's German well no problem simply open voila here and you can say translate to English and look what happens it's going to write WR this article for oh I forgot something here I need to select this one use the current page as context and I'm going to do this again and now it's going to translate this page fully for me and I can read everything what's on this page here well I do not know I do not speak German but I can read it now in English here very cool as well another feature is you can open fora anywhere so I can open this here and I can do anything and I can ask any thought things so as you can see here uh there are a lot of possibilities here these are all preconfigured uh prompts that you can use inside of voila so when you type something like I want to have an assistant for example I type assistant look at this it's going to open a folder or show me a folder of AI assistants I'm going to click on this and look at this business strategist marketing experts social media manager design consultant legal advisor product growth expert coding assistant so if you need an o expert simply type it or click it and now it's going to act like an SEO expert and you can chat about anything so I can say how important important uh how important is H1 in SEO world for example and now it's going to answer me based on the question that I ask in here so you can ask all these experts as well and this is just one example here but you can use all the other ones as well and it's based on the folder system so I can go back here so this is the AI assistant I can go back to the library and I can also say for example I want to do brainstorming and I can choose from here uh a to-do list a gift ID so let's say I want to do a gift ID let's do that in a second let me show you the other available availabilities here uh gift IDs so write a list of gift great gift IDs for let's say Christmas is coming Christmas uh Christmas and look at this it's going to write a list of Christmas IDs for me that I can use uh so lots of possibilities now let me show you one more thing uh and that's when you log in of when you've opened uh F here here you can see at the bottom so you can use the current page you can set the output language as well so uh this will bring you to the settings of voila now uh you can see here in the browser tab that this is Chrome extension and here you can see that this is being stored on your uh local device so on your browser and that's also where the chat history is in here so when you go to chat history you can see all the chat history so write a list of G great gift IDs for Christmas look at this you can see here it is available and you can even type further here as well so I can say here at the bottom uh write 10 more tips uh tips here and look at this it's simply going to continue where you were so I think that's pretty pretty cool now you can change the preferences in here so here you can see the theme uh you can put that to dark to light you can set the output language here so if you want to have another output language you can change that as well uh you can show this is a popup on a selection so this is another thing here show while I pop up on text selection so let's say we're on a website let's go back here and we're on the website let's go back to the 10 tips here and what you can do here is you can select a specific text here so staying focused on your plan crucial what I will do is when I open Fila here it's going to ask me what to do with the selected text so you can always select text and Fila will recognize when you select text so you can do this click Fila what to do with the selected text and then you can do all the other things in here so you could say for example make this longer and now it's going to write a longer text for what I just selected you see that so that's also very useful now one thing that I haven't showed you yet is to use Fila in Gmail as well so here you can see Let me refresh this email uh to be sure that it's recognized when I click on reply here what you will see in Gmail uh FAA also has its own icon in here so when I open this it's going to ask me how you want to reply for example looking forward to now this is an example of an email where somebody invited me to promote their product so let's say I like to promote it but I like to get access to it what I can do I open fora and I can say uh ask for um for access to the product so I can review it and now it's going to write an email for you it says hey Amanda thank you for reaching out inviting me to become uh one of your or uh paid blah blah blah and I can use this if I'm happy with this I can say copy and insert here or I can say simplify or shorten or change the tone or continue as you can see there are many options in here and now I've added this to the email and I can send it straight away uh to this person so that's also a very cool option now let me open for L one more time here um let me do that this way and show you let's go through the and let me show you so you can say sales email you can write sales email email copy emails my actions going to show you that as well you can create your own actions AI assistance brainstorming writing so when I click on writing you can write blog post blog outlines creative stories tutorials content outline tagline press release uh look at this I'm not going to name them all here look at this content using the Ada framework content using the P framework so this is very useful write a copy for a product brand about and blah blah blah it's going to write that for you now what I want to show you is when I go to the settings here so you have your chat history you combine way also use your voice input but let's go to the preferences in here uh so we've had our preferences we have our chat history but the actions is something that you can program yourself now I've done this with the six emails that I've showed you here so when you click on emails here it says write six emails from from a YouTube video and I can edit this because this is what I created but you can also create a new action here when you click on create new action you can say for example uh write a blog post uh as a um um in simplified language and then you can say the prompt in here and then you can change the categories so here it's emails but you can add your own categories in here and then once you've done that it will be inside of FILA so when you open Fila here and you go to email so this was the map the folder that I stored it you can see right the six emails so if I store anything more inside of this folder I can access it from here as well and that's well I don't want to call it a quick overview but I hope that this gives you a good idea of the capabilities of voila and right now it's available as a uh deal on theuma Black Friday deal it's coming back and the second Tire if it's still the same I haven't looked at it yet but this gives you unlimited credit so you don't even need to connect your own uh open AI account in order to use voila so make sure to check it out also again there's a link to another video here which will show you all the deals I appreciate it if you support my channel by getting one of the products through my link uh thank you so much for watching and uh I hope to see you in my next video hey have an awesome day and talk soon cheers

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