WaveCloud SSD Cloud Storage Review

how would you like it if you could store and deliver all your video files images media files audio files and more all in a single platform at lightning fast speed well if that sounds interesting to you today I'll be reviewing wave Cloud uh which is a platform that allows you to do so uh I'm going to give you a full demo going to show you everything on the inside but before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video in case you're interested in picking this up uh it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about the pricing available upgrades and also some free bonuses if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check that out all right let's dive into this and let me show you what wave cloud is all about so like I said you can store all of your files within wave Cloud as you can see this is my wave Cloud account and you can simply upload your files so here this is the dashboard it works really simple you can see all my fil files are stored in here I have folders in here Etc basically it works just like a computer but the cool thing is uh one thing that I really like is that you can upload your videos and when you upload your videos so let me show you here so let's say I'm going to do here this is my video let's check this one MP4 EP suumo Black Friday deals a video that I did it's going to upload this video and once it's uploaded it's going to give me a fullblown video player that I can embat on my own website so let's come back when the video is uploaded and it's almost done as you can see boom there it is and now you can see my video inside my account now when I click on this here this is my video I can immediately play this it's Black Friday at appsumo so you can see this here now one of the things that I said that I really like here is that you have an embed option uh which gives you an embed code that you can add to your website so for for example this is my page builder you simply add this embed code to your website and it will look like this so this is a video player uh on my website as you can see here it plays my video one of the cool things is that it also allows you to add picture in picture so you cannot see this right now let me edit right here so it will look like this on your website it's just playing at the bottom of your website uh and you can also go back and then it will play inline again so basically you ALS Al got a video hosting service uh with wave Cloud as well so this is how it works uh you can also share this as a single page now one thing that I want to point out with a video for example when you upload a video you got a settings button in here where you can also modify this video player so for example the primary color now is black uh but you can also say if your website is blue that you make your primary color blue also the icons you can change the icon colors let's say you want to change the icon color to Yellow you can do that as you can see uh you can change more things so you can add a profile picture here and you could set a title in here from your video uh you could to a by line username if you'd like to so you can add that all to your video or you can disable this just whatever you prefer uh you can enable disable share options uh also all these other options that you're seeing right here so if you want to hide the logo that's also possible so that the logo will not show in your player you simply hit save and now this player will be embedded like this on your website like I said you can also share this so you get a share link so when I open this in a new window it will look like this you can share your video like this as well H and people will be able to download your videos as well so that's only one of the features when you upload videos inside your wave cloud account now you can upload multiple files so you can upload a folder all at once so I can do that I can select a folder here from my drive and when I click upload here it will upload all the all the files and all the folders inside that folder to your account and it will create folders automatically here as you can see so when I go to tutorials here you can see I have one video uploaded inside of my tutorial account so this is one of the options let me upload another file so I can say upload here I can select a file so let's say I want to upload a document so a doc a a word a word doc I can do that as well and you can share these as well so as you can see this is now a word doc and I can VI and share this with other people and they can read this doc when you share it you can see it comes with a player now the same thing is with PDF files as well with t EXT files you can simply share it and other people will be able uh to read your documents online they don't have to download it to your computer in order to read it it's simply there let me see what we have more when I upload files let me see so we have MP3 files as well so we've had txt files we had documents MP4 files uh but let's say we want to do an MP3 file let's do a music piece I can upload that as well you can see here boom it's uploaded and I can do basically the same thing so here it's going to play you see and I can share this as a page as well so I've copied the link I can share this link here look at this and now I can share this with other people so basically you can upload all of your files to your wave cloud account uh and you will be able to share it with other people now when I go here to the three dots you can always change the things you can download your files here you can rename your files you can share it you can view them or you can delete all of your files and then one more thing that I want to show you here is with folders you also see these three dots here where you click on this uh you can download rename them or you can move them so when I click on move I can select the other folders in here where I want to move this to watch if I'd like to another thing that you can do here is you click on these three dots and you click on share and here you will be able to share your folders with other people so you can set this to public and you can share them to social media channels so when I open this and I copy this here and I share this look at this now I've shared my folder with other people so all these files in these folder will be shared with other people now the same thing here when I click on share here I can also set this to private and then I can share it with other wave Cloud users uh that are in my account so you'll need an upgrade probably uh to see those accounts I don't have these accounts in here but you will also be able to share them and I think that it will show up here in this shared folder uh where you can see the see the shared files that you've shared with other users and that's basically what wave cloud is all about it's super simple you simply upload your files you share your files with others and that's basically it and thank you so much for watching again check out the link in the description of this video please hit a thumbs up if this video was useful and uh consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of similar videos and uh check some other videos out there cheers

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