Webify Review – Targeted Leads & Cold Outreach

do you need targeted leads for your business if the answer is yes then I got something very cool for you today I'll be reviewing webify which is an online platform that allows you to get thousands of targeted leads but not only that you can contact those leads through webify with your own Gmail or Outlook account it's kind of a cold Outreach platform that gives you thousands of leads now I'm going to do full review before I do so I want to mention that my affiliate link is in the description below if you like to get access and more information also about some upgrades some of the things that I'm going to show you are probably upgrade so if you want to find out all the details make sure to check out that link all right let's dive into this and let me show you how you can get leads and how to send emails to those leads so right now I'm logged in this is the dashboard where are here at the campaign section and I simply click on create new campaign here we're going to give our campaign a name now let's say this is our business so we're going to do Thrive agency this is our business Thrive agency and I'm going to call this Thrive agency leads and then Fitness because we want to have the fitness schools we want to do optimization for Fitness schools we have a campaign for example my from name is Tim fridao my organization is Strive SEO services and then this is our website here now from here you can choose what kind of services you offer so you could do local SEO content writing you could basically type anything so I can do marketing for example and then you see all those Services marketing marketing Services marketing agencies so I'm going to do marketing as well and I'm gonna do marketing Services as well so I'm going to add all these services to my new campaign now in here the next part here you can find leads or you can upload leads yourself to the platform so that's also a cool option if you have leads in the CSV file you can upload those in this case we're going to find leads and we're gonna find the gym so there's a whole section here that you can go through these targeted leads that you can select so in this case we want to do something like the gym so let me type in here let me type gym Jim's here we want to connect collect leads from gyms and then also we want to get very targeted here so let's say we want to do a Tempa leads from Tempa so Tampa Florida as you can see here it finds automatically all the places so in this case Temple Florida and I'm going to create the campaign so here you can see it's successfully created a campaign and now it's going to gather all the leads for me so it's going to take about a minute so I'm going to pause the video and come back to you and we're back and as you can see here this eyeball when I click on this eyeball it's going to show me all the leads in Tampa all the gyms in Tempa that I that we can contact through webify so here it's going to get these leads for us and there you go so here you can see all the available leads here so in this case when we scroll down it has found 489 leads that we can contact so you can see here the contact details here and I can paste a few in the browser I already did this so let's say Powerhouse let's see the quality of those leads so uh let's say we're gonna put that in here so this is the first one let's see if this is a existing website Yep this is temper temper's best gym as you can see here so that's a qualified lead right so let's say here the next one let me paste that in the browser as well let's see what this lead is yes this is a fitness club looks active uh let's see the next one mi40 gym is this a cool leads let's check Yep this is an existing website looks good we can contact those so all those leads here this is a Gmail not sure what that is so you will see gmails as well so probably these are the Gmail addresses from the gyms so let's say epic boxing uh Florida okay this cannot be reached so probably it also found some leads that are not active or the websites are not active here this is not active this one let's see the next one here this is an active one you see so it gives you a lot of qualified leads here that you can contact so it doesn't matter it doesn't mean that when these websites are down that there is no um active business because some businesses do not have a website of course but I just want to show you the kind of leads that you can expect so what you can do now here is you can send an email here you can do a few options first you can go to here to this three dots here you can add this to an email list so you can create lists inside webifi so that you can add these lists to your autoresponders later you can add to a sequence that you can create inside a webifier where multiple things will happen or to your Blacklist another thing that you can do which you of course want to do is send an email so when you click on send email it will load the email editor for us so as you can see here we have some multiple options so here it says email template so you can choose from templates that you've added to your database when you have written an email you can save this email as a template as well and yeah by default you see an email in here now I'm not too impressed by the default email but the cool thing is that it says here generate with AI now when I click click generate with AI it says generating please wait these emails will be tailored to your business info that we added to the campaign when we created the campaign we said this is our business we do marketing Services Etc so now it's going to write an email for us here based on our company sorry it says there's what's up uh shop Urban Fitness I hope this email finds you well my name is Tim fridao so it grabs my information and behalf of Thrive SEO services so it uses all the details and then we understand the importance of having a strong online presence in today's competitive market as a gym firm it's crucial for Sweatshop Urban Fitness to easily found by potential customers in your local area this is where our expertise in local SEO can greatly benefit your business so it generated an email for us a called Outreach email that we can use and if you don't like it you can simply say okay I'm going to delete this part I'm going to do my own part you can also say Okay local SEO I want to make this bold then you can make that bull so you have a complete text editor in here and uh yeah you can write your email if you're satisfied you can also save this as a template now before you do so you can also include here Dynamic variables here so let's say dear Sweatshop Urban Fitness we're going to replace this with the dynamic here and we're going to do uh the receiver's company name so this case you can use this email for every other fitness center and then here uh for our name here my name is Tim for now you could also replace this by the contact here Dynamic you can say okay the sender's name here and then my name will be in here in every single email so every part in here can be modified the same here for the bottom you can simply insert these Dynamic variables here to your email so that you can save this as a template now let's say we want to save this template we're going to say the subject here SEO services to uh get you better to get you more clients something like this we're going to save this template now oh this was the name so I could simply copy this Gonna Save this I'm going to do template name I'm going to save this right now the template more than five words okay as your services I'm gonna hit save and now the template's been saved so I can send this email before I do so I can also include a signature if I set this up I can attach your reports when I click attach report I can say webify get a report but right now this is not working while I'm testing this so this will send a report how many Facebook likes they get and stuff like that how they listed on certain uh web web services right now it's not working another thing that you can do you can upload a custom file as well so if you want to upload a custom file you simply upload it and as you can see here it's now attached as an attachment to this email now let's say you are ready to send out this email then you can do two things you can schedule this email where you can say Okay I want to set this in UTC or whatever time you want to place this and then this the time you want to send this or you could say send it now and then it will be sent immediately uh yeah to this email address Chris and you can also add a cc as well if you'd like to add a cc you can add them in here as well now let me go back to the campaigns because I want to show you something once an email has been sent it will look like this so this is an email and the cool thing is that webify is using your own Gmail or your own Outlook account so this email has been sent with webify this is a Gmail account and it has been sent with Gmail so there is no unsubscribe thing Etc now I'm not a legal advisor by the way I don't know what the laws are in your country Etc uh I'm just I'm just showing you what this software does so you using your own Gmail account it sends out an email like this and then once you send out the email let me open this campaign because for each campaign when you open a campaign you will have tabs at the top of the progress so here you can see at this top here you have all the leads in here you can see contacted so this is the contact that I just sent this is the email when I click on contact it you can see this email has been sent so this has been sent to nine rounds and you can see here this is nine rounds so you could do also when it's in contacted you can follow up if they didn't respond you can click on follow up and then you can send the follow-up email here you can send them hey I just want to follow up with my previous email once they reply they will be in the conversations here so you can see hey now it's in my conversations they have reply to my email and you can move on from this section now here you can also see the scheduled emails so if you haven't scheduled any emails you can see them in here also in a sequence now I said when you have contacts you can add them to a sequence now let me open a sequence in here that I've created so here it said nine to five PM Central America I created this sequence and when I view the sequencing or click on editing here you can see here this is what I said the time slot between blah blah and now when I click on this eyeball in here I think I can do more things in here if I'm correct if I remember yeah so here you can see this is the sequence and I can add contacts in here but I can also add a sequence step or event inside of the sequence so when I click on this I will be able to add multiple steps to a sequence so here you can say for example the event title I can say for example I want to send an email or maybe a phone call or a LinkedIn post or whatever so let's say I want to do a custom email or send an email then I can say after this amount of minutes or hours I want to send this email here to this person so when I click on Create events um this email will be sent I'm not going to do that because my account is linked Etc but basically what that means is when I go back here you can see there was an event I said send an email after an hour and then you can add multiple sequence steps so you can say okay after one day I want to send another email and you can do that with deletes I want to go back to the campaigns in here you can say for example these leads in here when we show when these leads are being shown instead of contacting contacting them through the platform by sending a mill you can also say when it's ready in here three two one should not take too long yet you can say here I want to send this to a sequence so when I click add sequence I can say the sequence in here oh this is empty because it's another campaign but I can say here uh create a new sequence and then you can say okay this is my nine to five and then you can set the time in here between nine to five for example here so let's say this is 17 apply and then you have blah blah doesn't matter and now we create a sequence and this contact has been added to this specific sequence so when I add another contact I can say okay this contact is also an interesting context first we need to go back to the campaign again because it's creating the sequence so let's say I want to add this contact as well I can say add this person to this sequence as well nine to five you see this was the one that we created so you can create multiple sequences different sequences with different emails Etc like I say add to the sequence uh at least one event okay so there there's no event in the sequence but that's what I just showed you so the event is when they are being added to a sequence I want to send out an email I want to do a follow-up a phone call etc etc etc and these will be listed inside of this sequence in here you can see so that's the whole lead part you can reach out to those leads you can view all the information about those leads so let me show you that as well here so when a few of these leads here you can also click on the lead itself if you want to see more information about that lead I didn't show you that yet so this always takes a few seconds to access the leads when the list is ready there you go so you can also click on few details in here and that will show the details of these specific company so you can also see a phone number in here you can see their address and then you can send an email or download a report or add to an email list or more action so add to a sequence now one of the things you can do is you can add all leads to an email list so email lists are here at the left side so you can create multiple lists so let's say we want to do SEO Services I can say Okay I want to do SEO services this is my list now and then I can add this contact to that specific list now what that will do is when I go to my email lists in here I can say for example the let's say marketing Services I have three contacts in here what I can do is I can link this to my autoresponder so add to autoresponder so if you link your autoresponder in this case I haven't connected yet you can push those leads to your autoresponder as well so you can do follow-up if you want to do that but you can add that to your autoresponder or you can add them to your CRM in here or you can export this as a CSV file now the Imports are in here so the Integrations when we go to Integrations in here you can see that I've connected my Gmail account you can connect your outlook accounts and these are the autoresponders that are currently supported where you can push your leads to these autoresponders CRM we've got HubSpot and pipedrive and zapier or zapier is also um support in here now then we also have analytics and reports where you can see the analytics and reports of your campaigns where you can get information so in here you can select the campaign so you say I want to do ad gains for example the campaign and also if you like to see the sequence you can select it in here you can see delivered opened replied Etc this will be in your analytics section email list already told you about that you can create all those lists and then export those lists email templates so in the email template section you can write your emails so SEO services this is what we just saved remember this is the email that we just created in here and you can use them in all your campaigns or you can create new emails yourself so you can create a template and use this template here you can simply give this a name a subject and you can start writing your email and you can use this template over and over and over again to contact all the contacts and that's basically what webify is it's an online platform that allows you to find targeted leads um yeah and contact them through the platform so with each campaign you can contact them you have the the sequence uh of follow-up contacted Etc so yeah again if you're interested my affiliate link is in the description below with some extra information about available upgrades I specify these upgrades on my page as well and if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below and for now thank you so much for watching please hit that thumbs up if this video was useful uh consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews similar to products like this and yeah thank you so much for watching I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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