🔥 TikTok Videos Machen: Coole TikTok Videos Erstellen Mit VideoTik (Review)

hey i'm christian from jaycee review and welcome to this video find out about my video library i'm already here in the representatives area of video libraries in this video i register you what video libraries is and what you can do with it mostly you can with video library videos making for tic toc everyone is talking about tik tok is the latest craze and you can create videos with this program now and you don't even have to do this with this video start-up stand in front of the camera and testify a face but it expends us for pre-made templates you can pull videos down from the net quite legally, of course, and use it to create tik tok videos it's relatively easy, let's just take a look at it now not interesting in the video then you watch the video we are going into a little more detail now I have been previously developed in partnership some bonus material for you again, the duh free of charge you are eligible to get a video library via the link below in the video description I was sure about the bonus content later, the first thing I would like you to do is testify the video library curriculum first So if you decide you want to have a video library then you click simply under this video on the first tie-in that I would then to Bonn site that looks like this, you will find my bonus content old and too some information about the video library even if you are convinced that Just click on one of these yellow buttons and that will lead to marketings page of videothek now they are able to too again in his own predict tempo informed about video library it's in english but i think i will learn school english with a quite simple in all such cases you don't have to wait a problem ok i used recommend we just go into the program now so that you can see what videothek does accurately ok so now we are here at the members area and now you can also receive a video of what exactly you have period how then video library uses so that is a very good leader even if got it to say how to had sure-fire video and so on caused so there It is actually merit giving the ten minutes and that watch video ok so in general you can with videothek procreate three different kinds of videos it is feasible become system videos formerly so quota year paraphrases and can thus, for example, motivate the video shape or what funny sayings they are able to induce videos out of them and camp or you like the div videos knack are their tiny portrait enters move and there you can reach pretty funny videos out of it and then you can create viral videos ok and in each of these three types of work mostly the same in start and me would suggest we just do it together now one of the all video we click here on viral video and then fix let's just look at the topic sometimes the building is not my topic as you can see but we make love now we just have slides and then we go to next like that here Do you view three videos the c't you can take the more can the animal accept brand-new videos time and time again via the plus or you click here on upload document and you can then likewise create a file that you have created yourself upload a video that's okay more and let's just say it should there are exposed it is desirable to displayed there ok then in the next you could also be here write a textbook in, for example, this move on bodybuilding alteration changeover or whatever your image can describe So who you don't have to do it, but you have the opportunity to do it, you are eligible to of course then also to format how you would like to have it here and there you likewise have other alternatives that “youve had” more images on the subject of body building or even videos on the subject of bodybuilding so you can see it is relatively much cloth the more you can use for your videos in the next stair there we now simply click on next and there we could now for example a badge a declined ok one to always represent its label You have the capabilities of a emblem or a watermark, depending on how is fair and now you have the opportunity either to use music then so here you likewise have all sorts of music titles You can use this for free, of course, they are included and there precisely click on it So without music it depends on what you like to say let's use this variance or “ve been told” we would like the textbook from the slips we would like to read aloud you have two possibles either to whom you let it speak yes now you have them Possibility to set its own language under word so you have German there you then to three different talkers formerly the hans eine marlen and the united states of america there are still you give the text to be spoken or you have the third possibility that you now have your own here spoken text because an mp3 is up here and then not much there background but to the text on yours is a video ensures we're making now just watch this video and click on next so we have the opportunity and 720 p or 1080 p and then time click on begins in appoint video like this and now you can see it at the bottom right So “its just” formed so and to see which videos or how videos could look like you can see here on the video place auctions page a few specimen he has it for example so code video what you can do[ Music] you can create such videos quite easily with videothek you don't have to get inventive yourself and acquire your own videos you are eligible to, so to speak, fall back on existing libraries c't you can then use it for you and then with your own call to action you can enter it as a leading magnet or invigorate to buy or what always okay here you have then I'll say it the eel is video because you have another funny video[ Music][ cheering][ Music] ok so you can do such videos now with videothek am very, very easy to create ok so this is video library and yes, as promised, there is also one bonus material that you get from me if you use the video library join at the lower end of the video description you will get from me also have the following bonus content is not simply that the videos that are already in video library “re around” that you can use but you will come yes synonymous actually 3000 htc hd video times that you can use for you okay the are all here that is inexhaustible actually for every topic there are here videos that you can easily use for yourself you get this a second bonus you get access to an online direction that is, your work weighs that of the 0 hour day and that is a course of fuel race at the label puzzle is a us makita on which I came across it and he does really cool things and in this course he shows the firstly online business builds as it automates it is therefore actually does not quite 0 hours a day, it was nice but it was really kept to a minimum increased yes this is a video route you now also serve for free In addition, you will also get a bonus three be made available to a route on the skin make one hundred dollars per day and your smartphone like you do with yours smartphone can earn money that is a too a direction you can do you can see here ok everything is in english but as i said i go to a normal institution English you are able to then get along with more than so you don't need any have concerns ok so if you liked the video then let your thumbs up subscribe to the channel and yes then we'll read us in a next mio[ Music]


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