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besides 2023 it's Matthew McDonald here coming to you from Switzerland I've got an exciting new tool I'm going to be showing you today which is a game changer for increasing sales and bringing in new customers you're gonna love this tool and the realistic part is as business owners and entrepreneurs we don't care about just being in the review game we want to use reviews to increase our sales so when somebody's on our website and they're thinking about making that purchase or maybe they're in the sales process however your sales process works and they're thinking about clicking on a buy now button or making a commitment to take the next step that is the place where you want to have one or two or more five star four and five star reviews and it's just going to give them that peace of mind to say hey I'm not the first one taking in this planche look at working for other people as well and it's going to help them move forward just like we would go ahead and book an Airbnb we see those five-star reviews and we go ahead and book it if we're buying stuff on Amazon we see those five star reviews it brings us that confidence and comfort to go ahead and make the purchase so what I want to show you here today is instead of being under the thumb of Google instead of letting Google dictate what reviews come up for your products and services or what reviews are going to be ordered in what place and where to place them on your website again you want to place them into your sales process I'm going to show you an exciting brand new tool that I've just finished building called five star reviews plugin which enables you to manage your own review system on your own website and use those reviews to increase your sales so here we are logged into the WordPress admin let's say you've gone ahead you've picked up the five star reviews plugin you've watched my quick start guide video which walks you through step by step the complete simple process again only takes minutes to do it of getting up and running with your reviews this tool takes care of each process of the review You've got three main processes in a review system you've got collecting the review where people submit a form online that's taken care of here you've got the approval process where for instance if you've get something like here Jamila bulgnaki review giving me a one star review here we can just go ahead and reject that and it's taken care of you don't have to worry about your company competitor or some ugly person out there saying nasty things about your product or business when you are in charge of your own reviews you choose which reviews go public this is the WordPress admin platform for the five star reviews plugin it's beautiful to work with we can see here under products I have three products these could also be three different services or even three different businesses let's jump into WP office 2023 and under the approval tab you can see I've got the three pending reviews here I can approve them or reject them from here you can also see I've got my approved reviews here and my rejected reviews are here so these all look good you can also get more information about that particular review if you see a typo or something like that you do have have an edit option you can change the rating you can't get a four star rating and make it five and I intentionally made it like that in the product however if you have like a typo or things like that you can edit the review and from here as well so to approve these reviews we can do it from here so just clicking approve and now that's moved to my approved reviews and from the publish option here you can see we're getting a preview of those reviews right from here you've just got the three steps you've got the collect process where people submit their reviews so here we've got a form that we can fully customize you've got different form Fields image upload everything is integrated and taken care of for you even that with the image upload if they upload like a big image it'll automatically crunch it down make a small image everything is taken care of here and they can put in their details their five-star review and they review text and you can customize this form from here depending on what components you want there and then you can also design change the design with just a couple of clicks they could customize all the text you could change the color if you like the dark theme you can do the Dark theme you can even change the color of the whole theme here you could even change the color of the actual form if you want to go ahead and do that to add this review form to your website all you need to do is you just grab the short code here head over to a page on your website and just paste that in as the short code and let's just have a look at that on the front end and there's our form loading on the front end and it's automatically being taken care of next we've got the approval process we already had a look at that but it's one click so from here we can go to pending we can click approve approve they go to our approves and now they're available in our publish Tab and from here we can publish these reviews to our website you can see the review here it looks really great under the components option you can choose what part of this review you want to include in the publishing part just toggle on and off really easy to do we've got different designs here ready to go for you with just a click really nice professional designs here you can choose the width of the review and there's some customization options as well we've also got this new grid Builder so if you include this grid to your website and we can choose to add more reviews like this you can customize this grid you can send to them choose how many columns you can have a dancer version like this and then all you need to do is just copy the short code here let's go back to that page I'm going to replace that previous form short code with our actual reviews here refreshing the page and there's my reviews on my front end and they look absolutely fantastic you can also put a product or service plug on your website so this is awesome for your sales Pages as well this is a summary of your product and the summary of the star ratings so you've got your your reviews here with the review grid and then you've got your plaque here which is like a certificate that you can put on your website which gives you an overall picture of your reviews this simple beautiful plugin is gonna resolve the dependency that a lot of small businesses have on Google and it really puts you in full control gives you the freedom to do reviews how you want them use those reviews to increase your sales and right now I'm doing an early bird members and Friends invitation early bird where you can pick up this tool it's ready to go it's on the Shelf you can grab it off the shelf plug it in right away and you can pick this up for pennies on the dollar now for almost 20 years I've been making products and services and building a customer base and I still have customers from a long time ago people who've been buying products for more than 10 years now what I've been what I like to do for those people is something called a member's invitation early bird it's included for members and invitation friends and that that's why you see that special discounted offer also I'm going to be collecting my own reviews for this product so when this officially comes out I'm going to be having lots of reviews on the offer page so I hope you will participate in that and in return I am making this available again for pennies on the dollar for a limited time so this is not going to be available forever forever it's available for a short window here and if you look below this video you can see the buy now button you can give that button a click it's going to take you through the checkout process you'll come back to the other side I'm going to be waiting for you there on the other side with a video like this one much shorter though and we're going to get you set up and get you into the members area with the five star reviews plugin so today you can jump into the game of the five star reviews in your own business and you can tick this box that you are now also using reviews to eat to increase your sales and to bring in a new business it's a tremendous tool it's how people buy today it cannot be ignored and today you've got the unique opportunity to do it on your own terms with your own five star reviews plugin hey it's Matthew McDonald here thanks so much for joining me for this video I really hope to see you on the other side in the next couple of moments

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