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hey Sumo Lings it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at stories on board a new tool that makes product planning simple with engaging visual story Maps AI assistance and comprehensive feedback tools heads up product managers and developers ever wanted a product management tool that paints your ideas into Vivid storyboards imagine harnessing the power of visual storytelling all while keeping it crisp and organized well stop daydreaming it's here it's real and it's got a name stories on board let's kick things off with the story map a clean simple visual interface no more scribbled notes or trying to draw with a mouse just plug in your ideas and let stories on board weave them into the perfect narrative user goals they're the headliners user steps they're the supporting acts and if you ever hit a creative rut the AI is ready to chime in with fresh user story ideas stories on board is perfect for collaborating with a team or brainstorming with clients and the backlog is so simple it's an easy way to collect ideas prioritize and validate what to develop next and automatically collect product feedback let's cut to the chase this looks like what you need doesn't it well go ahead click buy now and grab stories on board while it's on sale want to see what else it's got let's keep going now let's check out planning mode not only can you prioritize your user stories based on urgency or importance but you also have the flexibility to tag them for easy identification you can easily adjust start and end dates organize user stories into releases and even use the drag and drop feature to make changes on the Fly And for those stakeholders who prefer to zoom out there's the road map instead of getting entangled in the nitty-gritty they'll see a clear organized overview of what's been done what's in progress and what's next on the agenda and the best part all of this is presented in a visual format so whether it's for top- down planning or just a snapshot of the bigger picture the road map has got you covered now when a client has to choose between you with the vibrant visual story and the other boring PowerPoint guys who do you think seals the deal stop settling for men dive into the narrative make waves and bring your product stories to life with stories on [Music] [Applause] board

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