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perfect so let's go ahead and get this started all right uh let's cover this quick slide that is a mandatory slide for those of you that may not know who I am uh I am Joshua Zamora I started in 2010 I went full-time in 2014 yes it did take me four years to reach that Mark uh but obviously I wouldn't change a single thing about those entire four years I personally didn't go to college uh so I consider that my college degree because I banged my head against my laptop so many times failed so many times kind of went through that uh right of passage that we all go through before realizing success in internet marketing which is you know just failure after failure buying product after product you just kind of have to go through all these things U before you finally are able to uh make it work all right and that time frame is different for everyone some people it takes a few months some people it takes a year obviously for me it took four years for some people it may take more than four years but one thing I can assure you is that you if you never never give up and you just continue pushing forward and you don't uh you learn with every mistake uh then you will figure it out okay eventually if you stick with internet marketing long enough you will strike gold okay it's just a matter of uh continuing to push forward all right and since then since 2014 I've actually sold over $12 million worth of online products uh be IT services so I did do uh services for a while uh I've done uh physical products I've sold t-shirts I've so done CPA offers uh I've obviously done my own software affiliate marketing everything uh I've pretty much dabbled uh in just about everything that you can uh think of uh when it comes to online online marketing okay because I still I'll be honest I still have shiny object syndrome okay so if I see someone doing something that's working I I know now that I can figure that out okay because I failed I've done so much failing in this business that if I see someone doing it there's you know one thing I can tell you there's no one smarter than you in the internet marketing Niche okay in the internet marketing world no one is smarter than you they've just they done something long enough to figure it out and you just have to do the same thing go out there and be able to figure out what what it is that they're doing or how to do it yourself okay so I still struggle with that here and there if I see someone doing it I'm like hey man I I could maybe go and figure that out all right uh but lately I have mostly been heavily focused on AI artificial intelligence as many people have as well it's kind of gripped all of us uh you know by the neck and just has a strangle hold on us all right because of how exciting it is and how much uh faster and easier uh we're able to accomplish things because of artificial intelligence all right and I actually dove into it for the first time in 2018 that was the first AI product that we ever released which was create so if you are a create user uh thank you uh for uh that trust in us back in 2018 we were the first ones to kind of uh bring a product to Market that uh used AI to write content and now fast forward uh what five years crazy to think that it's five years uh we have continued to elevate uh the world of AI content and being able to use it use AI to write your content for you all right um so what you guys are here for is to see our new auto blogging WordPress plugin that writes optimizes and posts profit producing product reviews from any URL in 90 seconds or less all right uh so that you guys can actually get page one rankings and earn affiliate commissions for the most profitable and easiest keywords known to marketers okay uh some of the first consistent money that I ever made once I kind of finally found a strategy that I wanted to focus on was affiliate marketing and ranking uh videos and Niche sites on the first page of Google okay that was one of the first ways that I made money it's still some of the ways that I make money today because it works so fast and uh ranking for review keywords in particular um is still one of the fastest and easiest and most profitable type of keywords that uh a ton of marketers focus on uh for several reasons okay and I'll talk about that here in a few minutes but pretty much in a nutshell uh AI review engine is going to equip you with the ability to have done for you product reviews for your Niche sites for any product or any service using the most powerful AI engine on the planet while combined with our automation engine okay you're going to be able to have totally handsfree optimization and formatting of that content for you so it looks like a human ridden product review uh you'll be able to automatically it also automatically adds your affiliate link to your review article uh to instantly monetize that content as well because obviously ly there's no point of having a review Niche site uh if you're not going to monetize it right uh and you're also going to have handsfree posting of that perfectly optimized review article uh you'll never have to write optimize or post uh product reviews manually ever again okay uh our Ai and automation does it all for you you'll be able to build and scale your review sites Empire in record speed by leveraging our new exclusive technology that's not available anywhere else uh you'll be able to rank review sites for any Niche any product or any service and let our plug-in do all the heavy lifting for you all you have to do is just Supply the URL of the product and your affiliate link all right and you will be uh unlocking a huge bonus as well which is our built-in undetectable engine so that your product reviews will actually pass all the major AI content detectors and be considered human ridden content okay if you guys purchased my previous product that I released you know we we focused heavily on not only uh writing really good AI content but making sure that content can fly under the radar of the AI detectors okay so we have all of that built right into AI review engine as well so that you can feel confident using our product to write your reviews for you all right now I want to take a second and pause how many of you think that I'm just completely blowing smoke at this point and think that this is completely unbelievable all right give me a one in the chat box all right Curtis saying not too shabby sweet Carl is saying this sounds awesome perfect awesome so you guys always know that anytime I do a live demo I like to open up with a big promise and hopefully towards the end uh deliver on that promise with what you guys see throughout the live demo so that's the big promise that's what we're going to share with you uh the fact that we've been able to simplify the entire process of writing optimizing and posting review content into three simple steps okay and this is literally one of the simplest uh products that we've ever released next to d for you Suite which is also just as uh simple where you're just filling out uh boxes in our uh platform that's uh similar to what we've done here all right so step one is to download and install our AI review engine plugin if you've ever done this process before it literally takes you two seconds you just simply download uh the plugin you uh upload it to your WordPress site and from there uh you'll be able to deploy the power of AI review engine within a few minutes okay uh step two is to supply our plug-in with the URL of the product or service you wanted to write a review for and input your affiliate link what you're seeing on the screen that's literally all you have to do okay this is where the magic happens and this should only take you two to three seconds to complete uh it might take you a little longer if you need to scramble around to find your affiliate link uh but in this step you're literally just telling our plugin what you'd like for it to do for you and you just have to fill out the three options that you see above you select the category in which you want that product review to be posted in you supply the product URL and you input your affiliate link literally that is all you have to do this is the step that's going to take you the longest all right uh and step three is all you have to do is hit create post and from there you'll watch our AI plug-in write optimize and post a perfect human like product review 100% automatically okay uh and literally everything is done for you it's going to write a 100% unique and perfectly readable product review uh for the exact product or service that you specified it will then optimize that content format that content and finally it will post that content for you with your affiliate link added automatically uh and it doesn't get any better than that right it literally going to take about uh 60 to 90 seconds for this process to happen uh and I'll show you uh here in the next few minutes how all of that works okay and that's truly the best part that going through all of these three steps that I just talked about is going to take you no more than three minutes to complete all right uh and that's including uh installing the plug-in okay uh so once the plugin is actually installed you can cut that three minutes in half uh once everything is ready to go okay and it literally requires zero work on your part uh that's that's a lie maybe it's going to require maybe a little bit of work and I'll show you what that work is it's pretty much just adding an image to the post once it's done writing um uh but overall you're literally just telling our software what you'd like it to do for you and you'll never have to set up a review site write or post- review uh product reviews manually ever again okay you'll be able to automate your entire product reviews creation and posting process with our platform okay and we have finally cracked this code profitable product reviews written en L by AI all right uh this is one of the most requested things that we've been getting since we released create back in 2018 was you know can AI write product reviews and for the longest time we've had to say no until today okay and yes you heard that correctly we have finally cracked the code to combine two of the most powerful and profitable strategies known to online marketers in the last year which is product reviews combined with artificial intelligence because we all know that creating product review Niche sites has been and continues to be one of the most profitable strategies for countless online marketers right give me a two in the chat box if you've ever posted written or tried to monetize a product review uh on your site or or a video or whatever it may be give me a to in the chat box if you've uh done that before in the past yeah absolutely tons of twos coming in perfect yeah Kurt Carl Jonathan Jim Alex all of you have are posting twos uh a bunch of twos coming in as well so yeah I mean it it is just you know it's one of the go-to strategies that many uh newb marketers actually go to and experienced marketers still go for as well and there's actually a few reasons for that okay the reason number one is that Studies have shown that between 80 to 90% of all consumers go online to look for reviews and information about a product or service before making a buying decision this is a fact I do this all the time I'm sure you guys do this as well all right and this means that there's an Ever growing supply of people who will be searching for reviews because there will be an Ever growing supply of products and services hitting the market as well all right just about every day if you know you open up uh one of uh the social media uh uh account uh apps that you use there's a good chance you're going to see someone talking about a new product or you're going to see an ad about a new product especially right now when uh I I think it's been confirmed that they actually listen to your conversations and show you ads based on that okay so if you've ever uh thought that hey are they listening to me because you'll talk you'll say something and then literally within a few minutes you'll see an ad about what you were just talking about that's because they're actually they actually do listen and there's a way to turn that off I think I saw a video about it uh but that's just you know there's always going to be new products being presented to the world okay uh and it is one of the most Evergreen strategies that any marketer can focus on because it'll never get saturated okay if there's one strategy that will never get saturated is uh uh profiting from product reviews okay that is something that's always going to be around because people are always going to look for product reviews before making a buying decision reason number two is that the the competition around review keywords is also much less than trying to go after General keywords like weight loss or make money online or any other more generalized keyword all right this is especially true if you're targeting newer products and services that haven't built up an established level of competition yet as well uh this means that anyone that can anyone can start a product review Niche site and start getting results faster and easier with a much lower barrier of Entry than just about every other online strategy out there okay and I've talked about this many times as well uh the fact that you guys can there's multiple ways that you can find new products that are being released that you can focus on one great source of uh being able to find products is uh Google News okay I've talked about this strategy many many times and I actually recommend this strategy to everyone especially people that are just starting out if you go to and you go to the technology uh section on there you'll be able to see all of the new tech products that are being released uh you can also click around the different tabs on there and see other types of uh products and services being released and you guys can be some of the first ones to learn about these just by searching the go the Google News section on a daily basis or weekly basis depending on how much time you have and the comp the competition for those products are going to be near zero because they're brand new on there you're either going to see products that just launched or you're going to see products that are launching in the future and those are the best ones as well because you can get ahead of every everyone before it launches and get your Niche site ranked on there first uh reason number three is that and it's probably the most important of all is that we have now supercharged the ability for anyone to profit with product reviews by having AI write all of your reviews for you okay I'm talking about 100% unique product reviews that will give you the power to dominate your Niche get faster rankings get more traffic make more profit and spend more time enjoying your hard-earned money okay that's the most important part because the great thing about uh review product reviews and uh Niche site uh Niche sites that have product reviews on them is that that over time that that income starts to become passive okay because you're getting page one rankings you're getting the traffic and the more reviews that you put on there the traffic starts growing the commission starts growing and you literally start seeing your income grow on a monthly basis or even weekly B basis depending on how many reviews you start posting how quickly the the rankings start going up and it's a really exciting thing to to witness and to experience when that income starts to grow uh with every review that you post on there okay however actually creating product reviews is a huge pain in the ass right and and I just want to be honest here uh most of us avoid creating product reviews because it's a huge pain in the ass even though we know how profitable they are okay and trust me that I know from firsthand experience because some of the first Niche sites that I ever created were for products that I knew absolutely nothing about okay so give me a a three in the chat box if you've ever gone through that process as well where you uh sit down and you found a great Niche you found a great keyword but you know nothing about it okay all you know is that all the you know you can check all the boxes about being a great Niche something that's easy to rank for but then you have to sit there and do your research find out you know what that product is about what the service is about educate yourself and then you can start writing the review yeah tons of Threes coming in uh as well someone put three definitely a pin in the in the arts arts um but yeah I mean I I remember this like it was yesterday when I would sit there uh from usually when I would get home from work uh around 800 PM 900 P PM I would sit on my computer and just start writing you know start doing the research start writing usually what I would do is I would do my research one night and then the following night I would start the writing the actual uh review based on the the research that I did the night before so writing just one product review would it would take a easily a three to four day process okay from research to actually writing to editing all of that stuff would take me a easy 3 to 4 day process um but obviously I put in that that work I I went through that process because I knew that uh getting that posted getting that ranked could lead to another you know $200 to $300 a month in uh in passive income just from that one article okay uh and if you've been online for any amount of time you've probably like I said experienced some of this yourself okay uh you have to spend endless hours in front of the computer doing a research like I just said if you want to to profit from a product or service that you know nothing about uh and then once kind of I started making some money the next step is paying uh someone to write uh content for you and that's what I started doing as well some of the money that started coming in was going right back out to an article writer to write content for me but when you're starting out you don't really have that uh availability you don't have that extra money to pay someone to start writing for you all right I had to wait uh I think it was at least uh between eight months to a year before I can actually hire someone uh number one is because I was you know I still had that fear of you know what if this money just stops coming in all right I don't want to just be start hiring someone and then the money just you know disappears all right um so yeah that that's another thing that that you have to um kind of go through is is is hiring someone and then you know it you having to pay them up front or you know wait till money starts coming in and then the worst of these is actually having a Content writer disappear on you after you've already paid them all right this one really sucks and happens way too often it happened to me several times and it always always sucks and not just that on top of that one as well is paying a Content writer and then them taking you know several weeks to get back to you and then when they do get back to you the the the review that they wrote for you is you know is is worthless it's crap you might have you might have well just have sat there and wrote it yourself okay so this is you know just a small bit of of the pain points that you have to go through uh when you are actually writing a review yourself however today I do have some great news for you guys we have changed the way that you profit from reviews forever and made it easier for everyone to get more traffic right rings and make more profit okay uh now what you guys have been waiting for who's ready to see this powerful AI in action I know that was a bit of a long-winded intro but I just wanted to lay the groundwork as to what you guys are going to see why we put this together and why it's going to benefit you so much once you actually see how awesome this platform is okay so give me a two in the chat box if you guys are ready perfect oh awesome that's great uh so Alice is already posting uh a testimony she said I ran number two review on a on uh PDF for a summer camp at space camp uh and space Voyage on Space the AI review engine did a good job uh while I while I always edit na content to make sure it uses my voice and style did a good job yeah absolutely and I I recommend that as well if you have a certain style that you like to write in or a personality that you have tied to your Niche site absolutely always edit any AI content to match uh your personality match uh your writing style match what your audience is used to seeing okay absolutely that's a great tip from Alice there um so let's go ahead and jump into it okay this is AI review engine okay uh it's very simple like I showed you guys in the uh in the screenshot it's exactly like I showed you all right up here this is your open AI key so yes it does work with chat GPT the the with literally the most powerful AI content writer right now if you do need to see some tutorials uh there are some right here okay so uh let's go ahead and do some of these reviews I'm going to do several of them just so you guys can see how powerful this is now uh this product here all right by Tony Horton many of you have probably seen a ton of ads being thrown behind this guy uh he is the P90X guy he disappeared for a while I think he got sick or something like that um and now he's back uh and he's throwing a ton of money behind this product line uh so that's one thing that I always look for as well uh and you guys can start kind of putting your you know your thinking cap on as well well whenever you see a product that's getting a lot of advertising dollars thrown at it that is a great product to go after okay uh because like I said the vendor is going to be throwing a bunch of advertising behind it but most people are actually going to go to Google to look for reviews about that product so this is one that is getting a ton of attention right now so I'm going to go ahead and uh put that product URL there I'm going to link to Amazon just for the purpose of this demo video and this product does sell on Amazon as well uh so I'm going to go ahead and hit create post I'm going to let that uh right there it's going to take a few minutes there as well and one thing that I want to mention as well is that this does work uh best with uh sales pages that have a lot of information about the product a lot of text based information about the product all right uh if there's more images than text on this URL that you're you're supplying it with it's not going to work as well Okay the reason for that is because you know just about the same reason that uh you know all AI engines need um information to be able to give out good information okay so if you have a a URL that doesn't have much information on it you can't really expect ra AI engine to take that URL learn what's on that page and then write a good review about it okay does that make sense to you guys if you Supply our our uh our AI review engine with a great URL with a lot of content on it it makes more sense that it's going to give you a much better review if there's a lot of content on that site another good example would be something like if I start scrolling here you'll see that there's a lot of information on here for the AI engine to work with Okay a lot of text there's very you know there's only very few images but there's a lot of information on here for our AI to work with Okay so I'm going to take clickfunnels I'm going to go back here this one should be finishing up here soon and another example that I'm going to show you is uh Wisa okay Wisa is another good example you can see there's a lot of text based uh information on here okay all right this is taking a bit longer than usual it's probably because Brett told me he literally just messaged me before that he released an update all right oh and I have to update my Google Chrome as well all right we'll give this a few seconds before I refresh and then I'll go ahead and do one let's do the clickfunnels one all right let me copy this and I'll refresh this all right enter the product URL I'm just going to go ahead and link to that same Amazon link as well let hit create review all right and then while that's working let me grab the wiser one all right let me do the wh one as well I'm just I'm doing all of these just with um do with that same URL obviously you would put your affiliate link there uh but just for the purpose of this demo I'm doing it for um I'm just put the Amazon link there all right and then I'm going to come here to Amazon as well uh and I'm going to use some I'm going to do some of these for Amazon uh products as well all right and I did purchase this one myself you can see I purchased it back couple years ago I'm going to copy this one all right I'm going to paste that in there link to Amazon create post all right let me do it for this echo.

one as well all right and you can see that within a matter of seconds I've already gotten what was that three that I've done already all right let me do this one link to the Amazon posts again and let me do this one here here all right and I've found here this this one has this ugly string at the end so if you're doing Amazon what I found is you want to use this direct link as well sometimes I don't know for some reason you kind of go to Amazon and it adds all this extra string to the end of it and for some reason that uh all those extra things things at the end aren't necessary and sometimes it kind of acts up a little bit but you just remove that and put the direct link there all right and now I'm going to go to the post and let's go ahead and open some of these up all right [Music] Bam Bam all right all right uh let's all right here's the wiso one all right and let's read some of this wistia a compr comprehensive video hosting platform all right wistia is a highly reputable video hosting platform that offers a range of features to facilitate video management sharing and optimization it is a fantastic tool aimed at business and professionals who require top-notch video hosting service that goes beyond basic streaming capability the user interface of wistia is Sleek and modern providing an intuitive experience from the start upon visiting the website you will immediately notice the clean design and the userfriendly navigation making it simple to find necessary information or start using the platform uh one of the key strengths of w of wistia is its Analytics tool uh the platform offers several uh offers detailed insights on viewer engagement including individual engagement scores Heat maps and audience Trends this wealth of information allows content creators to to make datadriven decisions optimize their videos and enhance viewer experience I mean can you tell me tell me that it's not an amazing intro to a review uh and I didn't have to write a single thing of it oh uh yeah this is a test site so someone's asking uh what are the categories Beyond Bitcoin yeah this is just a test site so uh we have a bunch of different um categories on there obviously I wouldn't put this on in a in a Bitcoin category all right yeah great thank you for clearing that up I should have cleared that up uh before all right um so let's look at some other ones okay uh this is the the review uh the blink cam outdoor camera all right uh and what I'll do this is what I meant from before so let me come here to the review one um let me save this image just as an example all right because I did say that you will have to do some work and that is pretty much just adding an image to this okay uh because if you look at this one here this is one that Brett had it right for him this is a product that he just bought uh he's a bit of a of a RC car Enthusiast uh so you can see this one looks obviously much better with the image up here at the top uh and if we read some of this today we are reviewing a brushless motor specifically the brushless motor 5900 KV 3.71 3.175 mm waterproof this product is available on Amazon and here's my detailed analysis firstly I would like to highlight the excellent performance of this brushless motor with a 5900 KV rating it offers an incredible power boost to any compatible RC vehicle whether you're into racing or simply looking to upgrade your vehicle this motor does not disappoint its high RPM allows for acceleration and impressive top speeds I mean how amazing is that and how specific it is okay uh so I'm getting off track here but I mean this is an amazing review and look here in the bottom it has some highlighted bullet points Excellence performance highly durable easy installation efficient energy uh consumption affordable price with com without compromising quality I mean and then it has an awesome conclusion here at the bottom and then it here has your call to action so I mean look at that guys this was this type of article would easily taken me again 3 to four days to complete myself because I have zero idea about RC cars I have no idea what this is uh so if I were someone to write this it would literally take me three to four days to figure out what the hell uh you know a brushless motor is uh why they use it in RC cars I have no idea but with a review engine I don't need to know that because this is speaking to some someone that knows uh about RC cars and they would know what this is and if it's useful for their uh for you know the car that they're us looking uh to use it on uh so what was I going to show you okay yeah I was going to show you quickly this one no I was on the echo one where is it here this one the outdoor camera so let me edit this post and I'm just going to quickly add that image at the top all right um let me see what's that right here where's the image option inser into post and there you go all right I could probably make that a little bit smaller there you go that looks a little better and that's it look that's is probably the the the extent of the work that you have to do once the review is written okay and let let's read some of this one as well this one came out really good it talks about the intro there main features Pros cons and then a review down here at the bottom and a conclusion I mean this one came out really good so the blink outdoor wireless security camera is a state-of-the-art surveillance device that provides exceptional security and peace of mind with it with its Advanced features uh and userfriendly interface this camera is a game Cher in home security and then it goes into the main features Wireless functionality no messy wires a complicated installation process weather resistant long battery life HD video quality so it talks about all this specific stuff then it goes into the pros uh easy installation process high quality video resolution long battery life weather resistant convenient and cloud storage uh and some cons uh is that it points out that there's additional fees for advanced uh features limited compatibility with other smart home systems no local storage option things that a potential customer would love to know about all right tell me that isn't an amazing review right there yeah absolutely a bunch of you are absolutely loving it I love it Joshua amazing super excited to start using your plugin awesome I appreciate that and all props to Brett as well he is The Mastermind behind this um so that is one there I mean amazing that uh we showed and then I think the clickfunnel is one that I was going to show where is it here it goes uh clickfunnels website review let's go clickfunnels is an Innovative website that offers a comprehensive Suite of marketing and sales funnels tools with its userfriendly interface and various feature it aims to help entrepreneurs uh and businesses build effective sales funnels and grow their customer base one of the standout features of clickfunnels is its drag and drop uh Builder which allows users to create landing pages and sales funnels without any coding knowledge this is incredibly useful for individuals who want to quickly set up an online presence and start generating leads or selling products I mean amazing and then obviously it goes into all the other stuff uh clickfunnels provides an AB split AB split tester some key features here uh and then obviously the conclusion and then the the the call to action here at the bottom okay so again another great review written for me so now you've seen oh I also forgot to show you the the power Life review one here's the power Life review one uh same thing it goes into the intro it talks about the product selections and the quality um the usability the ordering and customer support process all right the shipping and returns uh and conclusions so all of the key information that people want to know about about the product about the quality whether they're support or not re returned information okay uh and let me show uh there was one more that I did right which one was it uh let's show this one this one I did a couple of days ago this is the homea uh dog uh grooming suction nozzle that deds so it's a deshedder pretty much uh you can see I already added the image here at the top for this one uh when it comes to pet grooming finding the right tools is essential for keeping our furry friends looking their best I recently came across the homea grooming section nozzles deshedding brush on Amazon and I must say I am impressed the first thing that caught my attention was the innovative design of this brush it features multiple suction nozzles that help to remove loose fur efficiently unlike traditional brushes that rely solely on bristles this brush combines the power of suction to pull out hair effectively reducing shedding and keeping the surrounding area clean I mean can the fact that AI can now write these kind of reviews is I mean it's still mind-blowing to me I don't know if you guys are seeing what I'm seeing but the fact that maybe it's because I had to write these reviews myself that is kind of Bittersweet that I had to spend all that time when I was first starting out writing stuff like this myself um it's just incredible where we are in AI right now give me a three in the chat box if this is just like blowing your mind as much as it is me even every time that I that I use this every review that it writes for me it just continues to blow me away because of how good it's they come out uh and how it literally talks about really specific things uh that a potential customer wants to know about okay Pros cons specific details about the product specific features about the product uh support information warranty information all these different things that people uh look for before purchasing a product yeah absolutely I'm I'm glad that we're on the same page okay and here's one as well that Brett used for uh a a product in the internet marketing space uh now again it when it comes to the internet marketing space it does really depend on the sales page that you're using it on uh a lot of uh internet marketing uh sales pages are more image-based uh but if you do find one that is uh that has a lot of text a lot of information about the product uh again like clickfunnels like whsa stuff like that then you will uh get a good uh a good review written for you if you if you have a if you supply with a URL that does not have that that much good information on it again it's not going to work as well you need to supply the AI with good information in for it to give you good information now okay uh so here's one won't read too much about this one uh U but we'll just go through the first couple of paragraphs and then jump back into the presentation so I recently had the opportunity to explore and review a website called AI review Suite this website offers a variety of tools and features geared towards video editing and production upon visiting the site I was immedi impressed by its leak and modern design which gave me a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness okay one of the standout features of AI video Suite is its AI powered video editing cap capabilities again it's going through very specific uh stuff about the product Services all that stuff okay so I mean every single um where am I here here we go every single review that this writes for you is just it's incredible guys all right you can use it for physical products like I said this one that's it's it's a little deeper into the launch now I think it's I started seeing the ads maybe like uh four or five months ago uh so you can Target launch product you can Target product launches you could Target existing products that have a lot of ads obviously clickfunnel has a lot of ads behind this but this is a obviously a software product another software product obviously you can sit here on Amazon all day long the potentials that this gives me uh in my mind of what you can do with it just sitting on here and and cranking out Amazon product review site uh Niche sites is incredible I mean you can literally see here there is an insane amount of products on here look at all these different categories all right you could literally sit here and just go URL by URL or you can really Niche down into a specific Niche and just Target all of the different products uh uh that are within that Niche and just absolutely obliterated with this uh plug-in okay um so hopefully the light bulbs are clicking for you guys as they do for me anytime that I use this PL platform uh because there's nothing else I can say right are you guys in agreement that this is just an awesome piece of equipment all right perfect yeah absolutely so let's go ahead and continue this I do see that there are some questions coming in and I will try to go back and forth uh you know to answer some questions but I I really want to get through this and and and and get your get this in the hands of you guys because I do see that some of you are already also asking to uh purchase uh this product so give me a second let's run through this uh because we've truly created the first and best artificially intelligent product artificially intelligent product review writer to ever hit JV zoo and like I said that AI review engine works for any affiliate Network and product or any service okay it can be products on ClickBank literally you can sit there and find products on ClickBank as well and again as long as it has a lot of information a lot of good sales copy on the sales page you can use it for ClickBank products JB Zoo products Warrior plus Amazon products I mean the the potential of what you can do with this with products on Amazon is incredible obviously Amazon blows all of these other affiliate programs out of the water in terms of how many products there are on there how many niches there are on there I mean the the potential is absolutely enormous when it comes to using this with Amazon all right obviously products on Thrive cart pay Kickstart and private affiliate programs as well I don't want you guys to Discount private affiliate programs uh as well I've made a good amount of money finding private affiliate programs um and all you pretty much have to do is um if you can't find uh the specific product on one of these more uh public networks then there's a good chance that they have a private affiliate program so you can look in their footer area of their website and see where it is that you can become an affiliate for them okay um and literally anything guys if you can supply AI review engine with a sales page URL it will write a perfectly readable review for you okay uh and now it's time to cut to the chase uh how much is it to get access to this futuristic piece of equipment okay so I'm going to break down everything that you guys get in this deal uh and I do have a very exclusive deal for everyone that's on here as well as you guys know I do uh love to take care of anyone that joins me live uh so let's go ahead and jump into this so the first thing you're going to get is obviously full access to AI review engine the agency license okay and that's going to give you uh you know what I said before where you can get done for you products uh written for you for any Niche any product any service with the most powerful AI engine on the planet you're going to get that uh content obviously uh optimized and formatted for you as well and obviously posted for you and it will automatically add that affiliate link that call to action towards the bottom of the uh review uh for you as well all right now I'm going to get this one out of the way right from the beginning okay because I know many of you are already asking about this so let's let's just cover this one on this call you will be able to get our unlimited license okay this is going to allow you to have zero limits on how much you can make from your sites and you will never have to buy another license like how our competitor make you do as well uh and you'll be you'll also be getting the right to use AI review engine on as many sites as you'd like forever okay uh so if you guys have ever purchased a premium plug-in like AI review engine it is very very rare to get an unlimited sit license uh as part of the deal okay many times this is a very expensive up uh upgrade um or they only ever sell you a specific number of licenses so anytime you need more licenses you need to go back and buy more okay so everyone that's on here you're going to get our unlimited sites license okay you're also going to unlock unlimited content creation posting uh and uh and scheduling as well okay this option alone is going to allow you to really take things to the next level with our regular license uh you would have only got up to five polls per month okay but but by being on here on this car you're going to be able to unlock unlimited review uh content creation along with the unlimited sites license as well okay plus another very very powerful uh feature that you're getting that we could have easily sold as its own upgrade is our resellers license okay this is going to allow you to also have zero limits if you decide that you'd like to flip one of your sites for a big payday uh and nearly every single premium plugin out there will will not let your license Keys be transferred to a new owner once ownership of that website changes all right and obviously this really sucks because deactivating a plugin as vital as AI review engine pretty much turns a site uh worthless okay because what makes um a website valuable is first and foremost the content that's on there and where you know obviously where that content is ranking okay an AI review engine is uh the main piece of that so if you sell a website and the new owner is unable to continue to grow that site the value dram dramatically uh drops when you tell them hey look you can sell this website but the plugin that I use to get this site to where it's in it's at can't go with it all right and then you tell them that they have to go buy their own license of it okay but uh with you being on this car you're going to get the reseller's license and you guys can literally sell uh these sites with full reviews already posted on them for an insane amount obviously if they're ranking and they're getting traffic you can sell them for more uh but if you just build out a site with a bunch of review content already posted you can easily crank them out for 500 uh 600 700 bucks and boom just start selling them or even 250 okay you can start selling them 250 300 bucks and you have you're selling complete Niche sites ready for the other person to take it from there to wherever they want to take it okay so with our re resellers license you do not have to worry about that uh that being an issue of you having to tell your custo your buyer of your website that they have to buy a uh new license uh you're able to sell the site and have it keep its value by ensuring that AI review engine goes along with the sale okay and on top of that a huge bonus that you guys are getting on here is unlimited feature updates like I mentioned Brett just messaged me right before uh we started this saying that he did uh release a new update to the plug-in uh so you guys are going to be able to get unlimited uh feature updates as part of this call and if you got you guys can go do your own research all right uh on premium plugins and for the most part premium plugins out there they only give you six months worth of updates or a year worth of updates uh and many of them have to make you they make you pay separate to get updates as well so they sell it as an upgrade if you want to get future updates uh so by being on this car you're going to get unlimited feature updates uh to AI review engine we're not going to charge you for it um you know we're going to be here improving on our plugin and you guys will be able to benefit from that okay so you will be able to get unlimited feature updates forever all right and this is like I said truly unheard of in the premium plugin place okay you guys can go out and do your own research you will see that many plugins out there will charge you extra uh for limited updates okay that's another thing they don't charge they won't charge you for unlimited updates they charge you for limited updates many times it'll be for a certain amount of time six months to a year and then after that you most likely have to pay again okay uh uh oh another huge bonus is the reseller's license I already covered that one okay um all right and on top of that you're going to be able to up this is one of our upgrades that if you didn't purchase if you purchase outside of this uh demo session then you would have to pay separately for but by being on here you guys get this as part of the bundle deal okay which is uh the ability to automate your monetization as well okay so you're going to be able to unlock our three-step WordPress plugin that turns all your sites into profit pulling machines by quick L and easily deploying High converting offers in under 60 seconds so that you can dominate your Niche while our plug-in handles your monetization for you so AI review engine uh handles all of your product reviews and it does add a cost to action at the end but if you want to take your monetization to the next level then that's where you want to use activate and like I said activate uh allows you to deploy ads in all of the hottest areas of your website in a matter of seconds so you'll be able to place banner ads above the the uh content below the content on the sidebar and if I just come to one of these you'll see that I have uh kind of some demos of of how that works here so this is all deployed by activate this one here this one here uh the ones here at the top that show up Let me refresh it might be uh there it goes there goes one at the top uh some of them will have them within the content as well okay you can see here we have ads within the uh content clickable ads all right so you'll be able to specify which keywords you want to have clickable like this so This activate is a complete ad management system for your uh Niche sites and on top of that as well you'll be able to rotate ads to see which uh which offers convert the best you'll be able to activate uh AdSense uh onto your sit if you want to use that as your monetization uh you can make your uh your monetization be static so just promoting one offer you can rotate them you can have uh you can animate them as well so they can stand out more multiple multiple different things you can make them sticky like many of the big name brand websites do so this takes your monetization to the next level and you're going to be able to get that while being on this call as well okay because uh We've also created the best fastest and easiest way to monetize your monetize your sites using the power of automated Banner ad okay our WordPress add plugin allows you to easily create ad manage and display High converting offers on your site in a way that no other plug-in can guarantee and on top of that it also comes with a built-in ad Banner Creator as well so if you can't quite find uh a good ad for the product you're promoting you can create one with the builtin uh ad creator that we have and we have an exclusive bonus for those of you that are on here live right now uh you're going to be able to unlock uh our off our our feature that finds High converting offers for you in any Niche that you can instantly promote with AI review engine and activate as well so inside of activate there's a special feature that unlocks this so that you can find high converting offers uh in any Niche and many of them you'll see that they pay hundreds of dollars in commissions for promoting their offer so this is an exclusive bonus for you guys that are on here uh you're going to be able to get that uh once you jump in here okay and yes uh we've got some more uh you're also going to be able to unlock uh uh our Dum for you Authority platform that allows you to get way faster rankings by unlocking our Dum for you webbot that finds High Authority expired domains for you that are available right now for $10 or less okay now the reason you want to be uh using High Authority expired domains instead of new domains is because you get a much uh faster and and and bigger Advantage than using a new domain uh because an expired domain is something that already has uh it's already been established it's had content on it it's been crawled by Google and many of the the domains that are inside of done for your Authority have existing backlinks on it already uh but for one reason or another the owner of that domain decide to let it expire and now you can jump in buy it for 10 bucks or less and start your uh product review website on that domain instead of a new domain and you'll have a huge Advantage because that domain already comes with built in Authority okay and all uh what our uh D for you Authority does all day long it sits there and finds these domains and adds them to our database so that you can get go in there and purchase these domains quickly okay uh so we've literally C you know we got every single Spectrum covered okay uh we've got um obviously automated product reviews automated ads uh we've got automated the ability for you to find High converting offers the ability for you to find a high Authority domains so that you can get a big advantage and I even forgot to add it on here uh one of the biggest uh uh our upgrade number two which is done for you Suite okay which allows you to uh have us do all of your syndication for you okay so that uh your um uh product reviews can stick to the first page of Google all right I completely forgot to add a slide about that uh but it that is our upgrade number number two if you did purchase outside of this uh demo session uh you we would be doing all of your syndication for you so we've really built an entire uh product review engine that not only writes for you but also ranks your websites for you okay uh and yes uh we've got more you also are going to be getting free access to sylab agency okay uh and if you've purchased any of my products before you know that I have an entire lineup of bestselling content syndication software okay so this Works hand inand with d for you Suite uh synlab the way that that works is it allows you to Syndicate your content to your own social syndication accounts and then D for you site is where we do it for you on our social syndication account and we also have an entire private blog Network and all that stuff that we uh Syndicate your content on so you're also going to get free access to sin laab uh agency okay and you're going to get free access to our undetectable AI content writer integration which I mentioned at the beginning as well which is a huge huge update to ensure that you guys can have product reviews uh that are also ran through the undetectable AI uh rewriter okay so is this not the most complete bundle deal ever okay yeah some of you are are saying wow nice um wow Carl is saying wow this is awesome yeah we have created something that really checks all of the boxes when it comes to complete domination of the product review Niche okay especially depending on whichever product you want to Target you now have everything that you need to go out there and really dominate the first page of Google with your product reviews all right so let's recap everything that you're getting one more time all right you're going to get AI review engine the agency level uh you're going to get the unlimited uh level as well which is a $997 value this allows you to get unlimited sites unlimited content unlimited optimizing unlimited posting you're going to get all the updates included Forever This is easily a $99 per year value you can go out there and verify that this is easily what other premium plugins charge uh to include updates and one thing that other premium plugins uh charge for as well is support okay there are PL plins out there that will charge you extra to get support okay and they have different levels of support so they have regular support they have uh and then they charge you on like based on how fast they get back to you so it's incredible how much uh you know premium plugins charge for all these different things that you're getting included okay you're getting reseller rights included as well so that you can sell your sites uh once they're created and all of that so this is a $497 value as well reseller rights are not not cheap most people really charge a lot of money for that because they understand that you guys can make a lot of money by selling your sites with the plugin install uh you're also going to get D for you sweet Elite this is a $497 value this is our D for you social syndication platform so that you can get page one rankings while we do all the work for you and you're going to get a 100,000 credits to that okay and the way that it works is that one credit is one link so we'll be able to build a to a 100,000 links for you guys that is a lot of syndication and then when when it comes to product reviews you don't need that much syndication okay that just allows you to spread these credits out a lot among a lot of uh product reviews uh because again you're getting the unlimited version of AI review engine so we wanted to make sure that you can have way more credits than you need to be able to stick your uh product reviews to to the first page of Google uh you're also going to get our activate monetization plugin uh another big bonus that you're getting as well is the unlimited version I forgot to mention that so you're going to get the unlimited version of activate uh so that you can use it on uh all your sites as well since you're getting the unlimited version of AI review engine so this is going to allow you to uh quickly uh deploy ads just about everywhere that you can think of on your site uh and you're also getting the huge bonus where uh our affiliate offer finder uh feature will be unlocked for you uh once you log in to this members area you're also getting our D for you authority agency license this is a $97 value this is where you'll be able to find uh High Authority expired domains that you can build your review sites on to get way faster results okay uh and uh on top of that you're getting sidab agency UND and the undetectable feature this is easily a $2,320 per year in total value okay that's without me even like you know factoring in the value of the bonuses or all that you can see that many of these I didn't even put the value for uh just because I mean it would have been even way higher than that okay uh so 200 uh 23209 total value if we charged 4.97 per year that be an amazing deal for everything that you're getting you will never have to buy anything else to get patreon rankings for your product reviews ever again okay so if we did do 497 uh per year that would be an amazing deal and many of you guys know that uh 90% of the time that is what I charge for my products uh between 497 per year sometimes even 997 per year okay however I did promise you guys an amazing deal for being on here so uh you'll be able to get access to everything that you saw on here everything that I've mentioned plus unlimited license plus the resellers license plus unlimited updates for just 397 per year but again I did promise you guys an amazing deal so that is the public price if you did go to the bundle page right now that's the price that you're going to see however everyone that's on here gets a live attendee exclusive bonus you'll be able to use the coupon code exclusive for an extra no this is wrong this is not I always forget to update this okay um Let's [Music] do an extra $100 off actually you know what wait I want to do something extra special all right it was my daughter's birthday this weekend we celebrated it on on uh Saturday so let's go ahead and do 150 all right $150 off I will have to update that though because I think it might be set to 70 from the previous promo that we did so let me before I post the link I'll edit that all right but $150 off uh of that so that brings it down to what is it 397 minus 150 247 guys all right now the one downside you guys know that I can't you know we rarely ever price our stuff this much and we can't really keep it this low that much that long so the one downside is the price will be going up by $10 automatically every 20 sales and I can't stress it enough that every time that I'm on this live session uh and every time that uh I mention this uh it sells out and the price starts to go up and people tell me hey the price is already at you know three um 257 and then 267 and they go really really fast the first 20 usually go uh within about about the first five minutes so if you want to pick this up right now for just uh 247 give me uh say Link in the chat box I'm not going to post it oh man there's a bunch of you already asking for it okay all right give me one second um all right so let's see it seems like there's one two three four five okay looks like the first 20 are going to go really really fast give me a second let me I was not even ready ready with the link oh and I have to update the coupon code as well give me one second let me upload this here all right I'm changing the coupon code so we can make sure that it's working all right so if you want to pick it up right now give me a second guys yes that price is locked in Jim he's asking if that price is locked in I'm sending it to you guys give me like a minute I'm going one by one for everyone that asked for the link there is a lot of you okay I may have to increase this 20 as well all right all right I'm going to let me increase that as well before you guys tell me that it's already gone up because it seems like the first 20 are going to go really really really fast all right and I'm telling you guys it always it happens every time by the time time we're done the price is usually like you know at least 20 to $40 more okay uh let me before they sell out let me let me get to it before it sells out so the full bundle all right and then I'll get some questions for you guys as well awesome someone is in already let me know once you get in you're listed as Josh test yes this is uh yearly all right so let me do this there's way too many people asking for this link uh so let me post it in the chat box as well that is the the full bundle version okay now we do have a split pay as well okay but the thing is the same for this as well the price goes up by $10 automatically every 20 sales so if you prefer the split pay uh let me know in the chat box the discount is a little bit less you will be paying a little bit more it does split it up into every six months instead of yearly but if you did prefer a um a a split pay option let me know in the uh in the chat box and I'll post the split pay option uh as well all right but again it does that one also goes um up by 10 bucks every 20 sales uh and the price for that uh is 297 every six months but for those of you that are on here live uh again I will uh offer a an additional discount because I do like to go above and beyond the coupon code is exclusive dasit okay um let me make sure that the coupon is [Music] working yep oh it looks like it's giving a 100 bucks off I think I edited both both of them okay so this one is giving a 100 bucks off all right so the other one gives you 150 off this one gives you uh 100 off all right so if you want this split let me know all right there goes a split one there all right the front end URL perfect if you guys don't want the if you want the non- bundle deal as well post a non bundle and I'll get you the non- bundle deal as well all right n but yeah absolutely if if you you got guys if you want just the non- bundle deal we do have that as well all right split if you want the split pay option let me know in the chat box as well so we have the full the split and the non bundle deal all right and also as well with the split pay you still get everything plus all the bonuses all right uh so depending on it doesn't really matter which one you get you will get everything plus all the bonuses and guys this is the most complete uh system that I've ever seen for you guys to be able to not only quickly get product reviews written for you but get those product reviews ranked okay you'll be able to public system on an expired domain with built-in Authority you'll be able to submit those product reviews to done for you Suite so that we can do your syndication for you okay and with d for youu you can choose for to have us build uh up to 250 links to every URL that you submit okay um now actually you guys are getting the the higher version so you'll be able to choose I believe up to between 500 to a th000 I think I think in verion 5.0 we we increase that so that you can get up to a th000 links built for every URL that you submit now obviously I do recommend using our drip feature so that those links get drip fed over time um but guys you can have us be building your links for you so that you can get those reviews ranked on the first page of Google on top of that uh you're getting the unlimited version okay so that you can uh use this on an unlimited number of uh websites so that you can really build a niche site Empire for yourself you're getting the resellers version so that you can flip some of these if you want uh I mean just imagine how many websites you can build now you can build you know two three four five websites at a time keep a couple sell a couple keep a couple sell a couple and just have so much automation at your fingertips to be able to do this over and over and over again and by being on this call uh you're getting that entire bundle you're getting everything at a huge discount $150 off of the the full version um and where's the split the split is here all right so depending on which one you want let me know all right so looks like they're both uh selling out pretty quickly so make sure that you do awesome someone is in split the up please all right I'm it's having I'm having a hard time seeing which link you want with all right so non- bundle deals so there's a bunch of people saying they're in plus a bunch of people saying they want the split pay all right there goes the split all right Keith is in awesome Keith great to have you [Music] in uh Carl saying can we update for extra credit on some of the other that have credits um yeah the only one that has credits is done for you sweet and I I do have one more thing I I I do want to share with you let me just get some of this awesome gourd is in yes he said he said I bought the bundle at 247 is that the correct price yes it is trust me I know it's it's pretty unbelievable on a great deal Mel is in all right Derry wants the non- bundle version Let me give you that here all right William is in Kevin is in Carl is in Danny is in guys the first uh few spots are going fast remember the the price does start to go up every uh 20 sales okay and it looks like it's definitely more than that at this point so right now I have for those of you that are oh yes also we do have a 30-day money back guarantee obviously so you can get your full money uh within 30 days if you do not like it uh give us your you know send us an email and we will get you your money back so make sure that you do grab your account right now okay now right now I I have two questions for you how many of you want to see more okay so we do have a couple more great bonuses for those of you that are on here or I also have a bit of a you know this is one thing that I always get asked about a lot uh which is people ask for one-time payment options okay and I I I for some reason I can never offer onetime payment options because we truly do sit here and we support our products long term okay uh but I did uh create a light version of the bundle deal okay where you don't get as much value as the full one so if you got the full or the split those are the ones that have the most value and give you absolutely everything uh but I did create a light version of a bundle deal where you can still get some of the value but not everything at a onetime payment okay I did want to create that because I do know that there are some people that uh prefer the one-time payment option uh but obviously you can get all the value the people that get the full version or the split version because uh that's how we're able to keep our products running for the long term okay so do you guys want to see the bonus the additional bonuses or uh the one-time payment uh option that it's I called it a light bundle version okay let me know what you'd like to see all right more is better awesome bonuses bonuses bonuses perfect awesome so let's jump into the bonuses okay um so let me see where do we start here we go oh I already talked about oh no this one webinar exclusive only bonus okay our automated booster plugin okay so again everything that I've built it's it's for a reason so sylab allows you guys to Syndicate your product reviews on your own social accounts okay but we also built a plugin that goes along with with sylab the reason for that is so that anytime you get a new review posted on your uh Niche site the plugin is automatically going to communicate with your sylab account and it's going to take that URL and automatically send it to your sylab account so that it gets syndicated to your social accounts okay so inside of sylab we have about 20 to 25 total social accounts uh integrated into there so imagine that this is automatic syndication 24 hours a day 7 days a week without you having to lift the finger so you just all you have to do is publish a new uh review article and then our plugin is going to recognize that right away and send it to your sylab account to be syndicated uh to your Social account and you can set it up uh so that you have different groups uh of social accounts so if you have multiple different uh Niche sites you have a group of social accounts that Syndicate your weight loss uh content you have a different group of uh social accounts that Syndicate your electronics you have a different group of social accounts that Syndicate your your client content so you can set it up so that the plugin knows exactly which group of social accounts to send that URL to to be syndicated okay we charg $97 to uh unlock this um this this upgrade inside of sylab you guys are going to get that for free and it automates you so that you don't actually have to uh manually grab the URL and manually take it into sylab the booster plugin automates that process to make it faster for you guys on top of that I'm also going to extend the reseller rights and this is actually way more than 97 okay this is a $497 value okay reseller rights to the booster plug-in included as well okay so that if you do ever sell some of your sites you can tell them okay not only are you does um AI review engine go along with the sale but the um uh the sylab booster plugin goes along with the sale and uh what I'm going to do as well just to finish off this uh reseller kind of Trio I'm going to go ahead and throw in the activate reseller rights included as well this is also another $497 value okay uh because um now you can when you're selling these sites you can tell them all right look not only are you getting the existing traffic and content and and and rankings of this site but you're going to get AI review engine uh with the sale which is what writes the reviews for me you're going to get uh the sylab booster plugin which is what syndicates the content for me and you're going to get uh the activate plugin that maintains the uh advertising the monetization at active for me and uh they'll be able to within seconds swap out your affiliate link to their affiliate link uh with uh activate Okay so you'll be able to offer these three things uh to boost up the value of the sale when you go to sell your um your website okay so amazing amazing bonuses there all right uh and now let me go over oh it seems like the price might have gone up already all right uh Scott is saying uh Josh I C theen are there recurring fees um yeah so we do have the the bundle deals are recurring uh now we do have uh the non- bundle deal and I do have a one all right so there are some people asking for the onetime payment uh option so I will kind of touch on that real quick because it seems like many people most people wanted to just focus on the bonuses and the uh the the ones that we have so the light bundle version the onetime payment option I'll go through it real quick pretty much you get absolutely everything that I talked about except done for you site okay we won't be able to offer the 100,000 credits to have us do your syndication for you um so uh that is the the the big value that you lose out on uh which is being able to have us Syndicate your content and rank that uh those that content for you uh so you get access to everything except D for you sweet Elite but you do get access to the unlimited license the reseller license and the unlimited updates it will be 297 onetime payment uh but if you just got here that is a light version of the bundle deal okay so you do get everything except done for you sweep uh it is a one-time payment deal but again it does go up by $10 every 20 sales um and there is an additional discount uh that where you do get $50 off so you get the least amount of discount uh with the light deal plus you also don't get as much value uh but one thing that I did do was I did activate a onetime dum for youu bump offer for 10,000 credits onetime credits if you did want to add onetime credits for d for you Suite uh on there that will be a a onetime payment of 97 bucks um so uh if you did want that onetime deal uh you can let me know type in one time in the chat box and I'll send you the link for that uh but if not obviously the most value that you'll get is by picking up uh the full bundle deal which is where you get absolutely everything you get unlimited everything you get uh D for you Suite uh you get 100,000 credits to D for you Suite you get activate uh the unlimited version of activate plus the resell version of activate plus the affiliate offer finder uh you're going to get d for your Authority uh you're going to get sylab agency plus the booster plus the resellers version plus the undetectable feature uh and on top of that uh you get uh $150 off of that so uh those are the options I kind of wanted to give you guys enough options so that you know which one is best for you all right uh so I do see there are some people that are interested in the one time so let me get that over to you guys all right give me one second and I hope I did go a little bit above and beyond and really try to give you guys as many options to get into this platform because I truly believe in how powerful this is all right so um you know I I I think I've covered every single base I've covered the full bundle deal which gives you the most value I've given you guys a split pay option uh we've got the non- bundle deal obviously and then we have the one-time light bundle deal for all of you that are uh that prefer that as well um so William is asking can't tell if my purchase is complete okay if you got a JV Zoo receipt then that's how you can check that your purchase is complete if you didn't get any receipt or any login information because all of that happens automatically uh once you're done uh once you purchase so the best way to check is to check the email that you Ed to purchase and if you do see that there's a a receipt sent to you then that's how you can verify that your purchase went through all right um here we go some people asking for the one time all right I'm getting you guys this deal so let me I'll post it in the chat box here so one time deal so let me let I'll post I'll post all the links now so this one here is the bull bundle deal this one is oops the split pay and this is the light bundle deal at a one-time payment and the non- bundle deal all right so I just posted all of that in the chat box so make sure you read through it to make sure that you are clicking on the correct one all right Curtis saying thanks for all the value as usual you are welcome Jerry yeah that is a um a typo I thought I removed that I'm writing back to you now okay all right I still missed the front end link all right the front end link let me send it over to you now on second there you go uh William is saying I just checked email and spam okay if you saw it if you didn't see anything in there then that your purchase probably didn't go through uh so if you try again uh and it goes through or if for some reason you get charged twice don't worry we'll make it right we'll refund one of them if it does if you do have two charges on your account uh so the the links that I'm sending you also uh apply the coupon automatically so make sure that you if you just go to the link that I'm sending you perfect uh Flo is saying you already have done for you sweet yearly so go ahead and pick up this one there that'll be your best bet the one that I just sent you the link is the link not working it goes to 247 oh give me one second let me see did we sell out of that one already yeah I just tried it it's working fine for me Derry let me send that to you I'll send you the direct link there uh Keith is asking does the AI content create post with paragraphs or do you need to create them headings it does do the paragraphs uh and the headings uh sometimes it does the headings sometimes it doesn't so if it doesn't you just go in there edit it add your own headers and do that and um the images as well you just go in there add an image at the top and you're good to go uh taana is asking please uh show again what is included in the light version so I'll go through uh I'll go through everything again okay so the main uh full bundle deal you get AI review engine the agency level okay you get the unlimited level which gives you unlimited sites unlimited content unlimited optimizing unlimited posting all the updates included forever that we release and Brett already did an update to it this morning uh reseller rights included uh so that you can sell the site you get done for you suet Elite uh which is our done for you social syndication system where we will uh build high quality links for you to get your reviews ranked on the first page of Google you literally don't have to do anything but submit your url your keywords and that's it uh it's literally just like AI review engine very simple you just plug and play the information and we take it from there you're going to get a 100,000 credits to Dum for you Suite as well and one credit is one link um and again this is every year again I forgot to mention that this is 100,000 credits per year guys okay um so this is an extremely valuable uh inclusion that we have here uh so that you can always have a high quality syndication being done for you okay which is a big factor to having your reviews stick to the first page of Google okay um activate monetization plugin you're getting the unlimited version of that okay which allows you to to uh easily deploy your monetization to your sites plus you're going to get our affiliate offer finder as a bonus uh which allows you to quickly find uh affiliate offers to promote you're going to get done for you Authority the agency level which allows you to find High Authority domains that you can build your review sites on so that you can get a massive advantage to get those product reviews ranked because if you do it on a new site it's going to take you a little bit longer than doing it on a uh domain that already has built-in Authority and you're going to get sylab agency sylab uh the booster plugin and the reseller rights uh with that as well uh and the undetectable um rewriter feature that's built into AI review engine so this is what you get in uh the full bundle deal it's a $2,320 $29 per year total value uh and you guys can get it right now the normal price is 3.97 per year on the bundle page uh but you guys guys get $150 off and you get it for 247 but the one downside is the price does go up by 10 bucks automatically every 20 sales okay I did increase that to 40 and we are getting very close to that so if you see that it's 257 now that means that the price already went up um by 10 bucks automatically all right it's all set to happen automatically then we have a split pay option that allows you to break that up uh and it is uh1 197 uh every six months on the split pay option okay and again the price does go up by 10 bucks automatically every 20 sales on that one as well all right and they're both selling equally as fast okay so make sure that you do get in there and there is a $100 off discount so the public price will show 297 on the bundle sales page but the link that I send you guys automatically discounts it by 100 bucks so that you can get it for 1997 every six months okay and whether you get the full bundle deal or the split bundle deal you still get everything plus all the bonuses all right now we do have a one-time payment option as well which is a light bundle deal you're not going to get as much value uh but I do want to offer that option because I do know that people uh some people do prefer that uh to have a one-time payment option so the the deal that you get for that is everything that I mentioned but unfortunately we cannot give you D for you Suite where we do your syndication for you uh we can't give you 100,000 credits per year uh at a one-time payment included that that is just not feasible again we do run a professional software company over here we update our Pro our products uh I've got products that I've you know released back in 2016 2015 that are still running to this day because we maintain and we update our products uh constantly okay again again um Brett just released an update to AI review engine this morning all right so the light version of uh this bundle deal you don't get D for you suet uh but you do get access to everything again except D for you Suite I don't want you guys to uh email my support telling them that you got the light bundle deal and you want D for you Suite you do not get D for you Suite but you do get the unlimited license the resell license plus unlimited updates 297 one time uh but there is uh a one time deal and I did activate a coupon code for that where you get 50 bucks off so you get it for 247 okay onetime payment but also what I did do was I did activate a onetime uh D for you sweet bump offer for 10,000 credits all right so if you did want to go that route so it'll be 247 uh and then if you do pick up the the 10,000 onetime credits that's $97 you just click on this check box here and add that to the cart for 10,000 one-time credits for d for you site but obviously we cannot do the 100,000 uh uh credits per year at a one-time payment that is just we can't do that all right so hopefully that clears everything up then obviously we have our non bundle deal where you can get in and choose your upgrades uh as you'd like awesome Danny Brooks is in uh will there be a training to tie all this together Carl yeah we can U me and Bre can talk about that see if we can put together a training on how all of that works uh Mike is saying do you have training on how to buy an expired domain yes so inside of D for you Authority we have full training on exactly how to uh use D for you Authority what to look for in a an expired domain all of that stuff uh Arthur saying what do I do if I already have all the other software uh then you can go ahead and either pick up the non- bundle deal or yeah I would probably go with the non- bundle deal if you have everything else go ahead and pick up the non-b bundle deal all right uh let's see if we can get some questions let me make sure that Brett isn't messaging me all right looks like everything's good I'm not getting blown up by Affiliates let me see my messenger one second all right perfect awesome look that we're good so far um all right Jim all right great webinar lots of value thanks you Carl uh William is already in progress of trying to purchase again awesome William and it does if it does charge again again just email our support and we'll get it takeen care of right away um Robert great question is asking do we use only one domain to create our sites or do we create a new website for all of these review sites so it really depends okay you can go uh the route of what is called an authority site which is you buy a more General domain and then uh under that domain you have multiple different categories uh and then each category talks about a different topic so you can you know as an example you can do uh a main Electronics um domain and then you have a category that talks about laptops you have a category that talks about uh cameras you have a a category that talks about um TV streaming all these different things so you can break it up like that or you can just dial in and buy a domain that talks exclusively about just computers okay or a specific product so it really all depends okay um yeah it really depends if if if you find a really good uh product that you want Niche down on or a really good Niche that you want to really Target specific products then I would build just one site work on that site um and and then move on to the next one okay um it depends on really how you want to do it and and your budget as well if if you if you don't want to be buying that many domains uh just and your time as well depends on how much time you have you could just focus on one website uh get that website ranking and then work your way up from there that's how I did it when I first started I focused on one website for a full two to three months uh once I saw that it was ranking and it started getting traffic and sales boom then I would usually what I would do is I would I would start a second site about a halfway through finishing the previous site so about every month and a half I was um setting up a new site but again that was me doing everything manually you don't have to do nearly as much as stuff as I had to do manually uh back then okay the most timeconsuming thing is being done for you by AI review engine which is writing the actual content so and I mean with done for you Suite as well we're doing your syndication for you guys when I was building Niche sites I was building the site writing the reviews editing the reviews optimizing the reviews um I was then going and manually creating social syndication websites and then I was manually syndicating my content uh I was doing everything manually I was uh doing comment back linking manually where I would go to similar um blogs in my Niche and write a comment so that I can get that backlink I mean I was doing so much manually and now you guys I mean the majority of the work is done for you with AI review engine awesome flow is in I purchased the bundle uh yeah so you guys are locked in we if you purchase this bundle at the discount the $150 discount that discount is locked in so it's not going to go up next year you are locked in at that price okay so this that 150 um where is it here this 150 is locked in for you guys we're not going to you know do anyone like that and and then increase the price on you next next uh next year um someone I have tenure multiple multiple sites with some content will this bundle rank faster than brand new sites yeah so absolutely if if you have if you get the bundle and you start using domains that are onone for you Authority it will rank faster if you have I think you're saying that you have multiple sites that are 10 years old maybe that's what you're saying with some content that will work way better than a brand new domain yes absolutely all right uh so sa is asking any advice for me on WordPress I never use word what is the best WordPress and where can I download it from so pretty much it all comes down to your hosting uh if you have uh pretty much any decent hosting will allow you to uh have um the option to automatically install WordPress as well um I'm I'm drawing a blank as to the name of the software that most hosting companies come with that allow you to install it but yeah if you if you you can literally watch one YouTube video on how to install WordPress and that's it once you do it a few times uh you get the hang of it taana is asking question can I use a short code in the Philly ID field uh no you cannot that is you have to put in the link and it'll work but if you have activate uh with the bundle you do get activate and that allows you to to Really rotate uh ads rotate the link that you want all of that stuff like it gives you a lot more of those customization options that you're looking for yes correct dl4 yes does the one time only price uh 410 activate side license no so if you're outside of the bundle deal yes they are limited but with the bundle deal you're getting Unlimited all right let me see there's a bunch of questions uh John is asking will URL work with Facebook um no because unless you're logged in you can't see content on Facebook so no that that will not work Carl is asking who be hosting all these sites so you guys if you have your own Hosting account for the most part that is how uh you guys will get it uh hosted the non- bundle deal give me one second all right and and talking about hosting what if if I covered your guys's host in build as well uh let me know in the chat box if if uh put in hosting if I put it if I cover your hosting bill I throw that in as a bonus and you will uh purchase AI review engine uh then let me know type in hosting in the chat box and I do have a Hosting account that I use sometimes for scenarios like that where I throw it in as a bonus an exclusive bonus where you guys can host your sites on our Hosting account uh but again oh man okay a bunch of you perfect so if you haven't bought uh and you you know you want to have your hosting Bill covered as well uh let me know I like that Shane said host me please so host me please and let me know which one you want and I'll which version you want if either you want the full bundle deal or the split pay bundle deal I I don't I don't think I can handle that for the the light version uh but if you buy the full bundle or for the uh the split pay I will cover your hosting Bill awesome Shane awesome so you're good to go Mike all right give me one second oh yes uh soft delicious yes that's the the software uh that installs WordPress for you say soft delicious perfect full hosting please awesome perfect there you go Daryl yes guys if you already purchased the full bundle or the split split pay bundle yes I will um just what you can do is email my support desk um and let them know that you got the hosting deal as a bonus and I'll let them know as well and then they'll be able to help get your uh your account set up Robert saying would you buy my domain too for B the hosting please okay there you go uh okay John is re asking his question he says what I meant on Facebook question can I create a product review that comes from Facebook I.E I paste in the Facebook page URL into the AI software if it should work fine number one if that Facebook URL is uh public so meaning that uh you don't have to be logged in to see it and number two if it has obviously a lot of uh helpful information for the um uh the review engine to work off of DOA is asking like deal do we get every month uh no 10 total perfect awesome Chad great to have you in awesome your JB superc arrived you're listed as Josh test Carl saying wow this is amazing yeah thank you Carl Dio is saying could you sell my site for 100,000 too guys you'd be surprised how much people would pay for a well- ranking site that's getting traffic that's uh earning sales making sales getting leads also don't don't discount that as well once you start getting rankings from these sites throw slap a a a an optin form on there start collecting leads all of that if you do end up wanting to sell that site all of that adds value okay how much traffic is getting how much sales is getting how many leads you collected from that site all of that stuff uh adds to the value oh wow look at that Robert is saying just so you know I am legally blind and I know I can do this because of the Simplicity of this that is amazing Robert hats off to you he is legally blind and he is uh going onl with AI review engine amazing I mean there is literally no excuse use amazing Robert uh someone that's can one run ads to AI review engine outputs and still get results um that's a good question I don't see why not if you target review keywords and you get someone that lands on your website looking for reviews absolutely all right uh someone ask what is the software that will rewrite the content so uh Brett does have his own builtin uh AI rewriter for uh UND detection undetectable purposes so he has that built into the back end of it he does sell that on his own as well so he does have his own I have my own platform but we kind of built one at the same time and he does sell his separately so the fact that he integrated it as well is is awesome uh Steve is saying how many posts per month can I publish so if you buy the full bundle deal it's unlimited if you get the non bundle deal it's five posts per month on five uh and you get a total of five sites but if you get uh any one of the bundle deals you get unlimited uh Alice know you are good to go you don't need to reinstall Arthur is saying Joshua you are an absolute genius topnotch great ideas as always well yeah honestly this is hats off to Brett so if you guys want to say thank you to the person who created this uh send an email to his support us telling him thank you because he is the one behind it all all right so we're rolling up on two hours here so what I'm going to do is stop the recording for now so it can render in the background uh so if you're watching the replay the links and all that will be right below this video uh but let me stop this now so the recording can render um in the background

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