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in the last 24 months the affiliate marketing industry has made over $2.8 billion in profits and the e-commerce industry grew from $100 billion to $ 243.166 billion selling courses and digital products online now watch this video and I'll show you how you too can get a piece of this pie every single month working just a few hours a week all automated using a groundbreaking never seen before AI but first do you know how these industries made so much in sales having a product or service to sell is easy everyone has one or you can easily be an affiliate but it all Narrows down to how you sell it how you Market it promote it generate traffic and qualified buyers to your or others products and services the formula is is simple you need a landing page to get the sales some bonuses on the landing page to incentivize the buyer a lead generation opt-in page to build an email list an ebook lead magnet to give away to prospects a product review video to generate traffic from YouTube Tik Tok Instagram and other socials some ad designs to run those cheap ads to Kickstart the campaign and a few SEO optimized blog posts and PR articles to organically rank on Google number one one to get leads now once you've created all of these get a domain and publish them online for each product or service that you want to promote and you'll start making sales but creating landing pages opt-in pages and thank you pages is hard takes time and costs access to expensive funnel Builders creating review videos is tough writing the product review script the voice over animation transision music facing the camera storyboarding and whatnot writing an ebook is equally timec consuming slow and boring same for writing blog posts and articles and then SEO optimizing them and don't even get me started on creating ad creatives promoting and marketing a product or service or even a business online is a tough job and not everyone can do it we've been doing this manually for years and figured there had to be a better more easier and efficient way that would help get real results so we went back to the drawing board fired up R&D and after over a year of hard work planning coding building designing and beta testing we finally had the perfect solution to promote and Market any product service or a business online without being an expert introducing AI sellers the world first and only custombuilt AI engine that markets and promotes any product service or Business Online in just a few clicks AI sellers learns everything there is to learn about whatever you wanted to generate sales for either from the web or from the information that you upload or both and then create everything you'll ever need to start generating traffic leads and sales all automatically using our custombuilt AI engine there's never been an easier way to promote something online AI sellers is not just a musthave for anyone selling anything online but almost a necessity here's how it works simply log into the dashboard click on create new project and enter the website URL of the product service or business you wish to generate sales for alternatively you can simply upload the information if there's no website AI sellers will then scan the web and learn everything there is to learn about the project and get ready for you to start creating assets simply click on create landing page and a fully customized unique looking landing page with AI generated content and bonuses will be created instantly along with a thank you page click on create review video and instantly AI will write the script create a storyboard add talking head add voiceover customize everything and create a video for you same way you can create lead gen ebooks in a click with all AI generated relevant content create blog posts and articles using AI in just one click create ad designs with AI generated graphic creatives create a lead generation opt-in page and then create more of these for the same projects once everything is ready all you need to do is deploy publish video on YouTube blog posts on blogs articles on PR sites video on Tik Tok and Instagram ads for Facebook and Google everything linking back to your opt-in page and landing page and in just a few hours you'll start generating leads and converting them into sales imagine using AI sellers to automatically create optimized marketing videos landing pages email campaigns lead generation magnets opt-in Pages blog posts and social media ads for your new product or service now with AI sellers AI efficiency you see a 20% increase in conversions bringing in an extra $2,000 per month to your revenue of $10,000 next AI seller is dynamically personalized marketing improves customer retention generating 30 new customers worth $150 each that's an extra $4,500 in Revenue making your total profit $6,500 more per month now compare this to hiring a marketing team copywriters designers videographers and media buyers will cost over $6,000 per month combined your profit with a human team $4,000 your profit with AI sellers $65,000 not only are you saving a fortune and salaries but you're consistently boosting your profits month over month with AI sellers with AI sellers you can dominate your Market by outpacing competitors make money handsfree with automated affiliate marketing launch Successful video marketing campaigns in minutes increase traffic leads and sales without any experience produce marketing campaigns for any product service or business at zero cost attract new business by showcasing sample promos establish Authority with optimized SEO content amplify your marketing messaging with automatically generated blog posts and articles grow your business without wasting time on traditional manually done marketing no more worrying about hiring expensive agencies managing multiple Freelancers or trying to do everything yourself as a solo prer no more spending thousands on copywriters videographers designers developers and on other marketing expenses AI sellers has you covered with its buil-in AI marketing expert that works around the clock to promote your business and boost profits whether you're an affiliate e-commerce store owner startup founder agency or local business AI sellers equips you with the ultimate secret weapon to grow your business handsfree smart entrepreneurs worldwide are leveraging artificial intelligence to automate their marketing efforts and you need to do the same there's nothing to stall your data stays secure with endtoend encryption AI sellers enhances productivity better than any marketing agency ever could easily integrates with your existing tools and it's so easy that even a child can use it create your AI sellers accounts and get instant access today however this offer will not last long and the price is increasing every few hours and if you act now you'll receive not only our commercial usage license but also some very useful bonuses mentioned on this page your AI sellers purchase is fully covered by our 14 days risk-free money back guarantee to see for yourself how effortless it is to manage your business's promotion and marketing with AI sellers if you don't agree that it lives up to the hype we'll refund every single penny you've invested but the clock is ticking to get your exclusive access to AI sellers with the commercial license all the bonuses and exclusive training on how to profit from all of this you need to act fast AI sellers is currently available for a one-time fee without any monthly cost or setup fee click the button below to get your instant access right now we look forward to helping you streamline and automate your digital marketing and promotions with the power of AI sellers AI driven marketing [Music] engine [Music] welcome to AI sellers in this short workr video I'm going to show you how you can market and promote any product service service or Business Online using AI sellers custom build custom trained digital marketing assistant AI that creates marketing campaigns and assets on autopilot in seconds giving you the superpower to promote anything and everything and generate traffic leads and sales for anything in next 5 minutes now to use AI seller super easy click on create new project and for this demonstration purpose I'm going to try and promote what of my product called store radial so I'm going to go up here and give the campaign a name and then I need to give information about the product that I'm trying to promote to AI servers by either copy pasting the content importing the data from the website by uploading PDFs images about the product or demonstration product review sales videos long form videos now for this demonstration let's try and import data from the website but you can use all four options if you need now I'm going to click on import using the same process I can also promote my Shopify products Amazon affiliate products or pretty much any product business or service that has a website or I have data about that now ai seller is going to go to the website grab all the data understand it analyze it and start learning from it and as you can see the information has been gathered now I can click on the edit button right over here to preview all the information that we have grabbed as you can see we grabbed all the images all the videos all the data about the product now I can remove or add to it and update this information or I can leave it as it is and start creating marketing Assets Now to create a marketing campaign I need to switch from knowledge brange page to the asset Page by clicking on this little switch switch here and as you can see right here I can create a video a landing page to promote the product an ebook to give away to generate leads an OP page to capture delete blog articles blog post to promote and get organic traffic and media campaigns for Facebook and Google so let's start by creating a marketing video or a review video so I'm going to click on create video and let's try to create a review video for story deal now I can change and create it for any country I want in any language I want and I can pick from different formats I can create one video for YouTube one for Tik Tok one for Instagram one for igtv one for um Twitter landscape video any different type and then I can pick from different formats styling so in this uh example we're creating a review video but we can create a promo video information video news or controversial video just to promote it in different ways and click on create now I said will start creating a video and then you can again go ahead and create another video which could be a promo video same here click on this click create so you can create multiple different videos and then you can also create these same video in different formats as you can see the script is generated I'm going to click on edit preview the script if everything is good I'm going to click on convert video and let AI seller create the video for me in the meantime I'm going to click on create landing page and I'm going to create my first marketing page to promote now I can create in any language any Market that I'm trying to promote and create multiple of these marketing page same way I'm going to create an ebook uh called marketing ebook and I'm going to give a title now let's say I want to create it uh for Spain and Spanish language and I'm going to click on create now it's going to give me a choice of couple of templates I like this one I'm going to click on create next I'm going to create an opin page Legion page one again for us and in English and then I'm going to create a blog article blog post number one and I can create multiple blog post M multiple option pages and I'm going to create my first ad which is going to be a Facebook ad campaign click on create so as you can see it's super super easy just a few clicks and we're good to go now the video is ready for customization we're going to click here and as you can see the video is ready the slides have been created populated all the information has been added I can go up here modify and customize the text as I want I usually just increase the font size and make it bold so it's more readable I can change the background image or video if I don't like it I can add more uh media on top of it I can change the background music I can change voice over in different language and in different accents I can upload my own voice over or record my own voice over as well or use sonority to import my voice over I can add a talking head I can add my own picture here which is going to have lip sying and face movement created by Ai and I can move it around I can change transitions animations um I can change the templates of the video I can change the style of the style of this slide and I I can add logo Watermark change the volume control I can intro and outro and once I'm ready I click on render and it will start rendering the video for me in the meantime I can go ahead and preview my marketing page which has copy added to it video added to it button added to it information about the product added to it features added to it bonuses added to it and ability for your visitors to share so you get viral views now if I want to modify it I click on the edit button and there are two ways to modify it I can mod modify it in the easy to use drag and drop visic editor or I could just modify it by simply editing and filling the information here just to make it simpler easier if you're not a visual editor like me so it makes it so much faster so much easier to customize things but if you like to do a visual editing you can use the drag and drop editor and modify um the entire page the way you like add more stuff remove some stuff add images add videos and a bunch of other things so once everything is done you can copy this URL or you can add your own custom domain to this landing page and use it on your own marketing Pages same way it also creates a thank you page which is where your visitors are going to Land once they have uh taken the action you want them to do your ebook is been created your optin page has been created you can modify the optin page the same way and you can preview the optin page the same way and you can modify it using the simple editor here or you can use the vi and of course your op page will be linked with your ebook so you can connect and modify it the way you want your blog article is ready which you can go here and modify add more image fix it the way you want to download it update it and publish it on WordPress in seconds and your media campaigns already that you can go here connect your Facebook and Google account and in The Next Step you you can preview uh the copy the images that have been created using Ai and everything is good to go you can modify the text you can change the text the link and you can publish the ad right from inside the dashboard as you can see the ebook is also generated you can click on edit and as you can see your ebook is ready you can browse through all these different chapters and you can edit them modify them add images videos graphics opt-in code whatever you want and once you're ready an AI generated image is also added you can replace that image and you can preview your ebook once you're ready and this is how your ebook is going to look it's going to have all these chapters all this information in the language that you have selected you can download this when you're ready and as you can see all the marketing assets have been created your video has been rendered and you can publish it on Facebook YouTube Instagram to start generating review traffic to your product you have your marketing page ready which you can then use to transfer your traffic and generate more traffic and generate hype about your product and share it right from inside dashboard on social media sites to get traffic your ebook and your op- pages are ready so you can start generating leads by sharing them again right from inside dashboard to social media Pages you have your blog article ready which is SEO optimize that is going to help you generate organic traffic and your media campaign is ready to start generating traffic so so all the entire asset for your marketing campaign has been created and can be created in minutes and help you promote your product your service your business in minutes using AI set and you can have all your autoresponder and other integration added so every asset generates lead generates traffic so what as essentially does it creates marketing campaign with all the assets in next 5 to 10 minutes in all different verticals and formats and lets you deploy them and engage them online right from inside dashboard so you can start generating traffic leads and sales if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help you cheers yes yes yes we are live ladies and gentlemen let me know if you can hear me loud and clear um I'm so darn excited because it's been a while since I've seen something refreshing in the AI space since I've seen something that can actually help people tremendously in their business um it's safe to say AI on its own is definitely a powerful tool but yet even though I've seen people with the most powerful AI softwares and tools they still are stuck in the same place well if that sounds familiar to you get ready to completely change your business with a massive shortcut using an AI that has never been seen before hey Gerald hey uh Jesse people from Philadelphia we have people all the way from Asia Europe amazing welcome welcome John Steve in the house Bernard uh Roberts here we got multiple stephin Steve again welcome welcome Lisa's here as well Rebecca's here as well uh Mor's here awesome Mo I see Ali good to have you guys here now uh the room is filling up nicely I'm going to go ahead and get this party started ladies and gentlemen this brand new AI it is SC if you don't grab this I don't know what you're going to do if you're someone that wants the results if you're someone that actually wants to see their business flourish to be proud of your accomplishments to show to others what you've been able to do and what kind of results you've been able to bring in on pretty much autopilot you need this 120% I've never been more convinced than ever in my life about something that I know you need for your business so again I'm going to show you a brand new AI that promotes businesses on auto Island and makes over $2,000 in sales you get leads while you sleep even if you're complete beginner or starting from scratch now as usual the trainings that I like to do because this is not just a product demo this is a full-on training and this is going to be real transformation this is not information this is real transformation I want you to be be become a better entrepreneur right after this webinar than before right so pay very close attention because the webinar you're about to watch is going to get you more leads and seals so with what you're about to get access to you're pretty much going to make five figures within the next 30 days there's no doubt about it that's how powerful this is and I'll actually prove it to you throughout this entire training here today the people that take action today will see more sales in their business than any other AI can promise them right we have Shauna um who's been testing this for a time now and she hated AI content she was like no it's not original uh where's the authenticity she's she's against the whole AI movement and even she says I'm making ,000 a month bulk AI content and she made a little testimony how it's going she's doing about $50 a day it is remarkable now if a person that Absol freaking lutely hates AI is making tons of money from it what can it do for you this is a game Cher that has not been seen for a long time it's groundbreaking and it's something that's going to move the needle for you no matter where you're stuck whether you need more leads whether you need more sales whether you need a better offer this is that number one AI software that actually solves the problem for you because it applies a new way of marketing right and it's creating brand new success stories extremely fast we have uh AI generated and human edited block a study going from Z to 15K per month in under a year right we have people going from 200 uh uh USD to over 4,000 USD it's crazy and the best part about all of this is you don't need any marketing experience you don't need uh to starve to find clients El leads without spending weeks of learning because what we're about to show you is something that a lot of gurus Don't Preach which is the principle of versatile marketing if you want to succeed in 2024 we've been putting a close eye on this or or having a close eye on this the way forward is all versatile marketing I'm going to explain a little bit more about what it is I'm going to show you how the AI can help you do that you're going to absolutely love it but if there's anything you need to take from this training is that the new way of marketing the new success stories the younger generation why they succeed so fast why they're making money so fast it's because of first sty marketing thing the best way to make at least 10 grand per month by leveraging a firstop marketing approach because nowadays it's not just one channel everyone has access to everything everyone is on everything it used to be a lot simpler everyone just watched TV so if you want to get in front of your audience you watch TV you put an ad on TV it was very direct it was very linear now just being on one platform is not enough just putting out a bit of content on one place is not enough you need tons of different assets to get seen not just content but actual assets you need a landing page you need a bridge page you need reals you need video sales letter you need Facebook story you need a Blog article you need long firm video you need short form video lead magnets and PDF different ones you need impactful audios you need a a bunch of things all at once and that's what VSOP marketing really is about is the fastest way to generate Laden sales on autopilot right it's creating a lead funnel it's doing Mass short form content it's doing educational long form it's creating ebooks and PDFs it's blog articles it's a whole massive marketing approach where people can get around you no matter what offer you're promoting what product you're selling and there's been people that have been trying this manually or even with some AIS but they get stuck a lot because it's a really massive undertak we're going to fix that for you today principle number two the principle of money love speed the fastest way to quickly build a 10 grand a month income is by leveraging a true push button AI I'm going to show you what that is ladies and gentlemen why this is perfect for you there's no endless learning curve there's no having to record videos there's no needing a list of audience I see Julie saying yes this sounds amazing already I love it I can't wait to see more welcome welcome welcome see more people joining in as well hey awesome good to see you Roger awesome Derek's here as well perfect so after today's training ladies and gentlemen safe to say you will have expert level vyle marketing skills that will allow you to get leads and seals consistently now just so you know you're in good hands and I know you are eight figureure earner Obby d uh the man the made the legend himself I mean I keep mentioning his his amazing track record the amount of success stories the amount I think he has the most success stories in the game if I'm not mistaken so many people vouch for his products his Services his respons rate his uh um coaching his trainings his handholding his support it is topnotch and a lot of people look up to him in the space and ask him for advice continuously right so you're in extremely good hands here today and what we're most proud of is not our own results but it's the results we get for other people so now that you know what we're going to talk about let me know who's staying until the end give me a quick yes in the chat box if you're ready and fired up to stay until the end I see a lot of yeses yeses yes yes yes yes yes awesome so without further Ado let's get this party started if you haven't commented anything so far and you absolutely do want to get the attendance bonus package make sure you comment JS right now right I'll give you five more seconds even if you haven't said a darn thing so far run to the chat box right now type yees it's only three letters and while you're here stay active right because if you're inactive for a longer period of time there's a good chance you get kicked off or booted off from the webinar for inactivity so make sure you're frequently in the chat box there you go just like Marie perfect just like Sven good to have you guys here all right so let's go into the tree Secrets we're going to cover number one is new push button marketing how to become an instant lead generation and Sales Machine overnight without having to be an expert at marketing at all but applying the new way of marketing which is versatile number two I'm going to show you quick sales how to easily make $300 to $500 a day and actually have customers standing in line to buy your products and services as a matter of fact begging for it and then last but not least special access the excl exclusive access to the one and only AI to make sure you build a mass audience and have clients begging you to do it for them too if you're ready let's get in ladies and gentlemen secret number one new push button marketing I'm going as fast as I can I appreciate your time and as a matter of fact I want to show you the demo as fast as simply possible so um let see a lot of people yeah amazing amazing let's go perfect so how to become an instant Le gen Sales Machine overnight without having to be an expert at marketing now let me tell it like this there are lots of great business models online right I'm going to explain this forther so when I show you the demo it all makes complete sense there are agency service providers as a matter of fact if you're in an agency or selling marketing Services give me give me a yes in the chat box right or an affiliate marketer or maybe you're a reseller maybe do physical products affiliate marketer I don't care maybe you sell courses right there are lots of great business models now the hard way where people get stuck is they're trying so many singular linear marketing me methods it's like marketing method one marketing method 2 marketing method three marketing method four marketing method 5 and then there tons of shiny objects trying to see which one will finally work for them nothing ever really gets done or applied to 100% and gets a results significant results that people are looking for now the new way the in 2024 and Beyond the guaranteed way to make money alive is having either a digital product or service which most of you have and if you don't have that's no problem because with what you're about to get access to You'll instantly have one and pairing it with versatile marketing those two together are inevitable Financial Freedom guaranteed Financial Freedom if you apply the new way of marketing which is a digital product and services and versal marketing remember the old days oh just put out one ad just put out a TV spot just hang up a billboard just do this one thing or get really good at this one thing it used to work but the internet technology has become so broad everyone has a smartphone all everyone has access to the platforms everyone can become a producer themselves it is such a big field right now that if you only make a little bit of noise in one area you're going to struggle now the good news is you're already 50% successful because most of you already have a product and service or a digital product or an affiliate product that you're trying to sell so that's 50% of the equation you already got right the problem is growing the business with a firststar marketing approach that's where people get stuck now if you look closely to your biggest gurus whether you like them or not you see them everywhere grandone Russell brunon Gary vay Chuck Mr Beast um Alex Orosi and what they don't tell you is there Geniuses at versatile marketing both vertical and horizontal that marketing the crap out of the market because they know they cannot just make a little bit of noise in one corner of the internet now success leaves Clues so the people that actually notice this and start applying this become a mass success story as well but a lot of people don't and they try to learn one course on one marketing method and one angle and they just try to go deep on that and they eventually don't get anywhere nobody sees or hears them and understand because here's what it takes to Mass Market you need to do a lot of short Fromm content piece longterm content piece multiple lead blog content Instagram feed Facebook feed content op landing pages offer Bridge Pages stories and reals stories and real from Facebook video sales lead nurtur and sales copy traffic generating assets it is a lot for across a lot of different platforms and it's not impossible hey there's AI nowadays right but it takes time and on top of that you need to know what to do with them and you need to create very specific things for very specific products prods or services or affiliate products right so before AI you would need to have tons of patience expertise and money to apply proper verse style marketing to get guaranteed lead and sales whether you're like it or not but even with the latest AI tools I always say this to people listen you can get all the latest AI tools it does not equal having a successful business I've seen it I've seen people with the best AI tools the most expensive ones and I asked them how how's your business going well it's bad still at the same place why because it still needs human input you still need to know what script prompts to use why to use them need to know what videos to create and how to even though the AI will create the video for you they'll write that script for you you need to know what it has to create how to use it need to know what marketing content to use there's still a lot that needs to come from you you still have to push all the buttons within the AI to make it work and this is what they don't tell you now without ver stop marketing your business will always always struggle now my question is what if we equipped you with your very own your very own personalized for any offer you want to sell versatile marketing AI that makes sure your offer gets seen 247 across the worldwide web generating you tons of leads and all it takes is with one click of a URL import import so let's say you find an affiliate offer you take the URL of that website or whatever your own website you take the URL and just based on the URL it creates a fullon versatile marketing campaign everything you need to dominate the inter reps if you had access to that do you see yourself growing your business extremely fast just like Rachel who's a digital agency owner just like Brian who's in fed marketer just like Casey who's doing doing 50k 15K per month one click one URL you give it to the AI and it tells you all right thank you I'll take it from here I don't want your human input I know what to do now ladies and gentlemen AI sellers will deploy your versatile marketing campaign and generate true leads and seals for you I want you to pay very close attention right I see a lot of people yeses yeses absolutely yeah let me know again let me know do you see yourself growing your business fast if you had access to this I want some answers give me a yes in the chat box if you do yes yes most definitely absolutely I want to see it okay perfect so pay very close attention comment AI sellers in the chat right now for an inside look if you want an inside look right now comment AI sellers in the chat to cue the demo for you if you're not commenting AI sellers it's not going to happen all of you comment AI Sellers and let's see it with our own eyes how powerful how crazy powerful this AI is let's have Abby on here I'll be on here to go ahead and show an amazing demo of how this works all right ladies and gentlemen give me a one yes if you can hear me loud and clear and if you can see the AI dashboard AI sets dashboard right here awesome awesome lots of on yes is coming in my audio might not be the best today cuz I'm not on a professional like but yeah let's get this party started I'm going to talk about AI seller uh what it does how it does and how this is a game changer when it comes to promoting marketing any product any business any service that you have and generating traffic generating lease generating Sales Online through digital marketing and how AI is actually changing the entire uh Spectrum so um what AI does it creates marketing campaigns for you for any business for any uh product for any service or pretty much anything you can think of right so once you're on the dashboard you can see a couple of campaigns that You' have created and let me show you what it does so this is a campaign I created to promote one of my product called story re so if I go here and I go into the asset things I'll do a proper demo don't worry I'll just just walking you through um what things it does so it can create you videos it can create you 32 different types of videos for different uh formats for social media platform that you can publish and depl deploy from the um dashboard and start generating traffic it creates your landing pages which are essentially bonus Pages where you can offer bonuses for your customers uh for your leads to op in or to buy your products or services so technically what happens you publish a video or you put a link in the video and people go to that link which is the landing page where they see um details about the product business or service and they get get some bonuses when they buy from that link uh it creates fully marketable ebooks with lots of chapters lots of content good formatting that you can give away or even sell creates optin pages so you know you can generate leads and you can give away this ebook that it creates creates blog article so you can blog article news article PR articles all three we call them blog articles but essentially it creates all three kinds of them and then uh you can deploy them right from inside the dashboard publish them on blog post these are SEO optimized for for the current year so you know these articles rank easily right and it also uh let you create Facebook and Google ads and let you deploy and run those ad when I say deploy you can publish them whatever you create you can publish them now if you see a cat shouting that's my cat running around uh but yeah let's let's do a quick demo of uh of how AI seller work so let's say we go to Amazon and there's this product and we want to promote this product as an Amazon affiliate yeah so what you got to do is you got to copy this URL let me remove this extra part this is the product URL right so you're going to copy this and you're going to click on new project which is going to bring you here to the knowledge brain we call it knowledge brain over here you can change the campaign name so let's call it squish mellow right now to create a marketing campaign you need to give the AI data about the product or business or service that you want to promote so you can either copy paste or write your own stuff you can import from the website which is what we're going to do right now you can upload PDFs images all that stuff uh or you can upload like a video file if there's like a video you can upload it uh AI will transcribe it grab the data and uh you know uh learn about the product but case we'll we'll just do um the URL so this is the URL now since this is a Amazon e-commerce URL I'm going to go here and select e-commerce URL and click on import now what's going to happen is a is going to go to this URL and uh it's going to uh grab all the data learn everything about the product now while it grabs data from URL you can also upload PDF you can also upload files and you can also write everything so it's not just like you have to use either one of these fours you can use all four or mix of uh any of these two or three or just one right so yeah extracting data grabbing all the content and it'll be done in a minute and it will learn everything to help you start creating your first marketing campaign and as you can see the scrape is done it has grabbed all the data so you can see you you can actually import multiple URLs if you want as well now if you can see this is the data uh we can view the data view the URL or we can edit the data so let's see what all data um a seller grabbed from the web about this so as you can see there's all this information about the product there's not a lot of information about the product to be honest but it grabbed some images as well but you generally get an aist of what uh was got to include but whatever it was there to grab it did now what we can do as you can see here is going to assets let me zoom in so you can see clearly so we're on the knowledge brain but now we're going to go to assets where we can create assets to promote this product right so let's say I want to create uh YouTube videos to promote it so uh promo video or let's create a YouTube review video review video and I want to create it for us in English now I can change it to any country and any language when you change the country um it it will create a script that's more targeted towards the country based on what's trending in that country or what people are talking about in the country and let's create a standard YouTube videos and we can create all these different kind of videos but let's create a standard uh video and the style we don't want vssl or engaging we want a product review so we're going to select product review and click on create what's now it's going to do is going to start generating script now the next thing I want to do is when I also create a Tik Tok video Yeah again for uh us and English but this time I want to go and want to do Tik Tok so I'm going to do Tik Tok feed uh vertical and this time I want to make it fun because Tik Tok is fun so I'm going to click on create so there and as you can see the script generated now I'm going to create one more video um this time I want to create let's say something for Instagram so I'm going to do a Instagram real Instagram and this time I want to make it uh informative cuz I want to share some information so I'm going to click on create so two scripts are generated what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on edit and as you can see this is the script for the YouTube video that we have out I can edit it modify it make it uh longer shorter whatever I want and once I'm satisfied with the script I'm going click on convert to video and then it's going to start creating a storyboard and as you can see all these scripts are generated this is uh for Tik Tok I think it's a review script and this is for Instagram quick and short Instagram script as well uh pretty solid pretty good to go and uh yeah now as you can see the video is ready I'm going to go here and then I can start customizing and in customizing I usually don't do a lot of things I usually just uh make the font a little bit bigger so it's you know easier for everybody to read so I'm going to go go here and change the color move it around a little bit uh make it smaller if I want move it here increase the Fone size a little bit so it's more readable there we go um I would prefer Center Line yeah so basic everything I would do and then as you can see uh all the video all the clips are about Harry Potter thing because again we're trying to sell a Harry Potter plushy so everything's there you can add the text to speech you can change the background image you can add more you can add a background uh audio um you can do a texture speech in any different any language in any accent we've got tons of languages in accent you can enable a talking head you can upload your picture over here and it's going to show up as a talking head and you can change the position of the talking head to wherever you want it's going to add like lip sying head movement AI stuff then you can change the animation transition you you can change the template and styling of the of the um the slide if you don't like this styling you can change the slide you can change the template entirely um you can customize with with your own logos your watermark uh you can control the music you can add an intro outro and once you're ready once you're happy with the presentation once you're good with the uh the video all you have to do is click on render and the video will start rendering same way you can create a landing page so let's create a landing page click on this give it a product name so the product name let me just copy the product name srish meow that's the product name paste the product name and again I want to create the landing page for uh us and in English but again you can create it for pretty much any uh market now while the page is being generated let's create an ebook as well now the ebook again um let's call it Legion book book ebook and the title would be Harry Potter and uh push oh teddy bear toys teddy bear toys and again if you want to change to a different language you can do that as well so let's say you want to create ebooks with the Spanish Market you could do that Spain Spanish click and then you got to pick a template so I want to keep it fun um let's do this one or this one let's do this one let's do this one this looks good click on Create and it's going to start creating the ebook let's also create an optin page in the time uh Legion optin page you can give it a give it name whatever you want or product name just put the product name that's always better um click create it's going to write the copy let's also create a blog post uh uh let's let's call it PR article let's create in uh Netherlands in Dutch and you can again you can create multiple block posts so you can create like a block post and keep it for us English UK English and you're just going to create multiple and then you can create the FB ads Google ads as well so you click and clear create and the ads will start generating and as you can see the landing page is ready so right over here you can preview it edit it uh you can see the thank you page and then of course you can share it uh on social media to deploy it it's start generating traffic so two ways to edit it um you have a very simple uh stepbystep editor so you just go through it read the content uh edit what whatever you want to edit add your links your buttons your images you change the bonuses that we have um if you don't like any of the bonuses you can remove them um let's move this yeah and then you can add more detail so it's a very simple editor you can add your own domain using C uh cname masking but if you want to do a what you see is what you get editor you can do that as well by clicking on this little button and it's going to open up uh uh what you see is what you get editor you can add a video you can change the link you can preview it customize everything um change the way the entire editor looks and it's a it's a very easy simple to use editor with a lot of customization option you can uh see the mobile version of it see how it's going to look on a phone and you can fix those things or just keep it responsive The Way It Is Well and yeah so that's your landing page super easy and and you can of course preview it so your page is ready with bonuses and everything and the link goes to whatever link you put in your affiliate URL and then it also has a thank you page so you know this is where they can access all the bonuses that you give them away and you can of course change the bonuses we have a lot of bonuses to pick from our library now if you look at the optin page same way to edit the optin page as well it's got all this uh details that you can modify add your own link or you can edit it on the visiv which is what what you see is what you get editor and the page is here you can modify and has a social sharing element added to it so what happens is um you know so for example if you're not doing a webinar you can just remove it that sort of things uh but yeah lot of customization options uh right over here that work and do things they're supposed to do super easy and once the ebook is generated ebook takes a little bit time because there's a lot of content you can plug and connect both of these to you know when somebody op in they get the eBook The Blog articles are ready if you click on it there's your blog article you can customize it edit it the way you want you got a full viig editor and uh it works perfectly fine and you can then download the article or you can deploy it wherever you want you can download it as a PDF and you get the content everything and uh let's look at the other one as well which one did we open PR PR article got the pr article this is what one we generated in a different language I think Dutch so it's in the Dutch language has all the details about the product the ads are generated you can go in here you can connect your uh Google or Facebook accounts in the integration Tab and all the details will pop up here and then you can go in the ad setup and it should have an image ready let's change the image you can upload your own image you can CH choose from the library Harry Potter and these are all royaltyfree images so you can use all of these and the copy is ready for you and the of course you can modify the copy add description everything as you want you can change the url and you can publish the ad by clicking uh right over here and uh videos are getting rendered as well let's see if the ebooks ready where's the ebook there we go the ebooks ready so again you can preview the ebook by clicking here and you can download the PDF as well of the ebook but as you can see um this is the ebook it has like a table of content and then it has all this information and it is a proper ebook not just like any tiny ebook it has like lot a lot of content right um and of course you can edit and modify it so you go here you can add a cover image image it's AI generated but you can add more you can go through all the chapters here and you can modify the content add images uh whatever you want to add and uh you can update it and then you can give away the ebook now all these assets are generated for you to promote squish Mellows this little product um you can publish all these videos start generating traffic to a landing page which is ready and live that sends traffic to the buy all link where somebody buys and gets uh you know you get commission you earn the commission the ebooks ready for you to start generating traffic um to start building your list optin page connects with the autoresponder in the integration tab you can connect any autoresponder you want and uh you can start generating leads what else we got we got ads your ads are going to start running we're going actually anybody who's on the webinar right now I'm going to give you guys um access to about $500 to $1,000 free ad credits I'm going to include it in the uh in the upgrade section over here everybody will get it for free they don't have to pay anything extra so you can run ads for free as well and then your blog articles so this is how um AI seller sort of works and helps you create different kind of marketing campaigns that you can use to promote any product any business that not just as an affiliate um super easy so let's try let's let's let's do another quick one before we wrap up uh for a local business so let's see um barber shops in Orlando and you can use this as a legion for your digital marketing agency as well um you can start looking for let's go to Maps see which one of them has some website let's look at their website not a a lot of information but let's grab this let's copy this go back here give it a campaign name be [Music] grooming and then we go to URL we paste the URL keep it non e-commerce because Normal e-commerce and click on import and as you can see the data is imported everything looks good we can go here and we can preview all the information that we have captured about the business all the images and other assets that we have grabbed from the business and now what we can do is go up here click on assets and then we can start creating videos let's say uh promo video and let's say you know us but Spanish maybe he's targeting a Hispanic community so we go here we select promo standard YouTube video and start creating video for him same way we can create like Tik Tok version Instagram version all different kinds of versions that we can so he has like way too many videos spread uh around the Internet so he's always generating traffic we create a landing page for him uh where he can send like special offer special promotion uh for for the people who watch his videos on social media we can set up an ebook for him um e B let's call it why having a great hairstyle is important for men right and let's do this this one let's do create ebook and create an OP page for him where he can generate leads that his team can reach out to and close them or invite them give them coupons uh for his service we can create some PR articles um that he can publish on you know news sites or give it to a PR agency and we can create some ads for him to run on Facebook and uh yeah generate some traffic send that traffic to the optin page where he can give away the ebook that we are generating uh to get the leads and then uh send those leads to his landing page where like a special offer and all of these coming from the uh the videos that you create for him to publish online and you can here we go just perfect right so the videos are going to be ready like Perfect goodlooking videos you can add his picture as a talking head if you want so he's always going to be in the videos and uh um it will be like he is speaking presenting on the the video you can charge extra for that right and uh yeah once everything's ready you [Music] can download all of this and give it to him or deploy all of this give it to the business owner um and charge them fees so that's how AI set works you can literally promote any business any product any service uh for yourself or you can offer this as a service you can start your own digital marketing agency and start promoting other people's business generating them leads and sales and charging them an upfront fee charging them a retainer fee charging them a commission per lead so there's so so many ways to make money with AI sellers but again it it is super super super easy stupidly easy we we're adding so many more things going forward into AI Sellers and making it a lot more uh automated so you just put in a keyword put in a URL and it's going to build a lot more assets a much bigger much more optimized um uh what do you call um ad campaign and just make a lot more money so give me a one yes if you think this was a great uh this is super easy this is something that you can do this is something that you can use to promote your business to promote your products to promote your services or this is something you can use to offer as a service and start making money and uh you know push yourself from uh whatever you're making right now to $10,000 to $15,000 a month give me a one or yes in the chat box if you think this is possible and if you think this is cool awesome awesome lots of ones in yes holy crap that's a lot of ones and yeses awesome over to you wow wow wow who here absolutely loved what they just saw ABS freaking lutely love what they they just saw ladies and gentlemen what if you had access to rules first and only AI that guarantees you a profitable versatile campaign with literally just one URL input and it knows exactly all the things it can create and what it should create you just select what you need ladies and gentlemen this is truly new push button marketing let me know if you enjoyed that and give a shout out for that demo that was amazing and that's why I said everyone that gets their hands on this your business is set and ready to generate tons of leads and Sals speaking of which I want you to understand secret number two quick seals you can use AI sellers for yourself which you most definitely should do but you can use it for clients as well you can help coaches whether you're a coaching want to work with coaches Affiliates whether you're an affiliate or want to help other Affiliates agencies bloggers course vendors e-commerce and nich size influencers small businesses you name it now here's an amazing script that we've battle tested and works like a charm to pick up clients and apply AI sellers for who wants to another the script so simple it gets a high response rate and people ready to pay you see yes yes show me show me the money words yes awesome right so this is a guaranteed $1500 a month client template we've used this across different Services different markets every time people are intrigued and are looking for more ready to hop on a call ready to get closed and it's so simple it says Hey business name whatever business you want to go for you can find them on LinkedIn you can find their emails you can find them in Facebook Hey I was looking for whatever the surface that that business provides like whether they're a coach whether they're a local business and I found the name of company which is the name of their business and I saw you were mainly active on one main platform which can be Facebook which can be LinkedIn which can be Instagram you'll notice that a lot of local businesses and entrepreneurs and online entrepreneurs are generally really active on one platform and on the other ones not really sure they have some things on there but it's pretty silent and they know that and in the back of the mind they do know I I should really be on that I should really put some more stuff out there we all know it but we don't we got our hands full so this is where you step on that paino since I happened to specialize in versatile marketing I'd love to know if you want me to fix that for you your competitor you look up one competitor they they have is getting double the leads and I'm pretty sure you guys deliver a better service than them haha keep it light keep it friendly the best way to approach a market is approaching them in a slightly informal tone instead of being a Salesman now nonetheless feel free to contact me via details you drop the way whether it's your booking link whe it's your socials whatever way you want them to reach out to you now here's the great thing about this nobody approaches them with this message everybody says I can do your ads I can create this for you I can do nobody tells them I specialize in versatile marketing ladies and gentlemen here's why businesses will help happily pay you the majority doesn't know what kind of assets they need to create they don't have time to create content for different platforms they have no time to consistently put out High valuable lead magets on all these places and that's where a new agency model is born that nobody is applying and it is The Versatile marketing agency businesses know the power of versy marketing but they just have no idea or time to apply it effectively like I said back in the day you put one TV at you're done maybe if you're going crazy you'll also do a little radio commercial and that's it all your marketing is taken care of for the rest of your life but times has changed putting out a TV ad is not enough radio is not enough heck Facebook's not enough Instagram's not enough you need to be out there you need to be out there hard not landing pages lead magnets opting Pages thankk you Pages Bridge Pages you need to push push and push and that's being versatile adapting now companies are looking for that but nobody labels themselves as that you only have the social media agency the Facebook agency we'll do it all we'll do the bridge p thank you Pages lead magnets the social media hand everything versatile marketing they're like tell me more now maybe you don't want to do this as an agency service maybe you just want to sell the heck out of affiliate offers you can pick any offer and watch every Green affiliate sales come in and make at least $200 to $500 a day by letting AI sellers take the URL and create a full-on verse St marketing campaign for it from top to bottom ladies and gentlemen can you now see how there are multiple easy ways to make money now that you can apply verst marketing you can look at an offer you can do it as a service or you can just do it for your own pars of services ladies and gentlemen let me know in the chat box did you enjoy secret number two let me know who here absolutely loved everything they just saw to this point who now understands wait a minute I've been too narrow the name of the game now is Broad the biggest success stories are broad who now understands the power of vers style marketing who now love the demo that i'lli showed and seeing the power of AI Sellers and how it's different from anything they've ever seen because it just takes the URL and does it for you I see a lot of yeses coming in yes yes yes yes yes and with that being said who wants to know everything you're getting today as part of the weinar special deal because you're on this special training and you and you alone because you're here are one of our most valuable and loyal audiences so we're going to give you special access a type of access nobody else can just get access to ladies and gentlemen who wants it see lots of f coming in you're getting a special deal the CR the CR a deal that is only made for you on the webinar and it's going to change your life and change your business let me show you everything you're getting here today you're getting the whole nine yards and literally be un top all AI sellers will make you at least two grand a month on autopilot without you even putting in the effort first of all you're going to get the commercial rights right so it will create AI generated product review videos that easily gets you sales through the door AI generated product landing pages AI generated product lead magnets super important there's so many people that do not have good enough lead magnets to attract people to you like a magnet it will create AI generated product opting pages product short videos product review articles 9B 16 vertical videos horizontal square and over a 100 campaigns access to five of our most hottest selling guaranteed Le generating premium video templates AI scrapes and learns about all your products it trains the AI by uploading the product details it learns from the text the video and the images it recommends the video IDs it writes the video scripts it gives you assisted video templates it creates the video creates the ebooks create the Articles this is versatile marketing creates the landing pages optim ages fully customizable throughout the whole N9 yards use easy to use video editor easy to use page editor easy to use content editor you can change an add text color F images video clips and more you can record your audio inside the video editor it has an auto voiceover creation for the full video English Spanish French Hindi support at your own voiceovers create HD videos millions of images millions of video clips thousands of background music full rights no copyrights you can upload your videos directly to YouTube and to Facebook you can download your videos publish them to any platform and you can integrate sonority scifit stream real life real YouTube Facebook and other apps you're fully connected and promotes products Services e-commerce stores YouTube channel channels and everything in between there's dedicated support and regular updat so your account is all always on absolute topnotch on the aame top of the food chain detailed training included to make sure each and every one of you becomes a success story there's a full 14-day money back guarantee so you can test it out for 2 weeks straight and we have a bonus training for everyone that grabs this on the webinar Abby has the most sickest trainings I'm talking the type of training that is it's way worth in gold when you watch the training you make money those are the type of master class and I see people in the chat agreeing that's true that's so much true I got my first seal ever from obious trainings there you go Gerard awesome so this is not a training to take lightly when we say bonus training webinar it is welcome to the bonus training ladies and gentlemen everyone open up AI sellers we're going to make some money right now those are the types of training I'm talking about how to make fast cash using AI sellers you're going to get access to that and we're also if we're getting this on the webinar going to include some additional bonuses I'm going to show you in a second now on top of that because you're on the webinar you're also going to get access immediate upgrading immediately upgrading your account to the ultimate level meaning you get ult ultimate um review videos ultimate short videos ultimate lead backs ultimate review articles ultimate landing pages opting pages so basically everything from here without any restrictions you have unlimited access to them no coins or or credits you have to top up you get the full Spiel plus we're adding in news and unlimited social channels tons of new animation Styles tons of new video Transitions and instead of just Facebook and YouTube you can also share on Instagram and Tik Tok which again you want to be versatile priority video rendering on request so your videos get rendered first before everyone else because you're an ultimate user we also get you an account manager that gives you priority support that's only today only for the people that get this today get a dedicated account manager for your account and the bonus AI seller course website builder we're gonna get you to make a nice side income selling courses without you having to do a darn thing it just sells it makes money and you keep doing your team not only that ladies and gentlemen you're going to get immediate upgrade to the professional that's what happens when you attend the webinar when you attend the webinar you get the biggest and best accounts we have limited availability just for our webinar people because you guys are the best you deserve the best and you deserve to become our biggest success stories not only our biggest but our fastest so we're going to give you 25 readymade affiliate review videos to immediately make you money 25 readymade affiliate Amazon products software products fully customizable videos inside your account guaranteed affiliate approval for these software products YouTube keywords list for ranking all the videos AI sellers profits Master Class to make sure you walk away profitably you the moment you have ai sellers that means you start making money you have the first week we're going to give you seven figureure Mastery video Master Class the second week we're going to turn you into a ClickBank Superstar the third week we're going to turn you into an affiliate marketing profiter and then fourth week we're going to show you the modern affiliate marketing video master class which is out of this world nobody is bling this when you have the professional you are going to be a professional no matter what skill level you're at right now you might not even know how to properly turn on your computer but but I can guarantee when you've gone through this master class you look at your bank account and it's never the same again it's always growing always more cash flow coming in the fundamentals of success stay the same you just need to know how to apply them and you need AI sellers to have it applied we're going to make sure you become successful you're going to get the professional level now because you're on this webinar you're getting some crazy bonuses normally at the professional you have to pay a monthly fee right now you're only getting it for a one time fee you're also getting our Pro gfx our Pro traffic we want to make sure everyone always has enough traffic you get our Pro pages and easy video sales pages also you get free Cloud stores we're going to give you our Tik Tok viral traffic training to make sure you never run out of leads you always get a nice lead flow from Tik Tok there are millions of people on there uh our YouTube lead genep to always get YouTube leads and some of our underground traffic secrets of which we added a few new ones to that we've been testing and they're working out great super untapped leads for any product or service that you want to sell again only for the people on this webinar you're going to get access to this now on top of that we've been thinking a long time about adding this um normally you have to pay additionally for this a pretty huge amount a lot of uh accounts want that to have access to this or pre- beta accounts um they turn out to be great success stories so we said you know what only the people on the webinar once again we're going to hand them immediate access to the Enterprise without any additional fee so you're going to get an agency wide label Enterprise reseller Enterprise lead finder team member access client account access client previewer or cold email Outreach uh full cold emailing temp that get you leads on the go you get a full readymade website so whenever people are interested in AI sellers you just show them the website and they're completely sold five-year website hosting we host a website for you we create the website for you you get our client contracts or client lead magnets you get 100 DFE Facebook ads and copy templates plus you can run ads without using your own money because we're even going to give you up to $1,000 of free ad credit that you can immediately deploy we have a great connection uh with some great key players and we're able to hand out because they want more advertisers on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter because we can bring a lot of advertisers to them they're willing to give you a up to $1,000 of free ad credit to try and test some of our marketing templates on there and those are designed to get you sales I'm basically giving you $1,000 to make tons of money moving forward ladies and gentlemen you're completely set and it doesn't even stop there right you're going to get access to player NEOS now this one turns all your videos into advanced interactive videos where you can add Buy button sharing items call to action buttons you can put text over the videos optin boxes inside the content speaking of content you're going to get access to content real now this is a machine that once turned on you are unstoppable in the world of content no matter what type of content you need you can dominate the inter reps there's nothing like content real out there when it comes to content which is extremely important in today's day and age you are said not only that but review real especially if you're doing product reviews you can't live without review real this is something you need if you want to make 500 bucks a day you can because you have access to review re right so you get amazing templates unlimited trim re video resizes stunning true 1080p videos 30 minutes of length unlimited sharing one click connect to all your social media it's so powerful now in combination with everything that you have here your next five figures are already knocking on your door especially because you're get everyone that gets this right now will get this right here how to make fast cash using AI sellers it's done all of you are going to be massively successful so let me break down everything you're getting here today you're getting access to the AI sellers premium you're getting the Ultimate Upgrade you're getting the professional level you're getting the done for you special you're getting content real unlocked you're getting the fast action bonuses and these fast action bonuses are here to guarantee you having a recurring income starting today not in 30 days not in 70 days I want you to have a verse style marketing campaign up and running today getting you leads and making you money it's time you start getting the results you deserve you've been stuck for way too long it's time you start seeing significant results so that's why we have these webinar only fast action bonuses they're only right here and right now so the normal price to grab all of this to effortlessly become a lead generation of Sales Machine with verse St marketing would cost you around $4,000 you would speak to our sales associate he would walk you through everything you're getting and he would ask you on on the call are you ready to pay $4,000 Visa or Mastercard now because you are dedicated and loyal audience we're on the webinar we're always trying to serve you guys with the biggest bang for your buck so that's the investment when released to the general public you are not general public right now you're taking action during this special launch training so the webinar only price is only 37 bucks which you can immediately make back the moment you grab this even better you have a 14-day money back guarantee you can freely test this out there should be no reason you're not picking this up right now put it on a credit do whatever you need to do I don't want anyone not grabbing this if you truly want results now let's do something crazy because I keep saying the people on the webinar get the biggest bang for the birday sh ladies and gentlemen who is going to buy right now and wants another $50 off if you're going to buy right now and wants $50 off comment live discount in the chat box right now we'll send you the link with another 50 bucks off comment live discount we're going to send you a link with a coupon code that takes the price down Common live discount we're going to send you a link with a coupon code that takes the price down now I see some people saying is this annual no this is a onetime single payment it's a onetime single payment I I wow you guys are fast I already see people I got it awesome thank you so much thank you thank you I'm in I'm in I'm in this looks like exactly what I need vers to marketing here we come perfect so uh congratulations congratulations just to clarify once again this is a one-time payment no recording fees if you're getting this outside of the webinar you will have to pay monthly especially for the UN limited version the people that get the unlimited outside of this webinar they pay recurringly right you are on the webinar you're getting the whole N9 yards plus more plus the fast action bonus the special training for 1,000 plus dollars you're getting that on the side for free our fast action bonuses at a massive discount of a one-time payment your lifetime access into that price without any recurring fees right you got unlimited without recurring fees other people will grab unlimited and they'll have to pay monthly ladies and gentlemen again do whatever you need to do to grab this to at least test it out your have 14-day money back guarantee you should have no excuses not picking this up there's nothing like this out there where you can grab a URL give it to the AI and have your entire business taken care of go ahead comment live discount in the chat box the coupon codus right there I want to see you on the inside and I see more people just joining in congratulations congratulations congratulations you guys are freaking awesome amazing amazing amazing I love it I love it I love it powerful stuff yeah yeah pick it up right there yeah the link is right there awesome I got in I got in I if you have any questions drop them in the chat the chat team will answer them Obby might answer them we have full support on here we have full support on the inside I see someone is asking are there trainings and tutorials inside of course not only that we're going to hold your hand we're going to do a special Training Day dedicated to getting you results this is not one of those products where we're telling you okay good luck I hope you make it work this is something that you grab and it's going to make you a success story whether you like it or not but the only thing you have to decide and do right now is pick this up it will never get to this Price Point again this is only right now on this special presentation where we putting it down all the way to 267 just because you're here just because you're live just because you decided to show up you're most valuable and dedicated audience and we serve you at the highest level we're going to give you the biggest account the highest level account with the biggest bonuses so you can become the biggest success story with the biggest help and support from our end ladies and gentlemen the link is in the chat box right now don't hesitate don't wait what I'm going to do is I'm going to put up a five minute timer right A F minute timer and when that timer runs out the offer disappears let me go ahead and do that right now there we go ladies and gentlemen the timer has started running give it one second all right I want to put it here on the slide so you can see so I'm going to start the time rep again ladies and gentlemen do yourself a favor if you want to see results if you want to see success right here right now in four minutes you can change your entire business you can have a full first style marketing campaign up and running you can start generating more leads generating more seals getting more clients heck you can at least try it out and take advantages of the bonuses you're getting take advantages of the low price you're going to be able to snatch it up at a price that's not available to anyone else outside of this webinar now right now you literally have four minutes to decide do yourself a favor and grab this right now ladies and gentlemen if you're on the fence all I want you to know is that if you have been trying to Market your business properly online right now and it hasn't been working out and you have used AI you've used several tools we know that because we have looked at all the tools and we saw what was missing now it took some time for the AI to be be at a level where it is right now to be able to fill in on those gaps and now it's that time you're so close to being successful you just need that one final puzzle piece and it's right now staring you in the face and I do not want you to let it get away slip through your hands and miss your chance of success there's this saying that says po stands for passing up on or um let's see let me actually show it to you passes over opportunities repeatedly a person who sees a challenge in every opportunity instead of seeing opportunity and every challenge I do not want you to be poor I do not want you to pass over opportunities repeatedly right now there's an opportunity of a lifetime in front of you you have less than two minutes to pick it up I just want to congratulate a few more people well a lot more people um that got in man Sam congratulations Howard congratulations uh Stefan congratulations Steve congratulations man you guys are freaking fantastic Lucy congratulations awesome Marie I see you Beth I see you congratulations at so many people pick uh people are picking this up which means we're going to see so many new success stories and I want you to be one of them as well if you're still on the feds I see people saying I'm on the check out please uh page please wait please wait yeah do take your time if you're on this live weinar as long as you do it before we end the session you should be good uh but Act Fast act now because you do not want to miss out on this and the fact is the moment you get it on the webinar we can immediately set up your account add up on the all the bonuses and get you up and running really quickly right so there you go we got less than a minute left the link is in the chat box right now takes you to the page on the page you know what you need to do click the buy out button enter the discount code you see right there it drops the price [Music] down to a single payment to completely set up your business from start to finish do not hesitate do not miss out do not pass over opportunities repeatedly if you've tried using AI for your business and it hasn't gotten you to where you want it to be this is the solution and if you've been looking for a solution if you've been looking for an answer then you know what you need to do if you truly want to make this online team work if you want to make the people proud that you want to have look you up or look up to you get AI Sellers and watch the money flowing in starts with two grand a month then it gets up to three grand a month then it gets to four or five grand you hit your first five figures you know AI sellers what's the best decision you could have ever made ladies and gentlemen the timer just hit zero that means we're going to slowly end this off we'll stay maybe on a little bit longer to answer any questions but for now if you haven't done so already go ahead and secure your access right now before it disappears we're only having this coupon code live on this webinar so that's the first thing if you want to have it for 267 instead of 317 for the webinar only prize you should grab it right now do yourself a favor you're getting access to the whole nine yards in case you missed it you get the premium access the Ultimate Upgrade the professional level the done for you special the content unlock and again with it done for you you can immediately make the money back if you're thinking about well I I can't spend or don't want to spend 267 right now you can immediately make it back with the done for you special that's why we value you so much that's what we do we go above and beyond to make sure the people on the webinar are our biggest action takers and turn into our biggest success stories also you get the webinar fast action bonus so you're going to make five grand whether you like it or not ladies and gentlemen link is in the chat book see you in the inside congratulations to all the people that are still getting in if you're on the check out page hurry up if you have any final questions drop them in the chat box see you in the inside bye-bye

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