AIStaffs Review Webinar Replay Demo Bonus – A Real 70 Person AI Staff Without A Penny In Salaries

there we go all right yes I am live we are live welcome welcome here we go George I see a few familiar names as well good to have you here get to have you here yes yes yes amazing I can't wait for this one awesome same here same here guys I've seen so many AI products honestly since I'm in the marketing space I use them as well but never have I encountered a beast like this in the AI space so far this is a whole different ball game that makes your work so much easier it is insane like if you need leads if you need seals if you need to grow your business effortlessly it doesn't get better than it is so I'm super excited to share this with you hey Marie good to have you here no you're not late we're just getting started awesome so with that being said ladies and gentlemen get 70 plus expert employees ready to grow your business without paying them a salary I know that sounds harsh but bear with me you're gonna see exactly what I mean in a second and this will allow you to get leads and sales today we've tested this we've proven this meaning any one of you right after this webinar can walk away with tons of leads and start making a good amount of sales and good cash flow coming in so I'm super excited to show this to you now this works even if you're a complete beginner or starting from scratch so without further Ado let's Dive Right In most of you know my webinars a lot of you enjoy them which I truly appreciate but for those of you that don't um my webinars are not really full of information and fluff and things that just are boring as hell the webinars we do are all focused on transformation showing you exactly what you need to do the buttons you need to click in order to grow your business so I hope you're excited for that one and the best part about everything that I'm going to show you is that it's without having any hiring experience because remember you're gonna have over 70 very specially highly trained employees you don't have to go through any of the hiring work without starving to find clients and leads they'll do all of that for you about spending weeks of learning it's gonna be so fun and so easy so first I want to start this off different um this time I want to ask you a question so if all of you could do me a favor right all also the ones that haven't said a single word so far I see you uh let me know in the chat real quick right honest question if you were to hire a highly trained team of business experts I'm talking lead gen experts I'm talking marketing experts I'm talking sales experts right you yourself no matter how far along you are in your Online Career whether you're settling an affiliate offer you're doing your own thing you're trying to have an agency you're doing coaching whatever you do if you keep equip yourself with a highly highly trained team of business experts do you see yourself running wildly profitable business starting today answer that question for me let's say you have a person running the marketing department that has years of experience and expertise in scaling companies from scratch you have another guy closing for you creating the perfect sales script you remember another person taking care of all of your assets do you see yourself running a wildly profitable business let me know in your chat box I see yeses yes and yes is awesome awesome yes of course that's what I need amazing and guys that saves so much time instead of you having to go through a lot of different courses and trainings you have people that already have spent that time and are knowledgeable and expert have expertise in those areas so you just leverage them that's what big CEOs do people with a lot of Revenue on big companies they don't know every little thing they hire talent and place them in the right sections of their business to learn a little more about that I'm so excited to show this to you I see a lot of people saying yes awesome so with that being said uh let's think into some principles principle number one is the principle of leveraged expertise the easiest way to build a wildly profitable business is by building a team of marketing experts now principle number two is the principle of artificial empowerment because the fastest way right now to make a healthy six figures is by leveraging specifically trained artificial intelligence and I want to be very very uh uh focused or I want to emphasize the word specifically because there are a lot of amazing AIS out there and they kind of do anything and everything and they're cute and they talk back and they do what you ask but they're not highly and specifically trained for certain tasks what I'm going to show you today is going to blow you away so I'm gonna equip you with AI that is designed to do one-on-one thing alone that's going to help you grow your business tremendously so we're going to talk more about that now after today's trading you will have expert level employees working for you which will allow you to create a recurring income on demand so let me know real quick who is staying until the end we come bearing gifts everyone that stays until the end give me a quick yes in the chat box I'll give you about five seconds uh and I'll let the team take a screenshot of the chat log and then we're gonna send all those beautiful people a Nintendo's bonus package if you stay until the end and we have an amazing demo as well from Abby who's gonna do very detailed demo that's gonna blow you away with the immense power that this is gonna serve you and your business and your clients so I see a lot of yeses I'm staying I'm saying I'm staying with a red out bonus amazing all right so with that being said ladies and Gentlemen Just so you know you're in good hands uh I'm here on behalf of the marketing Legend ABI dwivedi he's here as well like I said he's going to do an amazing demo shortly after um I mean the man has done over 100k in 24 hours uh over I don't know how many awards he has all already from jv2 back to back to back to back um it's safe to say you can look his track record up you can look up his socials very stand-up legitimate guy but more importantly we can brag about all the awards and accolades and revenue numbers um which quite honestly you need to know a thing or two about marketing and lead generation if you want to get to this level so you're definitely in good hands but more importantly the amount of results we've created for other people that's what really matters right and that's what we're most proud of as well so with that being said ladies and gentlemen we're going to get you to the top of the mile that we're going to show you exactly how to do it with the least amount of effort and the most amount of fun so the three secrets that I'll be sharing with you today number one is six figure agency I'm gonna show you how to effortlessly build a six-figure agency without worrying about marketing or delivery even if you're a complete beginner now number two your dream theme this is going to be really fun this actually where the demo is gonna happen as I'm gonna show you how to equip your business with over 40 as a matter of fact it's over 70.

I forgot to edit this one right here it's over 70 well-trained employees each having their unique field of expertise that help you grow your business it's going to be epic and last but not least instant results I'm going to show you how to get exclusive access to the most lucrative AI on the planet that can triple your business overnight so with that being said I always like to ask this question ladies and gentlemen let me know which of these three secrets are you looking most forward to give me a one in the chat if it's six figure agency give me two in the chat if it's your dream team and give me a three in the chat if it's instant result I see a lot of theories Tuesdays too I want to see the demo too oh some ones as well okay I see you guys awesome Jennifer Juan William one Greg says one as well amazing a few trees instant results instant results all three of them one two and three awesome it's gonna be a really powerful session guys thank you for being so interactive and with that being said let's dig right into secret number one now I'm gonna walk you through a quick story to help you understand this better because I used to spend tons of money on learning different skills to grow my business so that I could then provide those skills as a service right so I wanted to grow my own business and then help other businesses as well now I wanted to be able to provide my clients with all the right things that they needed to jump start or grow their business and there was just so and still to this day so many things to learn and I could never be an expert in all of them and if you're right now trying to become an expert in every little thing I'm talking copywriting marketing funnels Tech this and that it's hard to be an expert in every little thing it's almost impossible right and that's the struggle that I faced back then now because of this I didn't feel comfortable offering any service at a high price because I couldn't guarantee customer satisfaction because I didn't have my stuff in order yet so nor did I know how to find and attract qualified and hungry leads in the first place now I would have spent tons of time and money before I could figure this out on my own but luckily I didn't have to because I found a different solution now if you're anything like me you want tangible results that put food on the table a-s-a-p you don't have time to wait you don't have time to go course of the course of the module of the members area and sitting to hours of video content you just want to go in the field and get results and make people happy so who wants to know let's see if you're still with me this simple realization that gets you quickly to a six-figure agency let me know in the chat box I mean this is so orderly simple that you might even think oh my God how how did I miss this or maybe you already know it either way let me know in the chat box who wants to know the simple realization that gets you to quickly so quickly to a six-figure agency when I started realizing this and I knew it didn't have to do anything myself anymore everything myself anymore everything just went so much faster and today we're going to be able to benefit from all of it I see a lot of yeses in the chat so without further Ado let's dig right in because that's when I realized what if someone could literally do it all for me I'm talking everything and I walk away with the credits I know that sounds strange but hear me out Wow all I had to do was create a list of people that are specialists in their field for example James Hemsworth right a copywriter specialist who charges 400 a month or maybe four hundred dollars per job now Chris grusnik right lead generation expert who charges 750 per month or Michaela Jones social media content manager charges 675 dollars per month I just had to create my role of X my swipeout my list of people that I could turn to and I needed to have the details on how much they charged and what their field of expertise is because I will have no time or money to become a copywriting specialist to become a lead gen expert to become a social media content specialist right but there are people already out there that have done all that work I could just leverage them so here's what I started doing whenever I get a client I could simply charge a little bit extra and have others do all the work for me so I easily found tons of affordable and quality Freelancers that would love to have more referrals talking upward freelancer Fiverr you can go to any of these places and find top talent now let's do the math on this because I could simply contact any service provider and tell them Hey listen I love your profile here on upwork I'm gonna send you more clients is that okay with you right I'm gonna go and reach out to them and ask if they need help with the exact thing that you provide or just mobile development or web or desktop taking all the delivery off of my shoulders I don't have to worry any more about that pressure of not knowing exactly what I'm doing or not knowing how to provide I just have to go out and tell people hey my team can handle this and they all love having new clients coming in right so let's do the math let's say we take James for example copywriting specialist who charges 400 a month I can go out there start with one client and charge them 12.50 per month saying Hey listen I see you have a lot of copy on your website sales Pages you're sending emails a lot you're doing this you're doing that right now your conversions can most likely be a lot higher how about we go ahead and upgrade your copy for a month and see how that works and see if you see a difference in what you're doing client says okay sure let's make it happen now I signed a client my Freelancers fee is 400 per month so I go to him I pay him the 400.

My client gives me 850 or at least that's what I'm left with right so I charge the client 12.50 from that money I don't go out of pocket from that money I pay 400 to my boy James Hemsworth and I keep in my pocket 850 bucks now my client's getting expert level copywriting they're happy James has a client he's happy I'm making money I'm barely doing anything I'm happy all right so what's even better is with that money that I have now that 850 a month that's coming in or more with the next line the next line here's what's gonna happen next I could now go ahead and hire them for my own business as well so I can have James come in and say can't hear James this is my business make all my copy High converting to the point where people will fall in love with my offer whenever they see it then I reach out to Chris and say Chris I need leads brother I need you on deck generating leads for me every single month and I pay him and I said Michaela Reach Out Michaela I just don't have time to create a lot of content I don't have time to come up with the content I need you to make sure my shows my socials are all well put together and I put them in the right place and I sit back and I just get clients coming in delivery is taken care of and that my friends is how you run a business without running around in circles busting your head learning all the time learning all the time barely implementing a lot of pressure this is how you quickly scale by having a team let me know in chat box if that makes sense let me know if you love this and you would love to have a team like this working for you let me know in the chat box does this make sense and would you love to have a team like this working for you so you can sit back relax and just check in with them every now and then I said hey James how's it going today how's the copy looking awesome Chris how many leads are we getting Amy Canada is everything good and ready for our socials you get the clients you pay them you keep the margins the money in between everybody wins everybody's happy that's how you build a six figure business I see people in the chat saying brilliant amazing this is exactly what my vision looks like a powerful powerful I'm so glad that you're here because today we're going to make that Vision a reality with what we have in store for you lots of yes this amazing powerful makes sense makes sense awesome awesome so with that being said ladies and gentlemen I see John coming in just called it amazing perfect so here's how it goes down ladies and gentlemen um I don't just want you to take my word for it right if you look at the most successful people um and hate them or love them right people like Robert Kiyosaki Steve Jobs Michael Jordan uh FDR and tons of more right Richard Branson you can I can name them back to back they all say the same thing right great things in business are never done by one person they're done by a team of people a smart entrepreneur knows they cannot run a business on their own they know that business is a team sport I'm not the smartest fellow in the world but I can sure pick smart colleagues right Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships it's a recurring theme success leaves Clues doing everything on your own how far has that gotten you so far how about you had some extra Helping Hands and I'm not talking about some generic AI that you can ask a few questions to every now and then but someone that's highly trained and specialized in a particular area that can scale you right off the bat because that's what I'm talking about so my question is ladies and gentlemen now that you know this do you see how having your own team of trained experts will and can help you accelerate your results because before I show you the demo I need to make sure that you understand and see this clearly let me know in the chat box do you see how having your own team of trained experts can help you accelerate your results because if you think you can do it all on your own if you think you you don't need a team there's no point in for you to carry on and watch a demo if you think you got it all figured out going solo then but if you know having a lead gen expert by your side copywriting expert buyers social media expert by side delivery by your side all working in sync towards one goal from A to Z thinking all the heavy workload out of your hands telling you exactly hey today on Monday this is how we're gonna get a new client today this is what we're gonna post here tomorrow we're going to start this campaign here okay let me get my email marketing guy hey what do we need for an email today all right this is what we're gonna send out for the email everybody working towards one goal and that's getting you to six figures do you see how that will help you out I see a lot of yeses in the chat excellent excellent Sophie Lisa yeses yeses Adam says yes Michael says yes es across the board amazing ladies and gentlemen that's it for secret number one let me know if you enjoyed that one this six figure agency I just wanted to give you that Epiphany make you understand that listen moving forward the writing solo game it only gets you so far and it's gotten you to this point it's time you get an extra set of hands how to effortlessly build a six-figure AC without worrying about marketing or delivery even if you're a complete beginner I've shown you how I've done it you're going to be able to do the exact same thing today because today ladies and gentlemen in secret number two we're going to build your dream team how to equip your business with over 70 remember it's not 40 but 70 plus well-trained employees each having their unique field of expertise to help you grow your business and again I want to start this one off with a question I want to start this one off with a question and the question is as follows who would you rather hire to give you lead generation advice and I want you to think about this there are two applicants right number one is generic marketer he knows a little bit about everything he's done like 10 000 different things but he's all done them like only once and then once and then went on to the next thing you forgot about the last thing and just he just keeps doing stuff and he sure he has some experience overall right he's not necessarily specialized on the other hand you have the specialist marketer who doesn't know a lot of things barely knows anything but one thing she knows really well because he's only worked on a lead generation campaigns and on that over 10 000 times over all she knows is Legion nothing more nothing less now in this case if you need lead generation advice even though this man has done over 10 000 different things in the marketing space would you rather take your advice from exactly the specialist Market yep BB number two specialist marketer blue blazer yeah exactly and it's interesting because there's actually a quote um that comes very close to this let me actually that that I actually got inspired by that as well um for this slide so let me actually um it's Bruce Lee some of you might know him the fighter right is something about 10 000 cakes uh let me go ahead and bring that up the screen okay so there's a quote from Bruce Lee I'll just bring it up screen here um who says I'll Zoom it in for you I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once but I feared a man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times it's the same story right if you've done something ten thousand times over the same thing on repeat you're gonna be a monster at it a beast if you've done a lot of things but you just done them once then just maybe decent at a lot of different things but you don't Excel now the reason I'm telling you this is because that is exactly what you need you need a team of highly trained specialized individual individuals specialized individuals people that are trained with one thing and one thing alone getting acquiring data sets about one thing and one thing alone to the point it's completely primed and all it knows is that that's what you need a team that you can Outsource work to or guess what lease your team to your clients for a fee say hey I have a copywriter guy this man is like unlike anyone you've ever seen he's so well trained he's been practicing on data sets from the best copywriters out there you won't find anyone like him I can lend them to you for fee amazing so ladies and gentlemen the reason I'm telling you this is because your current AI whichever you use maybe you use chat gbt maybe you use anything else it's good it's fun right I like chat GPT I use it every now and then but it's not specialized right it's not highly trained to serve your needs it's not primed with a lot of data a lot of assets a lot of training a lot of courses a lot of videos a lot of training material to get that up to speed on one thing it is basically worked on ten thousand different things but only once now what if we actually equipped you with 70 plus expert AI employees to grow your online or offline business specific AI trained employees with one specific goal in mind meaning one AI for example is so well trained on seals has gone in material the best closers that's all it has gone through over and over and over again to the point that AI is the best sales AI on planet Earth because it has only gotten those data sets from the best sales experts over and over again it doesn't get uh um distracted or mixed with any other data sets or other questions all it knows is sales sales sales that's your sales guy if you ever need help well there's a person that gives me price resistance this is her or his situation how can I best close him or her boom sales guy comes in and say well here's what you want to do instead I know for a fact if I would go to any other AI or chat it's going to give me something generic hey try offering a payment plan but if I go to sales expert it's going to tell me a completely different thing is he going to tell me well first we want to isolate the objection see what's really going on then once you have that answer go ahead and see if this is an option then go ahead and take ask this question once you get an answer to that question Circle back to her her or his true want and need that's the type of advice you need Plug and Play The Best of the Best now my question is if we equipped you with over 70 plus expert AI employees to grow your online or offline business do you see yourself getting tons of leads if he gave me the most powerful AI team for your business I mean look at this Neil Patel like for those of you that know him let me know in the chat box and AI only and specifically trained on all of Neil Patel's material all his blogs all his trainings all his videos meaning it will give you advice as if Neil Patel one of the best marketers around in person is talking to you amazing so guys let me let me tell you something you want to go ahead and pay very close attention right because what's about to happen next is you're going to see how your dream team is going to be built and put together for you to skill your business and when I say Dream Team I'm talking about people like let me actually drag this in here you're gonna love this all right meet your brand new AI staffs ready to help you get amazing growth results for your business on Demand right people like Mark Elegance lead generation specialist Raymond King the accountant William the legal advisor Lewis the business coach William the copywriter Jeffrey the marketing manager Tracy the legion specialist another react developer real estate agent sales coach SEO specialist social media expert therapist personal trainer stand-up comedian if you need some good jokes life coach career counselor nutritionist Life Hacker travel advisor mindfulness coaching lead generation specialist specialist financial advisor language tutor software developer do-it-yourself expert journalist Tech writer customer support agent affiliate marketing expert sales page copywriter YouTube scriptwriter asked a copywriter YouTube expert guys this is insane right you will be able to create your very own All-Star AI business team from day one that works perfectly in sync with one and another meaning you get all the profitable leads you can and they never need sleep 24 7.

it's insane guys who's I'm ready for a demo who's ready for a demo who wants Obby to come in and do an amazing demo because AI staffs will help you build a six-figure business with ease it truly and honestly has never been simpler before because you'll get all the freaking help you need by the most specialized and highly trained AIS with the most expert material out there it's insane guys who's ready for a demo comment inside look in the chat box if you want to see a demo comment inside look in the chat box right now to cue the demo for you inside look there we go inside look inside look David says inside look I see you Marie I see you Beverly inside look inside look amazing awesome awesome Richard inside look all right all right it's time I'll be I hope you're ready man let's make it happen cutely demo now pay very close attention right after the demo I'll be back and uh you're gonna love this you're gonna love this sit back and watch how this is going to impact your business making you reach of six figures with ease as fast as humanly possible here we go all righty everybody give me one yes if you can hear me loud and clear if you can see my screen should be uh seeing AI staffs uh dashboard on the screen all right lots of ones and yes is coming in brilliant let's dive into this uh there's a lot to cover so we're gonna run through a couple of things but if you don't understand something uh drop in a question in the comment and uh I'll try and answer them right after the demo or somewhere in between the demo all right so once you log in this is your login for AI uh stat this is your dashboard you can see all the stats that you've hired so for example in my case I've hired Vic shorts uh Stacy Tucker Martha Hoffman and candid Zink um you can see all my previous conversations with each of them and you can see all the staffs that I have so I've hired 5 out of 73 total staffs that are available and then I can go and here and see all the conversations so just to bring you up Street speed what AI stuff does it gives you access to uh higher Staff members or employees or professionals but they're not real humans but they're AI right so this is what AI staff does and you can talk to them you can chat with them and you know they can answer your questions and they can essentially help grow your business without you you know hiring somebody uh in real life so that's what Airsoft does so once you go into Styles tab there are two sections your heart stops so you can again see all the stuff that you've heard the name uh their positions uh this one I'll talk about this one a little bit later but big shot is a YouTube expert and here's a bit of a description about him Stacy Tucker social media expert a bit of description about her Martha Hoffman sales coach better description about her Candice is a legal advisor a bit of uh description about her so Candace can answer all your questions about legal stuff she can write uh you know legal documents like dmtn Notice season disease notice uh policy papers whatever you want she can uh write those explain you those uh same with Marta she's a sales coach so she helps you increase your sales Stacy helps you manage your social media uh gives you plan gives you um you know a social media calendar or write tweets write posts do does keyboard research hashtag research whatever you want right and just like that we have a lot of different staffs so you got Sarah who's an ad copywriter uh James writes YouTube script we have Emily she writes sales copies uh Adrian affiliate marketing experts you can ask him questions about affiliate marketing or having to do something for you like write reviews or blog posts reviews and stuff like that Veronica is a therapist so you know if you feel burned out with your business or you know just personal stuff you can talk to her about that uh James's SEO specialist we've got Mori who's a real estate agent so what real estate agents can do for you is review or draft the contract and answer your questions about real estate uh in any country right uh Chester is a react developer if you want to create like a simple script that you want to sell as a product you can talk to Chester he will write code for you and tell you how to implement that code Tracy is a product manager Jeffries a marketing manager we got an accountant who can answer all your questions about accounting taxing filing how to get your accounts proper all that stuff and do things for you we've got legal advisor again we've got another legal advisor we got a business coach got a copywriter who can write copy in lots of different niches we have a lead generate specialist Mark Mark can give you ideas on how to improve your legion strategies and he can build new strategies for you to implement in your business Jane uh Joan we got she's a customer support agent so she can essentially either train your real human customer support how to handle customers how to help customers or she can just handle General queries about customers and answer questions for uh for your business right uh Roy is a tech writer so he essentially helps you write a blog posts or articles in in the tech Niche journalist Thomas again helps you prepare PR exam PR papers or PR interviews for yourself you want to publish somewhere and that sort of stuff we got jobs a financial advisor can you get a mortgage how much money you're going to waste if you do this or what if you buy that how much Roi would be that sort of stuff how much Roi your business could be generating what your net worth what's your business Network that sort of stuff you can help you with choose a language tutor she helps you learn a new language Jimmy is a software developer Catherine is a DIY expert we've got mindfulness code travel advisor life hack nutritionist personal trainer uh getting we even got a comedian we got live coach again we got a career counselor we got a therapist sales coach product manager lead generation specialist graphic design academic researcher HR controlled and we got accountant again we got startup Tech lawyer if you're in startup we got professional sales per sales persons uh we got a chef to give you recipes we got a dating coach uh and then we've got marketing expert travel guide expert product manager and then uh these are some new chat Bots that we've created who are um versions of some of the known marketing experts and these staff are powered and educated with all these uh you know marketing experts knowledge and all the books that they're written so you can ask them questions about all the things you would ask a real person a real marketing expert in real life they can answer without actually you know spending thousands of dollars in consultation so you've got all of these people uh in your uh in your list that you can hire uh for free without paying salaries without paying anything and have them do stuff for you help you grow your business so again what ASF does is just incredible now let's dive into it let me show you how this version let's start with the uh content creation let me show you how to hire an AI stuff right so let's say I want to hire a search engine optimization specialist who is James right and click on higher now if I want to change James name and what it does a little bit discretion even his picture I can easily do that if I want to Rebrand him to be you know part of my team have different uniform or whatever different picture whatever you want to have him different name like James at the rate your company name whatever so you can Rebrand him and then you can hire him now once he's hired you'll see him over here under your heart and you can of course filter by all sorts of expertise that we have here tons of expertise that you can filter but yeah so once you've hired you can click on chat and then you can start talking to James asking him questions about uh you know search engine optimization so for example um I want to know is backlink backlinking important to rank number one on Google anymore I just like keep it General and then this is my question I can choose to have him respond to me in English or whichever language I want like lots of different languages I can have in reply and let's say French if I want yeah and then I can change this tone all of them have their own personality own tone but if I want I can change it all I have to do is uh send this question to James now while James uh reads the question analyzes his researches online and figures out how to best answer a question I'm going to show you how you can also rename this conversation so you can save it so you know if you click over here and you can just type in the name so you can rename this conversation for yourself so when you go back in the conversation Tab and you want to find out what chat you're having with James you can easily recognize it so this is what uh you know James has responded and as requested it is in French and it the answers usually you will get are like very detailed very to the point uh perfect for newbies to understand everything and uh yeah like super super easy now if for some reason I'm unhappy with this response um I can go and ask James to go and research it a little bit more and browse the internet find out more about it based on other people's recommendations so I'm going to click on these three dots let me just zoom in real quick yeah I'm going to click on access internet right here so what James is going to do is going to go browse the web or usually Google and Bank find articles find blog posts uh research papers and confirm his finding if it's correct or not and there you have it now this Simpsons I changed the language back to English the response is coming back in English so James verified all this information and he also mentioned the source where he verified his information from so if you click on this you can see this is where he picked out the information from which is seems like a pretty uh reasonable place to find information from so you know it's pretty straightforward and a lot of things that James can do plus if you want you can again double single click on these three dots you can copy his response so you can paste it as a tweet or as a Facebook post or on a dock wherever you want it on presentation you can download it as a word doc you can download it as a PDF and uh yeah so you can access all of this and of course everything is saved in the conversation tab over here so you can go back and uh you know revisit the same conversation again of course you can rename it let's call it backlinking chat you know and uh you know when you go back you will uh easily be able to recognize it okay this is a backlinking check that I was doing with James and here we are um plus James also comes with a couple of done for you tests so um you don't really have to ask him questions he just knows and he will just say uh build the strategy and give you the answer so for example if I ask if I want to have a off-page optimization strategy or link building and Outreach plan your local SEO strategy for my client I can just go here over here something called DF fly task and I can just select from the dot drop down local SEO strategy and uh James is going to ask me for a product or some service so let's say it's a pizza shop Visa shop there's no such thing as a pizza shop is it but yeah so DFI task this is what James is going to do he's going to build a local SEO strategy for a pizza shop right and again he's going to start researching start building things and put together a local SEO strategy and there you have it uh James just spilled uh local SEO strategy for pizza shop and this is all his recommendation this is what you need to do in Google my business local keyboard research this is what you need to identify that's what you do and it gives like a template that you can you know again copy or download as a PDF and modify or you know you can even convert these kind of things into simple products or lead magnets for your clients or you know just for your followers if you have online so these kind of stuff uh James is really really good at doing and answering uh for you so while James answers all these questions let's go back to your staff and this time uh let's let's do a tweet so tweet Stacy can help us with social media wanting yourself so I'm going to click on chat with Stacy here and I'm going to start a new conversation with Stacy so and I'm going to name this uh Twitter chat or you can call it anything to Twitter connotation whatever name you want now this time what I want is I want Stacy to um you know sort of write a tweet for me for my new pizza in my new pizza shop on our new garlic bread in the new pizza shop but this time I don't want to type it uh what I'm going to do is I'm going to talk to Stacy so to talk to Stacy here's what I'm going to do I'm going to just uh use the mic button here can you write a tweet for me promoting my new cheese garlic bread for my pizza shop and Stacy will start reading analyzing understanding write me a tweet and respond back in audio as well so I don't have to read it I don't have to type anything uh just have a one-on-one conversation with Stacy right there introducing our mouth watering game changing creation cheese garlic bread romantic face loaded with melty gooey cheese and infused with Rich garlic flavor it's the perfect sidekick to your favorite pizza cheese baguette come grab a slice of Heaven at our pizza shop today cheesy goodness hashtag garlic bread goals and again Stacy also comes with a lot of done food tests like she can help you with hashtag research social media strategy or you can ask Stacy to give you a Content calendar for the next week for your you know your business or whatever product that you're selling so Stacy can do that now let's take a look at our legal advisor let's see if you have any legal advisor so we have Candace as our legal advisor and again I can talk to Candice or just chat with her and I can start a new conversation let's say I want Candice and again just so you know Candace also comes with a lot of 10 for you tasks added uh she can write season disease notice DMC and notice by the employee policy handbook standardized contract templates a lot of different stuff but let's say we want to prepare a DMT and notice for example somebody copied our website and stole our product or course and they're illegally selling our course out there so we can write a DMC a notice so our course is going to be let's say six pack abs right and we send this to Candace and what Canada's gonna do she's going to write a DMC notice for this product name and you can download that dmca notice as a PDF and you know modify it a little bit add your name email you can upload it as a dog modify it then save it as a PDF and start emailing to you know the people who are copying your product and also like Candace will give you a quick disclaimer that she's not really an attorney because she's not a human she's an AI but she does write a perfectly uh capable dmca notice as a lawyer or as an attorney would write and then you can just go ahead download it as a doc file and once you download it as a doc file you can edit all these fields update your name address all this stuff and then send it out to people and you can also have Candace review this over internet if you are not 100 sure if this is correct or not so again lots of things that canvas can do for you let's also jump in and do a bit of fun stuff with our YouTube experts so Rick shorts Wix shorts is a YouTube expert so if I go into chats right here and start a new chat let's call it Channel research so what I want to do is I want to I want to start a YouTube channel right but I don't know um what channels are you know the best niches how much money I can make from what kind of niches so I'm just gonna ask big like um I want to start uh YouTube channel and make money using YouTube's ads or partners program can you tell me what niches are the best niches uh how much money I can make from those niches and how difficult is it to break into these niches and there you have it like all the information gaming uh the potential is high but the competition is also fear so you get a lot of uh straight up advice and you can also ask uh you know a week to give you technical uh information about these niches about for example how much RPM is in these niches so um let's say I want to know how much RPM is in personal finance uh niche so let's ask wait how much RPM can I expect in personal finance and invest English RPM essentially means uh how much Money YouTube would pay you per thousand views or something like that yeah so here you go so it's somewhere between five to thirty dollars so um you know this is how we can really really help you do a lot of a lot of stuff uh helping research make decisions and also help you write about your scripts now let's say we want to write some scripts or some tiles so we can hire Alex now Alex is our YouTube scriptwriter so we've got Alex here uh but I at this point I I it's a lot of work for me to figure out what to do so I'm gonna enable something called God merge so here you see there you go let me just close this brush so what God mode does it make it gives Alex the ability to think on himself on his own and make decision on his own and at the end he just gives you the output the result he will not ask you a lot of question he would just give you the output so let's say uh starting a channel I need in in personal finance video ideas quickly and then I'm going to click on start now all I have to do is click on start and just sit back it takes about in generally it takes about 10 15 minutes for Alex to uh do his research analyze everything find out the best 10 video ideas and put them all together but yeah so as you can see the god mode has enabled and I'm not doing anything this is all so uh done by Alex himself so he himself decided that he's going to generate a list of 10 trendering personal trending personal finance Topics by searching on Google Trends and relevant personal financial Forum so he's going to do all of that himself he figured out all of this himself I did not tell him then he's going to research popular Finance YouTubers and analyze their most successful videos he figured out this himself then he's going to identify the target audience uh top concerns and questions about personal finance by searching through social media and all that stuff and he's going to start doing all these tasks himself and usually this kind of stuff you give him a task you give Alex a task and you step out of your desk for like 15-20 minutes and come back and you'll have the work done because again it's all done through AI but it's it takes time you know researching watching videos downloading all that stuff uh takes time so you know he he generated these a list of 10 trending personal finance Topics by searching on Google Trends so these topics are trending right now uh or if you create videos on these topics you're gonna get traffic because they're trending topics but then again uh Alex is gonna go a step further and research and then adapt and improve upon these topics and then once he gets the uh the the newer topics is going to take another step and improve on those as well so the final output that you get is just gonna be perfectly brilliant uh topics topics I would guarantee that you generate thousands of views on your videos now let us let Alex do his work in the meanwhile let's move on to uh a couple of other features that I want to really quickly cover now you have all these steps we also have a feature called cohire when the commercial license well what cohort does you if you hire the staff let's say you hired Stacy right or you hired uh your Candice right and you run a membership site for your students or for your customers where you give them legal advice right you can embed Stacy on your website uh inside the members area wherever you want and Stacy will be able to chat with your members with your customers with your clients same way um you can embed Stacy on your client's website meaning you are go hiring saying leasing Stacy to a client and charge them a fee for giving them access to Stacy so you can do all of that and when you go higher Stacy what you can do is you can go into settings and if you go into working hours you can actually select working hours you can select your time zone and you can select a working hour between what time to what time Stacy will be available on your clients uh you know uh website where you have embedded Stacy where client has emitted Stacy so this is one quick and easy way of making money with AI slash right cool hiring AI stuffs right now the final thing that I want to show you is like really really cool it's called uai now what uai does it's like hiring an intern and then training your intern about you know whatever you want to train the intern right so essentially what it means you give it information you give your intern data the intern will learn that data absorb that data and then ask answer your questions or help you about that data so first step you have to do is create a folder which is a directory where you dump all the data so let's say let's let's call this as AI staffs yeah and click create so we've got a folder directly called ASF now I can dump all the data I can just type in all my information I can upload my word dog PDFs or videos images whatever I want um my new intern to learn right or I can import data from website so for example in this one I want to create an intern who knows everything about AI staffs so when my customers ask questions about AI staff he can answer those for me right so I don't have to excuse me I don't have to do it myself so I'm going to type in the URL AI sales which is where the sales page is going to be and I'm going to ask uh it to go and copy all the data from this website so as you say website imported successfully it has copied all the data uh from the AI South website if I wanna edit it I can go and edit it as well this is all the information it's a gibberish because it's how AI learned stuff but yeah it has all the information about AI stuff next what I'm going to do is if I want to add more I can copy paste more information I can upload more docs but I think this is enough for now next I'm going to create my intern so I'm going to click on create new AI agent AI staff support whatever you want to call them you can call him and click next now here I'm going to give it access to this directory where I had and uploaded all the information about AI stash yeah and then I can choose a tone so I want to make it friendly and response style to be informative I'm going to click on create now agent create successfully I'm going to go to steps and in my available staff you'll see here Mickey here's Mickey this is me um with the ribbon here so you can easily understand figure out which one is um you know an intern AIU AI stuff now I'm going to hire Mickey and then go here let's make it hairs Mickey and let's ask can you tell me what features are included in AI stash starter audit premium and there you have it a quick detailed response um from Mickey now what Mickey has done is not just copy pasted the content from the sales page it took that content analyzed it and also went out there explaining so for example commercial users license included says feel free to use ASF for all your commercial projects without anybody all conversation history said this is this is the only thing that's mentioned in the in the sales page but he went ahead and explained the feature as well so yeah I mean it's it's not just the you know co-pays response it's a trained response that you can use to understand things better that's the whole idea behind creating an intern or as you can say um uai agent now uh this is all what AI staff can do again your imagination is the only thing that can hold you back there's so many things that you can do uh there's so much you can have these employees do for you and you can replace so many things you can start growing your business like uh you have never been able to do before you can offer uh these clients as Services you can learn new skills you don't have to buy courses from most of the gurus out there you can just ask questions and learn new things and Implement those things and you can even ask them how you can even ask their AI style how to implement those things in your business so you always stay one step ahead and you will never need to hire a freelancer or a consultant or uh you know anybody to help you uh in your business when you start your AI staffs your AI employees will always be there to help you use cases of AI staffs are amazing and the only thing that's holding your pack is your imagination right now so let me give you a couple of uh examples of use cases so Jazz additional marketing agency you can use as staff to you know help manage your client and conduct marketing research write marketing copy manage social media and so many other things is an e-commerce store if you have an e-commerce store AI staff can manage customer support manage product listing and develop and execute marketing plans and campaigns for you um you know this allows the store owners to focus on sourcing quality products and growing their business as an affiliate marketer it can identify profitable niches like Vic did for us and do keyword research right compelling product reviews write email marketing campaigns email swipes headlines subject lines and even engage help you engage with your social media followers as a video content creator it can help you write scripts create video content manage and optimize your YouTube channel interact with your audience and research on trending topics like Alex did in this demo course creators it can help you identify in-demand topics uh create course content handle you know student queries and execute marketing campaign for the course to help you sell it as a freelance writer incorporator of course you get your own copywriter multiple different copywriters that can do all the work for you just tell them you get hired by a client you take the word from the client you give it to your AI staff and they do the work for you software developer local Business Consultants you can assist local businesses in enhancing their online presence could utilize Asaf can utilize and manage social media accounts optimize Google my business listing generate SEO friendly content and interact with customers online and if you have a Drop Shipping business of course AI staff can do product research price comparison manage manage listings on your websites write listings or handle customer support queries and help you execute marketing strategies so that's what AI stuff does and this is the future of workflows Workforce going forward and if you're not doing this if you're not using a staff you will be left behind because your competitors will be doing it so this is all what aisf does if you think this was cool if you think this is going to be helpful in your business give me a five in the comment section give me a five folks if you think this was cool awesome awesome lots of five fights coming in over to you mate oh wow wow wow wow so there we have it let me know in the topics guys what's that powerful or was that powerful did you enjoy that give a big Applause to Avi for putting this together man this is no small feat like I said I've seen a lot of AI stuff recently right and I've played around with a lot of them but nothing like this nothing like this and you couldn't agree more I see a lot of yeses yeses yeses this is the best thing ever there we go so guys that's it for secret number two your dream team how to equip your business with well over 70 plus trained employees each having their unique field of expertise to help you grow your business leaving us with secret number three the one you're all been waiting for instant results exclusive access to the most lucrative AI on the planet that can triple your business overnight now I've been saying this and I will say it again AI staff will make you a profitable business owner there's no doubt in my mind as I myself have a team that's doing all of my stuff right generating leads closing them delivery and I know for a fact once you start operating at that same level as soon as you have ai staff you're going to see your business accelerate like never before now I want you to see a few more people that leverage AI to just make tons of money and the same things that you can do once you have ai staff in Your Arsenal right the first one is really broad kid uh Joe papelus uh just 20 years old 20 years old come on right generated well over 200 000 using AI digital product Automation and again you can do the exact same thing as soon as you have ai staff now on top of that um my man right here created a brand new faceless YouTube channel and in two weeks got as many as 1.7 million views from just 23 videos all created with AI all created with AI now I can go on and on I have a man right here Matt he used AI to write content as a freelancer and is making about 462 dollars an hour doing so he just takes clients back to back to back to back and has the AI write all the content that they need guys nothing is stopping you from doing the exact same thing if not more if not better because you have the staff to take care of your lead generation to take care of your marketing delivery everything you need to be successful you now have a team to help you reach that so much faster so now it is your turn who wants to know everything you're getting today is part of the webinar special deal let me know in the chat box who wants to know everything you're getting today as far as the webinar special deal I need some excitement in the chat before I'm going to go ahead and show it all show me show me yes yes please please please I'm in send me the link already there you go are you gonna love this yes Michael Jonathan I see you oh we have two Michaels in the house get to have you here man there you go Danny yeses across the board amazing amazing amazing Jennifer I see you yes CSS all right all right your wish is fine command let's go through them you're gonna love this uh as this is so well put together um honestly I might not even be allowed to say this but once you have this you literally don't need anything else anymore or at least not for the longest time all right because you'll get everything you need right here right now so I'm gonna show you this special bundle and that's right special bundle because you're on this webinar you'll be the only ones to be able to take advantage of this uh and also because you're on this special webinar you also get a special deal so that's always nice to have uh you guys were smart enough to attend this webinar live so with that being said let me go ahead and drag this in here and you can see right away all the beautiful things that you're about to get number one AI staff's premium as you merely get the commercial usage license uh access to 33 AI staffs and this will be a whole lot more in a bit just uh wait for it 10 000 credits also this will be a whole lot more because you get the full bundle but I'm just gonna walk through each of them you get access to five languages English Hindi Spanish friends and German you can chat with the AI staff speak with the AI staffs two-way conversation just like you saw in the demo Siri and Alexa like conversations working hours set up all conversation history saved search through history uh download replies as document one click tasks done for you hire and fires AI steps at any time you can hire up to 20 staffs and bet AI staffs on your website change AI staff's response tone call hire or lease your AI team or staff guys this is where a lot of money is at as well as you literally can plug and play your AI staff or team into any business and have it help them out fully encrypted AI staff chat 100 chat talk privacy dedicated support and regular updates for over 12 months detailed training included each and every single one of you is going to be an absolute professional uh you have video and PDF super simple well explained and honestly it is Child's Play 14 day money back guarantee so you can test it out and a bonus training webinar on how to make fast cash using AI staff so we're actually going to make sure you're going to cash in quickly the moment you grab this now because you're getting the special bundle deal you immediately get upgraded to the unlimited version so we now take you not only from 10 000 but all the way to 50 000 credits per month right and that's a more than enough you get to hire unlimitedly so you can hire all of them at once unlimited embeds unlimited co-hiring so you can lease your staff to The Limited clients unlimited histories working hours all start available from 24 7 now and all year round yearly updates on high priority support and as a bonus you get our Ai staff's mobile app builder now on top of that you're going to upgrade you to AI staffs plus allowing you to access 16 additional new staff members which now brings it up to a total of 49 staff now access to 50 plus languages for chat access to 10 plus languages for two-way conversation and this one is really powerful guys uai and this is where you can build and train your own custom AI staff for example if you want to have a specific AI staff trained does something really personal or all about you or your hobby or maybe one particular section in your business that's very custom and very diligent you want it to be trained in that and that alone or you want to feed it data sets uh have it watch YouTube videos haven't watched or read through articles and websites to totally understand that particular thing so it can advise you at the highest level you can build your own Beast of an AI I call it uai this is unheard of unheard of now Rebrand AI staffs rename and change picture of staffs that's really fun uh 265-bit encryption highest level of privacy and a hundred plus new one-click tasks done for you so with one click you can tell it it's gonna actually suggest tasks that it needs to do so maybe say hey do I need to write your emails today now we're going to add in a lot of done for you clicks so anything we feel your business needs to grow you just click boom and the AI immediately does it so you don't have even have to come up with what it needs to do for you next one up is the AI staffs Enterprise and this takes you to a whole new level as you'll have agency wide label access the reseller which sells like hotcakes and with ease the lead finder team member access so you can have other people manage everything uh client account access client previewer Enterprise Outreach level so call emailing becomes a breeze website and ready made and done for you agency side that's immediately ready to sell the heck out of your reseller promotional videos and done for you videos meaning again having all your material to sell the heck out of this and keep a hundred percent of the profits I'm talking you can charge them as little as a small a recurring fee or a higher price or higher ticket one-time fee you control it but what I will tell you is that people will be standing in line begging to get their hands on an account from you five year Enterprise a website hosting all taken care of for you so we actually host all their sales pages done for you websites that sells all of this for you you get client contracts client lead magnets you get over a hundred done for you Facebook ad and copy templates and if you want to run ads but you don't want to go out of pocket then we're going to show you how to get Facebook Twitter and Google free ad credits up to a thousand dollars so you can spend a thousand dollars for free to run ads and make tons of sales we're even gonna show you how to run the access we have to be done for you assets available for you guys with the Enterprise yes yes that's just an instant money maker um when you have access to this you merely white label it to your own brand and it's uh it's a breeze it's a breeze now on top of that one of my favorites is the expansion pack as we're gonna add in 21 marketing Geniuses now these are just highly trained AIS to the point that you might even wonder why the hell on Earth have I been using chat TBT since these AIS know exactly are so well trained with the best of the best stuff out there they know whatever situation you're in whatever pain Point you're having now it's almost like having your personal mentor ready to tell you exactly what mouse buttons you need to click what you need to do today what you need to do this week in order to get results with ease now you can chat or speak with them you can learn from their experience you can get the SEO content product launches and more done by using them you get the most advanced AI staffs these are my favorite ones also these 21 are just like top Geniuses like new Patel um and more of those likes you're gonna love it you're gonna love it sell Star and Social Media Master digital marketing Master you get the marketing special specialist you get the Live sign lifestyle design Authority technology marketing innovator you get an SEO expert you get digital marketing influencer you get marketing Visionary you get a customer service and marketing expert you get a startup marketing Pioneer you get a marketing and branding Guru you get a social media marketing expert you get a social media and customer engagement Guru SEO and content marketing Master product marketing strategist digital marketing Guru visual marketing and social media strategist LinkedIn and social media consultant advertising and content marketing Master social media marketing Pioneer and inbound marketing specialist guys if you want to have clients and and potential Pros clients and Prospects running towards you talk with this one it has been trained so well by the best inbound marketers it has been fed ten thousand dollar courses going through them understanding them so you don't have to go anymore and buy all of those just talk to the email marketing specialist this is my offer this is my situation this is my Facebook profile or my social profile or this is where I'm at right now how can I have leads coming in to me it's gonna tell you the perfect blueprint spit it all out for you in a step-by-step Manner and you're ready to go and as well the same goes for any of these other need help with ranking on the first page of Google talk to the SEO expert guys it's done you have team now you have an advice right and at the level I'm playing I have a I have I consult with them regularly which way should we go they have experience they've gone through stuff I can leverage their brain download the information that they have already stored you'll be able to move so much faster with the team now if you take action today ladies and gentlemen as you've seen there's some fast action bonuses only right here right now um number one being you get the article to voice Creator you get the website traffic Blaster traffic's literally never gonna be an issue anymore moving forward you get our SEO software Pro you're also going to get Advanced analytics and Reporting free cloud storage Tick Tock viral traffic training YouTube lead generation app and our underground traffic Secrets you're also going to get access to our no monthly payment only one-time fee normally for AI staffs you would have to pay monthly you guys enter on this special webinar won't have to you get our AI staffs gfx AI staffs real traffic asf's pages so you can build any page quickly and easily drag and drop and are easy easy video sales page as well this one is just Powerhouse of a conversion machine I love to use this one now on top of that ladies and gentlemen we also have some bonuses with the Enterprise and that's going to give you the Enterprise social media done for you content instant web graphics and again no monthly fee and then right here we have some bonuses including the advanced analytic and Reporting free cloud storage Tick Tock traffic training uh again the YouTube lead generation app and our underground traffic Secrets you're getting a few extra of those and then last but not least ladies and gentlemen there's also in case I haven't mentioned it before a 14-day money-back guarantee so there's literally nothing to lose and everything to gain so let me know in the chat box are you loving this offer so far are you loving this offer so far let me know in the chat box I want to see a whole lot of yeses and in case you missed it I'm gonna go through them one more time you'll get the AI stash premium you get the AI staffs unlimited upgrade AI staffs plus access AI staffs Enterprise level and the AI staffs expansion on log this is what I've covered so far and as you can see there's a whole lot more where that came from but let me know are you loving the offer so far lots of yeses coming in yes yes yes I do yes I can't believe it gets even better yes yeses uh guys we're just getting started we're just getting started um like I said you guys are on the special webinar normally you wouldn't even include this but it's your lucky day you were smart enough to show up so what we're gonna do is we include an additional section which will include content real premium now this will give you instant commercial rights as well and this is one of the best content creation tools out here right in the space you can create any type of video just with one keyword uh 9 to 16 Dimensions vertical for real stories which is one of the hardest short form content right now uh 16 live videos horizontal create one-to-one Square videos uh for Facebook feed for example create unlimited videos access to five premium video templates these are all high converting and tested AI recommended video topics AI writes the video script AI assists with the video templates creates the videos fully customizable videos easy to use editor you can change and edit it accordingly you could save the project or replicate it as a template record your audio inside the app have an auto voice over creation for videos English Spanish friends Hindu support at your own voice over create HD videos add video clips in your videos choose from millions of images millions of video clips thousands of background music full writes no copyright issues upload your videos to YouTube Facebook download your videos publish them on any platform integrate with tons of apps create YouTube short stories Instagram Tick Tock Snapchat Pinterest LinkedIn vsl explainers any kind of video tell the AI listen this is my industry I need value videos boom done oh I need call to action videos boom it's gonna make some nice b-roll footage captions nice background music good voice over it's out there Plug and Play click and forget you don't have to worry about editing you don't have to worry about finding material about the script about the headline all you got is 24 7 a high converting story or post up and running either on your socials or on your websites now there's dedicated support detailed training included and again a 14 day money back guarantee and we're gonna give you an additional bonus training webinar and how to also make fast cash using content real because this is just a money making machine now this is just bonus number one we got coin cart here as well I think a lot of you well maybe not a lot I know some of our regulars are familiar with coin cart you might even already have it an engagement didn't know uh this is a revolutionary cryptocurrency payment widget you can integrate multiple crypto payment processors Auto product delivery sell fiscal or digital products and get paid in crypto organized processors by clients sales and product analytics tutorials and 24 7 support crypto client getting training drag and drop page creation uh and uh Tech custom domain ability 20 done for you sales templates except 20 000 transactions per month install the crypto wages on 50 pages host 50 done a few pages at once and create five thousand memberships per month now the reason why this is so useful right now is a lot of people still have some crypto laying around a couple of hundred here a couple of hundred hit there some thousand that are not doing anything with it anymore right the Bull Run is over um as far as we know and they have some crypto laying around and they can't really put it to use or they don't know or they don't want to but when you give them the opportunity to say hey you can also pay with whatever ethereum you have left line that's easy winnings for you gives them a chance to get rid of it and get something great out of it for whatever product or you want to sell or service you want to sell and you get some nice little opinion that you can either hold long term or cash out with as well and still get the same amount of value but it's a really really powerful one just opening up the ability to get paid in cryptocurrency either for yourself or for your clients creates opportunity for more Revenue I'm going to add that in as a bonus and last but not least again one of the most powerful ones click HCA I Platinum level that is and this one takes it to a whole new level because you get AI congrued congruent video lead campaigns agency campaigns Auto submission to AdWords and Facebook client CRM integration and Technology point and click leads page editor Cloud Video Creator Advanced at images editor and AI Image Maker Done For You video landing page templates Advanced AI Image Maker infinite credits you can create 500 lead Pages 500 videos 500 lead magnets 500 ads 500 pressure leads business cards social Graphics 500 block art and articles you get a hundred thousand AI copy words commercial license included you get an AC license yes you're done this will take care of all of your campaigns never before has it been this easy to build a six-figure business so in case you missed it you get the premium The Limited upgrade the plus access the Enterprise level the expansion pack unlocks the special bonus of content real coin card and click any agency bonus included you're done now let me know are you loving this offer so much has gone into this this has been in the making for so long battle tested perfected and perfected let alone the time spent on training all the AIS making sure they're of Acts expert level feeding them content feeding them all the material they need to understand and learn and grow to the point it's almost like you're speaking to the exact human expert it's insane I see lots of yeses in the chat I'm just smiling at the chat because I know a lot of you see already that yep with this by my side I can take it all that's exactly what's going to happen it's time you start operating with the team and there's no team like this this is the Dream Team having the exact brain of Neil Patel Russell Brunson Tony Robbins Grant Cardone by your side all their content all their teachings condensed into one AI that's crazy guys I'm so pumped for you so here's what we're gonna do right the total investment to turn and equip for yourself with a six-figure AI team and turn yourself into a six-figure owner and business owner will be around five to twenty five thousand dollars right most of you know that that's usually what we charge anywhere between five to twenty five thousand guys we're giving you six figure AI team it's unheard of right now that's the investment where we when we release it to the General Public honestly you are not general public so that won't be for you you're taking action during this special launch training so what we're going to do is we're going to drop it down to 1997 but even that you won't have to deal with yes we're going to give you this most special deal for this offer like this is the best of the best of the best now 1997 the next product will be nine and seven which honestly is more than worth it than even that we're not gonna do you're gonna get all of this AI steps premium the unlimited upgrade the plus access the Enterprise level the expansion pack the special bonus you're gonna get all of that for as low as 297 one time you have a six-figure team trained ready to get your leads and grow your business nine seven one time now we're gonna make it even more special I see a lot of people losing their mind where's the link where's the link I wanna buy Now where's the link oh you guys are amazing your business is gonna grow so much here's what we're gonna do who's going to buy right now and wants an additional 50 off let me know in the chat box who is going to buy right now while we're on this webinar which is your only chance to grab it anyways and wants an additional 50 bucks off we're gonna bless a few people me me yes link please yes awesome it's okay so if you want to claim that here's what you want to do comment link in the chat box do me a favor comment link in the chat box and all the people that come on link we're gonna give you a 50 off as a matter of fact uh if the team can drop the whole link with the 50 off coupon in the chat box for people to see and we're gonna keep that active only on this webinar right now which will bring which will bring the price down all the way to two for seven the best AI on the face of this Earth specifically to grow and help you build a six-figure business there's nothing like this out there for a one-time fifth two four seven that is just ridiculous but yes it's true because you're on this special webinar we're gonna do this for you don't be surprised when you come back later and this prize has vanished in thin air and it's above a thousand dollars because quite honestly that's where we're gonna start charging as fast as humanly possible the amount of money you can make with this for your own business but also for your clients as you'll be able to lease your staff members or use them for delivery is insane a one time two for seven you can make that money back right now as soon as you have ai staffs go to the first marketing expert and tell AI staff how can I make 247 with my offer where can I find the person it's gonna map it out for you trust me it's gonna map it out for you you don't even have to think anymore it's crazy so link is in the chat box uh if you have any questions drop them in the tab we obviously have the tech theme answering questions back to back please give them a hand as well uh um I see them in the chat shining answering all the questions if your question for some reason hasn't been answered yet just either re-ask it or wait patiently as the tech team uh is answering all the questions in the chat as well uh for all the people that got their questions answered and even if you didn't get definitely make sure to secure this while you still can as the link is in the chat box and you don't you definitely do not want to miss out so link is in the chat box which will get you AI staffs AI staffs Unlimited and everything that comes with it now in case you missed it I just want to show one more time right an overview of the theme that you'll be building and what you can do with it as well and in the meanwhile guys go ahead and grab it I see some people I got just built my team got it login right now uh congratulations Rick congratulations man welcome to the six figure team amazing congratulations with your purchase of AI staffs Jack as well awesome my man I knew you would get based on what you said in the chat I knew you were going to get it right because you only have so much time you only have so much time in a day you don't have time to figure stuff out go course after course spend money here spend money there read this learn that but the AI while you're outside can go out and work for you acquire things accumulate data understand things and give it to you in a condensed on a matter on a silver platter step one two three done you can even ask it build me a roadmap from zero to six figures within six months and then you take the next AI staff to help you implement everything that the first AI staffs told you to do yes this is how you grow a business advisors team experts highly trained if you look at any highly lucrative business any CEO they'll tell you the same thing acquire talent build a team for actually you just need the vision you just need division then build the team around it that's it more people saying I'm in Rebecca's Inn congratulations Rebecca amazing now like I said what I'm gonna do uh let me actually drag this in here as well I wanted to show this oh accidentally opened up developer mode there we go we're back all right so um here's the thing right accelerate your income growth immediately never waste money on Freelancers contractors or ineffective employees again now you'll be able to dominate digital e-com and affiliate marketing by having your campaigns pre-planned by the marketing specialist you save tens of thousands of dollars per year by eliminating most of your human staff reducing your overhead and without sacrificing the outcome you'd normally expect you get top level copywriting done and convert more leads to sales in a Flash no need to figure out what to say the AI employee will produce a high level copy for you always be on 24 7 with an AI employee they're capable of working around the clock you can ensure tasks are completed efficiently without delays catering to customers across different time zones and improving overall productivity creating an amazing AI employee business team that syncs perfectly together no attitudes or inviting ever you get more than quickly tap into Specialists you need right out the gate create profitable info products on the Fly download and create documents directly from the chat one click done for you templates that gives you an unfair advantage over the competition let you get work done fast easy scalability and adaptability run ads on all the major platforms create Templar products lease them out any employee to agencies local businesses entrepreneurs and make a serious recurring income and enhanced customer support guys it is insane right all these specialists if we if we take Charles for example highly experienced career counselor dedicated to guiding individuals towards successful and fulfilling careers with a deep understanding of the job market and passion for helping entrepreneurs or helping others Charles provides personalized guidance assessment and resource to empower clients in making informed career decisions his expertise in resume building interview preparation and career development strategies equips individuals with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing professional landscape do you know how many people need a person like Charles you can hire them out or you can use them yourself same goes for Mark season lead gen specialist expertise in developing targeted lead generation strategies excels at identifying and engaging high quality prospects for businesses across various Industries Market minds's analytical mindset with a creative approach to deliver measurable results and exceed client expectations as these are just the first two if a business coach a travel advisor Legion specialist a language student or a sales coach journalist a therapist and fully marketing expert right as it goes on and on and on your six figure team ready at your disposal I'm so excited for you I see a lot a lot of more people just got in congratulations um the link is still active I mean the coupon code is still active for the 50 bucks um so definitely leverage that to take the price down to two for seven in case you don't know how uh let me actually walk you through that because it's quite honestly super simple um actually let me drag this back in here I'm going to show you how it's done all right here we go so all all you have to do is copy this coupon code either here or from the chat and then click the buy now give it a second there you go and you can see right here boom and apply and then it magically drops down to two for seven and just put your contact email here and then either check out with PayPal or credit and you're done you have built yourself or started building yourself a six-figure team highly trained specialized there you go now what I'm going to do ladies and gentlemen I'm going to keep it on for a little little longer here means this is your last chance to grab this so what I'm going to do I'm actually going to step out real quick I've been talking back to back so I'm gonna go ahead take a sip of water and when I'm back I'm gonna slowly sign off and maybe take the offer down with me so I'm gonna take a sip the team is still active in the chat they'll be there I'm gonna just Clear My Throat a little bit to get some water in and then I'll be back and guys you do not want to miss out on this remember you have a 14 day money back guarantee if there's anything you need to know when you have a team that's highly trained look at any successful person out there they all preaching I myself right all our users with a team you go so much faster you have more brains all highly trained now these AIS can't get tired they can work endlessly but more importantly they have been trained with data sets specifically to do one thing and one thing extremely well and you have over 70 of them in different areas I'll be back in a second in the meanwhile congratulations a couple more people yes just got in coupon work thank you so much time to build my team congratulations go ahead and grab it the link is in the chat box and I'll see you back in a bit yes yes yes yes yes there you go there you go guys I am back um and that means the time is taking and almost running out I'm gonna have it uh uh take it away now at least the team will still be on obviously to answer all the questions I'm slowly gonna move out the link is still active the coupon code is still available I see a whole lot more people just got in congratulations congratulations you guys you've just made the mo I'm I can't even uh um find the right words to say this but in my honest opinion you've just made the most the most wise and profitable decision you could have ever made for your business equipping your business with something like this goes well beyond anything else you could have done today for your business you just made one of the most wisest and profitable decisions ever and I truly truly mean that having a team like this having specific AI employees designed to do one thing specifically extremely well in different areas all focus on growing you in your business that's just no matter what skill level you are what business you have what what what Revenue number you're right at right now whether you're starting from scratch or already decently equipped or doing well you're going to scale to the mall and there's no other way to say this you're going to scale to the Moon because you'll have marketing experts by your side telling you exactly what you should do because they're trained for every scenario to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to grow your business it's like digesting complete masterminds and courses and keynote speakers and all these wise people that have made extra extremely powerful blueprints and AI staff has been trained endlessly with them and comes to you and says all right based on everything I know that's bound to work here's what's best for you right now today do this tomorrow do this and the day after this and then come back and ask me this if you start operating like that you don't have to run around in circles anymore you don't even have to think anymore you just execute and win so that's all I wanted to say uh I'll leave the rest up to the team so so again guys let me know if you enjoyed today's webinar I truly enjoyed it had a lot of fun um I was just excited to present this and I wanted to get to the demo portion as fast as possible because I wanted you to see it's immense power and then what's even crazier is this price point right two four seven with the special coupon code this should be at least all of you know this should be at least well over a thousand dollars at minimum you know that I know that there's well over a thousand dollars and there should be a recurring on this so guys take advantage of this while you still can you have a 14 day money back guarantee you get top-notch support you have everything you need plus more so you can't miss out the team will still be active I'll be slowly facing out uh but definitely grab it the link is in the chat box and I can't wait for you to go ahead and build your business to six figures with the power of a team

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