Automate Branded Social Content with STORI

what's up sumo Lings I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at Story the AI content creation platform that automates branded content and keeps your brand identity consistent across all social media small to mediumsized teams often grapple with maintaining a consistent brand identity oh wait that's like story's whole story with its brand features aligning your brand across platforms is a oneandone deal all you got to do is hop over to the brand dashboard after adding your Brand's design p pette adding your mission vision and values only takes a few minutes to refine your brand identity even further you can add detailed descriptions of your target audience brand strategy and brand voice Pro tip for marketing agencies it's super easy to manage multiple brands on story while keeping identities completely separate it's just a quick toggle back and forth like this I call it the brand Shuffle if keeping your brand identity consistent sounds good to you just click that buy now button I ain't stopping you but if you want to stick around I'm about to lift the hood on some of these these crazy cool AI features let's talk content creation story takes your ideas and instantly whips them into social media posts ready to publish to create new content all you got to do is interact which is just like having a conversation with chat GPT since story already knows your brand all you need to describe is the content you want to generate after just a few seconds the AI will generate not just one piece of content but a whole assets folder for you for every single platform you post on you don't have to do any kind of drag and drop your brand logo and marketing copy are already there for you when it comes to editing you can do more than just regenerate or edit text headlines and descriptions you can edit the actual text overlaid on the generated images in real time I'll let that snc in also to get a quick glance at your brand messaging across platforms you can toggle between platform icons to see slightly different marketing copy specifically tailored to each medium if that's not brand consistency I don't know what is and here's a plot twist there's also an AI co-pilot linked to chat gp4 that can help help you come up with branded content when you're ready to publish across platforms the publishing dashboard will neatly arrange each Unique Piece of content on the left here so you can toggle through your post to ensure your brand identity is consistent and just so my message is consistent you got a short window to grab this lifetime deal on story so click that big yellow buy now while you still can your brand will thank [Music] [Applause] you

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