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hey Sumo Lings it's Jay with app Sumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at content bot. a the AI powered tool designed to automate content creation import CSV files and interpret complex PDFs with ease creating professional content is key but let's be real the options aren't great either you hire SL babysits and writers or waste time doing it yourself but there's a secret third option use the power of AI to automatically create and publish content at scale in other words use content bot.

for content and a whole lot more let's see how it works first up flows flows are your new best friend check it a flow can automatically create a blog post every Monday at 10:00 a.m. and publish it to your WordPress done easy content bot. can also create tweets email them for approval and then post them it's really simple to set up first choose a trigger from the list then select an action to take so for example you can choose a day and time as your trigger then create a prompt like write me a blog post about the future of tech then choose where you want to post it and get this you can even double check the results for plagiarism just to keep the AI honest you can pretty much create any kind of content you want pretty much instantly it's pretty much magic if you're already picturing how this is going to transform your Biz don't wait click that buy now button and secure content bot.

A before it's gone for good want to see what else it can do let's go okay this next part is really cool it's content bot. A's CSV importer got a massive file with tons of data just drag drop and prompt the AI will be able to create content with the important columns it's great for automating tedious tasks like turning out loads of product descriptions or writing a bunch of SEO blog posts just import your file and map the fields now enter your prompt and Bam time saved and what if you never had to read through a giant PDF again content bot.

A got your back with file chat you can literally upload any PDF and content bot. aai will read it for you then all you got to do is ask which means means you can quickly extract locate and summarize documents in minutes and you only get the information you need without having to sort through the rest just upload a PDF and start chatting no more digging through reports content. has all the answers you need in seconds speaking of seconds this deal won't be live for much longer so hit that buy now button if you want to snag this lifetime deal on [Music] content. a

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