Automate Lead Enrichment and Prospecting with Databar

hey Sumo Lings it's Madison with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at datab bar a platform that can automate prospecting and data enrichment using over 120 data providers and AI templates meet datab bar the no code solution that automates list building enrichment and Lead qualification so you can focus on what truly matters growing your business datab bar is loaded with pre-built connectors that let you pull in data from business directories social social media search engines and hundreds of other data sources in real time you can grab data from places like HubSpot owler and Rocket reach all without coding a thing datab bar is loaded with hundreds of preconnected enrichments too so maybe you want some insight into a few companies in your target market just add a link to your table and data bar pulls in everything for you we're talking names logos descriptions employee list emails competitors you name it and it's all in real time so your data is always fresh and reliable plus you can make conditional formulas triggers and charts that update automatically pretty cool huh if you need to scrape a bunch of data from a website datab Bar's Chrome extension has your back just point and click on the info you want to send straight to your table from there you can enrich this info to get the most out of your data with the fine leads feature you can discover new markets qualify leads and automate data collection using pre-selected connectors and templates now now datab Bar's starter plan is pretty sick but if you want complete and total freedom upgrade to tier 2 you'll unlock 15,000 actions and unlimited tables perfect for startups agencies and sales teams that want to scale fast one of datab Bar's coolest features helps you enrich your spreadsheet with data Rich thirdparty sources you can even connect your own apis to run custom queries datab bar also leverages AI in your business you can classify and tag data generate custom prompts and soon you'll even be able to write personalized emails at scale so if you're over all of the lowquality leads and their lowquality data then you need data bar click buy now and start generating the kind of leads that actually grow your business and act fast because this deal is almost over add data bar to your Tech stack today [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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