Automate Repetitive Tasks on Any Website with ZeroWork

what's good Sumo Lings I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're checking out zero work a no code AI tool that lets you scrape data from any website as well as automate browser and social media activity wouldn't it be nice to automate all your grunt work like browsing and qualifying LinkedIn profiles filling out forms interacting with leads on social media well that's zero Works whole shtick and the best part is you'll never get banned for scraping or automating social media activity thanks to zero Works anti-bot detection prevention and Safeguard features plus it's 100% code free okay let's create a new automation AKA a taskbot you'll be able to configure task specific building blocks to get any job done for instance you can create task Bots that will automatically save posts from qualified leads on LinkedIn just upload your LinkedIn data set add set condition building blocks to qualify job titles that contain specific keywords like director VP and Senior manager your automations can even open profile links click on the latest posts and save them zero work makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks across every website so click that buy now button to add it to your text stack today all right let me show you how to add AI to any step in your automation let's say you want AI to generate personalized comments on LinkedIn posts just add the chat GPT building block prompted to reply and connect it to that LinkedIn automation we just built zero work will then save that new comment or you can have it automatically post the reply on LinkedIn that's pretty much as close to zero work as it gets oh and did I mention zero work's generous No Limits limits I'm talking unlimited runtime unlimited free scheduling every 5 minutes unlimited web Hooks and unlimited API calls plus zero work keeps your account safe with anti-bot and anti-spam prevention measures it also enables message limits word choice variations typing speed and step delay that way your automations simulate actual human behavior so you can automatically send messages like posts and leave comments on social media without getting flagged for botlike activity same goes for scraping data from LinkedIn profiles Facebook Facebook groups Google Business profiles and Amazon listings you can compare calculate and filter any data zero work works with Google Sheets and even offers native data tables which are similar to air table or zapier tables need I say more time to jump on this lifetime deal while you still can hit that buy now button to start using zero work today [Applause] [Music] [Applause] n

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