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how would you like to start earning done for you Amazon commissions while AI does absolutely everything for you what if you could just simply pick an Amazon product click a single button and let AI start creating commissions for you well that's exactly what the new autozon AI software is for with this new custom AI software absolutely everything is 100% done for for you all you need to do is simply pick an Amazon product that you want to start earning commissions on let the software go out and create all of your content for you let the software get your affiliate link for you and the software will even set up your complete commission site 100% done for you it will even provide you with a domain name and hosting so you don't have to worry about going out and spending more money or handling any of the technical aspects of the process and in just a couple of minutes you have your done for you commission generating Amazon site ready to go and start earning you those done for you Amazon commissions and once you have that up you can finally start generating some Amazon commissions and the great thing about this software is it is completely beginner friendly in fact it's so easy to use it only takes three simple Steps step one you simply log on to our online account access from there you just simply pick an Amazon product that you want to start earning commissions on and you let Auto on AI do all the work and what's great about this system is each product you choose is like a passive income seed that you're putting out there and each of those products grows your commission potential and what's really cool is you can use a software to plant as many of these as you want with almost absolutely no work so all you need to do is simply rinse and repeat the process to continue growing a larger and larger passive income stre stream with these done for you Amazon Commissions in fact you can earn your first Commission in the next 15 days and that is something we guarantee with the autozon AI product now how can we guarantee this because the software is a custom AI specifically formulated for generating Amazon commissions because what it allows you to do is perfectly Target people in the buying process so if we're thinking about earning Amazon commissions when do we want to Target people well of course when they're ready to buy and that's exactly what the software does so how does it do that well it targets people in two different points of their buying process number one what do people do when they're ready to buy an Amazon product well they go out and they look for reviews of that Amazon product and with autos on AI it will create 100% done for you reviews of Amazon products so you have that content ready and waiting for them they read your review they click your affiliate link which the software automatically generates for you and you earn a commission the second one is people will also go out and look for the top products in certain Niche markets again this is completely done for you with the autozon software all you do is simply enter in a niche market and it'll go out and generate the content for you with a detailed article on the top five products in that market so again that content is ready for them when they're searching it they come to your site the software has generated all your affiliate links and when they click on one of those you earn an Amazon commission so the software is specifically geared to get people exactly when we want them when they're ready to purchase so you can earn that commission and it does it all 100% done for you and the entire software is point-and-click simple but just in case you need more help we also have full training on this entire process ready for you so you can learn more about how to use the software what products to Target and how to best get results as fast as possible possible by going through our training so if you're ready to start earning some done for you Amazon commissions go ahead and grab your copy now you'll get instant access to our online software once you're inside the software again all you need to do is choose a product click one button and let the software create it all for you it doesn't get any easier than this to create Amazon commissions so again if you're ready to go out there and start earning some commissions grab your copy now and get started and you'll have your first s up up by later today ready to start earning you commissions all right I want to walk you through how easy it is to get started with the autozon AI software and starts earning some Amazon affiliate commission so I'm inside the dashboard here again this is an online app so after you purchase you will have a login you simply log into your account and all I need to do is click on create website and I give my site a name so I'm going to name mine smart home the site title is smart home and all I have to do is click the add button and my entire site has now been built that easy from there all we need to do is pick some Amazon products that we would like to start earning commissions on so I click on write a product review I simply put in the URL of the product I want to promote so for this example it's a ring video doorbell I am going to call it ring video doorbell review I hit generate and I let the software do absolutely everything for me so you can see just like that it has gone ahead and created all of the content for me and the best part is it's actually put my affiliate Link in here as well so my affiliate link is already there ready to go and at any time I can add this in as many places as I want so let's say I want it up here in the start again I already have the affiliate link ready to go I just pop it in there from there we can choose a featured image so we can search via pixabay which will give us access to over 4 million different images we can use on our site they're all free to use or we can choose our own so let's say an upload an image I click create article and just like that it is ready to go in addition to that if we don't want to promote an individual product we want to promote a niche we can come to the product Roundup so here all I do is I put in a product keyword so let's say I do video doorbells best video doorbells our top five I hit generate and it's the same process the software is going to go out and create that all for me so you can see that has been created so it went out and it found the best five products on Amazon again it's going to give us our affiliate link for each of those five so everything is done for us it also suggested a title so we can use that title up here if we would like for this example I'm just going to keep the title I have again I can give it a featured image I hit create article and I'm done and ready to go so now if we go look at our site you can see it brought in in each of those that we just created put the featured image in here again the entire site was also set up by the software I didn't have to do anything to have the site set up everything is completely generated by the software if we go ahead and look at one of these posts you can see again we have the featured image in here we have our title and then we have our affiliate link so if somebody clicks this goes to Amazon and purchases of course I am going to earn that commission so again everything is completely done for me and at any point of course I can come back here and generate more and more reviews I can pick as many products as I want and just continue to grow the site so that is how easy it is to get started with the autozon AI software

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