Best Content Creator 2020 – Goodbye Content Samurai, Hello Vidnami – Review & Tutorial

So it's Opi here, I just wanted to do a swiftly run through a process whereyou can actually compile videos. I know a lot of people who are sort of influencers, regional marketers, regional business owners. Anyone who wants to make a shortvideo has a few different options. Right. And I wanted to sort of run that past youon what are your alternatives? What are the softwares that can be used. So let's just get right to it. So the most wonderful and most simplest way isto give your phone and start chronicle. Right. This is the most low costexercise in doing it.So you merely grab your phone, any smartphone with, with a respectable camera. Most telephones these days dohave kind of a decent camera. If you really want to be erudite, you can sort of turn your cameraaround and use the back camera. What I've done in the past is actuallybought myself a street, Mic, uh, which is they just a lapelMic, the label is called Rode. Plug that into the jack now and gave it upon a lapel and a better quality of the microphone is really, really good quality. Um, the downfall is if you've gotan iPhone, plainly there's no Jack, so you can use your AirPods, and I'm sure that'll work fine. So quite easy, straightforward.You can do that anywhere. The downfall is you have to be sortof confident in being able to talk in front of a camera andand carry on that dialogue. And clearly, I'm not the panel of experts. I merely do it because, you know, whatever. Right, you know, do it a few timesand you might get the hang of it. So this is the most, easiest and simplest action. I recommend you try thismethod if you don't want to. There's obviously otheroptions that I wanted to explore with you. So the next alternative might be. If this thing directs. Is to write a script, right? So you write a script, what you wantto do, what you want to sort of, communicate to your audienceand you can start getting a prompter. So I've got a I went down this route aswell, so I terminated up buying a teleprompter of eBay, terminated up costingme about 250 dollars.I literally employed it once to utter promovideo for my regional marketing business. It was good.It was nice. And I realise it merely wasn't for me. I can't stick with a script. I couldn't follow it. Um, for some people, it wreaks great. And I know a great deal of people who use a really, really well and theirvideos are actually professional. For me personally, it time wasn't my thing, but to get it set up, as I said for me, the tele the teleprompter itself, the actual unit itself wastwo hundred fifty dollars.Then I purposed up exercising a tablet to throw it on the bottom to reflect backdownloaded a simple program. Pressplay , so if you've got a tablet once, that's not goingto cost you the phone. If you wanted to use a phone, it's going to be too small. You truly is necessary in order a respectable sized tabletto actually put under the teleprompter. And and then that would be in front.Uh, sorry. That would go, um.So I'm just trying to picture go in the figurehead and on the back of that would be the camera, so I have to sort ofimagine how it would actually operate. And for that one, you wouldneed a professional camera. So either an SLR or a dedicatedvideo camera and a regular iPhone or an Android phone isn't going to cut itbecause you're going to get thoughts. It's going to be far away.It's not going to it's not going to work. So this process, even though the quality of production caliber itselfis going to be professional. It's it's a costly exercise, so the camera that I've got I necessitate, I've got an SLR and a proper video camera, but I bought that for sort of otherpurposes that I that I that I need. So I had them anyway. So it wasn't an additionalsort of expenditure for me. But if you're sort of buying this justfor realizing videos, actually think about it. You know, think about if you want to godown this path, maybe even get get one of your friends or a colleague'scamera and try it out and see if you wanted to go down this path before youactually devote a couple of thousand dollars buyinga proper camera, because that's that's going to be the mostexpensive piece of equipment.They're not actually the teleprompter itself should have actuallymade that clear from the start, because, as I said, the Android phone or a regular iPhone isnot going to it's not going to work. Um, so, as I said, the initial penalty is going to be high, but it's organized and it'sgoing to be a professional video. So in terms of professionalism, so the alternative number two is going to be the way to go if you wantto go down that footpath. The quickest and easiest highway isbasically to write a script. Same thing again, you're writing a scriptand uploaded to a, uh, a program that can actually eithertranscribe the, it's not transribe, either the text of this speechfor you or you can actually. Talk about what you're going to read out, what you're what you've already written, so I use a program called Vidnamiand that stands for Video Tsunami. So they've sort of taken the words video and a tsunami and combinedit together to form Vidnami.And it's a bit of a little of a eerie parole, um, sort of grown on me now. But previously, you guys know these company, this companionship has been around for. More than a decade, right, I think there have been around for more than a decade, so the original parentcompany is Noble Samurai, who came up with Market Samurai, which was a, um, keyword search tool. So for those who have been in the marketing gap, who have who are familiar with the Noble Samurai, uh, you know, that company's been around for a while.And I'm not sure if, Dr. Anthony Fernando, which is available on the on thephoto now, was the original proprietor. He might be so, you know, maybe “re looking for” that, but. But he's the guy who clearly kind of does the marketing stuff, and I think he's the founder of this corporation as well, and it's a solid platformI've personally been using for a while. The word was ContentSamurai for many years now. They've officially switchedit over to Vidnami.I don't know why? I don't really help, but they've sort of doing a promo at the moment exactly to doin the name of the name deepen. And they've released a wholebunch of peculiarities, so. This is the quickest way of doing things, quickest room of going videos out, especially if you just wanted to getvideos done in social media.You've got the option of notbeing on camera like I am now. You can write a script or you can dictate a write. So I've done that before as well. So if you wanted to don't you don'treally want to type a script. I've take my phone out, download an app where it does textto pronunciation, discussion to text, always get them mixed up, speech to text, and then you make that textbook, upload it to a program like with Vidnami, and then it automatically sort of bringsin the relevant epitomes for you and you can upload what you'vebeen saying as well. So it's awesome. So let me give you a quicktutorial on how the present working. But those are the three alternatives. So, you know you know howto do the first option.I've already show you how to do that. Grab the camera and start recording. The second option is a bit more expensive.It's worthwhile. But again, don't do that approach unless you're sure you're going to actually startmaking a lot of videos. That alternative is the quickestand simplest way. The is why I said it's one of the quickest and simplest waysI've recently discovered another method which I'll cover in another video, which I think is as as speedy. Um, they both got the advantages. But the reason why I'm sharing this one isat the moment is because I still use this and it's quite effective. And appropriate tools that they haveand the dominance of the A.I. is amazing. So let me run it past you right now. So here “theres going”. Here's the software itself, you basically click on, start video and you've got a few optionsright on the left hand side, you have to sort of decide, are you makingan influencer, the video material video? Are you doing an ad, some sort of ad on Facebook and Instagramads, whatever you want to make.Sales video, so, uh, there's a entire assortment of marketings videos, specially if “youre ever”, you know, a manager or you're selling something. These are a good tool. Another one that I've liked and I'vereferred this to a lot of real estate agent friends that I've actually gotis these dimension videos. So if you've got a if you're a real estate agent or you're in theproperty recreation at all, this is so simple to mostly get your photographer to go out to the site, take a whole bunch of professional video, uh, shots or videos, upload them in here, write a few oaths. Um, basically, you are familiar with, saying what each slide is, is a showingand you end up having a one to two to three minute video that youcan actually uploaded to YouTube. Connect that to social media or your website or the listings or anyreal estate website that you want. So these are the few options. OK, so let metry and quickly present you something.OK, so what I've been using recently is. I'm going to look I'm just going to go with this one for the time being, I'm going to use this template. I'm going to say. Secret and give me a moment, let me just pause this and I'llget a script in really a second. So as an example of basically takinga script now, glued it and let's see what this comes back with, would go create backgrounds. Now it's mostly going out and analyzing all the words, ending each, uh, each of the textbook into, individual slithers. And depending on the slides, it'sactually putting an appropriate image. So, you know, the secret.So this is thisslide pack is about the secret. I'm sure you've speak the book, written by Rhondda. So is that good enough likenes? So maybe yes, perhaps no. So if we want to search for another word.All right. OK, trade secrets. Let's see what comes up. Yes, examine, “youre seeing” people sighing, in fact, you can actually get the bookcover itself, the original volume plow. And upload it, OK, if you go, and that's a pretty cooland you can get videos as well. There you go.That's pretty cool, so the next one. He would go and it goes with the narrative. OK, so with this, it's automatically initiated 66 slips sofar of 66 mass and what your job now is to mostly go through this and seeif each slide. Correlates with the imagethat the A.I. please choose. OK, that's what you're trying to do. So in such cases, I'm just going to go more. Look, still further, that feeling place on, right? Next one, I'm going to go over all being, well, lowest yet, I'm not going to be too picky around this, but exactly to sortof show you guys what's going on.When her daughter contributed centuries. OK, so this is probably not it, but then again, you can have on this instance, I'mgoing to write all bible, OK, aged work. Old book Go. There we go, probably better. So I've got the option of choosing a clip, which is a small video or an imageon this, in such cases, it's an old diary. There you go.So that's probably a better image unclick. Anyway, let's simulated it's done, so I get, I've go the time to go through this, the next step is so it's a cycle. So we start with the template initially into the script and wego through the incident. So these are the scenes.The next persona is the voice. So what I love about this isyou've got the option of. Recording your expres, you know, utilizing a camera or using your laptop, um, microphone, or you can do audio voice, I detected this recently and I cherish it because, you know, you canget the computer to get it on. So will vary depending on. You know where you're from, you can so you've got the USA accent, uh, United kingdom government and Australia. So three alternatives, which I betI'm going to go with. I can't remember I guess Heidi was a good example, and my identify is Heidi and I wouldlove to read the script for your video. So sit back, loosen and not too bad, right? OK.So here we go, and all I didwas basically say immense video. So this is going to take some time. OK. And then formerly it's said and done, you preview the video, see if you're happy with it, if you're not happy with it, you basically going to go and revise the scenesand you time keep going back and forth. You may need to do this a couple of times initially sort of to work out whathow the program sort of organizes the contents and how the expres sortof interacts with the verse and so forth.But once you do it a couple of times, it's it's becomes fairly seamless and thenyou really download it as an MP for a while. That's it. Again, what I love aboutthis is the voice. Either you can read it or personal computers speaks it for youand with the accents, it's awesome. You've got the Aussie, the United Commonwealth or United kingdom government, and they're pretty cool. I think that's all I wanted to cover, but this is a tool that I've been using for several years and they'reconstantly supplementing new pieces. And the reason why I've beenemphasizing this whole auto reading thing is that'sa quite a brand-new piece. Um, and. Yeah, you can pump outvideos quite quickly. Look, we've been waiting and it's done.Here “theres going”. And I forgot to mention, you can adda whole bunch of music to this as well.So depending on theme that “youve had”. So you can sort of. Add an appropriatemusic so you can choose a genre, classical, folk, whatever, and. And choice that sort of music thatyou're in the mood for. You can change that.Hold on. You can if it's too loud. So I've noticed a couple of timesit's become too loud for me and you go to alternatives. Music volume eight percenttoday, percentage, which is lower. Uh, you can reduce that tosix or seven or whatever you want. Um, lastly, the sea tag, so when you're uploading anything onto YouTube, it is worthwhile, you contributing your own watermark, which is a logo or an icon, just sort of keeps you, uh, unique and separate so no oneelse can rip off your videos. So I highly recommend you do that. Click on Watermark, upload it and it'llbe there on all of your moves. And if you're happy with that, “theres going” appears good and you export it out. If it's not, you canmanually adjust everything. Um, otherwise precisely keep going backand forth and fiddle around it.There's a lot of amusing. You might get addictedto playing around with this. Um, but that's it. That's all I wanted to cover. So if you do want to grab this app, feel free to leavethe link on the description. It is an affiliate link, so I will get a small commission on that. You can buy me a coffee, but, um, I hope this video has been helpful. If you've got any questions, let me know. Uh, I'm just trying to think if I've included everything that you need to know aboutthis and any other video creation. Um, one thing I should sort of be up front. On a large scale work, I use Final Cut Pro, which is which is sort of a Macsoftware, but it's very oversized. Right. Unless you're doing large-scale, large-scale productionsort of thing, it's not worthwhile. I that's why I sort of desire this program. It's on the shadow and it's asset. Light-colored because it's running on a browser, doesn't use my computer as a resource because whenever I roll final slash pro here, it it kills everything and it's a whole.Yeah, it exactly kills a remembrance, kills everything, but, you know, it is what it is, sometimes you have to end upusing that pile for everyday abuses. Those who aren't that tech savvy, I woulddefinitely recommend this software. Um, uh, as I said recently, I have use started abusing anotherone as an addition to this. I'll include that in another video. But let me know if you have any questions.Thank you very much. All the very best ..

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