Boost Content Engagement, Readability, and Conversions Using Textmetrics SME

what's happening Sumo Lings I'm Chris with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at text metrics SME the AI writing assistant that optimizes your content to boost readability engagement and conversions for your target audience it doesn't matter how great your content is if nobody's finding it that's why text metrics smes key feature is the SEO module thanks to machine learning and natural language processing it can analyze your content performance and identify areas for improvement in real time like a marketing consultant without a personality text metrics SME will glance over your digital shoulder and analyze keywords in your headlines as well as layouts in your content to make sure it Stacks up against the competition if you want to boost content engagement for your target audience right now then close this video and hit the buy button now for everybody else let's dive back in that's on the micro scale on the macro scale textmetrics SME also offers page trackers with this tool you you can track overall keyword histories domain rankings and search volume so you can see exactly how your content is performing so regardless of what industry you're in text metrics SME will help you find the online attention you deserve now it does matter if everybody can find your content and it stinks but that's why the readability AI guarantees quality content this AI will make sure your content is readable and engaging for your target audience it'll fish out stuff like super long sentences which you can either rephrase or simplify using your new AI assistant when it comes to dotting your eyes and crossing your t's text metrics SME can help you with that too by suggesting new grammar catching sneaky typos and providing overall structural suggestions just like your third grade teacher but without the homework assignments your only assignment is to boost that content engagement oh and all you have to do is Click buy now and you get that a plus foreign [Music]

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