Boost Engagement and Lead Capture with Webbotify

how it do Sumo Lings I'm Jay with app Sumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're diving into web Bodify the chat gbt powered chatbot service that boosts visitor engagement captures more leads and communicates in over 95 languages just imagine having a smart multilingual assistant that works around the clock to engage your visitors capture more leads and answer tough queries oh right that's web bif's whole bag and creating your first chatot is easy just click create and enter your website URL web Bodify will then scrape every single page on your website to learn about your business to personalize your Bot give it a name pick a color and upload your brand logo then click create chatbot and select your industry boom you'll see your chatbot cooking on the dashboard the sources features will show you which Pages your chatot is digesting to train itself in real time if you want to further train it you can add links files or text for hypers specific queries if you're chopping at the bit to boost engagement and capture more leads click that buy now button but if you want to see more then I've got lots to show you you can further customize your chatbot to capture emails enable human handoffs and display a friendly welcome message you can also use Smart prompts to engage customers by displaying popular queries once you've saved your changes it's time to demo your chatbot you can interact with it just like a customer would to test the email capture Grill it with challenging questions and workshop your smart prompts now I know what you're thinking won't customers get frustrated if they're only dealing with chat Bots not with Bodify customers can request to talk to a human or use Smart prompts at any time customer reps can then easily join chats using the chat history feature where they can see the entire chat history and immediately respond if you're a global brand your chat bot supports over 95 languages and will automatically respond in a user's preferred language and if you don't understand a user's language you can use live translate to automatically translate anything okay there are three more features that you need to see one you can customize your chat tone with the system prompt feature two you can tweak your chat bot's creativity level using the creativity feature and for all you e-commerce peeps you can integrate your chatbot with Shopify the track orders feature will notify users with their order status so you don't have to answer questions about order updates wheo that's a whole lot of awesome features and you only have a short window to grab this lifetime deal on web Bodify so click that big yellow bot and out button while you still [Music] can a

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