Boost Engagement On Your WordPress Sites Using PostX

what's up sumo Lings I'm Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at postex the gutenberg-based WordPress plugin packed with Dynamic post grids gorgeous templates and a quarry filter for maximum search and archival when you open up postex you'll find more than 40 blocks and 250 unique patterns that can be used just like any other Gutenberg blog Builder you can mix match and test out elements with this Dynamic drag and drop tool when you inevitably find something you really like you can save your work as a new template and generate a shortcut that's going to save you a ton of time in the future with your custom new site or blog and real quick I want you to know that postex offers seamless Integrations with popular plugins like Elementor Divi rank math and oxygen now I know what you're thinking you want me to stop talking so you can just click the buy now button all right now for the other people who haven't bought yet whether you're trying to just create posts front pages or an entire online magazine post X will walk you through everything let's say you want to create a show-stopping front page you can import your template with just one click all your design style and Alignment options are available here it's all easily adjustable with drag and drop drop downs and slider scales but here's what separates post decks from the rest of the blog platforms the advanced query Builder if you want to create the ultimate search and filter experience for your readers so they can easily find and read content this is your tool post X's Advanced query Builder allows users to sort posts and Pages based on categories tags or a unique tailored combo of the two and the quick query feature lets you create popular random related and recent post sections it's super Dynamic too now you can easily exclude posts so you don't want to display stop post repetition on multiple post sections and easily reorder posts based on criteria title and publish date did I mention the chat GPT integration that lets you generate content right from your WordPress dashboard and finally Feast your eyes on this brand spanking new homepage for categories tags and archive Pages you can import one from postex or create your own from scratch just like the rest of the platform everything is customizable and let's check out a category page just for good measure gorgeous just gorgeous you seem totally ready to boost engagement on your WordPress site and revamp your Gutenberg ecosystem so click that buy now button already [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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