Build Better Native Apps ASAP Using Nowa (Zero Coding!)

what's happening Sumo links I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at NOAA the no code platform that makes creating mobile web and desktop apps way faster and more intuitive switching between traditional code and no code tools means your app's design and functionality are severely limited but no one lets you build apps with and without code and you'll never lose any customization NOAA gives you the perfect canvas to build your dream app whether you're creating for mobile web or desktop when it comes to the UI design features everything is drag and drop you can customize any element of your app and create custom widgets using the toolbar if you want to focus on any one of those elements just duplicate it then you can dive deeper into the specific element on the right and work alongside your outline this functionality makes NOAA work like figma but instead of only ending up with design mockups you get real app UI with the code already implemented if you're ready to build your best native app in Rec record time just hit that buy now button for everybody else let's keep the party going after you build your design it's time to add unique logic to the elements but instead of writing code which you can totally do you can assign functionality for every single one of your elements from a drop down menu that includes things like the image headline or body text and let's just say we want everything to be clickable and actually lead somewhere too after you select the functionality NOAA will actually structure all the data for you using airtable which is how you'll create your own custom API without touching any code on this data Builder canvas linking all your elements and their functionalities is easy rather than staring at a whole bunch of code you can visualize your entire app right here and when you finally press play you see your application working in any format you choose scroll both horizontally and vertically it's all responsive clickable and ready for prime time now you just need to click buy now unless you want to spend months trying to build a native app all by yourself you don't okay ran it I ran the gamut like like a hamlet like Hamlet like handling I'm rambling I'm rambling with the Camlin all right

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