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what's happening simulinks I'm Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at the no code customer engagement platform that helps you build powerful chat Bots with Native video for lead gen sales and customer support like all good things no code it starts with a few strong templates luckily with there's over 30 of them to choose from Once you pick your fade we's builder takes you through its four main stages conversation where you can build your conversation flow using conditional logic design where you create a unique chat bot and can even include native video and finally settings which include customizations like notifications for video chat and live chat Bots as well as a custom welcome screen now if you're like me you're doing a double take all that plus a custom welcome screen with the chat bot yep and you get different conversation starter cards knowledge bases and meeting schedulers a okay I know some of y'all already want this supper so just click that buy now button for everybody else let's get back to the flow speaking of which did I mention that the bot Builder has a previewer and flow chart and did I mention it's all no code when you're done choosing from 17 components like human takeover multiple choice email request link sharing and file uploading you're ready to preview this bad boy now you'll have a very powerful vantage point for decision making and testing and with great power comes great responsibility which is why it's my responsibility to zoom in on a few more key features first off's native video chat technology you can add it anywhere in the conversation flow along with screen sharing both sides of the chat conversation staff and users can toggle the mic and camera on or off at any time so just think of the Endless use cases for sales and customer support here reconnects agent dashboard also allows customer and sales support staff to easily take over the conversation using live or video chat during a conversation staff can take notes or qualify Visitors by entering specific data and just to add a little cherry on top check out's proactive video feature this unique feature lets you use welcome messages to engage customers or show the faces behind your business just one more thing before I head out make sure to click that buy now button if you're ready to boost your legion sales and customer support [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause]

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