Create “Predictive Workflows” For Your Biz with TaskMagic

hey sumolings it is Chris here with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at task magic a powerful productivity tool that creates the most impactful automations for your business without any coding or confusing apis there's a lot of AI powered automation tools out there but there's nothing quite like task magic the beauty is in its Simplicity picture this you're about to start work for the day but just before you do you hit record on your task magic dashboard now you just gotta do what you normally do in task magic records analyzes and creates automation specifically for your tasks it's called predictive workflows in its genius no coding needed just do the thing you want while task magic watches in the automation appears if Harry Potter can send all those books flying back on the Shelf with a simple spell then you can perfect your workflows with task magic but you don't need to learn any spells for this lifetime deal just hit buy now to grab yours today task magic is built for tasks that traditional automation tools can't handle like clicking typing copy and pasting it's like you're literally cloning yourself once you have some automations you can create triggers that run at specific times which means you can do other stuff during like calling your mom back or getting a couple solid push-ups in of course you can make multiple automations in workspaces for your Biz and everything is super easy to organize and if you're worried about team collaboration don't stress task magic offers unlimited team invites so you can bring anyone you want into the Inner Circle secret handshakes not included this is the easiest way to automate repetitive tasks for your business do the task once and then never do it again trust me when I say task magic won't be this price for long so now is the best time to say yes and kick your productivity into overdrive just click that big yellow buy now button to get your lifetime deal today [Music] thank you [Music]

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