Create the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Content with Tuney

what up sumo links it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today I'm showing you how to use toony the AI powered platform that lets creators generate customize and sync brand new soundtracks to their video content zero audio editing skills required ever wanted to have a grammy-nominated producer on your team working 24 7. well Tunis kind of like that it uses Advanced AI to generate and customize high quality music that you can use wherever you need it no more worrying about copyright claims everything you create is a hundred percent yours check it out you start by picking a moon need chill beats for your mindfulness video or maybe some energetic pop for your new product launch just click on a mood and boom toony generates infinite Tunes curated just for you nice once you've been attracted slaps that's when the real magic begins wait before we dive into that if you're already feeling the Rhythm don't hold back click buy now and get your hands on tuning right now need more info okay and let's get back to the magic Tony can do some real unique editing for example you can adjust the length of any track from a 15 second jingle to an epic 5 minute Anthem all you have to do is move the slider and it's instantly generated and it gets even better you can pick exactly when you want the beat to drop just find a spot on the timeline and Tunis AI does the rest imagine uploading a video and syncing the beat drop with a 360 backwards dunk in your sports reel or with the Epic product reveal in your promo it's that easy you can add videos directly to tuning customize your music to match your content and Booyah perfectly synced royalty free audio ready to use whenever you need it once it's ready you can easily export the video and the custom soundtrack simultaneously all your tracks are downloadable and shareable with anyone did someone say unlimited royalty-free music at your fingertips yep I did just now but don't take my word for it give tony a whirl and make some sweet sweet music for your content starting today [Music] foreign [Music]

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