Create Your Own Client-Facing Portals Using Clinked

what's good Sumo links it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at clinked a white label portal software that merges secure document management with Advanced client collaboration and project oversight Clint is a Powerhouse portal that lets you manage customize and secure your business interactions like that let's kick things off with your dashboard this bad boy is the command center where you control every task every action and every notification and when I say control I'm talking full control the audit Trail section lets you filter search and monitor all portal activities invite who you want assign how you want build it how you want once you create a new client you can customize their home page however you want setup is super easy and once again you're the boss for every client you can decide which tools they can and can't use you decide who's going to be notified for what events and who's going to handle what tasks basically every feature you see is customizable and of course you can keep things on brand with company colors and logos I'm telling you clink looks so good you might have to double your rates after this ready to impress your clients click buy now and grab this limited time deal on clink today and hey if you want to learn more let's keep going from the client homepage you can add dashboards embed videos forms and a lot more and because some things need to be top secret clink makes it easy to share secure files with teammates or clients oh and your tasks automatically get linked to your calendar so you'll never have to worry about things slipping through the cracks Clint helps you get it done alright let's chat shortcuts just like bookmarks on your browser shortcuts give you quick access to URLs docs and events you access frequently it's still not impressed how about the group and one-on-one chat feature or document annotation what if I told you clink's got a mobile app ah now we're talking with Clint every one of your clients is going to be so impressed they'll probably start throwing roses or better yet higher payouts just got to click that yellow buy now button to claim your lifetime deal for Black Friday thank you foreign [Music]

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