Create Your Own White-label Site Builder with Lindo Ai

sup Sumo Lings I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at Lindo AI the AI platform that helps Freelancers and agencies create their own white label website Builders to service clients got an agency or freelance business that designs custom websites want to keep doing that with your own site Builder white labeled and everything then say hello to Lindo AI with this bad boy you'll be designing websites under your brand in no time actually let's just design one right now all you got to is describe the site you want so the AI can build it for you to start simply type your business name choose a temporary subdomain and click create you can then choose from Lindo ai's wide selection of AI Dynamic templates like local business pre-sale e-commerce and booking appointments after selecting a template just provide a full description of your client's business and Lindo aai will create the website in minutes wow that was quick if you want to create white label websites for your clients that fast just hit that that buy now button but if you stick around you'll get to see Lindo ai's customization and white label features let's take a quick look at an example website say you want to generate a website that books appointments Lindo AI will build all the pages in the pages dashboard when you click on the homepage and scroll down you'll see all the images text and FAQs based on your client's business same goes for the contact page about us page and the services page Lindo AI will even generate a Blog for your client to help boost SEO now with all that out of the way you'll get to edit and customize your website using Lindo ai's block-based editor you can customize the design using different fonts and colors plus you can automatically generate copy if you don't want to write it yourself there are also a thousand icons to choose from and millions of images to use in the royaltyfree library if you want to change the layout just choose your favorite layout in this toolbar all of these websites integrate with thirdparty apps to speed things up even more you can embed calendly to book appointments use tally to share survey forms and collect info or integrate lemon squeezy to process payments you can also embed testimonial blocks with services like Sanja or praise hiive or showcase your client's content by embedding YouTube and Spotify channels even better you can grant your clients white labeling permissions so they can edit things too and it won't take weeks or months of back and forth with developers this thing is going to impress the heck out of your clients believe me so if you're ready to bump up your rates hop on this lifetime deal but it's only around for a limited time so click that buy now button to start using Lindo AI [Music] today

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