DFY Prompt Review Webinar Replay Demo Bonus – Chrome Extension Write All Of Your Prompts For You

hello hello hello how's everyone doing today give me a one in the chat box if you can hear me okay how's it going Amanda always good to see you on here Alan Troy Jeff Russ Matthew Lee great to have all of you guys on here uh Russ is saying I hope you will be able to give me specific answers to all my questions yes I always try to do my best to get to all of the questions as you guys know so uh I sometimes try to pop in during the presentation to answer questions but for sure I do uh go through all questions towards the end so if I do miss your question at some point uh during the presentation then please repost it uh once we get to the Q a at the end but how many of you are excited for today's session give me a two in the chat box how's it going Barry Dean awesome perfect tons of twos coming in good crowd today I appreciate that uh now I will request as well uh I've been noticing lately over my last several um webinars that's people who are on uh mobile devices don't get the best experience and I thought it was just me but I spoke to a couple of my uh Partners as well to see if it was just me or my go-to webinar account and a couple of them recommended uh to request that anyone who is on a mobile device switch over to a desktop or a laptop computer if possible so that you can truly get the best experience that for some reason sometimes when uh people are on a mobile device trying to see the webinar things just act up more than uh being on a computer or a laptop so if you are on mobile and you have a few minutes to switch over to your laptop or your desktop computer please do so uh if you do want to get the best experience but besides that I'm excited to be on here with you guys as well to share with you this new app that we have been working on over the last couple of months and we did do a small opening to my own customer list as well and now we opened it up to more of a public release since we got such good results and such good positive feedback from the initial one we did want to give everyone a chance to get in here because right now obviously uh child GPT is hot gpt4 is hot and we want to make sure that we simplify all of that for you but I will be talking about all of that and breaking everything down for you guys uh so how's it going Ken from NYC Lee uh uh lee is saying why are San Diego oh yes if you are um for some reason using a malware software uh sendio does get uh you know a warning pop-up with that sometimes it's you know because it is an email I use do do use that for emailing so you know sometimes the malware flags that I'm not sure why I don't use uh malware software but yeah I I have seen that many people who do have malware software does get uh triggered with sendio for some reason um but yeah it is uh the top of the hour so uh we can go ahead and kick things off um see if there's any final questions all right uh so what uh you guys are here for is to see the live demo session of done for you prompt that is the name of our platform uh now before I uh jump into that I'll go through this quick slide real quick for any of you that are here for the first time on our live session with me uh let me get this out of the way my name is Joshua Zamora I dish start online in 2010 and I went full time in 2014.

Yes it took me four years of banging my head against the wall to figure this out all right but um thankfully I mean I figured it out and since then I've been able to sell over 10 million dollars online it's now close to about 12 so let's go ahead and uh update that uh but pretty much the reason it took me four years was because I knew nothing about the internet when I got started literally nothing I I even had to watch a tutorial video of someone walking me through how to buy my first domain name that's how much of a newbie I was when I first started I knew nothing okay so I went through the usual cycle that everyone goes through where you buy product at the product and you're just trying to figure things out and that's why you know it pretty much took me four years to uh get it figured out I didn't go to college but I consider that my college degree right there and lately I've been heavily focused uh on artificial intelligence we actually released our first AI content generation platform back in 2000 2018 so any of you on here that box with the first version of create uh thank you welcome and it's amazing where we are today with artificial intelligence as I was just saying um so this is going to be a live demo session of my new web app that instantly gives you chat GPT superpowers by writing all of your prompts for you okay so that you can finally take full advantage of this powerful AI technology without spending hours learning how to write prompts yourself or buying used to this Excel sheet of prompt packages uh now be honest with me guys and and don't feel you know shy or anything if you have done this but how many of you have actually bought uh some uh training on how to use chat GPT or how many of you have actually bought some prompt packages that ended up just being total junk give me A2 in the chat box and I'll show you I'll show you an example because I fell for a couple of them as well all right um yeah someone's waiting on chat gpt4 yeah absolutely um here look this is what those uh prompt packages look like just in case you've been thinking about buying some um after you see our app obviously you won't have to but this is just an idea of what these look like it's literally the same thing written over and over and over again and all they're doing is just copy finding replacing copy finding replacing uh so there literally it's they're they're useless anyone can write these things you know it's literally the same if you look here it's the same beginning over and over and over again okay and to think that we actually paid for this all right and the same thing here okay like it's the same exact prompt written over and over and over again they're just you know reusing uh the second half so uh that is uh you know obviously something that you guys should not be doing okay and and once you see our new app uh you're gonna be able to take a a breath of fresh air and realize that you don't need to buy those anymore you don't need to buy training programs anymore uh you're going to be able to harness the power of chat GPT without the Steep learning curve uh our app instantly gives you chat gbt superpowers by writing all of your prompts for you you'll never have to spend money on another how-to guide for chat GPT ever or any upcoming gpt4 uh how-to guide because you can rest assured that there are going to be a ton of that as well just like there was with chat GPT and for good reason I mean I don't blame people for doing that because it does take some skill to figure out how to use these platforms okay it's not uh something that you know anyone can just jump in and start using but you will be able to stop buying all those Excel sheets as well our app does all of the hard work for you so that you can become an instant chat GPT expert and this is a first of its kind chat gbt supercharger unlike anything else out there all right our web app instantly turns you into a Chachi BT expert in under two minutes by following three simple steps all right and step number one you're pretty much gonna install our Chrome extension app so it does work with chrome and it literally takes under two minutes to get this up and running and I've been comparing it to the scene from The Matrix when Neo gets plugged into the training machine and he instantly has all kinds of knowledge uploaded to his brain and if you guys remember that movie he just like you know he's he's beside himself wow how instantly he's just boom knows all of this information okay and then in step two you're pretty much going to open the chat gbt playground and this is where you're gonna be able to prepare yourself to witness some awesomeness okay uh this is again kind of like when you're sitting in the training machine and within minutes you are now an expert at chat GPT okay and here you are pretty much waiting to go against Morpheus again after your newfound knowledge so if you guys remember the movie when he first goes in he gets his butt kicked by Morpheus and then when he goes back in after with all this new knowledge he kind of puts up a much better fight all right um and then in Step number three uh you're gonna be able to let oh you let our app write all of your prompts for you for all of your needs all right and the good thing is that once you're on step number three from the moment you completed the first two steps only about three to four minutes have passed literally and this is how quick this happens and here in step three you are now on instant chat gbt expert just like Neo was when they loaded the Jiu Jitsu disc into his brain okay you are now equipped with all of the dump for you prompts that you need to have any content written for you all right literally any kind of content chat GPT um this is you know one thing that I mentioned already it's a cold hard truth that chat GPT is extremely powerful but it also has a steep learning curve that's one thing that not many people have mentioned is that it you know it it is difficult to um to figure out which is why so many training programs are being released so many uh pre-written prompt packages are being released because it's not the easiest tool on the planet to use even though it's extremely powerful okay uh so like I said it's undoubtedly powerful but the average person does not possess the skills to use it to its true potential even myself I struggle to use chat GPT because uh although I do know how to write a copy I I struggle to write prompts okay so done for you problems something that I actually built uh to help me out as well okay because yeah could anyone use it to write a funny story to impress your friends I'm sure you guys have seen many people doing this they'll use it uh you know have it write something funny post it on their timeline and get a good kick out of it and impress their friends all of that uh you've probably also seen people use it to answer some you know extremely complicated question and it actually got the right answer all right yeah that's impressive that's really really cool you know that's really what's like helped it to go viral as well the fact that it's past uh you know the the the bar exam and uh medical exams and all these different things uh that really are impressive you know it gets people talking all right and could you know I'm sure many of you have also seen it uh write lyrics to a cool song and then you can also take that and record it using an AI voice you know all these cool little things that it has caused chat CPT to go viral okay uh but my question is and what we're here to talk about today is what happens when it comes to using it to write content for you that actually puts money in your pocket because that's what you guys are here for okay you are here to uh figure out okay this is a powerful piece of technology number one how can I use it and number two how can I use it to put money in my pocket okay how can you use it to grow your business how can you use it to grow your clients businesses and how can you use it to get more traffic more leads and more sales all right because that is when things really get complicated that's when real skills are needed to harness the true power of chat GPT right but I I personally don't think it should be that way and you guys shouldn't feel that way either okay you should not uh be having to uh invest all this time effort and energy to learn how to use this okay what is the point of having access to such powerful artificial intelligence if it takes you hours upon hours to learn how to use it effectively all right you shouldn't have to buy training programs okay you shouldn't have to buy a bunch of prompt packages to be able to use this all right you should be able to go in use this right out of the gate uh you know within minutes of opening it all right if it's that powerful on the front end why couldn't they have made it that much easier to use it as well so that the average person can take advantage of it all right and unfortunately that's where they failed okay because the tool as powerful as chat GPT should be easy to use for everyone and that's exactly what we've done with our app okay done for you prompt is the first web app to truly level the playing field for harnessing the power of chat GPT okay and that's uh pretty much what I just I'm sure many of you have realized this give me a two in the chat box if you've uh gone into chat GPT and you're just like all right where do I go from here how do I use this thing like give me a tune in the chat box perfect awesome Jeff is saying awesome that's why I'm here one and done yeah absolutely that's how things should be and and um myself and our team as software creators we kind of understand that we always try to build something that the average person can go in and start using it without having to watch hours of tutorial videos if you buy and buy any of my products you'll see that there's usually very little tutorial videos in there because we try to make everything as simple as possible and you know it's just it shouldn't be complicated yeah absolutely so a bunch of twos coming in praveena is asking can this uh write articles for blogs yes absolutely so I'm going to show you how all of this works now so uh who's ready to see this insane AI in action give me a three in the chat box all right we're gonna jump right into it we're not gonna waste any time talking too much about small talk I already said what I wanted to say and you guys pretty much already understand that chat gbt is uh complicated it is it does have a steep learning curve and you are here to figure out how to streamline that process okay perfect let's go ahead and open this up uh here is chat GPT now I do have the plus level for it uh so it might look a little bit different uh than your side and I do recommend upgrading to it um which gives you a bit faster speed and more priority and all those different things and it's about 20 bucks a month but if you have the free one that's okay no need to upgrade if you don't want to but now uh you'll see that here at the top right it might be a little bit tough for you guys to see but here is our Chrome extension that allows you to take full advantage of uh chat GPT without having to learn anything or you know write and you know write any or use any pre-written uh prompts or any of that and one thing is that you'll see that look how blank uh and how simple and how just like you know where do I go from here type of screen this is there is no tutorials there is nothing when you get your account created this is what you're presented with all right this you know you kind of have to figure out where to click all right the only here it says new chat you know that's pretty much uh you know obviously what kind of guides you towards where to go but besides that there's nothing else okay which is insane to me how they couldn't even put one tutorial or one pop-up that says you know start here or start here okay literally nothing it's insane all right so that's why we built uh done for you prompt so that you can click this one button here and now you have all of your uh templates to go from that will write you perfectly written prompts to get any sort of uh content written for you so someone asked about Praveen asked about uh blog content so look at this right here we have uh everything split up into categories so if you want content marketing we have multiple different options here you can have it write a list of facts about a specific subject uh headline variations um list uh listical posts from topics so it can create a list type of blog posts which are very very powerful I'm sure you guys have read uh one yourself like five ways to make money online five ways to weight those type of uh articles still pull a ton of traffic okay you can have it generate a blog post uh from a specific title uh a blog post from a specific topic or Niche a post from a post title from um excuse me generate titles for existing content so if you already have a blog post that you've written before in the past and you need to write a catchy uh SEO uh title it'll do that for you as well uh you can have it right uh generate titles for existing content while targeting a specific keyword okay so if you are doing uh SEO you can use this and have it Target a specific keyword as well generate titles based on a niche generate titles based on the niche targeting a specific keyword all right rewrite existing text in a style that fits your target audience so this is very powerful as well so if you see a piece of content out there that you like but it kind of doesn't speak to your specific audience you can have it Rewritten so that it does speak to your target audience you can have it write a step-by-step guide as well okay so if you are wanting to build your list and you want to generate an e-book okay we have a pre-written prompt in here that will write a step-by-step guide but let me show ahead go ahead and show Praveen um how you can have it write a blog post for you so here all you have to do is click that option so you wanted to write a blog post on a specific Niche topic just click this and write in what you wanted to write about so let's do cryptocurrency as an example all right since that is always relevant especially with uh this bank that just went under and you know people moving their money to crypto and all these different things uh but look how look how awesome this is okay within a few seconds I was able to use done for you prompt in conjunction with chat gbt and all I had to do was type in one word okay one word and I was able to get this amazing piece of content and what happens is that prompt that is needed to get this quality content was sent directly to uh chat GPT as soon as I hit OK and it started writing for me and look at what it wrote okay obviously you guys know that this is going to be amazing so I'll just read a little bit of it because Chad the uh wow factor of chat GPT is already cemented I don't really need to impress you about that I just want to impress you on how easy it is for you to use use chai GPT now that you have something that can write your prompts for you so it wrote the title for us as well so cryptocurrency a comprehensive guide to understanding the digital Assets in the past decade the concept of cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular with many people investing in digital assets Crypt cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography for security and operates independently of central banks and this blog post we will explore what cryptocurrency is how it works and its advantages and disadvantages and then it goes into exactly that all right and this seems to be roughly I would say about what maybe five six hundred words uh so you can from this point copy this prompt uh excuse me copy this response if you feel that it's a good fit and then bring it over to your blog and get it published if it doesn't quite fit what you're looking for we did add the option here for you to repeat this prompt and get a different and a different response but is there anyone on here that can't do that that you can't click one button up here done for you prompt open it up type in one word and have something like this written for you quality blog post that you can actually write a copy and post on your blog yeah absolutely uh someone's saying this is insane easy peasy super simple and Brilliant yeah absolutely but let's dive a little deeper okay because that's just the content side of it okay and I showed you all of these different things uh here as well so let's go ahead and generate some post titles from a niche so let's do the same thing crypto currency click ok and it's now going to generate some uh blog post titles for me okay and there you go boom right away it generated three titles for me the rise of cryptocurrency a beginner's guide to digital money navigating the world of cryptocurrency tips uh for saving uh safe investing Beyond Bitcoin exploring the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology I mean these are titles that you would see on a premium uh news site or you know premium uh blog okay all these uh you know top sites that write these really good blog titles that pull traffic all right now let's go ahead and do something else all right because we have so many and you guys there's so many things in here let's do a list one here um so you guys can see that there is so much that you can do and all you got to do is come in here and just type one word and the prompt is being written for you and the moment you click OK uh look how quickly it starts to write instead of uh you know something like before which was more of a you know of a general blog post with pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages this wrote in more of a top 10 or 10 reasons this one wrote 10 reasons why cryptocurrency is here to stay if this is not relevant for what's going on this week I mean I don't know what is you can literally take this and publish this on a blog site and get some traffic with it okay because right now the financial world is just stirred up okay with everything that's going on uh so let's go ahead and close this out and now let's go jump into e-commerce all right I can come back and forth if any of you guys want to see some specific examples I can come back and forth but I want to make sure that I cover each and every uh one at least one of each so that you guys can see that we do have uh so much in here so if you have an e-commerce site or an e-commerce client you can come in here and have it right uh your store product descriptions uh in the Ida format or in generic format or in the past format and you can have it generate some keywords as well now if you don't know what these are these are pretty much copywriting Frameworks that a lot of the top copywriters use okay and you can just look it up uh so you can see what exactly is all right and this one is pretty much I believe is agitates I forget exactly what it is um but it stands for something all right and there it goes attention interest desire and action so some of the uh you know pretty much proven ways that copywriters use to get sales all right um so let me open that back up all right so if I open this let's go ahead and let's do that because we did this uh the other day and it was really really scary if you guys see the pre-written example uh it's a blue screwdriver and we had it write a product description for this blue screwdriver and it honestly made you want to buy a blue screwdriver all right so let's go ahead and do that all right let's do a blue driver with anti-slip grip and sharpened tip let's do that click ok and right away it's now writing a product description that you can use on your store uh for a blue screwdriver guys and let's let's go ahead and read some of this so you guys can see how uh freaky this is because it will make you want to buy a blue screwdriver introducing the blue screwdriver the perfect tool for all you do-it-yourself needs with its vibrant blue color this screwdriver is bound to catch your eye but the blue screwdriver isn't just good looking it's also designed with functionality in mind the anti-grip the anti-slip grip ensures that you have a secure hold even when working with sweaty or oily hands plus the sharpened tip allows for easy insertion into any screw making your task quicker and more efficient say goodbye to frustrating slippery screwdrivers that just won't get the job done with the blue screwdriver you can feel confident that you have the right tool for the job no more slipping no more struggling just a smooth and efforted screwdriving experience don't wait any longer to upgrade your toolkit add the blue screwdriver to your car today and start tackling all of your do-it-yourself projects with ease so there you can see that this is a proven uh way that people write copy okay and if you went to a copywriter to write your product descriptions for you there's a good chance they're going to use the item model because it works and they would easily charge you you know what hundreds of dollars to write just one product description for you and how awesome is that I mean all I literally had to do was type in what the product is and what the product does and it turned that into a great prompt for me with me just clicking OK and it sent it automatically to um uh chat GPT to get this written for me again is there anyone on here that can't do that okay anyone on here yep absolutely awesome no one on here uh someone is asking what the to see the past format all right let's go ahead and do that so let's do a come here and use this one all right uh we can go ahead and do let's do uh let's do blue screwdriver just for the purpose of this demo again all right let's do a blue should have probably copy and pasted what I wrote before it's anti grip handle and sharp Bend tip let's do that perfect click okay and right away same thing all right this time is using the pass framework all right and past stands for problem agitation and solution okay again a proven uh copywriting template that most copywriters use okay and let's go ahead and read some of this again are you tired of struggling with slippery screwdrivers when working on projects around the house or at work are you frustrated by screwdrivers that slip and damage your materials do you wish you had a screwdriver with a comfortable grip and a sharp tip to make your work easier and more efficient introducing the blue screwdriver the solution to all your screwdriver problems with its anti-grip handle you'll never have to worry about slipping again the heart the sharpen tip allows for precise and easy insertion into screws making your work faster and more efficient say goodbye to frustration and wasted time with it with this high quality screwdriver excuse me the blue screwdriver is a must-have tool for anyone who works with screws regularly it's comfortable anti-grip handle provides a secure hold even in Channel challenging conditions the sharpened tip make is easy to insert the screw and avoid grip stripping saving you time and effort and with its striking blue color you'll be able to quickly spot it in your tool bag order your blue screwdriver today and make your work easier and more efficient talk about I mean amazing guys it honestly makes you want to buy a blue screwdriver okay and imagine doing this for your clients okay you'll be able to literally charge hundreds of dollars to your clients for writing their product descriptions for them okay and you're having done for you prompt write the prompt for you and Chad gbt write the copy for you okay does not get any easier than this and same thing you can copy it here to use it or you can have it repeat this prompt to write something else okay now someone is asking if it can if you can use it to write a video script okay yes all right so um so we showed two examples there of e-commerce now uh let's go video since someone's asking about video you can see here it you can use it to write prompts for uh a tutorial video script it'll give you video ideas or it can write a script as well so let's go ahead and write a script like someone was asking let's go ahead and do something like this let's do it for um Studio Which is my um a tool that lets you create videos a video creation tool that uses artists let's go ahead and do that uh get a little longer there you go click ok and this this really gets uh freaky because it kind of tells you what to do as well it's not just giving you a script but it's going to tell you do this do that so it tells you opening shot of a personing of a person struggling to create a professional video so it's telling you what to use in the opening shot so you can use this not only to record the voiceover but it's make it's pretty practically making the video for you all right because it's telling you what kind of um either a short video to create or what kind of stock video to use so opening shot of a person struggling to create a professional video and then the voiceover should be are you tired of spending hours creating videos that don't look professional and then here it tells you to put someone that looks frustrated and stressed and then the voiceover introducing Studio the Revolutionary video creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to create professional videos now I'm actually going to copy this um because this is really good let me go ahead and come over here to this other I'm pasting that there all right for later reference uh but you see how awesome this is it's not just writing a video script so uh who was it that was asking um bill so it not just writes a video script but it's telling you how to make the video all right and that's the power of being able to use something that writes a professional uh prompt for you along with chat GPT okay um so there you can see uh what it does and even um you know it tells you everything closing shot of the studio logo so it tells you how to properly close out a video as well and it has the call to action here at the end try studio today and take your video creation to the next level so it's doing things perfectly the way that you should for marketing a business for making sales okay it's not just writing random stuff for you when you use good prompts when you use good um uh technology like done for you prompt along with chai gbt you're able to get these kind of results you're able to get things that actually uh put money in your pocket you're not just getting you know a cool story written for you you're not just getting a song waiting for you you're getting something that is you'll be able to use to actually put money in your pocket okay and that's the power that I'm trying to share with you guys that you know you don't have to go out and learn how to how to write these kind of prompts it's already being done for you all right so that's how you use video uh let's jump into let's go email which was the next one um let's go ahead and come down here and do something with um if any of you are on here doing cold emails let's go ahead and do that all right um so let's say that you have a lead generation business my lead generation agency so here again you're pretty much just telling um done for you prompt where your product or service is and who your audience is so let's do uh attorneys let's do criminal attorneys in Miami Florida okay so you're literally all you have to do is tell don't forget your prompt what your product or service is who your audience is Click OK and now you are getting a quality prompt that has not only been written for you but automatically pushed to chat gbt in the background okay and you'll see that I chose one that is a cold email with follow-ups so it's not just writing one email it's writing multiple emails and we do have one that we do have a template that has just one email but here is uh the cold email Outreach that you can use and you can see it writes the subject line for you and it writes placeholders as well so you know where to insert your agency's name okay so this is email number one and then the first follow-up email is here and then the second follow-up email is here okay so you can use this in so many different ways guys that's I mean it's just so amazing how uh you know we've been able to simplify done for you uh excuse me chat gbt with done for you prompting you can use this for anything or if you're in the internet marketing niche as well you can have it right an internet marketing style um promo email so let's actually do one for dumb for you prompt a tool that helps with chat GPT content generation click OK and now it's writing an email for me that's talking about done for you prompt okay so we'll go ahead and read that here in the next uh few seconds once it finishes up but you can see that I am not doing anything but just leveraging done for you prompt and the templates that we have built in and using that along with chat GPT because again I would struggle with writing prompts uh that would give me good results okay that's just I'm not good in that type of writing so let's go ahead and read this here's the subject line create engaging content in minutes with done for you prompt uh as a value subscriber to our newsletter we know that you're always looking for ways to make your life easier and streamline your content creation process that's why we're excited to introduce you to dump for you prompt the ultimate internet marketing tool for generating engaging content quickly and effortlessly done for you prompt is a powerful tool that works seamlessly with chat GPT to help you create quality content in a matter of minutes whether you're looking to write a blog posts social media updates or even product descriptions done for you prompt has you covered when done for you prompt you'll have access to a wide range of content templates and prompts that are tailored to your specific needs you can simply choose the type of content you want to create and done for you prompt will generate relevant ideas and suggestions that you can use to craft compelling content that you're in that engages your audience all right I mean amazing I can literally use this this is done for you prompt is working together with chat GPT to help me explain the power I've done for you prompt to you guys I mean how amazing is that yeah absolutely um yeah someone saying now you're hitting my business awesome can this write website vsl copy yes I really showed how I can write it not only write you a via a vsl but uh tell you how to actually put it together um and website copy yeses uh let me see if we can come back to the email one but let me show you uh here under content marketing um there was a uh yeah there's so many options here you can do it from topic from title uh facts and stats and here under SEO as well we have landing page copy okay so if you are putting together a landing page for a client or for yourself you can use it um or local landing page as well okay so yeah you can use this to write literally anything you can hear under the SEO tab we have Google my business listing uh image out tags keyword ideas uh landing page copy like I just said local landing page content and Page title and meta description so let's go to landing page copy here so let's do the same thing that's done for you prompt this is the same thing a tool that helps with content to generation and the keyword that I wanted to uh Target AI content click ok and there you go within I mean there's nothing complicated about this okay we've completely removed any learning curve that you need to be able to use chat GPT so let's go ahead and read this welcome to done for you prompt the ultimate tool that the ultimate tool for generating AI content say goodbye to writer's blog and look how amazing that is since I told it that AI content was my target keyword it literally used it in the first sentence the way that you're supposed to okay say goodbye to writer's block and say hello to effortless content creation we've done for you prompt you'll never have to struggle to come up with ideas for your next blog post or social media update again our powerful AI technology uses Advanced algorithms to analyze your needs and generate high quality content that perfectly matches your requirements okay again I mean amazing and here it closes it off as well don't let writer's block hold you back start using done for you prompt today and experience the power of AI content generation for yourself and that's the beautiful thing about uh this is that he writes again it writes the way that a copywriter is supposed to write oh it has an opening it has a body and it has a a call to action at the end and here with the SEO one specifically it also optimizes it for the keyword that you specify okay you can also use it for local landing pages as well so if you are dealing let's say with clients here in Miami and let's say that we are doing electricians and let's do roofers and description let's do Dave's Roofing Dave's Roofing LLC and the description um a professional roofing company okay exactly okay and that's it all you have to do is provide your uh clients industry your client's business name and a description of what they do and now this is writing a landing page a landing page copy for that uh client so let's go ahead and read some of this welcome to Dave's Roofing LLC the leading roofing company serving Miami Florida and the surrounding areas if you're in need of reliable and high quality Roofing Services you've come to the right place and Dave's roofings uh see we have been providing top-notch Roofing services to our clients for years our team of experienced Roofing professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and work work machine that is second to none whether you need repairs for a leaky roof a complete roof replacement or a new installation we have expertise and resources to get the job done right we use only the high quality let me put this on we use only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure that your roof is built to last we take great pride in our work and our commitment to our clients that's why we offer a 100 satisfaction guarantee on all of our Roofing Services we are confident that you'll be able to complete that you'll be completely satisfied with the work we do I mean this is amazing content okay you can literally just copy this and take it over to a client and be like look this is where we're gonna post on your website and there's a good chance that they're going to say okay zero changes needed okay and that's the power of this okay you're you guys are not writing anything all you had to do was provide three simple boxes of information the product and the service the description and the keyword okay literally that's all you have to do and you can do the same thing with Google my business listing so let's go ahead and do Dave's Roofing LLC a roofing oops company in Miami Florida Okay click ok and that's it I mean there's nothing else for you guys to do we've simplified this so that all of you on here can just wow your clients while you're Yourself by getting this great quality content because we have done the hard work for you you don't have to buy pre-written prompts you don't have to uh buy training programs and the best part about this is that these templates can be used over and over and over again okay it's not like um you know uh the the pre-written ones that are just you know swapped out over and over again you can use this over and over and over again for different products different Services different clients different Niche everything okay there is no limit to what you can do with this uh let's go ahead and read this welcome to Dave's Roofing LLC your trusted roofing company in Miami Florida we take pride in offering exceptional Roofing services to our community and we're passionate about delivering quality results that stand the test of time okay obviously I mean this is amazing content okay uh so I'm gonna close that out and see if there's any questions real quick because I mean I know I'm going fast here um perfect Dave is saying I like how easy it is to use or I already use a proof prompt level that I love what's I mean I I think honestly we uh have made this extremely simple no one else I mean this is and there's a few things that I that I have to share with you still but I mean there is not a single person that can come in here and use this in conjunction right here with um chat GPT there's nothing else to open you just open the playground in the background you open our uh dashboard and you get it to work okay I'm I haven't used any other prompt helpers this is the one we built this is the one we use so you'd have to just take a look at it and see uh what the difference is and how you like it over the others okay um someone's saying dominance I think is there anyone on support I'm actually here on my own so I'm going back and forth uh and trying to get to the questions uh don is saying do we need to run this through an AI Checker um yes and no it depends what you're using it for okay if you're gonna use it if you're gonna use the SEO one uh then you're trying to rank it then yes and I'll talk to my developer about getting an AI Checker um built right into this so that you can you know not only or what we could do is probably have an option in here where uh it rewrites it so it's not detectable pretty much so I know there's a prompt that we can use to make that happen great great suggestion there let me go ahead and star that so that I can um bring that up to my developer okay uh Gore is saying to check for duplicate content I mean I could but there's really I mean you know I can guarantee you this is gonna pass [Music] um this is AI is crazy scary let's see copyscape let's log in oh let's see if I have some credits on here oh yes I do no I do not all right and see if it's gonna let me no can I just do a regular check without credits all right no um I'm not going to go through the process of buying some credits right now but yeah I mean this is as unique as yes I've done uh copyscape checks on webinars in the past and I haven't had a single one fail okay and that's using our AI engine and I can be the first one to tell you that chat GPT blows our AI engine out of the water so I can guarantee you that this is going to pass with flying colors as well all right um does the extension work if I'm using a chart GPT based writing product instead of directly on yeah no it works uh it does you do have to have uh you'll see here the done for you prompt expression Columbia only be loaded when chat GPT is loaded in the active browser so it does have to be uh on here on the uh actual uh window okay uh for this to work all right let me go ahead and do a hard refresh all right uh let's see why is this acting up right now there we go perfect so a bit of a hiccup there all right so let's see yes the rewriter makes it non-air detectable as an excellent idea yes we can all thank Donna for that perfect so Rick is saying does this work with Chad 3.5 yes as you can see I do have um the upgraded version so yes it does work with uh all of them so yeah we can officially say that we do work with chat gpt4 as well all right uh someone is saying please show us how to rewrite content all right let's see that one is under content marketing rewrite text all right so you can copy and paste the text here uh let's go ahead and copy let's use the one that we that I oh no not that let's just use one of these previous ones all right let's do the crypto one and now let's open this back up all right let's do content marketing rewrite text paste the text there let's do formal Okay click ok seems like chat GPT is probably getting slammed right now because of the announcement of gpt4 it just kicked back an error says it was having trouble connecting the chat GPT I'm sure you guys have experienced that as well every so often it just crashes when there's a bunch of people just trying to and there you go boom so you copy paste the text you tell it what tone or what you know what you wanted to change and it'll start doing that right away so that's how simple it is to have it rewrite text you just copy paste the text that you wanted to rewrite you choose the uh style that fits your audience and then it starts writing it right away all right so that's how you rewrite it and now I want to show you guys something very very cool um that over time you guys are going to really really enjoy if not right away okay which is this option right here which allows you guys to create your own custom prompt templates so maybe you guys have bought uh some pre-written templates that are useful or use uh invested the time to actually learn how to write some prompts for you and you want to create your own we have that option for you as well so that you're not just limited on what we have in there right now or what we plan to add since we do plan to add a bunch of um templates um you know in the future but you guys can start using uh that option there where you can add uh your own prompts on your own so you can just give it a name and we'll do my prompt number one give it a description so we'll do I don't know video script as an example and then here is where you actually provide it with the prompt so let's say that you do have a good prompt uh and let's go ahead and just like take one of these as an example all right uh where's my window at here we go oh all right let's do this um prompt one PSL script as an example uh and then this one is write an article about and then instead of doing this we have placeholders as well okay so insert specific goal related to Niche and then you just give it a go so you can build your own placeholders your own prompts so that you can start using it over and over and over again just like the ones that we have built in so you hit save oh all right second all right there we go foreign there you go so just like that you now can add your own presets your own uh templates into this as well uh so that you know again if you do have good prompts that you either found um you know somewhere or someone gave them to you you can come in here and add those in here as well because again writing prompts is an art it's a skill uh it takes time to to learn it takes time to improve the more you do it the better you're gonna get so um from the beginning most of you are probably going to use what we have built into here but as you use uh chat GPT more and gpt4 more you might get better yourself with writing prompts you might uh you know start talking to other people that have prompts and maybe you exchange uh prompts or whatever it may be or maybe you buy some really good prompts you can then bring them in here and start using them over and over and over again so really really cool uh feature here that allows you to add your own prompts okay um so uh in short that is done for you prompt in a nutshell literally uh simplifies chat GPT so that you can come in here and have content uh quality content written for you by having a good quality prompts written for you and look how much content we had written for us in a matter of what um obviously I was talking through all of it but all of these different uh campaigns were written for us uh you know while we've been on here and I haven't had to write anything but those you know finishing off the pre-written prompts that we have built in all right so let's go ahead and now that's not the right one go back here and let's talk about what you guys can get your hands on and how you guys can get your hands on it okay uh so talk about awesome give me a three if you guys uh enjoy that and you can see the true power of what we've built and how you can start using it alongside chat gbt and the new gpt4 to start getting good quality content awesome perfect someone's already asking for the bundle price Jeff man give me us again oh no Michael sorry Michael is asking for the prize yeah let's jump into that all right um so uh while everyone else is trying to teach you how to use chat GPT we actually built an app that automates it and we are very proud of that um anytime we see something where that people are trying to learn instead of teaching you uh we try our best to automate it so that you can just boom go in and use software to your advantage and as you saw you'll be able to use it for Content marketing e-commerce email marketing SEO for local and non-local video marketing and a lot more to come we will be adding a ton of uh other um templates into that as well okay so how much is it to get access to this chat GPT supercharger and it truly is a supercharger because boom you just go in and you can literally start using it right away um let's talk about first some bonuses that you guys are getting for being on here live uh I I did mention this in my email that I was going to be doing something extra special for you guys so this is bonus number one you're gonna get free access to I was gonna do double the built-in done for you prompts but everyone that's on here live gets access to all of the dump for you uh built-in prompts which I think we're at about 46 right now if I'm not mistaken okay maybe give or take or so oh you're also going to get access to all of the built-in categories as well uh we're not going to hold back on that for all of you that are on here live as well uh you're going to get free access to our agency license so that you can use this for yourself and for your clients plus uh you're gonna get all of the upgrades and updates included as well okay so uh we do have two upgrades I'll be talking about those here shortly and any new updates that we add in the future we will be getting for free included as a bonus as well because as you are seeing this is moving very very fast chats even people are having finished talking about chat GPT and gpt4 has already been released so any updates that we make to done for you prompt to match or any improvements or changes that we need to make to work with any new models or any other models you guys will be getting uh for free and you guys any of you that have purchased my products before in the past you know that um I do um you know maintain and improve my platforms over time as well and obviously done for you prompt will be no different okay and you're also going to get a whole lot more so let's break it all down everything that you're getting you're gonna get full access to uh done for you prompt with agency rights easily a 497 value for access to all built-in prompt templates okay we could have easily restricted the number of uh prompt templates and we actually did do that outside of this webinar there are some restrictions because we just have to um with the built-in uh prompt templates but those of you that are on this call you're getting access to all of them which I said is about 46 or so uh and these are and again they're not just 46 problems written over and over and over again these are prompts that have been uh meticulously taking time to write so that you can get some good results okay could we have just taken this and call this you know don't be impressed by the amounts when people are telling you oh you're going to get silver 600 pre-rared prompts the amount isn't what should impress you should be the quality of the prompt because something like this anyone can write this okay write an article about XYZ write an article about XYZ okay that isn't impressive what's impressive is the quality of the prompt the better the prompt the better it is so we have 46 high quality prompts built into this okay and that's I want to really want to distinguish that as a difference because there is a big difference okay don't fall for you know someone offering you 2 000 pre-written prompts I know there's a lot of ads out there right now showing that I think I saw one earlier this morning and this guy was like download my 2167 pre-written prompts I guarantee you that that is just the same prompt written over and over and over again it can literally be one prompt okay um and you're going to get unlimited use of our prompt templates as well and I mentioned this earlier where uh these it's not just one prompt that you're getting you're getting them think of it as a template that you can use for different products different Services different niches different keywords you can continue to use it over and over and over again and we could have put a limit on the uh amount of times that you can use the templates uh but on this car you're going to get unlimited use to all of the pump prompt templates so yes although there's 46 built in right now there's an unlimited number of times that you can use each and every one of those templates okay easily a 297 value you guys know that and I anytime I've done unlimited uh it is uh usually very very very expensive okay you're gonna get instant access to all of the upcoming prop templates as well okay so again we will be adding a bunch okay I can probably estimate that over the next next few months we will be adding we'll probably have double the amount of templates that we have in there now over the next couple of months uh and if you guys do have some good ones that you want us to add and make it available to everyone we can do that as well all right you're going to unlock the ability to add your own prompts with unlimited rights to that as well so I showed you guys how you can add your own prompts and we could have put a limit on that as well we could have been like okay look you guys will be able to add your own prompts but we're only going to limit it to you know to five prompts a month or you know a total of 50 prompts that you can add total to your account we could have easily limited that but we're uh giving you unlimited uh rights to be able to add as many of your own prompts as you want over time as well so webinar exclusive as well okay you're gonna get access to four email Mega prompts okay now Mega prompts is what uh you know is that type of prompt that really takes uh it to the next level when it comes to just you know really really good quality prompts and on top of that there there are some prompts that work with each other to just kind of stack on each other um and you know I'm kind of calling them Mega prompts because it's not uh you know only an expert level prompt engineer or you know some expert level copywriter with years of experience could be able to write uh these kind of Mega prompts uh and I'll show you guys here just a bit of a snake sneak peek of what those look like uh so you're gonna get access to four of these these are the ones that say exclusive okay so these are basic objections email an awareness comprehension conviction action email the four C's email and the picture promise prove push email okay so these are uh again next level copywriter style of prompts that you really need some years of experience uh to kind of not only learn how to write in these Styles but learn how to master these Styles okay so you guys are going to get access to those uh while you're on this call and for being on this call okay uh this is easily a 297 rally and you guys will start realizing that people do sell their prompts they especially these premium ones that you know people sit there and you know spend hours toying with and fixing and tweaking all these different things you're gonna get access to all four of those okay um and let's go ahead and just recap everything one more time you're gonna get done for you prompt agency level uh 47 value unlimited use license 297 value done for you prompt agency plus level which is a 188 per year value which includes all of the templates all of the categories unlimited use plus all of the upcoming templates and categories that we add uh you're gonna get done for you prompt Advanced which allows you to add your own custom prompts with unlimited use as well uh and you're gonna unlock all of the upcoming prompt templates plus the four exclusive email Mega prompts uh this is easily a 100 uh 1023 dollar value with recurring built in so outside of this webinar uh we do have uh upgrade number one is recurring okay so if you did purchase outside of this webinar that is what you would see okay um so it's a 1223 a thousand uh twenty three dollar value so if we charge 49 seven per year which is my usual bundle pricing it would be an amazing deal many of you guys that probably owned some of my previous uh products uh you know that this is my usual pricing 497 per year because my apps not only support that but we always make tons of improvements to our platforms okay but right now you guys are going to be able to get access to everything plus unlimited usage plus no recurring zero recurring for 297 one time okay one time payment but there's something I wanted to do something extra special I told you guys on the uh in my emails that I did want to do something extra special so everyone that's on here right now uh you're gonna be able to get a live attendee exclusive deal where you can use the coupon code live special for an extra fifty dollars off okay but there is one downside um actually you know what let's do this I want to do I I did say that I wanted to do something special so uh let's go ahead and change this you guys have been an amazing crowd you're you're you know the the questions I see a ton of questions so I will be getting to them so I'm excited to get your questions answered so let me go ahead and do something extra special I'm gonna do 70 bucks off okay let's do 70 off with that coupon I do have to update it though so I'm not gonna post the link yet let me update it here and this other screen give me one second I have to update the code and there are a ton of you on here so I will be if you want the link to this let me know in the chat box give me a link and I'll get send it over to you right now I'm just updating this coupon code real quick all right and there is one downside though okay because this is something I've I've I think I've done maybe once over the last six months where I offer a like one-time payment uh deal for my platforms okay so what I did do is I'm putting a limit on this okay so one downside is that the price is gonna automatically go up by 10 bucks every 20 sales so the first 20 people that picked this up uh not only are you gonna get an extra 20 off so instead of 50 you're gonna get 70 but you're gonna get it at the lowest possible price so right now the public price is 297 okay but with the coupon code that's on uh this webinar you're gonna be able to get an extra 70 bucks off so you're gonna get it for 227 make sure that you do input the coupon code of now you're gonna pay 297.

And if you're one of the first 20 people you get a uh the best deal out there okay and it is automatically set to go up uh every 20 sales so the first 20 people do get rewarded uh and let me see there is a oh man okay okay there's about uh um all right there's a looks like there's at least 30 of you that are asking for the link so I want to make sure that all of you on here okay that I want to make sure that all of you on here are able to get this so let me go ahead and update this as well give me one second I'm going to update this to the first 40 people because I know you guys can see me doing this right here look I put 40 there I'm gonna save it all right I edited the coupon code as well let me move this back over here okay let me make sure that's saved properly before I post a link all right awesome so now the first 40 now it is gonna go fast based on uh I just looked over at the questions box this is the link here launchpecial.com four slash one time that's gonna take you directly to the checkout so I'm sending to you guys there's a bunch of you here I'm trying to count one two I'm I'm gonna count out loud so that's three four five all right it's gonna take a while six but you guys get the idea seven eight John is number nine Dayo is number ten all right all right let me just do this because that's gonna there's there's at least uh uh I think there's at least 40 of you here so at the very least all of you are gonna be able to get it at the best possible price and after that uh so the first 40 people are gonna be able to take this uh and use it link is not clickable let me make sure one time yeah I just clicked it and it goes directly the coupon is automatically applied so let me make sure 297 minus 70 yep that's right so it is uh updated correctly instead of two four seven it's two two seven and the first 40 people get it at the best possible price after that it is going to start going up by uh 10 bucks so if you're one of the uh you know if you're the 41st person it will be 237 and then you know it's going to continue going up after that every 20 sales so once we get off this webinar I will uh be uh changing that so that it does go up every 20 sales so make sure that you do pick this up right now uh and are one of the first 40 uh let me go ahead and post the link here and then I'll answer some of your questions and the reason for this because guys I rarely ever price any of my stuff this low and a one-time payment and unlimited and unlock everything and all the upgrades included I mean I never do that okay but uh we did want to do something very very special for all of you that are on here live so hopefully I am coming through on my promise uh not only are you getting an amazing price you're getting an amazing discount you're getting an amazing platform with everything unlocked unlimited everything okay with all the upgrades included so with that uh let me go ahead and go back now to and let me make sure if you are in let me know oh wow okay some of you are already in uh perfect uh Orlando is in uh someone with the name friend unfortunately your name isn't updatedness and Dale is in uh Teresa is in Charles is in uh someone said they sold the wife awesome uh post your name so I cannot you're listed as friend for some reason Praveen is in awesome Praveen uh appreciate your question earlier Andrew was in Fred is in awesome Fred always a regular on here uh Craig oh there you go awesome Craig thank you for that excuse me Sean is in uh Dauphine is in awesome dolphin is always a regular on here as well appreciate you dolphin um Ricky um Marius is in Andrew is in Robbie is in uh cracks uh Craig sold his wife uh Nathan Brian uh awesome uh Praveen is asking are there any any other bonuses with this I I did go through all the bonuses already uh Nathan is in Mandy is in um Francis is asking if there's a replay uh so we are on here right now so I will be right during the replay once we jump off um Sam is saying that he yeah let me send this over to you um but make sure Sam do not purchase uh on this page because it is 297 on this page okay if you uh to get it with the automatic um discount make sure that you go to this link here and it'll automatically apply the coupon code for you uh David is in awesome so just right off the bat it looks like at least half the spot so I'm glad I increased it to 40 because it looks like 20 at the very least have already been gone and there are a ton of you on here so I I think all 40 will be gone by the time we jump off of here so let me go ahead and answer some questions now because I know there was a ton um yes Christina so there's 46 uh templates built in and you get all the upgrades included yes all right will there be a replay yes uh Christina oh what happened did the oh man it says 237 because all of the 40s I told you the 40 spots were gonna go um okay so we're still on here live so I may have to increase this uh um okay let me go back all 40 spots are gone if you're seeing a price of 237 that's because all 40 spots are gone I told you guys I told you that would happen so let me go ahead and we're still on here live so let me oh man no it's up more than that okay so more than 40 of you have bought this at this price uh so let's go ahead and do 50.

I'm gonna do an extra 10. let's just let's do I'll do 60. I'll do an extra 60 on here an extra 20 people because those first 40 I haven't even finished questions and they're already gone uh let's go ahead and see here let me see if I fixed it let's see all right it's back to 227 okay if it sells out again I'm not sure if I can increase it again I am a man of my word all right the first 40 people uh did take advantage I appreciate all the fast action takers but since we are still here live and I still haven't really gotten into uh all the questions I increased it another 20 people but again I have a feeling that that's probably gonna sell out just as fast I mean I we I dropped the link what maybe not even 18 minutes ago so there was two about that's about two sales uh per minute okay so uh probably another 10 minutes for the other 20 to go and there is still uh over a hundred of you on here live so I do think that that's going to uh go up so there you go Christina uh here's the link one more time all right so Russ is in Mark is in gene is in Clement said he was already in uh Dr Goldberg hopefully I got that correctly is in Anthony is in Larry is in Guys these other 20 are gonna go fast so make sure you get in there plus uh uh let me share something with you guys real quick all right if you've already if you're already in you already got an amazing deal all right obviously 40 of the spots went super fast they sold out and if you do see 237 again I mean they're gonna go fast they've been you know it's gonna go quick all right um but even if you do see it at 237 I'm gonna make it even better right now so who wants to see more someone just asked about this right now uh Tori is in as well Dave is in um uh Larry is in as well man so I think that's nearly half of the the last 20 going now but let me go ahead and make it even better who wants to see more who wants a couple more bonuses that we have just added in uh over the last couple of days to make this even better okay because yes we did already improve our platform uh from the first time we released it a few weeks ago privately now that it's public uh we have made it better okay so you guys are the first ones to see these exclusive bonuses uh perfect Lowell says he's in so a bunch of you are already in so you're gonna get a lot more value for already jumping in and those of you who are on the fence get ready to jump in because it looks like there might be only 10 spots or less than 10 spots left for that 227 price before it starts going up by 10 bucks every 10 or not every 20 sales so let's go ahead and make this even better okay another webinar exclusive only bonus you're gonna get access to Studio agency okay this is my powerful AI video creation app that will create entire videos for you from your chat GPT content okay because again like I mentioned in the beginning of the training it's all about how can you use chat gbt to put money in your pocket to get traffic to get sales to get subscribers all of that that's what's important okay yes can I create amazing content absolutely everyone knows that there's no denying that and especially now that you have done for you prompt it's going to make it even easier but excuse me how do you actually get results how can you take that content and do more with it instead of just impress your friends and family by how cool of content you're getting okay and that is by taking that content and repurposing it and putting it out there on your social media your video sites all of that to get traffic get sales get conversions okay and studio is going to allow you to do that you'll be able to within minutes take the content that you got by combining W prompt and child gbt feed it to studio and it will create an entire video for you from start to finish you feed it the content it will automatically match it with relevant uh media meaning images and videos and create complete slideshows for you with the text over it and you'll be able to customize it as much or as little as you'd like you'd be able to add some text to speech to it automatically as well you can record your own voice and you can even put it on our hosting system to automatically host your videos for you without any extra charge so you're getting that as a webinar exclusive only but to make it even better than that get ready all right if I'm gonna post the link right now because the spots are going fast before I go into this last bonus because this one is really really really really really really really cool okay and that is webinar exclusive to get white label rights okay someone just asked about this is there a white label version and yes we were able to squeeze this in over the last few days uh which will allow you to sell your own sub licenses of them for you prompt without any of our branding on it uh and with our white label system you can also create these sub licenses in 90 seconds or less plus you're going to be able to get double the amount of licenses while being on this webinar right now so instead of getting 50 licenses that you can sell you're going to be able to get a hundred licenses and you'll be able to sell them for as much or as little as you'd like okay and right now with how hot Chad gbt is and gpt4 is it's very simple to get someone to to purchase these because everyone is trying to find how to get better results with Chachi BTN gpt4 so you can literally post on your Facebook or post on your Tick Tock or on you know your Twitter uh you know with some really cool content that you're having chat gbt create and when people start asking hey how are you doing that how is it how are you making it so easy boom you tell them hey look I'm using this extension of mine that I created uh I'm sending them for you know a one-time paying them of 99 and once they send you that boom our white labeling system allows you to immediately deliver them a completely unbranded version of our extension Plus an actual license okay they won't need a license key to activate it so that everything looks completely professional okay now outside of this webinar this is a separate upgrade 4297 okay so you're getting white label rights plus all of the other upgrades included for a one-time payment of 2 nine seven but if you're on this webinar right now you're getting that additional 70 off and if you get in right now you can still be um I'm not sure if there's any spots left but it's either two two seven or two three seven so let me go ahead and put this link in here right now all right and what I'll do you know what I'll do for you guys if you know if you Glam on the page and it's at 237 uh let me know I'll go ahead and include no you know what let me increase it 10 more spots right now okay so I'm gonna I know this there's still a hundred and twenty two of you on here all right so I know that uh I haven't even checked yet but there's probably um it's probably sold out already oh yes it is yeah it's it is sold out already all right let me go ahead and increase this one more time all right there we go I told you look 60 spots gone guys all right so I just increased it a few more times um yeah Samantha said it's showing 237 yes I'm telling you okay so I just increased it a few more so make sure that you do get in there right now to take advantage of this all right this will be the last time I increase it because after that it will be going up and you can see that uh with how quickly we just sold 60 spots uh if you were to you know wait for that that would have mean you would have paid thirty dollars more because it's going up 10 bucks every 20 sales okay so I just increased it one last time uh because I know this white label bonus is very very powerful and I want to quickly show you how simple and how easy it is for you to actually generate those white label uh licenses as well so uh here we are inside of the done for you prompt um on the dashboard okay and inside of here is where you'll be able to create your uh custom extensions and where you'll be able to actually create the licenses as well so right here you'll see there's a white label tab you just click on that you click on extensions okay then you come here the to the plus sign right here new extension you give it a slug so if you're selling you can sell one license uh multiple times or create multiple different licenses and give one at a time so it depends how you do it uh you can call it uh let's do my custom extension as an example and we'll do the same thing my custom extension okay you click ok now that uh extension has been created you then click on these three dots here you can either download it and deliver it manually to your client or you can copy the download URL and deliver that as well and it's all gonna be completely unbranded so you can see here this domain is just promptxtention.net okay we've completely removed all branding all trace of our platform so that you know you can truly say that it is your own extension all right now once you to give people that download link you can also come here to the licensing tab click on this plus sign put in the email of your customer or your client you put that in there you select the extension that they're going to be getting access to you click add and then that customer is going to get an email with the download link and the license key delivered to them so everything is seamless you don't need to know any coding you don't need to do anything it's literally been automated for you to be able to not only get better results with chat gbt but we've made it simple for you to be able to run your own extension uh software um sales company if you want to as well especially right now with how hot everything is you can uh you know really sell several of these licenses pretty quickly okay so I'm going to put the link one more time and then I'm going to jump over two questions as promised I just really wanted to stress how valuable this is and we were trust me when I tell you that we were going to add this as a bump offer to the bundle okay so what we were going to do is uh not only make it a bump offer for you guys but we were going to make it a bump offer to our existing customers as well but what we decided to do was give it for free to our existing customers who already purchased the bundle and all of you that purchased the bundle today you're getting this included as well okay so uh I was so close to making it a bundle a bundle plus a bump offer so that it would have costed you more because it did uh cost us you know about three days of full non-stop work to get this done uh but we're like you know what let's keep it simple let's just include it um and one-time payment let's not even increase the prices give people a great deal uh and that's what we did okay so uh with that I'm gonna post the link one more time all right so that you guys can make sure you get in there all right and let me go ahead and answer some questions since we do have quite a bit uh let's see Steve is in yes uh uh yes so Lee is saying your studio page talks about upgrades uh Advanced and agency plus are those included yes guys so you're getting everything okay you're getting all of the upgrades so um you're getting let me go back here let me just I want to clear this up okay so the bundle deal is everything okay so you're getting done for you prompt the agency level you're getting unlimited use license you're getting the done for you prompt agency plus level you're getting it done for you prompt advanced level uh you're unlocking all of our upcoming prompt templates for exclusive email M uh Mega prompts uh let me update this as well you're gonna get the white label version all right which if you bought this outside of this webinar it is its own upgrade at 297.

um you're getting Studio agency as well which if you bought outside of this webinar is a one-time payment of 9.97 all right so you're getting everything it is all of our upgrades you don't you don't have to purchase anything else okay so if you purchase the uh bundle you get access to absolutely everything all right so uh you know if you want to get to the thank you page you might see us linking to uh the upgrades but don't purchase anymore that's for people who uh decide to buy outside of the webinar special because some people do decide to do that they'd rather just purchase the agency level and a couple of the other upgrades and that's it all right which is fine but the most value is with the bundle deal okay so if that is unclear let me know and I can go through it one more time awesome magic man is in and you got me welcome email to Studio perfect so you got everything so and yeah so we've made it uh so that you get login details automatically to both done for you prompt and studio uh when you're purchasing uh the bundle deal uh how are you saying how well does it do video shorts as for YouTube uh yes uh so I'm assuming you're talking about Studio that uh uh is does videos for everything so let me just show you that real quick when you're in here creating videos you just hit create new video and here you guys would do from script even though we have from audio as well and then here you do landscape square or vertical so if you're going to be doing for tick tock you do you use the vertical option all right [Music] um so Tori is asking what about imagery does your app provide AI imagery or voices uh no so uh with don't for you prompt uh it will uh help you with writing uh prompts that get you content with chat GPT uh we haven't yet added any uh image based uh prompt templates yet the only reason for that is because we have an entire uh AI image creation app of our own so we have our Graphics app okay so our Graphics app actually creates any kind of image for you all right uh but if you if we do get enough requests for us to add uh image based prompts into here then we'll we'll go ahead and add some in there as well because um what would happen is you'd have to pretty much feed that prompt not to chat GPT because chat GPT doesn't actually create images uh but you'd have to use mid-journey or uh I forgot what the other one is uh the name of the other one but there's a few one out there and you'll have to use that instead oh yes someone actually purchased that 237 so I'll just go ahead and send you the difference all right awesome magic man is in foreign [Music] how many credits come with Studio I believe you're getting a hundred let's see let me see this let me verify this for you guys uh 25 there you go but 25 is if you use uh our built-in AI writer okay but if you don't use our built-in AI writer then you're good you guys will be using the the the from script option and when you use from script option you just you're using the chat GPT content instead of our AI writer so it won't cost you a credit to do that all right and oh I forgot to mention this as well uh what we're going to be doing with all of our platforms as well is integrating uh the actual chat uh API directly into our app so we're going to be going around uh and adding the uh chat GPT API to Studio chat GPT API to zurp chat gbt API to uh create all of our platforms are going to not only have our own AI engine built in but uh chat GPT as well so you guys are going to get that uh for free as soon as we Implement Implement that as well so I forgot to mention that here that we will be integrating it so that when you are um where is it when you are in here when you're doing the from credit from script option and go ahead and hit submit and show you guys so here you see that you have ai writer we have an AI rewriter there's going to be an option here where you can use chat GPT or gpt4 to have that script written for you all inside of here so once that's done you guys will get that too rust it's a it's a one-time payment but again that's if you are using our AI Rider here if not you can either just paste your script here uh from chat GPT or once we have the API integrated you can use that oh yeah that uh so yeah then you're good you have a much better plan uh than you're listed as Dancing Machine 303 so um he's loving studio so that's awesome I'm glad to hear your great feedback uh are we saying how good are the prompts for creating uh shorts it amazing I mean that that's the reason why you use something like done for you prompt because uh we've got these uh pre-built video prompts in here as well all right so uh you you can come in here and have uh scripts created for you all day long uh under our video option oh and we also did just add um some new ones in here so we added some PPC ads uh templates as well so this is brand new we added this I think over the weekend so if you're doing paid ads on Google you can have it uh create two variations of Google ad copies for your product or service in an RCA RSA format for a b split testing uh you can have it get ideas of potential targets for your uh product or service on the Google Display Network and you can have it uh generate image suggestions and copy for uh Google RDA ads as well so we just added some of these and we will be adding more like I said we will be adding uh quite a bit more so we just don't think you prompt it's not even a month uh old and we've already added some ads uh some PPC uh templates in there as well all right let's see uh is oh someone's saying is that uh 237 yeah if it's at 237 all right um if it's if it's showing 237 right now and you want uh if you want a bit more time to get in uh at two two seven uh let me know in the chat boxes type in 227 and I'll see about how many of you type that in and then I'll increase it based on that all right because it looks like the other 20 are gone as well so um I do like rewarding everyone that's on here live so let me see looks like it's still at 227 for now okay all right so getting back to someone here and if you guys have any more questions let me know I'm trying to get uh scroll back and see all the uh questions but there's so many people that posted that they were in yeah all the questions are pretty buried uh up top so I'm trying to figure it out uh Arias Arya is asking must we use the extension for this to work and will it work only on former Firefox yeah so it is a Google Chrome extension so you do have to use Google Chrome and you it does work in conjunction with chat GPT so instead of using this uh ugly plain uh you know user interface that they created and I I still can't wrap my head around why they made it so plain okay and so difficult I mean someone with very little experience comes in here and really has nothing no sense of direction of where to go so this works right over chat GPT you just click on the extension here and it works pretty much like your own chat GPT assistant all right so you just look at it like that right right here it's chat gbt and then you open uh the extension and use our built-in templates uh someone's saying does it work on the brave browser no it works with Google Chrome it's a Google Chrome extension wow Russ saying he has transcribed his Pastor sermon that has 10 800 words amazing all right uh Russ is also asking if I do not get the payche PT what will try to be T difference be in the quality versus the paid no that's it's still amazing I mean the fact that they released an even better version it's it's a little hard to wrap your head around because chat gbt is insanely good uh and I think right now gbt4 which is the better version uh is still part of the paid plan and I think it might stay like that uh but yeah if you have just a free version you're good guys I mean you can get some insanely good content with just chat GPT so just because they released a new paid version don't don't feel the pressure to upgrade chat TPT is just fine uh on its own Gabriella is asking saying Spanish question mark uh you should be able to type prompts in here in Spanish but I'll confirm let me confirm uh and if not we'll figure out a way that you can use this in in different languages as well okay good to know uh area saying the open a open AI API has GPT 3.5 turbo and it's virtually free yeah that's the other thing too that some other quote-unquote paid ones are so cheap that you know it's practically free to you Chris is asking can we use Jasper with it uh well this is built to work directly with chat GPT uh the thing about Jasper is that it's integrated with chat GPT so they just kind of built their own user interface over chat GPT pretty much they just plugged into it which is what we're gonna do with all of our other apps so you know we're going to plug into the API system so that it feeds the content to all of our other apps uh someone wants me to repost the link all right here we go and let me go ahead and send that to all of you yeah Bernie is saying Chachi B T4 is supposedly somewhat more accurate but actually slightly slower yeah so at times depending on how much is being hammered uh the speed varies and apparently if you have the upgraded plan you're supposed to get everything faster but you know it's not always perfect uh Russ is saying well don't forget your problem use the 10 000 a word article to create Bible study discussion questions summarize the message uh uh you could the thing once you get that initial one you can continue to you know just prompt uh chatgpt to continue doing all of that that you're that you're requesting uh Bernie good question if we sell an extension does that user get access to all of the bundle features if not what do they what do they not get great question so Bernie you can consider your account the parent account so if you have if you purchase the bundle then that's what they get okay they get access to all of the features obviously except for the white label version so uh consider your account to parent account all of the licenses that you generate are sub licenses to your account so they get access to all the upgrades yes Russ here's there you go Russ and I'll post it on the screen as well Russ is asking for my support email here you go that is the support um email support as mriblogger.com reassa does your extension work with my open aai API login or not no it works uh you yes and no so you obviously have to be logged in to chat GPT in the background here uh and then you also have to once you go through the installation process you do have to put your license key for them for you prompt here for it to activate and then it works in conjunction with uh chat GPT in the background because let me show you if I go to a separate Tab and I try to open it you'll see what it says the done for you prompt extension can only be loaded when chat GPT is loaded in the active browser tab if chat GPT is the active tab then please refresh the page and try again so I'm seeing that because I have Graphics open in the background instead of um so the moment that I come here to chat GPT and I open it it's going to recognize that I'm on the active window of chatgpt in the background and then it's gonna allow me to use it uh Paul says he already has done for your prompt is this in addition to or the same that you already have well you're actually uh getting more so uh if you already purchased the bundle uh two things that you're getting for free which I will be sending an email to all previous time for you uh customers letting you know is that you are getting uh bonus access to studio and you're also getting the white label rights included and you should see it already so if you are a previous uh done for you prompt bundle customer then you already have the white label option unlocked inside of your dashboard do anyone that is using a sublicense charge credits on the main account or do they only have access to their GPT account yeah so um Kathy wprompt doesn't work on a on a credit based system so that is uh they have to use it on their own chat GPT account if they have a free version then they don't have to worry about paying for anything perfect awesome magic man was able to figure it out his Graphics included no Graphics unfortunately cannot be included on this um yeah that doesn't be a little overboard usually I try to go over overboard but the white label version throwing that in there is already uh insanely good but uh if you guys are interested in graphics uh you know in a couple of weeks or so I'll run a special deal two Graphics heavily discounted for you guys I'll do that when does the live band special bundle end uh so we are doing this up until I believe Sunday or Monday at midnight uh Eastern Standard time but again the price will be going up uh and I I think what I will be doing as well is making the white label deal a bump offer after uh everything is said and done so you are getting the best deal right now all right uh some of you are interested in getting Graphics as well so what I'll do uh is if you want to get Graphics as well send a support um oh hold on my wife is texting me you might have to jump off here give me a second all right looks like I have a few minutes left before I have to jump off um perfect so I'll answer a couple more questions uh what was I saying uh oh okay yeah so if you guys want Graphics as well I I won't be able to include that unfortunately Graphics uh is a lot very very resource intensive but if you do want it uh what you can do is email my support and let them know to create a 50 discount for you guys let them know that you were on the done for you prompt uh webinar you want a you want to get Graphics as well and that I approved for you to get a 50 discount to graphics and then they'll they'll get you taken care of all right thank you all right so now there's a bunch of Graphics questions coming in as well so uh if you don't message my support don't worry I will run uh something uh for you guys in the next couple of weeks all right so uh with that thank you everyone for coming on here live I really appreciate you guys uh if you got into uh this special deal this is an amazing amazing deal amazing platform so I'm gonna post the link one more time so that you can get it before we jump off and yeah I appreciate everyone that was on here and I will be rendering the replay I did everyone that asked for replay I did see you there's a bunch of you that seem to have gotten here late so I will get this replay rendered and sent out to you guys

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