Don’t Let Relationships Go Cold | Parma (CRM Alternative)

what's up sumo Lings it's Jay with app Sumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at Parma a sleak and straightforward CRM that's designed to nurture your business relationships we've all been there with a cluttered contacts list missed follow-ups and a big bowl of regret cereal that's not how networking is supposed to work but fear not Parma is here to save your day and possibly your career it's the ultimate relationship manager and unlike most crms it's insanely simple par works like your personal relationship notebook let's start by adding your first Contact click new relationship pop in a name and add them to a group then you can upload an image or have Paras Source One from the internet now you're ready to take notes this could be something simple like the marketing guy I met at Chick-fil-A or LinkedIn agency owner that loves cats the important thing is you're building a relationship in a way that works for you if your life is anything like mine it's busy and full of distractions so many distractions that's why reminders are are so powerful so Parma makes that super simple just write out what you need to remember pick a date and you're all set no more Awkward oops I forgot about our meeting moments this CRM keeps you looking professional Parma is the simple networking buddy you've been waiting for so uh why are you still waiting hit that buy now button and kiss those complicated crms goodbye all righty let's get back to it Paras activity tab is where you'll find your meeting notes for all your contacts and if you're working with a team you'll be able to see everyone's notes here too keeping your whole Squad in the loop oh and I forgot to mention you don't have to add contacts manually you can save time by importing them straight from LinkedIn and with Parma calendar integration all your events sync up nicely it'll even pull new contacts from your calendar this bad boy is perfect for teams Freelancers Consultants basically anyone who needs to network so pretty much everyone say goodbye to bloated crms and say hello to this lifetime deal click buy now to start building better relationships with Parma today [Applause] yeah

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