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hey Tammy this is live hey Paul hey Jim we're still um six minutes away from top of the hour so um thanks for thanks for tuning in here a little bit early making sure we can get everything set up nicely here today and um as I say we will be getting underway very shortly here uh Pig in your instance you probably don't need to but you're welcome to let me know where you're uh beaming in from guys I'd love to love to find out a little bit more about where you're coming in from um and no if you're tuning in as an attendee you don't need to worry about your mic uh or camera um I won't call on people to talk or turn their cameras on but um I will encourage you to use the the Q&A box okay okay stand by guys we're still um four minutes away from here from getting underway tying up Loose Ends Here making sure all the technology is working hey Angel I can see your camera there that was all working that's good all right let me know where you're beaming in from guys um I'm coming in from um buar Argentina uh which is where I live most of the time I can see we got Michelle is coming in from Pittsburgh uh Diane is from The Basque country in Spain uh who is Angel Angel is someone who you're going to be hearing from a little bit later I'm going to be doing an interview with with Angel so she's one of our guests who is going to be coming in uh today hey Aiden good morning hey Angel your audio is coming in loud and clear your video is looking good so how you doing Angel good how are you good how's Chicago this morning greats like gray and rainy winter sounds about right for this time of year right yeah yeah good stuff so you guys are going to hear from Angel in about an hour here we've got so much good stuff on the agenda uh today um hey Lionel from Denver hey Nelly um seal Tom's coming in from Tennessee uh we got uh Tiana from midad is that the midad in Argentina Tiana let me know I know one meet in Argentina so I wonder if it's the same one Kim's coming in from Australia we got Colorado Denver Pennsylvania Ontario Canada all right okay guys we're going to give it another couple of minutes here and it's good for me because it gives me some more time to drink a little bit more coffee which I'm going to need today this is this is a um a marathon Summit that we're we're running here so I'll take all the caffeine I can get I've got my air conditioning system turned on because it's middle of summer here in Buenos areus at the moment um I've got a little Hydration Station down down here got my giant bottle of water to keep me going and um I've got about four different screens so this is my little uh command center for the the summit here today um so uh really excited to see you guys let's see H so yeah Julie I can see your questions but you won't be able to see everyone else's that would just get too chaotic quite frankly there are a lot of people uh on this um uh uh success Summit as we're calling here today so um we've just cracked over 1,000 people just um tuned in so that's going to probably go up probably going to double in the next five minutes or so so uh you're in the right place thanks for being here I'm going to give it like another give it another minute or so guys and then we'll we'll dive in is this the same as kbo no it's not the same as kbo it's very different actually renan and I'm going to go over what everything is here today got Manchester patun is coming from Manchester Victor's in Minnesota anchala is in India Rajiv is in Dubai oh was actually in Dubai um not that long ago so Tiana is coming in from mirar Florida okay I thought it was someone nearby in Argentina but no it's Florida there you go okay give another 30 seconds here and we'll get going has anyone been to this place see if you can see that moan French Alps that's one of my favorite places in the world it's incredible it's right in the French Alps it's about an hour from uh Geneva and anytime I drink a coffee out of this mug it brings back so many good memories so um that's how that's how mugs should be um we got Bill coming in from Arizona Arizona Frank heard of it yep Kurt from Wisconsin all right well I'm G to give it 15 more seconds and we'll kick this off stop the recording and then I'll start again just in case oh well we can just leave it going doesn't matter hey robertt I'll pause for a moment here guys we can dive in welcome welcome welcome welcome everyone to the Saturday success Summit this is going to be an absolute blast I'm I'm so glad that you've taken some time out of your day here today because I've got lots of surprises uh in store for you and I've got a lot of uh information coming your way way as well so this is the rough schedule and I can pretty much guarantee that um we're going to bounce all over the map and it's it's going to end up looking a little bit different to what we can see here but to give you a bit of an idea about what we've coming to what's coming your way today is I'm going to give you a little bit of of my background um I think if you're going to be spending a good three or four hours on the workshop with me here today then you may as well know a little bit uh about me and my background I'm going to explain in detail uh e formula so e formula is something that we've been opening to the public for the first time ever um in the past um in the past few days so you're going to learn about what that's all about you're going to see software demos you're going to see shortcuts you're going to have a chance to ask us anything uh and I say us because I'm not um on my own here I do have uh some of the team behind the scenes got a couple of coaches here we've got a couple of guest experts who you're going to be hearing from uh in um later on uh here today we've got some amazing prizes who wants to who would like to win an 85 in TV give me a yes in the question box if you'd like to win an 855 in TV and I don't know exactly how big that is but um I think it's like my wingspan kind of a thing I think it's like um even longer than that it's like two two meters it's like um I don't know it's it's uh crazy sized uh TV and we've got a bunch of them to give away okay we got a bunch of them to giveway so um what I would urge you to do is to please use that question box let's let's have some fun with this let's um you know I I will be talking about eformula but I really want you to let your guard down and let's have some fun over the next few hours um I'm not going to be pressuring anyone to get and I'm trying to be giving you information so you can make an informed uh decision and I do have special bonuses uh as well for people who do decide that e formula is a a good um a good fit for them okay I've got uh critical uh mindset traits Mission critical mindset traits coming up and this is based on a lot of uh the most successful people that that I've studied and also things I've picked up along the way I've got a massive announcement and we'll be dealing with the top 10 questions and another thing I've got to get me going here it's a big glass of extra strength coffee so I'll have a sip of that and we will Dive Right In so um who the heck am I uh that is me that's me in Monaco um on a trip that I did there a while ago and I've been online since 2005 2005 I got started online the reason I got started online not many people uh know this I haven't shared this story with many people but um I met my wife in Lake Tahoe California we were doing a ski season in 2003 uh I was a um a young uh student at the time finishing up uh University and um at the end of the ski season I went back to New Zealand and she went back to artina and at that moment I was like I need to be able to find a way and this was in 2003 I need to be able to think of a way to earn passive income if I could earn passive income I could live in Argentina I could live in New Zealand I could travel the world so what I was really after was Geographic freedom and I came to Argentina in um in 2005 and I just doubled down on it and I had this mission in my mind that I was going to do it and I went down every Rabbit Hole you could possibly imagine in the world of online business and eventually uh I started making some money online um give me a dollar sign in the question box if you've made some money online and just type no in the question box if you haven't I'm just interested to do a quick um survey and only you can see um any questions that you put in it's just uh you know it's a private Communication channel that I've got with you here because I can remember the very first dollar that I made online I can remember getting to like $10 per day average I can remember when I got to I $100 per day average and at that point I thought look if it stays like this then I'm probably going to I'm probably going to be all right um and I can really remember like I said when that that kicked off um for me and the the funny thing is it took me two years to get to that point where I was um not to get to $100 a day it took me like a couple of years to get to like 10 or $20 per day I was uh I didn't know what the heck I was doing when I got started um and you know it's tough it's tough when you're getting and it's even harder if you don't have a good road map or a good game plan and I had nothing so I was trying all kinds of things I was um my first website um was a website about Tango it's still online maybe I'll show it to you a little bit later if you're interested to see it um and um I didn't know what the Hico was doing but eventually little by little I got to the point where I was making money and I learned and learned and learned and you know about um what is it uh like almost almost 20 years has gone vir over 18 years at this point and I've been around the block and I've built multiple seven figure businesses now but I still have to PCH myself because I can I can remember clear as about struggling to get going online not knowing what the heck I was doing feeling like a failure um having um you know um sort of family members saying what the hell Aiden is crazy what's he doing why doesn't he just double down and um get a real job and so on and so forth but I'm so glad that I stuck with it uh so anyway there probably more information uh than you wanted um and I'll tell you a couple of other uh tidbits that not many people know about me um as of a couple of years ago I am officially Italian you might be wondering well how why why you how are you Italian uh so I'm actually an Italian Argentine kiwi so born and bred in New Zealand and I lived in New Zealand for the first 20 odd years of my life I came to Argentina and my um mid-20s and I live in Argentina and I'm Argentine resident nowadays and my wife through through her grandma uh is of Italian descent and so she's got the Italian passport and when we got married um I was able to get the Italian passport so I'm in Argentine Italian kiwi and I'm a very um very limited breed I don't think there's there's very many Argentine Italian kiwis and I've been studying Italian for the last year so I can I can speak fluent and mediate level uh in um in Italian and fluent in in Spanish uh in my spare time I love doing swimming I swim about seven um well about maybe like five miles a week kind of a thing um and um I love that I love property investment I love travel I've got two young kids a seven-year-old and a 5-year-old that's pretty old photo um there but they're seven years old 5 years old I love spending time with them I love property investment I love passive income I love online business and I love teaching so so um this is a little bit about uh my background and if you're from New Zealand or if you've been there I'm from a rural community about um 100 kmers North of Wellington in the white uper so uh you may know where that is uh anyway anyway that's probably far more information than you want to know about me let's start talking about e formula let's start talking about how you can potentially uh build a Profit Stream online and a powerful three-step system to launch and sell your first super product uh we're going to show you how to sell this super product using free instant laser targeted traffic and the aim is to get to an initial run rate of $50 per day in profit and then I'll show you how to build a portfolio of these super products to scale up your business now give me a 50 the number 50 in the question box if you would be pretty happy if you could leave this Workshop here today uh this Summit knowing exactly what you could do to earn $50 per day um passive income from a simple very very simple um Profit Stream using the system that I'm I'm sharing with you here because that's what we're that's what my objective here really is is to uh Spill the Beans pull back the curtain on exactly how uh you can do this and I can see questions coming in and that's awesome um and some some of the questions are Is this different to such and such Is this different to something this is different to everything nothing has um I know that's a pretty big big call but you'll see how this is different to absolutely everything uh that's come before and it's um very different to everything that that I've done so um to all those people typing in 50 fantastic that's what the objective is for one one little uh income stream which you could have multiple of okay and I'm going to show you our approach to fulfilling that and how this uh powerful three-step system is made much simpler by a series of Cutting Edge done for you shortcuts that we have developed over the past uh year and these done for you shortcuts could allow you to get to that initial goal so much faster and you know what we've devised here is absolutely unique uh unprecedented um and is um it's it's just incredible it's something that um I'm really passionate about so um really important note uh before we begin here um I'm going to be sharing some of my results with you here today and my results are certainly not typical you know I've shared a little bit about my background you know that I've been I got started in 2005 I've been around the block a few times um I have made millions and millions of dollars um online and um I can't can't guarantee that you wouldd have the same success as me or one of our top students because I don't know your lifestyle don't know your background don't know your work habits and as you probably know uh online I don't think there is any such thing as a get-rich quick scheme you know I don't think there's a magic way uh to get uh money coming in I think um everything that I've seen has come from you know following a recipe taken specific specific steps putting some work in uh what I will say though is that what I'm going to be sharing with you here today is Far and Away the most systematic uh predictable reliable online uh business model that I have ever seen period and in all of these years so um if you're excited about that that all sounds good just give me a let's go in the question box okay the let's go are coming in all right okay okay and um who here would like to take away a TV who here would like to take away a an 85 in TV type me in the question box because I'm going to give away uh one of these things right now but first I want to see everyone typing me in the question box and um there are a huge number of people on this uh live stream right now so um this is going to get uh very interesting and I'm going to call on um Sean if you could help me out here in the background I don't know if you can hear this Sean but um I need to find someone let's see um how we going to do this I might have to do it myself okay so the question is get get rid it's typ the first person that I find that puts this in is going to be the winner so um how many visitors go to Amazon per second per second let me know how many visitors go to Amazon per second and I've got the number here just double checking it on my calculator and I've got the number so how many visitors go to Amazon every single second how many unique visitors go to Amazon based on the information that I've got uh let's see it's not 10,000 I'm talking about per second it's not a billion it's less than a billion it's not Millions per second um let's see I'll give you a clue it's per month per month it is uh let me see I'm going to just find one I was I'll tell you what it is per month in a moment I keep guessing guys I haven't seen it yet all righty the winner the winner is Gloria Gloria Johnson Gloria Johnson Gloria Johnson got it the answer was um 787 okay 787 was the answer 787 visitors unique visitors every second so boom boom boom boom boom 780 and it's 68 million per day 68 million per day it's hard to even grasp what that is so uh congratulations Gloria uh if you could go ahead um and let us know your um uh your email there Gloria we will note that down and we will get in touch with you about the 85 inch Samsung TV all right sounds good so um I've got more of these TVs to give away got more TVs to give away got more cash to give away I got uh more goodies and bonuses and bits and pieces in store and you can do yourself a favor by using that question box staying tuned because I'm going to give you another clue here I've got some questions prepared and most of the questions I've got prepared are about information that I'm going to be sharing in the slide deck so um you can massively stack the odds of success in your favor by paying very close attention and I'll be giving away uh you know something cool every um you know every once in a while okay sound like a good deal guys all right let's push on keep going so congratulations Gloria all right and I'm just going to have a sit before I go any further here all right so since 2006 really 2005 I guess you could say um I've built uh multiple seven figure businesses in lots of different areas online I've been involved with Google AdSense I've done lots of things on Amazon affiliate marketing Drop Shipping um Amazon FBA e-commerce software as a service info products apps I've done over $100 million online and I'm not telling you that to to like boast or break I'm just mentioning that as you know credibility I've been around the block a few times and um what we're talking about here today is radically different to everything that you can see on this screen here it is radically different to all of that it's 100% unique and I actually look at it more as sort of like a complete paradigm shift in the way that people make money online and there are a number of reasons why this is the first reason is to do with the evolution so back in 2017 uh for the first time ever we we actually taught an early edition of this system to a group of people and it was really very successful um for our students I would say we probably had the highest success ratio um in that uh training to anything we've we've ever had uh and it changed everything we had you know like I say a lot of success stories and since that time original members of that program have been saying oh you know when are you going to come back with an updated version we want to do that again we want to do that again and we've been thinking about it um ever since but we haven't done it ever since for reasons that I'll share with you in in just a moment so the way that this used to work the system has always focused on selling simple products online that already have demand and because they've already got demand they've already got traffic we're using a specific Marketplace as a launch pad which I'll get into in just a moment and uh people sold products and mainstream niches like Kitchen products and these are physical products by the way like physical products that you can touch and move and buy uh so forth so uh you know in niches such as the kitchen or dog training or Fitness and obscure niches as well like crochet pressure cookers and everything uh that you can possibly imagine here and it was and still is a very simple process it's simple in that you identify products that you want to sell and you find suppliers who can stock them you buy a small amount of inventry from the supplier and then sell the inventry online with free traffic and you make Revenue you scale up now the the model and the method is simple it's proven it's unbreakable if you stick with it but it had a few challenges and these were not insignificant and these were ultimately one of the reasons why we didn't uh teach this again after 2017 so some of these were that people struggled to find winning products so um it can be alling finding warning products and one of the reasons why is the way that we've traditionally done this is we would go over to Google we would look for a supplier we would call up the supply get on the phone call them up ask them for a catalog of products um and then um we would get the catalog products if we're lucky go through them meticulously and do a bunch of different bits and pieces until we found one of these winners so there's a lot of um a lot of work to go into that first part and then there was also a lot of work with dealing with inventory so we didn't have a way of um an efficient or sort of streamlined way of dealing with inventory so what people were doing is they would buy inventory they'd send it to their house and this is where things got really complicated if you're not inside the USA so if you're not um inside if you don't live in the USA just type not in the question box and if you do live in the USA type USA in the question box the good news is it doesn't matter where you are in the world now but back then in 2017 things got really tricky when we started dealing with uh inventory okay and I can see okay well looks like like a 50/50 uh split here okay so um and then we got into shipping and Logistics and that was complicated and people needed to get um reseller certificates uh people needed to get um USA companies set up bank accounts set up and this wasn't just challenging for the people who were not in the USA this was challenging for everyone it was challenging for everyone but if you could if you could get through these roadblocks it its core it's a pretty simple uh business model okay and here's the good news there have been massive technological advances that have allowed us to build something that we we really dreamed of we've always sort of dreamed of and we've always thought of you know if we could do that that would be the dream uh come true so over the past year 2023 we've been uh in the lab um it started with a meeting in in Buenos Ires which is where where I am um I had a couple of Partners come down we we were brainstorming things and uh we spent the year and a huge amount of money over half a million building something that had never been built before and what we developed is something that's made this faster simpler and more effective where all of the problems around suppliers around products around shipping and around inventory have been categorically solved obliterated eliminated once and for all and it could dramatically increase the speed in which you can build a business using this system and this is something that we were um going to originally keep this a secret now we've got a a mastermind um of of students who pay us $112,000 a year and we thought you know this is something we could roll into the Mastermind and um uh you know we could keep it as a very small uh group But as time went on as we saw how everything was unfolding as we saw that wow this is really working on on a scale that um is quite impressive we always felt obliged uh to share it with with more people we wanted to make a huge impact uh and you're really going to need to focus in the next 10 to 15 minutes because I'm going to reveal exactly um all of the the the different bits and pieces here so starting with traffic we only use free traffic free traffic but not just free traffic that you have to wait a long time to get traffic that is free traffic that is instant okay and traffic that is incredibly targeted like the most targeted traffic that I know of it's something that is can get set up in a very short span of time um and your income level this is good news I think is entirely based on the amount of time and effort uh that you put into it so it it is very systematic it's not like uh rolling a dice and you know sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't it's systematic and it's based on the time and effort you put in you don't need a product of your own uh you don't need any prior experience you don't need a website you never talk to anyone uh you make teeny tiny uh investments in inventory so you don't need much inventory and we're making sales leveraging a massive sales platform that is packed full of buyers now the second reason that that this um became such a a breakthrough is that there is a simple three-step system which is at the core of it all and at the core of the system there are something there's something that we call Super products and as you can probably imagine when you're selling items online not all products are created equal some products sell really well and and some don't sell well and there are um you know these super products are the ones that have huge demand they have huge search volume and they have huge margins as well but the thing is is that identifying these super products even if you know what you're looking for identifying them as hard and time consuming however in my business we've sold over 200,000 uh products online and we've really mastered the art of finding them and turned it into a of a science and I'm now going to share the secret to finding these super products guys are you following along so far is it all making sense just give me a yes in the question box if this is all making sense so far y okay good because I'm about to get into the really really um interesting bits and pieces here now so the secret to finding super products we start by researching a vast list of products and we register with wholesale suppliers and as I mentioned earlier we we register with them we T through um the catalogs and sometimes these catalogs have got tens of thousands of products in them we pinpoint our products and we research them on Amazon and we create a list of potential products for us to move forward with and if the product is that's in the catalog doesn't exist in Amazon we just forget about it for now okay we check the past and current popularity of the product and we do thorough research to to figure out how they're selling over time so we check if they're regularly getting reviews because reviews are an indicator you know that a product keeps on selling uh we see if the reviews are good um and we use other tools to to gauge um you know the profitability so um we estimate their monthly sales volume uh we look at potential margins and um there are only a few ingredients that you need to know to work out what the margin is I'll share this with you a little bit later and we identify the number of other Sellers as well to check for competition so we're running through we've got this check list that we work through and if a product ticks all the boxes then we consider it to be one of these super products and then we make a list of the products that meet the strict criteria and what we found is some somewhere in the vicinity of for every 1,000 products we go through we might find one super product so that gives you an idea of the magnitude of research that we have to go through to find these super products so the bad news is that finding these super products is hard it's incredibly timec consuming um you need to have tools and services that cost money to be able to do it and the best analogy really is is it's like trying to find a needle in a Hast stack um that they're tough to find but the good news is that to get started with the system that I'm sharing here today you don't have to find super products because we've already found them for you we found a and we've built up a a vault a list of these super products and I'm going to tell you how you can take advantage of these uh yourself uh pretty soon so this is what the system is all about it's about selling high margin by demand super products online with free instant and Laser targeted uh traffic and it's very very simple there are only three key steps that you need to go through in order to be able to do this the first is to identify one of these super products it's got huge demand in my margins you then need to activate your inventory and then you start selling with the free traffic and begin making sales so I'm going to go through the the steps right now and I've sort of been um summarizing these a little bit but I want to go in a we bit more granular detail just to make sure that this is all crystal clear so to identify a super product you start by going over to Google you might do a search in Google for pet wholesale suppliers USA okay okay and you'll find a supplier uh and you will register with the supplier maybe you'll call them up you'll try to get their catalog of products um and you will search their catalog for products okay so that's the first step and the system that we uh using here leverages Amazon is we like to think of Amazon as sort of like a Launchpad for this and it's good for a couple of reasons one is it's the simplest way to to make sales the path of leas resistance and it's also a fantastic place to do research and confirm whether a product is really a super product or not okay so we again we go through this we we identify different suppliers we get access to wholesale cataloges of products and um we um assess the demand by looking at the sales volume we work out the margins uh and we're looking for proven sellers so here for example I can see a compass um I can buy it for $54.97 wholesale it sells on Amazon for $95 $5 I can see it's got 5,281 reviews and this Stacks up um and the other thing that we do is we check out the number of sellers that are on a product so one thing that you might not know about Amazon is Amazon actually likes having multiple people selling the exact same product and why do you think Amazon would uh would want multiple people to sell the exact same product just type in the question box interested to see if anyone can get this so they don't run out of stock that's exactly it to get a wider network of suppliers Y and lots of other lots of other reasons as well but the worst thing that can happen to Amazon is if they've got a product and they've only got one supplier of it and then that product that supplier runs out of stock that's like Amazon having all their eggs in one basket so the ideal scenario for Amazon is to have multiple suppliers of Any Given product so we can we can um become an extra supplier and we can um sort of piggyback off of the page that already exists on Amazon so here for example you can see a deol hedge trimmer if I was able to be a wholesale if I was able to get dealt HED sters at wholesale price and I had the rights to sell them I could put them on Amazon and I would instantly be able to tap into the traffic that's already coming and do you see how that works guys give me a yes in the CH chat box if in the question box if if you see how that how that works that's and that's why the traffic is instant laser targeted and On Demand assuming you've got one of these products s right so this is good news that we that they allow multiple people to sell because we can um we can do this and we can piggy back off the existing momentum so that's step number one is to identify super product step number two is to activate your inventory uh so here what you want to do is purchase a small amount of the product inventory from the supplier um and the amount that you need to order will vary sometimes you know they've got these minimum order quantities uh you get the inventory sent to you um and you can send it to your home you can send it to a third party Logistics Center you print and attach the labels that Amazon will give you you go through all the shipping plans and you send it back into Amazon okay so you do all of that you order your inventory you prepare your inventory and you send it back into Amazon and then you can start selling with this free on demand traffic people are already searching for the product you're piggybacking off the existing listing Amazon is going to rotate between the different sellers that there are are so if there are four sellers of a particular product all things being equal each sell will see a quarter of the the traffic and when you sell a product Amazon ships out to the customer and the objective here is to sell through the inventory and restock and keep on going so is this making sense guys um give me a one in the question box if if that's making sense so far that process yep okay good so at that point we're done you know you've identified a super product you've bought a small amount of inventory you've sent it into Amazon you go live and start making sales so just to make it clear you don't need to worry about using paid ads there's no paid traffic there's no marketing uh there's no website um a lot of the most common headaches are are removed people are already searching for the product and you are piggybacking off of this existing success and it's simple and it's uncomplicated you don't have a product of your own you don't have a website there's no reseller certificates no overseas supplies no bank accounts special bank accounts un need no product development no dealing with China no branding no packaging no massive inventory investment no overseas shipping and Customs no hoping that it's going to sell and no waiting for months to start selling and it could be lightning fast now the initial aim here is to find and sell your first product and first super product and get that product uh to $50 per day in profit and this is just the beginning and then you can scale up by building a portfolio of these super products identifying additional products to sell ordering inventory sending to Amazon increasing your sales and this image here kind of represents what I'm thinking about when I'm talking about a portfolio of super products so no one said that you have to stop at at one um one specific product you know you could have multiple products selling in fact the aim is to sort of 10x uh your number of Super products and you know keep in mind that just selling one of these things could be quite lucrative potentially um and if you're selling more of them then you're giving yourself more opportunity to make more profit now the third reason that this is such a big breakthrough is that the really good news uh and is the really good news for you is that we've developed three groundbreaking shortcuts that could make it much simpler so um you know how I said that um you know I explained how we would go out there and find super products so the good news here is that we've actually found super products that you can use we've got a private Vault of thousands of handp super products and these have taken a year of work to curate and add on a manual basis like hand picking one by one by one uh we've already got agreements with the suppliers we've already um you know we've already got the rights to sell these products you don't have to you don't have to worry about doing any of that you don't have to worry up picking up phone calling supplies we've done all of that for you and we've taken millions of products from wholesale suppliers and we've whittled out we've found all the needles in the H stack and we have added them to what we call our buyer club and this is a treasure Trove of of products it is absolutely uh phenomenal and it's going to be an absolute GameChanger for people who have access to it so that's the first shortcut what do you think about that guys I'm going to I might be able to give you a demo in just a second but um if you were able to get access to a product that was a proven uh seller one of these super products a product that is making money month after month after month after month after month after month and you could go into a private dashboard of your own you log in and you see a whole list of these things okay that are exclusive to you okay okay and other and a few other members as well and you could cheery pick any product that you want this is like a vending machine this is like a vending machine where you could fund whatever product you want to buy you press the button and out pops the product it's the best analogy that I can I can really give you here and that's the first shortcut but it gets even better because the second shortcut is what takes care of all of your inventory operations so um I own and operate a massive um Warehouse in Texas um it's 40,000 squ foot which is like the size of a football field an American football field to give you an example there and at this Warehouse we can store your inventory so you don't need to get your inventory sent to your own home or any any of that nonsense um you don't need to touch it you don't need to um you know unpack it put labels on package it up and send it off to Amazon we can do all of that for you we've got an amazing team uh at the warehouse an enormous am of time engine money has been put into this to make this streamlined and the real magic behind all of this is the team behind the scenes that does it this is something that is a handson operation uh for us and what I've done for your team does which is a third shortcut is after you have ordered a product okay after you go into that special uh database that I mentioned there special Vault of products and you see one and you check out a couple of things and you make sure that it's uh one that could potentially make you money and you decide to to choose it so you put the money in the vending machine you press the button when that happens these guys step in and what these guys do is they say hey stepen just ordered um four of these and they pick up the phone they call the supplier and say hey we need four of these products send them to the warehouse in Texas the supplier sends them to the warehouse in Texas our team gets busy on the ground they do all the heavy lifting literally and figuratively uh for you they unpack the products they put your special labels on them they package them up again they send them off to Amazon and then the product arrives in your Amazon account so you do nothing you don't touch the products you don't see the products you don't label the products you do nothing you got a team that does all of that for you and the team just so you know the warehouse charges $220 per unit that it it processes so this works out incredibly well incredibly well okay and I'm going to give you some real numbers here in in just a second so these shortcuts could allow you to massively accelerate the speed at which you can start making Sales Online you essentially click a button and we do the rest so just to um really Hammer this example home you start off by choosing a product you do that inside the profit the the um the product Vault okay the Buyers Club as we call it after you have done that after you've chosen the product and you've pressed the blue button our team will order the products for you so let's take an example this little compass that I shared earlier um let's say you want to order eight of those things you you um put eight into the the computer you press the blue button our team gets the instructions Hey Joe wants to order eight of these things and we will call up the supplier we will order them eight of them from the supplier the supplier will send them to the warehouse we get those eight different compasses we receed them we open them up we put the special labels on them that Amazon needs we pack them back up again we get we call UPS and we say hey UPS we've got a shipment needs to go to Amazon come and get it they come and get it they take it them to Amazon and it arrives in your Amazon account and you then get to reap the rewards so so let me see if I can do something interesting here want to see if this works so all of this right hand section all of this here is done by us you don't have to do any of this all of this right hand side there hopefully you can see I'm drawing on my screen here this is all taken care of for you all you need to do is choose the product that you want choose the quantity that you want press the button okay press the button and then magically almost magically it goes for what you see it goes from you pressing the button goes to Amazon and that is it that's it okay so this is something that is incredibly um incredibly powerful and um it it works um it works incredibly well it's it's wonderful and it is unlike anything that we have ever seen before and this is what we've been so busy developing so if if if you can see how this falls into place just give me a yes in the question box I'm going to get into the Gory details even more gory details uh right now but I just want you to be able to understand that what we've actually like developed here is like a vending machine for building a successful online business business you fund a little bit of infantry you press a button and out pops your product straight onto a massive platform Amazon that we use as a Launchpad and you can potentially start making money and then you can build out a portfolio of products we don't have any special limits or anything inside um the the buyers club for products you can choose anything like that so it is an absolute uh Game Changer and the fourth reason is the software so guys give me a demo type demo in the question box if you want me to go over and show you a live demo of this in action I want at least half of you here to flood the question box with the word demo okay because I want to see that you're typing demo and only after I've seen at least half a VI type demo am I going to uh go completely away from my slides I'm going to go over to the web I'm going to show you lots of different examples bits and pieces yeah demo demo demo demo y okay all right so let me see if I can do a a new year here all right guys so um give me a a one in the question box if you can now see my uh browser here and I've got um Amazon is open at the moment yep good stuff okay so um this here is the uh bias club which is this amazing Vault of products that I've been uh mentioning here okay and we've got some filters over here on the right hand side and I've got page after page after page of different products I'm going to start opening some of these up going to take a look at them that's a little Ledger of some kind this is a little coffee mug oh it's actually a milk fro go to the next page look we got Paw Patrol product in there if you got kids then I'm sure you'll know what the Nickelodean Paw Patrol are both of my kids have loved the PAW Patrol at different points in time we've got um Martha Stewart threepiece oven set we've got um what else we've got all kinds of different things we got stranger things memorabilia games um we've got page after page after page of products here a little dog carrier got a few belts we've got um a dog jacket got drink bottles in fact that drink bottle there looks very similar to this one here very similar um we've got this rug braided rug and so on and so forth so and there's this compass that I was um having a look at and one thing you'll notice is that these products have different minimum order quantities okay so this one here for example has a minimum order quantity of 35 so if I wanted to buy this one I would have to buy 35 of them at the minimum okay I could buy more but I'd have to start with 35 5 and it's got a purchase price of $49 per unit now this is one that would be a little bit more expensive okay but there are plenty of others out there that have got um that have got um very um very small order qualities I'll show you some of those as well so um if we look at this one here this Ledger what is this like a little bookkeeping system it does 5,000 does 5,200 what is it 5,7 29 5,729 sales and sales revenue per month there's only one person selling that do you guys know what happens if I become the second seller do you know what happens to that 5,729 Tammy says do people still use ledgers I thought the same thing it's like who's going to buy a ledger turns out people actually buy lgers So Adam says you get half so it's not exactly half but um Amazon does um split the the revenue fairly evenly there for the most part so we've had a look at the Ledger okay let's have a look at another product this here is a little um a little milk frother so this is $8 per unit so if I actually wanted to buy this one what I'd do is I'd put 29.99 in here that's the Amazon selling price not what I pay I pay $8 and the minimum order quantity is four so um guys what would the total um order be um cost for this one let's have a look I click place order and it's going to give me all the details here and it's going to give me a way that I can fund this so it would be8 $8 per unit four units that's $32 and then there's a $220 uh per unit fee on top of that so the total would be $40 however I could then take that and sell each one of them for $29 on Amazon okay um let's have a look at this little um dog backpack here so this dog backpack I can buy for 88 there's a Min order quantity of two so this one I'd have to put $160 of inventory up as an example um let's have a look and I've got this little Gadget installed the software installed that lets me see the monthly Revenue so um 5,398 I could have a slice of that let's have a look at another one look at this um dog jacket so this one here um minimum order quantity of two two and uh per unit of 17 so like this is like a $34 inventory uh investment so you can see when I say that the inventory investment can be um very very um low I really mean it like $34 you kidding me and the only reason that it can be that low is because you've got a warehouse that will deal with such teeny tiny order quantities for you and you've got a warehouse that have got Capac capacity to be able to um purchase um you know products from um uh suppliers and in large quantities and sort of pull our orders so that you can do that kind of a thing this dog jacket is a little bit seasonal right because um it um you know obviously people are using dog jackets in the winter but it does 11,400 um sales per month and it's actually there's no sellers at the moment so what do you think would happen if there are no sell and I get I get one of these up what do you think will happen type in the question box what do you think will happen you get all the revenue said Steven hang Steven hang gets $100 um stepen hang um if you could please put your um email in there we're going to send you off $100 via PayPal so um Sean if you could find Steven hang's um email there $100 for Steven hang being first person to get this so if there's no seller there then and you get a product up then you get all the revenue $11,400 this is really exciting and there's product after product let's check this one out this has got a higher minimum order quantity um sales for $224 though so you know we could potentially um stand to make um a bit more here if there is sales volume let's have a look um actually it's been reduced in price at uh the moment and that happens sometimes but 20 $6,500 from that rug from a rug isn't that impressive are you guys impressed just give me a wow in the question box if you are amazed at the products that I'm showing you here and that blue little Ledger I mean come on a blue Ledger um the Marvel um zombies let's have a look at this one here this has got a minimum water quantity of two $68 I'll paste this in here we'll have a look and look you've got all kinds of different products you got products that do massive volume you got products that do small amounts of volume like this one here does 18670 they have a look how many sellers there are there are six different sellers so that revenue is getting split six different ways if we became the seventh seller then we would get 17th and uh you know all things being equal of that revenue does this make sense guys are you um just blown away I thought I was going to have a look at the compass as well have a look at the compass um are you Blown Away by um this Vault of products and how many how many products and I'm I don't I don't actually know what the exact number is because it's going up every single day but there are under there are less than 10,000 um products in there um it was in fact it was closer to something like 5,000 last time I I looked but it's going up every single day every single day manual human effort putting these golden nuggets these are super products that's why we call them super products um 64,8 125 is the revenue of this compass and there are three sellers right now each one of the sellers is getting around about um is getting around about um what would that be uh 64,000 divid by three ways they're getting around about 21,000 uh in 21,500 something like that in revenue and you know if they're getting a 25% profit margin they're probably making like four grand profit this is this is an absolute uh Treasure Trove okay and I hope that I've done that Justice because this is what we've been talking about this is what we are so excited about this is what we've been working our butts off to put together and we have finally done it so um let me know what you think about that guys give me some feedback in the question box it's been hard for me to keep my eyes on the question box but I am looking at it now and I would love to get um your thoughts just while I take a sip of of water here Nadin says great people saying amazing wow blows my mind incredible love it love it love it how can I get access fabulous awesome stuff impressive um it really is the most impressive thing um that that we've ever built and the biggest shortcut that I've ever seen to uh getting started with with e-commerce okay now it gets even better because the fifth reason that this is a breakthrough unlike any other is the opportunity the opportunity is wide open Amazon is fast approaching being A1 trillion company how many people here have purchased on Amazon I have my wife has she buys stuff on Amazon all the time y Amazon is massive you guys already know this and nearly three and four consumers say that when they're looking for a product online they start with Amazon and we've been making money selling on Amazon platform for years I've done millions of dollars personally these are a couple of my screenshots here and again again um I'm showing you these because I want you to see The credibility this is not something you can build to um overnight I've got uh you know over 18 years of um experience online you can see $1.9 million in one of them um 605,000 uh in the other and this is this is on a like a limited period of time and these are two different accounts uh that I've got so I've done millions of dollars on this uh platform and it is an incredible opportunity and at this point you might be asking yourself the question can you actually do this and I really believe that you can it's a simple system it's proven to work we're giving you a massive head start with the shortcuts and you're not going to run out uh you're not going to run into this traffic problem that has traditionally existed because the traffic is free you don't have to DME for traffic it's laser targeted and it's instant it's instant the moment that product gets up on Amazon okay which takes in the vicinity of 5 to 10 days from the moment you order it from inside the Bop takes about 5 to 10 days uh and and normal circumstances from the time that product gets onto Amazon you are getting a slice of the Amazon traffic it's as simple as that and our in-house team is doing all of the complex work all the heavy lifting uh all of the communication with the supplies everything uh to um allow you to get started now the sixth reason is the training and what I want to walk you through now is e formula and how to use our shortcuts as your personal superpower to launch and sell your first super product and then scale using free laser targeted traffic and three simple steps so I'm going to go through uh each component of eformula and then I'm going to give you the opportunity if you want to uh to become our next member of eformula so the battlecry for what we've done here with e formula is done for you everything and we are so confident about this that we're actually laying down a challenge and I'd love to know if you want to take the challenge the challenge here is a 30-day challenge and it's where you can get access to our in-house shortcuts get your first super product live take immediate advantage of the free instant and Laser targeted traffic once you get that super product up and the aim is to make your first sales within 30 days and then keep scaling from there and it's really important that you can get a quick win um and by that I mean making your first sale um it's super important um because that's how you can see that the system is working firsthand and this is going to give you confidence and drive to severe and the aim here is simple to get your first sales within 30 days and be on your way to hitting Master number one which is a run rate of $50 per day in profit and then keep scaling from there doing it over and over again rinse and repeat and we're going to help you take Massive Action give me a me in the question box if you're up for the challenge if you're pumped up and you're up to take the 30-day challenge Come Along on this uh ride with me and use this incredible um resource that we've put together together and incredible training and I tell you what this is going to be quite the journey okay and we're going to be working through as I say to hit that Milestone number one that's our objective and the way we're going to do it is by delivering you eight key components that make up this eformula uh training okay so the first component is the core uh training and this is step by step by step uh training every step of the way you might be thinking what do I even need training for there's just like a vending machine and you would be right in thinking that however there are some nuances like we want to make sure that you're you've got the the right things set up in the right way we want to make sure that you understand how to sanity check that a product is profitable we want to make sure that you understand how to make sure that um there's that instant traffic waiting for you so there are a few things that you actually need to know and we would rather like overd deliver on the training um than underd deliver and um this like vending machine if you like with the Buyers Club that's kind of like giving you a fish but we want to teach you how to fish um as well so that's what the training uh is all about incredibly high quality you're going to have access to um lots of videos um you know mind maps PDFs transcriptions uh everything that you could possibly need that's the first part now the second part is live coaching and this sort of is in parallel or combined with if you like the the um the videos and the video training that you'll get so here you're getting eight um fulllength uh coaching webinars where we jump on a zoom call just like this one except in telling you instead of telling you about e formula we'll be showing you how to implement step by step by step eformula okay and this is the Core Curriculum is delivered over eight weeks and we have multiple sessions per week if you can't tune in live then um you'll get a replay in the memers area we do Q&A sessions and there's lots of different things we can do to make sure that we keep our finger on the pulse with how you are progressing so you got different milestones we want you to hit and much much more and you can go at your own pace as well now the third component is this incredible this breakthrough uh Buyers Club this Vault of thousands of products and it's not tens of thousands of products in fact it's much closer to about 5,000 products and it's going up day by day by day by day some days we add five products to it some days we add 15 products some days we have 30 products and some days we had no products to it but it's increasing Day by Day by Day on on average and um these products are there for the taking okay now the bias Club is going to save you time it's remove the guesswork it is like the biggest accelerate that I have ever seen in the world of e-commerce it is literally a vending machine where you can come in buy a product at a wholesale price without needing to deal with the supplier without needing to reach out to them and get without having to deal with reseller certificates with all of that stuff okay um and just like turbocharge the the time that it takes in the process for getting your product up and seeing your first sale coming in so this is huge this is massive uh and it's going to be very very uh exclusive uh as well and in addition to that we've got the private Warehouse which is uh incredible it's it's a massive it's a facility that is only used for this it is owned and operated by me and and my team and my partners and it completely uh removes the the learning curve uh it's going to save you time it's going to avoid you needing to have to get products to to your house and things like that you w need to touch see the products if you live overseas like me then you can't really send the products to your house anyway um and you don't want to be dealing with one of these multi-purpose thirdparty Logistics centers because they do everything under the sun whereas the only thing that this Warehouse does is what I'm talking about here help you with the eformula model okay it is a massive Game Changer and then you've got support every step of the way an incredible support team uh you got a private Community where you're going to be able to connect and make friends with um fellow members and you know it's got a real it's going to have a real family feel to it it's going to be a huge number of people um we get private you get private email support as well there's access to the Buyers Club um and Warehouse team and I'm going to be interviewing um the manager of of that team uh in a few moments time here so you can learn more uh and it's just incredible it's an incredible group of people now the reality is is that you could stop here if you want you've got everything you need you've got the training you've got the life coaching you've got the buyer club uh you got access to the web house and you've got the support and that would be enough to build one of these uh you know the objective to get to a $50 per day Profit Stream and then rinse and repeat and build multiple of these things that would be enough however we realize that some people want to just you know shoot for the moon want to scale and because of that um we have got different scaling tools that will allow you to build Beyond this remember I said that we're using Amazon as like somewhat of a launch pad Amazon is part of the puzzle but certainly not all of the puzzle it's a good stepping stone uh to growth and we will be teaching you how to do other things on other marketplaces as well like Walmart and so on and so forth um but if you want to scale then we've got you covered because we've got the products by this allows you to tap into millions of products that we can suck in from the eBay database which um big tip is another great place to find uh wholeale supplies as well so you'll be able to suck in every product that's on eBay and um you know slice and dice them and find other winners and this is when you are searching for your own needles in the Hast stack okay but we we'll show you how to do that um so that's one way to scale another way to scale is to move into different marketplaces so if you want to have a storefront then um you can use that as well you can get selling on the likes of Google Microsoft um you know Facebook uh Walmart um and more marketplaces can lead to more traffic that's why it's about scaling and and more opportunities uh to make sales and then the eighth component is about increasing the lifetime value value um of each customer that you have and we do this called the message machine and the message machine is a combination of software that we've developed which is combined up with the offline infrastructure that we have in the warehouse so um one of the things this is just an example but one of the things that we can do here is with the message machine is we can allow you to gather um data of about your buyers people who buy the products at you sell and remember they're not your products you could be selling like a DeWalt hedge trummer it's not it's not yours but you've got the rights to sell um and what we can do is we can put like a product insert or a brochure or flyer or marketing material inside the box so when someone gets that and gets home they open the box they find out they see this flyer there and it says hey join the VIP Club enter your email get 50% off your next order something like that now the way that the way this all gets integrated is we can link up the software part of it the technology with the offline infrastructure to make all of this happen and what It ultimately leads to is a a better life time value per customer so these scaling tools will allow you to keep on growing and growing uh and growing so eformula is a massive groundbreaking training program the most impressive uh that I've ever seen or been uh involved with and can really help you get started with this you've got everything you need to build a successful business selling high margin super products uh that have got huge demand and to get started we're going to give you everything everything we can possibly give you the systems the services the software the support we've invested a huge amount of re ources to make this as simple as possible and if you're serious about creating a real online business a real online business in 2024 not some flash in the pan not some hack but a serious business uh then this is unprecedented it is absolutely unprecedented and this could be perfect for you uh We've thrown the kitchen s at it we've brought together a huge team to make this possible it's taken uh 12 months of communication with some of the biggest suppliers in the United States to bring you the hand picked super products uh we're giving you access to our staff to our vault of products to our infrastructure to everything to make it as streamlined um as systematic as reliable and as predictable as humanly possible you don't need any special experience um you know if you're if you're someone who's currently earning under ,000 per month from an online business then I mean you're in the right place at the right time because we could you know we could show you how all of this this works if you're someone who's looking for a realistic way to supplement uh your income this is a real business you know um and if you uh you know if you want to run something that's not going to take you a huge amount of time this is something that you can do and this is the kind of thing that you can actually run on a smartphone once you get up and running so you could be you know on the golf course at the beach and you could be uh seeing what's happening because again all of the heavy lifting is done so you don't have to do it so I feel like it's the perfect opportunity uh period um over the last couple of months I've been spending a lot of time with with family in New Zealand and um for one reason or another it seems like everyone has been asking me about uh you know what's the best thing to do online right now and this is it this is what I've been telling them this is what I've been saying like there's never been a better time there's never been a bit of blueprint it's never been more streamlined uh than what it is right now because you're getting all the tools all the instructions all the training the financial roadblocks have been removed remember you can you don't need to do any paid ads and you could literally get started with an inent investment of like 22 bucks I found a product in the um Buyers Club when I was rousing around earlier was like $11.30 minimum water quantity of two so you know everything has been removed there are massive advantages you don't need a website to get started no paid ads free instant laser targeted traffic no marketing and copyrighting no dealing with China do it from anywhere in the world it's real full training full support every step of the way and almost everything is done for you now the reality is is that this is a small window of of opportunity it's only going to be open for a very short uh period of time we we opened the doors a few days ago and they are not going to be open uh much longer we start the training um very very soon uh we've got a real deadline you need to get on the inside and if you get on the inside today there's already training there for you to hit the ground running with now the third thing here is that for what I think will be you obvious reasons we can only let a limited number of people into this um we've got a lot of products we've got a lot of these super products um and we've got a lot of super products that you know that we can give out to people but they are not unlimited okay um we've got a lot of warehouse space as well and a great team but they are also not unlimited so um we are absolutely capping the number of people that we can bring into this and as I said we started taking people in a few days ago we're getting very close uh now to full capacity so you've really got two choices here the first is that you can go alone it's much um harder more difficult riskier longer it took me 2 years to sort of get to a point where I was making money regularly in my business um and I made so many mistakes and that tends to be the case when you you go out alone you do make more um mistakes you don't have the streamlined path of of least resistance it takes you longer the easy way though is to join us it makes it simpler it gives you a road map to follow um you can use our expertise you can use this Vault this amazing Vault um of super products you can use the warehouse that we've set up and get your units processed through there for a $220 per unit cost um you can use the scaling software get all the training and much much more and we really battled with with how to price this and originally we were only going to make it available to our Mastermind which pay us $12,000 a year and we thought that um you know making this $112,000 a year would be you know would be fear because you know that's what we charge for our Mastermind already and as you'll see you're actually going to get a full year of of updates and training um included with the formula you're getting access to the infrastructure the inhouse staff in fact more than what the Mastermind get currently so you know $12,000 we thought it would be an absolute steal um and again this is unprecedented But ultimately you know even if we thought it would be a steal um we wanted to make you know the biggest impact we could on as many people as we can we can handle here now it's cost us over half a million to put all of this together we've got a team of 15 people we've set up I own and operate a massive Warehouse um in Texas um and you can imagine the development software um is is not cheap either uh the cost of our Mastermind $12,000 so the value of this is is massive and even if you had to pay $112,000 to join our private Mastermind and access the system I still believe that it would be an absolute steal but we decided on $4,997 and we decided to do an even bigger uh discount uh to make it more affordable to everyone it's a brand new year brand new opportunity we want this to be your best year yet which is why there's an even bigger saving you can get started uh right now for one payment of $3,497 or for payments of $997 you can see the link on the screen there uh we'll try to see if we can get that out to you if possible through like a chat box or something but um you can go to e formula.com slstart that's where you would need to go e formula.com start you've got 30-day money back guarantee you are 100% protected and I've got some surprises in store as well guys so don't go anywhere okay I've got some surprises that you're going to want to hear about in a moment but firstly let me tell you this you've got a 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind for any reason inside the first 30 days we will refund your purchase we're not going to make you jump through hoops we're not going to ask you to show us that you've done anything you can just say hey Aiden decided it wasn't for me that's fine and I also say look at least you gave it a try at least you came on the inside and and took a look around that's fine no hard feelings um the idea here is that you can take this for a test drive we want you to be able to jump in the driver's seat we want you to be able to get inside that bias club and see how amazing it is and why would I want that because I know that when you are on the inside you are going to love it and you are going to see how amazing it is and you are going to be wanting to stay as a member uh you know for life um so with formula you can get started right now knowing that your investment is backed up by this 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee if in the first 30 days you change your mind no problem at all doesn't matter if it's 29 days from now 29 minutes from now doesn't matter you're going to see the entire system you're going to be able to use it you're going to be able to get a product up you're going to be able to potentially make money as well by getting that product up you're going to be able to go through that 30-day challenge um we want you to be in a position where you've got everything to gain here and nothing to lose we want you to test this out for yourself and and this is where it gets really exciting for the next 10 minutes okay the next 10 minutes um I am going to give you a massive bonus if you're someone who decides to get in in the next 10 minutes then you're going to get a full course as a bonus this is only for the people who are in in the next 10 minutes okay uh you're going to get a full course as a bonus uh it's called the amplification blueprint it's a little used message amplification system and it can have a massive impact on your business it's old school uh it works um and it's kind of like gur marketing so you can find some of these old school techniques that that really work um and um you can um uh you can use them to your advantage here okay so um guys now is the time to jump in because if you jump in right now in the next 10 minutes then you're going to get access um to this meab bonus okay access to this Mega bonus and I'm going to open up another screen here so that you can actually see the status of the timer and the other thing that I want you to do please is to um let me know once you have um finished uh jumping in okay so once you've finished jumping in just let me know um once you are in okay so I'm GNA just um minimize a few different some pieces here and I'm going to do a new share so that you can see my full screen so um let's see try to make it so you can see my timer view okay so you can see the link that you need to go to on the screen there right now and I will give you some product examples in a moment I just want to check in the question box though to see that that um to see who's jumping in just type I'm in if you're in if you're in process of getting in just type process so um robt says how do I get in Christina says in so I'll show you how to get in let me um open this here up for a moment and I'm G to show you how to get in okay so um pause sharing my screen for just a moment there while I open up a page here and I reshow my screen now so you can see guys you're going to get the bonus again if you're in in the next 8 minutes and 22 seconds this is not false scarcity when that expires that expires that will be it no one else will be able to get the amplification method okay that's a promise um but you go to this link that you can see down here okay e formula.com slstart is going to redirect you to a page that looks like this you got two different options here I would recommend that you take the one part payment option okay if you take that it's going to take you to a page that looks like this and the reason I recommend this one is because it's got quite a significant discount built into it okay um you can enter your email address um and then you put in your credit card details okay with PayPal if you want to click the green button and after you do that you'll be taken straight into the members area now this is a um payment system which is powered by ClickBank which have processed over you know billions of dollars okay you can see down here and very clear text that you've got 30 days from the date of purchase in fact we're giving you a little bit more than that and you'll find out about that inside the members area it actually if you would invest in this right now you'd probably have something more like 34 days um because we don't actually start uh the clock ticking until the first um training okay so um here it says 30 days technically it's a few days um extra okay so um guys Now's the Time uh to jump in and um if you got in in the past then we're going to make sure you get this bonus as well Adam says I got in a few days ago Jay says I'm in uke says process Maria says process um will you be able to use syst and training even if the installment program is selected yes good question um if you take the split payment so um the four payments of 9.97 um you will still get access to everything the same ACC as everyone else it just works out a little bit cheaper it works out $491 cheaper if you're taking the onetime payment option but look if you need to take the split payment that is absolutely fine no problem at all with that um Kevin is in process um uh John if you signed up a couple days if anyone signed up a couple of days ago I am going to honor this Mega bonus um there's no reason why you should miss out on that but if you don't sign up in the next six minutes you will not get this Mega bonus okay I think that's only fair I'm I'm trying to give you and you know why why do I want to um give you a little bit of of urgency here because some people need a little push that's the reality but I know that when you get on the inside you're going to see how amazing this is and you should know that you've got no Financial Risk whatsoever because if you jump in in the next six minutes and then six minutes later you decide it's not right for you send us an email it's so simple to send us an email inside the members area you send us an email and you let us know that um you changed your mind and that's fine we'll give you your money back I'm inside the members area right now inside the members area there's lots of different ways you can come and get support you're going to see a welcome uh message from me you're going to see a support section down here how to get support that's where you go and you'll be able to get support so you can do this you can do this you can get started right now with no risk and if you get in in the next 5 minutes and 11 seconds you will qualify for this Mega bonus which we have never given away uh before okay so um this is um a big big deal and um I will be able to take some questions in a moment I've got a lot more to cover I just want to check and the people that typed process once you actually finish please just type um uh I'm in once you actually finish so um Rajiv says process um I got in recently I'd like to get advantage of bonus you will okay um Dana says um I'm in um I'm in okay a lot of people say Muhammad says process um I'd appreciate the mega bonus um guys if you're in you will get the mega bonus okay if you're already in you get that in process says Jean Morgan is in process um Patrick is in um let's see um James is in um sigy Fredo says I'm calling the bank um all right okay so I'm going to go through a couple more things I'll leave that timer um just ticking away um and guys um it takes about 30 seconds to finish the process you don't need to get off the webinar you can keep this Zoom session running and you can just come back and let me know and believe me we've got hours more of content uh in store for you here today we are only just getting started I'm going to be sharing some of my uh biggest uh secrets that I haven't shared with anyone uh before uh related to online success so you will not want to go anywhere you want to be able to see those I'm going to be sharing more um you know um profitable products I'm going to be giving away more 85 in TVs I've got um over $1,000 in cash to giveaway and I'm going to be doing some random cash giveaways as well just uh because I want to I want this to be like a virtual party here um so um Charles says in process lots of processes uh coming in here um awesome guys so let me push on here and 3 minutes and 12 seconds uh and you will qualify for the Mega bonus takes 30 seconds to get in don't wait any longer just jump in right now you can keep on listening if you change your mind at the end of this Workshop that's fine you send us a sub sub submit a support ticket and we will take care of you okay so I'm going to give you some product examples uh right now okay and again I want to emphasize if you are getting in that is the most important thing that you can do right now that's the most important thing that you can do right now okay um however while you're getting in you're also going to be able to hear these product examples as well so um this is the first product that I'm sharing with you it's a cina um food processor and you can see it sells on Amazon for $159 we can see that it does about one sale a day um the um we can see here that um it's got a wholesale price of $74.75 um the total uh costs here work out at we add up all the different um costs it would come to $133 and um we've got a decent margin there $515 and that's based actually on $185 sale price so um I think this is one that sort of fluctuates up and down a little bit in price but when we did the analysis it was selling for $185 so the potential per uh potential profit per unit is $515 and that includes Amazon fees Amazon fillment Amazon storage and everything else okay uh Guys 1 minute 34 seconds left and if you get in if you get it if you can get it in that time you'll get this Mega bonus which is the amplification blueprint full course access Gorilla Marketing um again um if you are even um like uh you think this might be uh good for you then you can always get in and you can get the bonus and if you decide that this is not right for you you can even keep the bonus just for just for good measure at least you would have jumped in so let's have another look at another product so uh the RPG adventurers bag okay so we can see it does 335 monthly sales so 14 sales per day um it's uh sells for $149 99 the wholesale price is $75 the Amazon fees are $23 the Amazon Fulfillment is $9 the Amazon storage is $185 and the that all comes to a total cost of $110 the sale price is $149.99 so the profit per unit sold is $39 pretty good $39 you know if you can make a few sales a day of that that that quickly adds up okay so we are going to interview Angel and just a moment I want to come back to this slide here though um and I'm going to ask the question um who has managed who got in who managed to get in in those um 10 minutes if you just got in in the last 10 minutes type me and let's do this let's do this if you are um if you are finishing you're still you you didn't quite get in but you're getting in right now type now in the question box and if you type now in the question box and you get in in the next I'm giving you a little bit of a grace period here if you get in in the next like minute and you've typed now then we will give you the amplification uh blueprint as well okay so Morgan is typing now Jana is typing now Steve true now Gabriel now Bella now Maria now zoror now Glenn now amarel now um yuk is in James is in Tisha is in um JoJo I'm not sure what you mean there Jojo Jojo to how so the way to get in is um is is to go to E formula.com start um and to everyone who has just got in or was in previously you were getting this bonus and the people that typed in now um and I know I haven't read out all of your names um finish jumping in right now I'm going to give you um another minute here and as long as you are are in then um I'll make sure that um you get this as well but this is like after after I after I move on from here um then then that'll that'll be that'll be it okay um that will be it so I'm giving you a teeny tiny bit of of grace period um and what I want to do is um interview angel in fact let's do this let's do this um I will interview Angel and when we finish the interview with angel that 10 minute timer this bonus is 100% gone no more grace period no more nothing it'll be gone so I think that's um that's probably going to give you another five or 10 minutes I'm going to interview Angel here okay so hey Angel good to see you hello hello I'm getting messages to drag it out you see oh well there you go there you well we've had we've had a good good 10 minutes already but anyway um so Angel is um uh the um one of the the key personnel behind the scenes of The Incredible Buyers Club um and of um the warehouse and running the team so she is in the trenches every single day uh and well Angel why don't you tell us what you do every single day with these super products and and all of that good stuff all the fun stuff so where do begin so um I think as Aiden mentioned we've been doing this for about a year now and I have a team that all we do is the buyer Club I think Aiden pulled up a picture a little bit of go and those are some of my team leaders that also manage a department of the buyer Club everybody's got their own area we've got someone that all they do is set up seller accounts and call the uh suppliers that's all she does she told me she's called over 1,200 so when you think of that and and I want to come to something really quickly most people if you were doing this on your own you just kind of email set up an account online and then that's it and you take whatever pricing they give you and what we do is we take our list of suppliers I think we started with 5,000 about you know 10 months ago and we call every single one because that's what builds that relationship and and and gets us the best pricing gets us the discounted shipping all of those things so so my team Works in all these different areas so we have for the last year been really scouring finding the best suppliers creating relationships there they are setting up accounts but calling them getting the best prices for you guys and then we take those lists that they send us so product list um and we run them through our system and as of now I checked this yesterday we are over two million products that we have analyzed and I I want to bring this up somebody asked earlier way up in the the beginning oh you guys are using AI we are not using AI we are doing this manually and every single person that you see here and even more we all have Amazon accounts everyone on my team is an Amazon Seller I've been an Amazon Seller for for over 10 years and with that that gives us the ability to go in and test these products and make sure we can sell them check and see what um how they're selling and just really they're in the trenches and know what they're doing so I'm super excited about that and I'm super excited have an amazing team yeah you know the the team really are what make this uh possible and um to your point there every single one of these people has got an Amazon seller account these people understand about selling on Amazon and I think you said did you say 10 years ago I still remember when you I remember when Angel when you got your first um product up and um this team by the way um the majority of them are in either Canada or the states USA but some of them on the other side of the world as well like what so you know different how does that all work so my team here in the US and one one important person I see there is our con concierge I say Ashley is our concierge she handles all Communications with Buyers Club students and and integration with their warehouse like that is her only job that is her only job and she's highly focused on that I've got uh the the Canadian team that handles all of our internal processes as well as supplier accounts orders processing and the most important part is like finding new products they find new products new suppliers monthly daily I know someone asked how often we upload them and sometimes it's daily sometimes it's weekly um I have one supplier that reaches out once a month and gives us about 20,000 new products and so I've got so that's that's um 20,000 new products that from just one supplier that you are analyzing each month and finding the wi this from yeah and because we create this relationship with the suppliers they are we are kind of at the top of their list to get their new products first they just got this relationship I say it's like our little family our little supp supplier family for that reason because when we do that then we can build this wonderful Community like here with you guys and have great products so we run those products and we get them uploaded into the buyer Club if they meet our criteria if they meet all the criteria and then the team overseas what I love every night they are checking the items that are inside the buyer club that have met our criteria and they're checking to see if they are still profitable on Amazon if the price has changed uh we've got a little wonderful little toggle where we can turn them off if that changes and they'll be turned off and just sit inside the buyer Club until the price goes back up again so we've got all of these checks and balances internally with real people which I love that that makes it work for us um and the team overnight also is the one that uploads any new products into the buyer Club so that when you wake up they're magically there it's I think it's really important for people to know here that this is a manual Hands-On process and it's not a database it's not like we're sucking in a million products into the database and saying here's a big database go and search through the database and find your products it's not like that we've done that in the past and we found that it never worked it never really fulfilled the dream of just being able to serve these super products on a silver platter so these are handpicked products they are hand added in to the buyers club and they are manually checked product by product by product uh by the team and this is not the full team by the way there are other people um here as well um and sometimes like to Angel's point if one of the products goes out of stock then we remove it from the buyers club and we put it in what we call hibernation mode and when it's in hi ation mode you won't see it it's kind of like asleep in the background but when it comes back in stock we pull it back in and you know we are constantly adding new products to um the database um every single day the other thing um that you didn't mention there angel is that you and some of the other team here have got like six or seven years of experience in warehousing and dealing with um suppliers which is is really the other critical part of this because if you could find super products but didn't have a way of you know ordering them and processing them then you know you you wouldn't be able to do it either yeah and I think that's the biggest part of this is having a warehouse where we got to choose how we wanted this to work we got to say this is how we need this to work and let's build the process around it and that's been invaluable just from using other warehouses in the past like I know how important that is and then you know getting our warehouse fees so that they're the lowest in the industry and I know they're the lowest in the industry because any other Warehouse we researched about 60 prior to this you have to each student would have to pay a fee to set up an account with them each student would have to send in a minimum quantity a month or you pay $50 and so all those things you know we are able to do without those because of what you guys are doing here you know with our own Warehouse so it's fantastic well that's the other thing isn't it um it's all good and well to say um you know to warehouse and it's $220 per per unit kind of thing but um warehouses don't just um allow you for the most part allow you to send in a minimum order quantity of like four drink bottles like they will laugh in your face if you do that you can't send in four drink bottles into a giant um you know um third party Logistics Center most of the time but ours is set up differently ours is set up in a way it's been designed specifically to be able to help uh people like the people on this um Workshop right now so um angel thank you so much for taking some time out of your your day there and joining us and um putting a voice and a face to uh really some of the magic that that happens behind the scenes and thank you for um you know and and the entire team for just working your butts off and um uh building this amazing resource and I know that the hard work that you're doing and the team is doing is going to change people's lives who who get in and um you're going to have a lot of um you know very happy people um wanting to reach out to you soon I'm sure of that so thanks so much Angel awesome thank you all right guys so that was um that's Angel and she's one of the um real magicians behind the the scenes here now um that um first bonus that I mentioned has expired now okay if um if you didn't manage to get in just yet then then that one's gone um nothing I can do about that but there might be a few few more surprises uh coming your way remember we do have um some more of these 85 in Samsung gigantic uh TVs uh to give away and um I've got cash to give away as well in fact in fact why don't we do a cash giveaway right now so we're going to give away two lots of $250 in cash okay sound like a good good idea guys give me a give me a one in the question box if you're still there with me if you're tuned in if you're ready to to win some cash and get your fingers on theh there we go the ones are coming in okay fantastic okay so all right let's see let's see let's see let's see let's see okay fingers on the keyboard um what was the profit per unit sold as shown in my slide of the Cuisine Art food processor let me know in the question box what was it first one to type it in gets 250 $ in cash and um Sean if you can um help me here that would be um awesome or anyone else um behind the scenes um and uh let's see it's not 33 there it is Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Wallace got it Robert congratulations my friend uh Robert Wallace you have taken away $250 and cash and the second person is Gabrielle Fortuna Gabriel do I've both got it um so um congratulations $250 in cash coming your way please put your email address um in the question box we've got a lot more cash a lot more prizes a lot more fun stuff happening over the next um few hours okay so um don't go anywhere so I want to do some Q&A now and um this is a great opportunity to get your question asked okay so I'm going to um maybe I'll spend six or seven minutes I'll try to go through through some of the top questions and just type them in the question box okay um I've got some flagged that my team have been um sending in um over here I've got them um in here soone can look down at this and um and read these okay um and I'm going to start going through some of them and I'm also going to take some of the the live ones that I see come in here um let's see okay um hang on and there was the answer by the way $515 was the um the profit per unit so congratulations to those people so um how can I sell a product that's already being sold on Amazon so Amazon allows multiple sellers they want multiple Sellers and they sort of more or less evenly rotate the buy box um and the buy box is who's selling the product at any given moment uh in time okay um how much inventory do I actually need to buy up front it varies from product to product so we've got products there um in the um just come over here for a second you know like this one here would be minimum quantity of two and $17.38 um each one okay so that'll be $34 um this one here is more for example this one here is $8 per unit minimum water quantity of four so that gives you an idea of um the low end and it goes right up um as well okay um all right um what if people pick the same offers from uh the buyer stub really really good question and I can see that um some of you are really thinking this through so um we thought about this and we've designed the buyas club in a way whereby this is just not going to be an issue so each product in the Buyers Club is kept based on its sales volume so there are super products that do like 50,000 100,000 products a month and there are other that do like $2,000 um a month and it's possible that for some for some products in the Buyers Club they might be able to be leveraged by more than one uh member okay for example if it's got massive massive um sales volume then you can imagine how it could be potentially be used by more than one member um and if it doesn't then it would probably only be able to be accessed by by one person as as a result of that so you know in a nutshell we're able to control the exposure for what you see inside um the um the buyer club and at any moment in time you're only seeing like a tiny Slither of products in the Bier club like it might be like a hundred products or something from the thousands that are in there and that we can make sure that the product selection that you're seeing is um sort of randomized and unique to you okay and if a product is ordered by someone and comes out then it'll come out of the bu Club be replaced with another one so um in a nutshell it's not going to be an issue it's never going to be an issue where um too many people are ordering the same product that's just been completely eliminated um do you have customer testimonials of real people who have been doing this for six months uh no we don't Lisa and the reason for that is because it's brand new um now we do have some beta testers who have been um doing it for like 90 days um and I can I think I've got some of their products I might be able to show you a little bit later um and it's been working and um you know they've been using u a pretty rude version um of this but they're they're getting products up and they're selling them so um we don't have testimonials you may have noticed that I haven't been sharing any testimonials at all here because this is brand new hot off the press um what's the highest price item you've ever sold on Amazon how high can we realistically go here well I don't know about Amazon but the highest um in terms of like physical products the highest thing that I've sold is a barber chair and this particular Barber chair um I was buying it for about $500 and selling it for like $6,000 dollars but that was like 15 years ago so um let's see [Music] um are there additional fees so um one thing that comes to mind is an Amazon seller account these cost 30 $39 uh per month for a professional Amazon seller account but to put that in perspective looking at this product right here that we've got you can make $51 profit for one sale of that so um um I think that's pretty pretty negligible um what's the capital to start with well you have to secure your spot in eformula obviously again you can do that by going to the link that you can see right there um and then um then you can start funding your inventory and using it so um there's no monthly fee for U being an eformula member once you earn your run you'll get lifetime access to e formula um why is there so much training if it's so simple it seems so P push button it's a really good question Danny and the answer for that is because there are like little nuances that that we want to make sure you do the right way so if you're setting up an Amazon account we want to make sure that you do it the right way if you've already got one then you can leverage that but we want to show you how we want to show you how to like manually uh work out the profit margin and Sanity check things because all the products that we've put in the um in the buy Club have been um you know manually uh handpicked and selected by us but it's important that you know how to you know do your own San checking and um a lot of it is just sort of guiding you along and and showing and then as we go down the line we do more advanced things so for example um we've got training on how to make sure that you get an even or even better than even share of the buy box um as another example there um is anyone on the fence right now if you're on the fence right now just type fence and big capital letters f n c e and the question box and let me know why you're on the fence okay and if you're ready to jump in you can go ahead and jump in you can still keep listening while you do that you just go to the link that you can see on the screen there um and um and you can and you can jump in um Janet says fence um let's see um I can see sha is doing the off sales yes yes so some of you know Sean yep so if you type fence just also let me know why you're in the fence um I'm anxious I'm worried about this totally get it the only thing I'll say for someone who's worried about it um or feeling um like afraid is that you you you should know that you've you've got that money back guarantee to lean on okay so um who knows may maybe for example in 15 days time something happens and you need your money and it's not that you want to get out of a formula but you just need your money um you could ask for a refund and we would give it to because you again you don't need a special reason um Christina says fence pay paycheck to pay um I I totally get that um you know I don't know maybe there's an opportunity to partner uh with something um partner with someone to be able to get in um Georgia says I'm on the fence because um the last program I used wasn't successful for me um I totally get that um but um you know this is something completely new and I know it's hard to separate the things that you've done in the past but you need to do that because otherwise you know it could be that like in the past one day you ate a rotten strawberry and it didn't taste very good but you're never ever going to eat a strawberry again because of that or um or even better example was in the past you ate a rotten strawberry and you never ever want to eat a mandarin because it's a fruit and you you know so it's normal and I think it's natural everyone has been through um challenges we've tried online uh businesses and blueprints in the past sometimes it takes a couple of goes around you know it took me two years um I think the most important thing for you to know if you are on the fence because you tried something and didn't work is try this and set a timer set a deadline for 30 days okay and if it hasn't worked for you in 30 days then reach out to us ask for refund and that's fine we're happy with that at least you gave it a try um and that way you're protect you know don't need go to 31 days make sure it's under 30 days that's what the refund period is um and that way you're you're protected and you can jump in and um I'm sorry that um what you tried in the past um didn't work Georgia um okay uh Daniel says I'm looking at other opportunities does look really good um I'm personally concerned about tight cash flow get it um Hubert says undecided I'm on the fence because I'm undecided that makes sense uh Jour says conver version of Rand to US dollar is unbelievable um I know June um and here down in Argentina we have the Argentine peso and it's like 1,000 pesos to1 so I can imagine in South Africa it's probably the same um um I'm off the fence and in the pool the water's fine come on in says Tony there you go um Dory says I'm on the fence because there are so many programs out there so I don't know about you Dory but um what we have served up here is it's close to like a vending machine um whereby you can fund and in fact let me just show you again I'll just show it to you like if you wanted if you saw that this was a winning product and I'll even open this one up just have a look at it um I don't remember what it was oftentimes the products that are really really cheap uh not don't do as high of a volume but still interesting to to have a look look so there it is there so this little milk fro 4 in1 milk fro it does let's see what the r is on this one it does 2,184 so it's not huge right but it might be making it could be making it could be making $1,000 profit potentially the profit margin tends to be in the 20 to 50% range okay but something like this if you were to get something like this let me pull it up here again where is it um you can get started and all you do is fund it so you put the money in the vending machine all right you select the product by pushing the blue button after you've done that at that point you would have paid what would Let's do let's just figure this out you would have paid you would have paid $40.80 okay you can see that there $40.80 that's what you would have paid and when you've finished doing that what's going to happen is over here on the left hand side there's my orders and that's where it's going to appear and you're going to get a status update inside that page and it's going to tell you what the status is of your order so you're going to see it's in process until ultimately it's fulfilled and at a point in time 5 to 10 business days it's going to arrive here in Amazon and what we know is that with this particular product 78 units are sold per month which works out roughly at about three units per day okay so if there are three different sellers which in this case I think there are are four different sellers it means that every third day or every fourth day uh no it would mean that about once a day about once a day you will sell one of your units so going back to this example if you've ordered four of them it would take you can anyone figure out how many days it would take you let's actually do this as a as an example here um so this one here let me just work this out so there are there are four different people selling it and let's say just just to make it a little bit simpler um well let's say there are three daily unit sales there are four people selling so most sellers are getting a sale a day at this point it's like if you've got them up there and you've got four of them it's going to take you about four days to go through that inventory so again if you are um If you're sort of on the fence here and you're worried because you think there might be better opportunities out there I don't know if there are um I've never seen one um I've been down every Rabbit Hole I've tried everything online nothing has ever been the Streamline I'm recommending um you know like my dad get started in this I'm I'm recommending um you know friends and this is an incredible opportunity um so anyway let me um let's push on here so we've done the cash giveaway we've done a bit of Q&A um so I do have four other fast action taker bonuses and you're going to get these if you jump in today I don't have a time limit on these but um they are for people who decide to jump in now so we've got the expert Network this is additional dedicated live Zoom sessions um you're getting the brand plan as well so the brand plan is how you can take a product and um put your own brand on it it is not something I recommend you do at the start don't do this at the start this is something that you can do later on it's an advanced strategy um I've used the strategy to make millions of dollars online and offline in fact um I've got I've got a couple of Brands and um one of them is in something like 20,000 stores offline um as well as selling um online and this is where you can take a drink bottle put your own personal touch on it put your own brand on it um and sell it so that's what the brand plan is all about in-depth training you're going to get that just for good measure we're trying to make sure you've got everything you could possibly need that we could think of here um to really succeed with this okay um the elite Mastermind now I mentioned that as a a perk of of joining here today we're actually going to be giving you training uh for the duration of 2024 so it's not just eight weeks and the reason for that is because you're going to be part of the elite eformula Mastermind where we cover a whole host of different topics and it runs um every week you know consistently um for the duration of of 2024 we talk about lots of different things um conversion uh traffic sources Outsourcing you know much much more and getting access to the beta Lounge so um I mentioned someone asked a moment ago if we've had testimonials of people who have been doing this for six months or more and I said we didn't because um we don't because this is brand new hot off the press we do have some beta students though who have been doing it for like 90 days um and they were able to become a beta student because at some point we invited them in um to an equivalent of the Bet Lounge okay so you you'll also get access to that um a couple of bonuses so those four bonuses you'll get get them when you get in um I've got a couple more that are exclusive to this Workshop um and they will expire at the end of the workshop I'm not putting like a 10- minute timer or anything else on them um but they are um going to expire they are just for this Saturday Summit okay so um and if you've already jumped in in the past even if it wasn't today if it was like yesterday I'll make sure you get these as well so the Mind Matrix this is an exclusive presentation that was recorded at one of our um our Mastermind events our in-person um offline events and and it really reveals how to quickly adapt your thinking to achieve this millionaire mindset um and it's going to help you build and grow and scale your business as well so this is a presentation that I gave it's a a 90 minute um presentation lots of value in that and you're going to get instant overdrive which is one of the best ways to grow your business through delegation um and there are a lot of Secrets um to doing this the right way um I've built up a team of close to about 150 people um uh which is mindboggling to me right now um but um I have built up a team of about 150 people all around the world and a lot of the strategies and secrets that I've used to do that are included in this instant overdrive training so they are two different um bonuses that you'll get at the end of the workshop here today okay so what you're getting guys incredibly comprehensive you're getting access to the buyers club which is like this vending machine for um you know super products okay you're getting the Warehouse being able to process your orders it's done for your services the life coaching the success sessions um you know the expansion tools as well and all of these um additional bonuses like there's a live event we've got something called performance Awards uh and much much more um we've been helping people for a long time so I got started in 2005 I want to say it was about 2008 when I started doing consulting and um I had my first program come out around about that time shortly after to then um and over that time I've helped um a lot of people online I absolutely love it um it never gets old hearing from people um like this is an she emails me once in a while lets me know what she's up to she's cruising around Australia in a in like a motor home or like an RV I think you called them in the United States um and you know she's um just been someone who's been through lots of programs with us um this is um Anthony in the United States he he said that you know he's been in our programs found him superb um this is James chin um say it's been a great experience for him we got you know we've got um so many people we had so many people write in and tell us um about their story and about what it means to them and it never gets old and I would love to be able to help you uh get started with your business but you need to take the leap of faith and look um I'm here to be able to help you uh do that you can jump in you can get started right now don't wait until the end of this uh live stream here today um if you've got a question maybe we can help you but at some point you know there comes a time where you just have to to jump in and look um I know that you need to make a fully informed decision and the reality is is that you could be um you know on this workshop with us for 24 hours something like that and you know even then you wouldn't get every single detail of the system because there are some details that you can only uh get access to by being on the inside and by seeing it uh firsthand okay so don't wait just jump on the inside and just know that you know you are completely backed up here if you change your mind 29 minutes from now 29 days from now it doesn't matter you are completely backed up um so again um take the leap of faith if you want to get in now's a good time to do it uh you'll get all those bonuses that I I just mentioned okay and by the way I get that it's a big investment this is not chump change you know and um for a lot of people the knee-jerk reaction and you might even you might even be experiencing this now you see the price tag and like can't do it can't afford it too expensive um and you know I don't know your personal financial situation I'm not a financial advisor I'm not like specially qualified to give any Financial advice but in my own experience the things that have been my biggest wins in life have always come when I've gone outside my comfort zone um and typically in life you you get what you pay for and this is a unique opportunity and we were genuinely going to make it $12,000 to be able to participate in this and um sort of package it up with with a mastermind I think the real question is you know how badly do you want it how badly do you want it and are you willing to do what it takes to secure your spot and get in um and if you if you are if you can pull some strings if you can make it happen then do it get on the inside right now secure your spot before this thing shuts down because it will shut down uh and it won't be open ever again we don't have any plans to reopen this this is not some kind of false scarcity or anything like that we only take in one intake of um you know of people from the public to come into our courses uh each year we're doing it right now and we don't reopen our programs either so um look guys Now's the Time uh to do this if if you want to do this and this is not some you know get-rich quick scheme um it does like from the outside looking in it might look too good to be true um but this is real business that we're building here there are some bits and pieces that you're going to have to do there is a little bit of work that you're going to have to do um but if there wasn't then it wouldn't be real you know this is real so um you know if if you really want to find a way to get in then find a way to get in if you want to do it then then find a way to do it and you know sometimes people get worried about time you know if you've got a if you've got the money you know that you could do it from a financial standpoint then the the next most common thing is about time um and I do know that you've got some time because we've almost been been on this Workshop now for two hours and um you're here and I can see a a huge number of people here so you can make time for things that are important for you and I think the good news about this is you don't need that much time you know you this is something that you can get started in just a few hours per week and once it's up and running it really does run on autopilot this is the kind of business where you can be making um sales and making profit while you sleep and there are not that many businesses um like that but this is this is one of them and I get that you're concerned about time um because time is a precious resource but this is the fastest most streamlined and most reliable way that I know to build an online business and nothing like it has come before because there's never been so many done for you preprepared components before and and I'm talking about the components that are the most critical of the whole thing so um you know if you want to do it jump in and if funds are tight then get resourceful can you get a business partner what can you do um I don't I don't know what the solution is here um I'm not going to make you know recommendations to go and put it on a credit card or something if you can't do that because again I don't know your financial situation but I do know that the people that I've seen succeed most in life and in business other people that know how to get resourceful when the going gets tough they figure out a way to make things happen they are the people that tend to succeed in business why well it's it's like cause and effect people who are resourceful just figure things out they just make things happen they they think about they think about they think about and then they finally like life serves them up a way that they can do it um that they didn't previously um have in mind so um if you need to be resourceful then be resourceful now um what I want to talk about here now um and we are going to do some more giveaways here shortly is I want to talk about what I consider to be the master key for business and in my mind it's leverage and Leverage is something that can help you win at business it can help you win at life um and leverage what it really is is it's it's power and you know with the right leverage you can pick up a pickup truck you that's that's a fact with the right leverage you can stand on a piece of wood and you can pick up a pickup truck and Leverage can be as simple as knowing something simple like for example I don't want to go to the supermarket on a Tuesday in Buenos arees because it's pension a day and um you know supermarket's going to be overloaded um or it could be something like knowing something more complex like how to interpret um you know complex market trends to predict uh demand or something and the thing about leveraging business is that if you have it it gives you a massive massive advantage and people with Lage tend to be the ones that do the best in business and do you know why most people in my experience why I see them struggling online or you know to have a breakthrough is because they lack leverage they might lack um you know a certain type of knowledge leverage or experience leverage or um and people often think that it's due to procrastination they think people don't succeed because of laziness of bright shiny object syndrome but most of the time it's I found it to be leverage and um with e formula we deliber deliberately aimed to give you massive leverage not like a little bit of Leverage but massive uh leverage um so that you can hit the ground running and sell and succeed with this and that's why you've got access to a custom built custom designed uh you know Warehouse that that I and my team own own and operate and it's why you've got access to the buyers club which is a phenomenal resource that's like the perfect example of Leverage right there and how is it leverage it's leverage because you don't have to get supply files you don't have to troll through tens of thousands of um you know products in order to find the winners you don't have to analyze all this data because we've done it for you it's full adz training it's you know it's coaching calls every step of the way it's the incredible software and it's access to the community these are different types of Leverage that we have built in to eformula and Leverage is key when you sign up right now go to the link that you can see there e formula.com start and if you sign up you can get massive access to massive leverage okay whatever you do don't fall into the when then trap because this is disastrous this is why a lot of people end up broke at the age of retirement okay and the win the win then trap is when people say oh you know Aiden um when I've got more time I'm going to start my online business or when I'm feeling a bit more energized I'm going to start that new diet but life doesn't work like that life doesn't just drop your dreams into your lap what happens is you take action and then you get something it's always cause and effect but it always starts with taking action and one way that you can take action right now is just by going to the link you can be in in 30 seconds from now you can go to the link that you can see on the screen you can be in and 30 seconds you could have secured your spot and remember zero risk okay from a logical standpoint no Financial Risk you can get in right now and you know what you know what limits most people it's not finances um it's not time what it actually is is opportunity because most people on planet Earth are never going to see this most of the 8 billion people out there only a teeny tiny drop of a percentage of people are never going to see this but you're here right now and this is 100% live I'm beaming into you uh right now uh live from my office here in buen areus Argentina and I can see you on the call I can see your names I can see your questions coming in I can see a lot of you saying I'm on the fence I'm thinking about this other people saying I've got in I've done it um other people have said that they're in process you're here right now so the opportunity you're seeing it if you want it it's within your grasp but in in the very near future if you go to that link it will say it's closed and that's a fact and there's nothing that that I can do about that because when it's closed it's closed now the other thing that I want to get there a couple more things I'm going to here before we get on to uh another giveaway and that is you know what's money good for um the thing about money is that people don't get concerned with the price tag um and you know if and the reason for this is because if if you could buy um like if if you could buy a brand new smartphone for $100 you would think it's an absolute bargain right but if you could buy like a loaf of bread and it was going to cost you $100 you would think it's Insanity like who's going to pay $100 for a loaf of bread but you'll happily pay $100 for a brand new state-of-the-art smartphone so it's not the price that is the the concern what people worry about is what they get for the money that they spend and I hope that makes sense and you know your hope is that when you exchange money you always get something better in return like you always get a good deal and we all exchange money we do it all the time we do it when we're paying for our electricity we do it when we're you know paying for our utility bills whatever they might be we do it for Education um we do it for tools and resources and and so on and so forth and you know how could you feel more comfortable than exchanging your money for access to something like eformula than than anything else because after all you're exchanging access to money for uh training for Education uh for tools and for leverage Above All Else leverage to help you get started with building a real deal online income stream so um you know what would you need to know this is not a hypothetical question I I actually want you to let me know in the chat box right now but if you haven't jumped in yet but you like what you've seen or maybe you've got a question let me know know in the question box what you need to know what could I share with you um what could I tell you what do you need to see what do I need to verify or prove or answer because I would hate for you to not get in here today because you've got some unanswered question so let me know on the question box right now and just while you're doing that remember that this is an investment that's 100% backed up and if you don't have anything that you need to know then you can go ahead and jump in and you you be on the inside you'll be able to take advantage of Early Bird Training and other bits and pieces that we've got waiting in there for you and you'll be able to secure all of the bonuses as I've mentioned and most importantly you secure your spot because that spot will shut down and um when it does some people are going to miss out so I'm just going to check the the question box here and um if I miss it if I don't get to it I'll be able to come back to it but what do you need to know um I love what I've seen I'd love to speak to Angel um well angel I'm not sure if Angel is um still here she's not here at the moment but um what would you like to know from Angel Tammy um and I'll be able to pass that on um we don't have a five-part payment plan I'm afraid um Glenn says I like what you're saying it makes a lot of sense to me Michelle says I'm in um value for money you pay yep um I'm in money is a toall that's right that's totally right Chris [Music] um I'm getting a different cost from the link to log in um your cost will be shown in your local currency so I'm talking about US dollars here it might be shown in your local currency I'm not sure about that um all right um I already have an Amazon account spent thousands on learning is it okay just to use your warehouseing expertise and pay that cost in of the training afraid not um Katherine I mean this is a a package deal here so um there's no way to sort of break off just the buyer club or just the warehouse um I can see why that would be attractive to you but um it's just part of the package and um you know it's locked down only for eform members got one of the perks of being in here and saying that um you've got experience um in in selling an Amazon um so um you know that's going to only work to your advantage um uh so K says Hey Aiden I ended my win then today this is a huge par Paradigm Shift breakthrough for me I'm trusting you and trusting myself to follow through and make success of this business thanks for the opportunity thank you Kevin um for putting your trust in me I don't take that lightly um and um uh man um you're going to be blown away by what we've got and look even if you're not you've got the complete um you know um guarantee there as well but believe me you will be very happy that you're in uh the value here is huge absolutely want want in just finding funding hopefully um good stuff Charles um I mean this is what it's all about it's about figuring out how to do it when when life puts a barrier in front of you like a funding barrier then you just have to figure out how to get past it what could you do to get past it there's got to be something right um so um uh great stuff um let's see I like what you're saying um let's see see what's the total in Canadian dollarars I'm not actually not sure about that kimbery but you'll be able to see that if you're in Canada you'll be able to see that when you open up the the link and it's just a um it's just a conversion of of Us dolls uh so Tammy um I totally get that um uh I see what we can do here um Sean maybe you can help um help Tammy there by um getting a a contact UM there we'll see what we can do there Tammy um and um believe me you will get plenty of opportunities to be able to talk to Angel um and the rest of the team once you're on the inside because they are at uh your disposal okay um this is something guys just getting back to the slides here you this is something that you could maybe figure out on your own I've given you the core steps which are not that complex I mean if you break down the system to its core steps it's finding a supplier finding a big um catalog of products then you need to know how to like find which of the products that match up with the profitable ones you need to know how to find these super products I gave you some of a criteria for that a bit earlier but you can potentially Do It um and um uh yeah then once you do that you're you know you you get them into Amazon you have to do all the shipping and so on so potentially you could do it but it's so much easier it's so much easier when you've got a blueprint and not just a blueprint but done for your services to allow you to like bypass um all of the hurdles um and you know something else that I found is that oftentimes information is not enough you know unfortunately access to the wrong information will be a massive setback it'll be a massive time waster um and you know you need to have a way of taking care of logistics you need to have a way of identifying uh super products it's not just about information this is a business which has got a real offline portion to it which normally I don't like to be honest because I like online businesses but with we've built enough into this whereby um it is a business that guess what you can run on a smartphone you can run it on a smartphone because you can log in on a smartphone you can see your sales coming in on a smartphone if you're new to the Buyers Club on a smartphone this is Real Deal run on a smartphone and I don't think I've ever seen that from a business before now admittedly um you might want to go through some of the the training videos on a slightly bigger screen or something but um if you really wanted to you run this on on a smartphone because of the infrastructure we put in place um before we get to our next interview and our next um massive um gigantic screen giveaway uh I want to talk about the the pricing Paradox because again I get that this isn't uh cheap and the best things in life are almost never cheap they always come require some effort um either Financial effort time effort energy effort some kind of an effort and um you know the things that are cheap are almost never never that good most of the time you know you have to pay to get to get quality so when deciding on the price of not just the price of e formula but the shape that e formula was going to take we had a couple of different options we could have just built something for the Masters like a PDF that outlines the traditional system and we could have said you got to pick up the phone you got to do this you got to do this you got to do this and we could have put together like a 100 page PDF and we could have sold that for 100 bucks or 50 bucks and maybe we could have sold that to 10,000 people but we didn't start with the price tag instead we focused on value and we sat down we asked the question you know if this was perfect what would this look like if it was perfect we would need to have products that we're serving up on a silver plad we would have to remove all the logistics and warehousing headaches we would have to make it like a vending machine where you fund the vending machine you press the button and out pops the thing that you want which is in this case is like a super product that you can sell on a a Marketplace that's got massive demand and so we went about building that and we built it we put the training in place we tested it and only then did we Circle back to price and that's when we said okay this is going to be $112,000 and then we said actually we've got more of these super products um we feel obliged we feel like you know it's it's our responsibility to to help more people here and that's when we ultimately got to the price tag and look the price that we've got for this is going to turn a lot of people off know that but I also know that we couldn't have done it for a cheaper price it wouldn't have been financially viable we've invested over half a million dollars uh in this to to give you an example here um you know the logistics and Warehouse Center in Texas 15 uh full-time staff who are meticulously uh trolling through thousands and thousands of products in the product catalogs handpicking the best ones putting them in you know this all takes time and costs money up until you know where we are today we got the so so this is something that is not for the hobbyist this is for some someone that that really wants to to to give this online business a good crack and who wants to say you know I don't care what's happened in the past this is a new opportunity and this can work for me you know it's for that kind of a person but you're only going to see that magic if you're on the inside so yeah what we have here today it does cost a little bit more than other things out on the market but like I say this is the best thing that that I've ever seen online um this is the thing that I'm recommending my friends and family do um and if my kids were just a wee bit older of getting them to do it because my oldest one's only seven years old um but maybe I'll still ask him to see if he can do it he can you know he can press a button and he can put his savings into something like this um the point is guys like if you want to make a go of this and if you're not going to let a price tag get in the way of freedom from a life of mediocrity then do it just be unreasonable with yourself jump in the deep end and see what it's like and you are 100% backed up by the money back guarantee here you um you don't have to tell anyone about it this was one of my big things when I was getting started um I had some people in my family actually laugh at me when they thought I was trying to build an online business I thought I was crazy and they made jokes about it they actually made jokes about it I remember even my parents were like teasing me and making jokes about it and it pissed me off and but you know what that gave me even more determination to make it work and I made it work and and um you know thank God that I I I stuck with it um but anyway the I digress a little bit there that the point is you don't have to tell anyone about this you can just Tinker away at it on your own and in 30 days time you can then make your final decision about whether you're in or out that's fine um and I'm not going to hold any grudges I'm not to hold it against you I'm not going to make it difficult for you to get out I've got a reputation that I want to keep 100% clean um you know of being someone who who stands by their word online um if it's not right for you in 30 days time uh within 30 days I will give you every cent of your money back without any push back without making you jump through any HTS anything like that without any um hard feelings um at all but you can work away at this privately if you want to and then when it's working you can tell your friends and family and loved ones um hey you know I've been doing this thing and it's awesome and now I'm making money from it so um this doesn't compare to anything that that's come before guys or you just do do nothing we know what happens you don't do anything everything stays the same old habits die hard you need repeated exposure to a new system to hardwire uh yourself in a in a way that's congruent with getting success and this is about process not about Talent um so um you know um another thing that I wanted to share with you here today is the story of $1 million behind the door which of course is is a metaphor for you know success so this is something that a friend of mine shared with me probably about a decade ago and he said you know imagine that you're in a you can see a room and inside the room you can see this prize and it might be a million dollars in cash it might be business success whatever that that means to you and I say to you um you know if you can get through the door then the success is yours the prize is yours so I show you above the room you look down on the room you can see oh the prize is in there the thing I want it's in there um and I go and I say okay off you go and you try to get in the door and the door's locked and then you say hey but you didn't tell me do tell me the door was locked but you persevere now most people don't persevere they go to the first locked door and they turn around and they say doesn't work not for me and they turn around and they walk away some people persevere and they get through the first door and they find there's another door another barrier um and then they they say oh man this is like this is too hard there's too many barriers I'm out of here and they leave but the people that really persevere and overcome multiple hurdles and I've found that typically there are like three of these barriers that stand in your way the people that persevere and don't give up are the people that get the prize that they are after it takes perseverance and you might have seen some of these barriers in the past you might have come up against them you might have um experienced them maybe it's um having tried a a program in the past that didn't work for you maybe it's um you know having your paid ads account suspended or something um good news here is you don't need to do any paid ads maybe you even tried on Amazon before and it didn't work maybe you you've got stuck with saturated products or something you know perseverance though is what gets you to the big prize and I've seen a lot of people online build up you you know you know a few thousand per month business I've seen people online build up multiple million dollar per year businesses um but those things only happen after you persevere and and you get behind the door so um I think the moral of the story there is you need to push forward and and don't stop and um you know if you think about you know what stops people there are five main things that tend to stop people the first is money and believe it or not you might not believe me but believe it or or not money most for the most part is a psychological barrier okay and it's a psychological barrier because normally if you really want something enough you find a way um to get the money and um the example that that I give people here is you know if someone said you know you need to get $11,000 together today or your little finger's going to fall off you would move Heaven and Earth to make sure that you found the money you'd be knocking on the neighbor's door should be doing this that the other and I'm not saying that you should do that um here by the way I'm just making the point that when when you really prioritize something that you really want you can often times make it happen and it's the same for time you know people say I don't have time for that that's not true you have time for whatever it is that you want to prioritize so maybe what you're saying is I'm not going to prioritize that okay that's fine that's your decision but don't tell me that you don't have time for it because you've always got time and um you know again this is about a process not ability um the best way to deal with confusion is to get a quick win and you can do that going to the vending machine if you don't want to spend a lot of money then get one of these Dirt Cheap products like the um the the milk frother which is like $8 a unit minimum quantity of four get one of those um get it up get a quick win and you'll see how it all works and the fifth one and this is the most common is fear and you know what most people are a fear of it's actually one of two things one is they are fear of losing status and that's when like friends and family laugh at them uh when they lose money when we lose money we feel like we lose status um we we lose our like our status in in um Society or we we're looked down on by our peers and no one wants that and we're afraid of that and it's human nature and another thing that people are afraid of is making mistakes and I'll tell you what the good thing about this is that um it's a very forgiving model and if you make a mistake it's not the end of the world you know and the reality is you will make mistakes but we have tried to eliminate as many of the different ways that you can make mistakes as POS possible because we're doing so much of the heavy lifting for you we've got it to where it's like this vending machine where you come in you choose a product you run a few s checks okay and then you fund it you press the blue button and then 5 to 10 working days later that product's going to appear in your Amazon account and you're going to be able to sell it that is what we are doing here okay um and so if you're afraid you know look for a quick win it's okay to be afraid realize that you're going to have have some mistakes and um I think if you can take baby steps and get a quick win then then you can push forward and um we are getting to another interview here in just a moment I do have more big giveaways but this this here is something I want to talk about a little bit um it's about how we grow as individuals and one of the things I really want you to take away with and I might even come back to this a little bit later is how we you know this idea of going outside the comfort zone and it's when you go outside the comfort zone you go through a fear Zone that means pass ing through the faar Zone where you're finding excuses you might have a lack of confidence um you might be impacted by other people's opinions if you get through that you're in the Learning Zone and after you've made your investment in e formula here today you're in that Learning Zone and you're going to be acquiring uh new skills okay and that's where you grow you put yourself in a position to grow and you are permanently affected and you've permanently grown as a result of that and when you reverse engineer growth the first step is always the same it starts with doing doing something new with taking some action like for example you know getting your strength together and um being brave and taking the leap of faith and joining us today knowing that you are completely backed up by the 30-day no Christian last money back guarantee so logically you know you know that you're it's a safe bit um but you need to go outside the comfort zone because that's where the magic happens and you don't want to be like that guy that gave up when he was this close to success you can't let the things that have hampered you in the past weigh you down that's baggage you need to ditch that move forward focus on what you can do today and that is how you can um get amazing results um in your life and this could be a game changer in fact I am sure that there are some people on this Workshop right now who are going to look back and remember the Saturday Summit and they're going to remember the time that they sat through hours of content with me um and decided to get into formula and the reason I'm going to remember is because Ally changed their life and that could be you if you take the leap of faith but you need to you need to be bold um and join us um for that to happen I'm going to share four uh of my favorite benefits about this one is cash flow um this is a system which lends itself to cash flow I mean every product that you're getting up is designed to give cash flow otherwise we wouldn't do them and um I don't know what the cash flow is going to be it's different for every product but you can work that out and we show you how to work that out and Amazon pays you directly into your bank account every two weeks okay so cash flow is good speed the speed of this is you know everything is set up and ready to go for you it's designed so you can hit the ground running there is no e-commerce system or online business system that I know of that's faster period um you know you're using and especially because you're using free traffic that makes it even more impressive the automation is enormous imagine all the different types of automations that we've got in place with Team technology infrastructure processes and systems to make it so that this is like a vending machine where you fund the money you put the money in you press the button to choose what you want and you're good to go that is the automation that's built into this I love it and it's simple easy to understand I can explain this to my dad I can say Hey Dad I I buy 10 of these drink bottles they cost me $5 each I pay $50 in inventory I pay um some I pay a little bit more to process them at at a warehouse and then I sell them for $15 each and the difference is my my profit and then I can rinse and repeat I love that about this you can get started right now by going to the link you can see on the screen there um you've got a couple of different options you can take the one part payment option of um one payment of $3,497 or you can take the split payment um regardless of which option you take you are going to um you are going to get um full access okay and you're going to be able to get started now some more fun so if you've been waiting to get in you'll be happy to know that I am starting another 10 minute uh countdown timer here and if you get in right now in the next 10 minutes you're going to get this Mega bonus and if you got in previously you will also get this one but if you don't get in in this 10 minutes then this one just like the other one will be gone but if you got in previously you will also get this one okay so this Mega bonus is called the $1 million email funnels uh program and it is an exclusive training on how to go deep into building successful email funnels and what we're doing with eformula we've got something designed into it called the message machine which is all about doing just this it's about capturing uh the um the the the purchases who the person who buys the product from you their email and being able to Market to them in the future to um increase the lifetime value which is something that's really smart to do uh so we're going to teach you how to lay the proper Foundation um how to um craft the emails AI tools that you can use for that how to actually send the emails for Maximum Impact um you know how to grow you know from a trickle of subscribers into a multi-million you know potential monster um and another thing I do about email marketing I've got um you know I've had millions of um email subscribers um over the years I've done um you know millions of of emails sent even in the past you know week to give you an example so um I know thing or two about this and you are going to get exclusive access to that um so I do see more questions in there um if you've decided that you're going to get in and you're not in but you are going to get in in the next eight minutes um just let me know just type bonus in the question box if you are going to get in um and you will you will get this um I got on 10 minutes ago after the first mega bonus do I get this one yes you will get this one this is not the same one as before by the way this is a different one so if you got in previously if you got in previously you'll also get this one but if you're just getting in now I can't I mean I can't give you the other one because that was just for that um that moment in time okay um so let's see and just while this is going I want to uh call Shan in now um Sean if you are there I would love for you to uh be able to to come in there and there we can see so um Sean where are you booming in from today buddy I am out in Miami today there we go so Sean splits this time between uh Canada and um Toronto and and and Miami so today he coming in from the neverold uh Miami so the reason I wanted to get sha in here is for multiple reasons firstly sha is a partner in uh my business he's also the head coach of of the training so you're going to get to know sha on the inside but that's not the real reason that I wanted to get sha here I wanted to get sha here because I wanted you to be able to hear um Shan's story uh specifically related to e-commerce um and how Shan uh got started um and um Sean maybe you could just share that with everyone and if you don't mind um you share that and I'm going to step away for 20 seconds and I'll be right back just while you're sharing that so how you got started um how e-commerce changed your life um you do what a lot more than e-commerce I mean Shan's incredibly understated individual he's got one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada to give you an example um and like I say he's our head coach he knows uh inside out and he's been busy the whole time here answering questions behind the scenes so um Sean while you do that I'm going to step away for about 20 seconds and I'll be right back yeah for uh first of all it was a uh freezing like 62 degre f the other day in Miami so anyways uh yeah so I got started back in November 2013 which is crazy to think about uh that I've been in the e-commerce and marketing space now for uh well over a decade which is wild uh and you know I got started selling on eBay actually I was Drop Shipping stuff from Amazon to eBay and you know I would make a couple bucks and and it was uh you know a fun experience and I had a a corporate job up in Canada in Toronto at a phone company that was doing really well and you know my wife at the time was pregnant we had a kid on the way and so I was really trying to like build some supplementary income and uh I got introduced to Amazon back in early 2014 and that's when things really took off for me I my biggest uh product I can remember was selling uh Sirus patio sets they had Lazy Boy brand and even though I really didn't have much of a background in marketing and didn't really understand marketing and definitely am not to the levels that I'm at now I had a good understanding that lazy boy was like a good brand and I saw that that same exact set was selling on Amazon for $7.99 and I can get this thing for for $3.99 on Sears and so I I listed it on Amazon every time it's sold I would buy it from Sears and have Sears send directly to the customer uh so I had like a $400 profit there and then Amazon you know they take they take fees off the $800 and I ended up making I don't know something like $290 $300 uh on that patio set and I would sell that thing two to three times a day and so here I was uh a guy working at a corporate gig in downtown Toronto uh now making you know 12 13 14 $15,000 a month profit off patio sets from Sears uh and and the rest is sort of history from from there you know I was able to quit my job by October 2014 uh replace my salary my wife's salary and some and I've never really looked back and and my Journey's sort of uh taken me through all things e-commerce over the years whether that's you know Shopify selling products from AliExpress with Facebook ads Google shopping and Microsoft shopping and Facebook Marketplace and USA suppliers and and and even I've had my own brands on Amazon in the past I had a crochet set I know Aiden mentioned that earlier uh in the in the presentation I kind of laughed I had that was one of the my first ever like uh private label products I had a uh a car floor Niche yeah I mean those weird niches that have like a passion behind it like you just I don't know I started Drop Shipping it and I was like yo I could buy these things for like $4 and sell them for like $24.99 and so I was just like took some of my profits from the patio set and just bought like thousands of them and and that was a really good uh a really good Niche that I started but yeah I've been I've been doing e-commerce for 10 years Amazon was my big break in the business so I'm kind of really excited to get back into Where it All Began for me yeah and um you know one thing that I didn't mention is um I told a little bit about the story about how I don't know I don't know if I did tell the story but um I was brainstorming uh with a couple of different partners how we could make this like dream come true of having all of this um you know in place to allow it to be like this vending machine that I keep talking about and sha was one of the people uh that were there there were four of us there we were down here in Buenos Iris I can still vividly remember sitting in the the little um bar having a coffee in the hotel it was in the Park High um just down here in bues in Recoleta for those of you that know the city and at first we were like oh this is n it's not possible it's not possible and we were like this for a couple of days until one of our other partners said what if we did it like this and we were like I don't know I don't know if we're going to do it but we did it and and here we are so Shan was one of the the people there um so Shan um you know what is it that you are most excited about with um the the model that we're going to be teaching to people here and the different bits and pieces that we've put in place yeah I mean I can say with full confidence in the 2530 courses that I've been a part of over the last decade and literally the 203,000 people that I have had the pleasure of of showing how to build an e-commerce business over the last decade that the very number one problem that people have is I have no idea what to sell what am I going to sell what products do I sell what if this product doesn't sell why would somebody buy this from me and you know we kind of solved all that right like with the warehouse which I was probably one of the ones sitting in that coffee shop in Buenos arees last year going dude there's no way we can pull this off you know and uh you know we were we we all said that at one point though it wasn't you it was me or the other guy or the other guy who even suggested it we we like rotated around until finally we you know but like you know having having the warehouse having um you know just one of the things is is like the amount of effort that goes in because we've tried other people have tried and you you get uh you get computer you get software and you put some you know filters in there and then you you press a button it spits out these products and you're like well they're probably good and then in practice they're not and so it's like okay well we got to actually have human interaction here at the Angel's Point going through you know one two million products or whatever the number number was we literally have people go through contact A supplier get the re like all the craziness that goes into uh finding a supplier most suppliers don't even want people to sign up like they don't want to work with you so like that end of itself is already like at the very beginning just calling and saying hey you know can you work with us you know that itself so we're calling people and solving that product and and Warehouse Logistics problem which has been a problem at any time in my career over the last 10 years I'm very excited about it's the first time that I've actually seen that happen uh so I think I think it's a home run I mean you guys are going to see you know if and when you join for yourselves and I'm really excited about that awesome so um Sean is um sticking around in the background if you've got any questions um and um make the most because um you know Shan is a absolute expert in this model other models as well and he's there at your disposal um right now to be able to answer any questions that you've got about eformula or um anything else so um Shan thanks for coming on not only did it give us an opportunity for um you know the folks to get to know you a little bit here um to um uh be able to see who the head coach is behind the scenes and you know one of the smartest people I know but it also gave me an opportunity to be able to grab another coffee and pill up the cup and uh the most important thing I'm gonna need it so um thanks very much man I might call you back in um later we've got more prizes and bits and pieces to give away so good thanks guys all right um guys um I wasn't able to talk too much during the timer so I'm going to make it for another five minutes okay we'll make that go for another five minutes and um what I'm going to ask you is um if you've just decided that you are going to jump in or if you have actually just hopped in if you've just jumped in in the past uh 10 minutes just type um the letter a capital letter A if you've just hopped in or are going to get in in the next four minutes and 39 seconds um mvin says why would you need an email list actually you don't need an email list moving um it's a way that you can ex um expand on the lifetime value of the customer so maybe it means instead of making an average of $20 uh per transaction you make 23 for example so it's a way of making more profit don't you definitely don't need it uh it's optional so I can see Christian is putting in a Isaac is saying a daia I said your name right there is saying a Rajiv says I am in um bill is typing in a Ronda is typing in a these are people that are saying that they are going to get in in the next 3 minutes 59 seconds you will secure this uh bonus if you do Clark is an a Tammy's G me an eight so I'm going to I think that's an a that's probably my accent Tammy and Tammy um thank you for putting your trust in us I want to especially call you out there Tammy because I know that um you were um worried about getting in you want to speak to Angel you're going to have opportunities to be able to do that um once you're on the inside okay um uh Christine says awesome yes I have a budget as long as I can buy uh using American Express yeah I I believe so um will take me longer than four minutes to get financing um char [Music] um okay um yeah you mess us um Charles once you have finished getting in you've shown your intent there Charles so um if you can get in um here today we'll make sure that you get this bonus as well okay you've shown your intent um all right so um just while we're waiting for the two minutes to to roll down there I want to do a side by-side comparison of some different business models here okay guys um and I have tried every single one of these business models in fact not just tried but I've built a business in in most of these uh I think I built a business in all of them every single one of these so I speak from experience when I'm going through this and what we're doing here is we we are looking at what I call the opportunity Matrix okay and what I'm trying to do is compare and contrast different business models to one another so the e formula one there is the one that's highlighted in yellow and there are um six different criteria that I look at the first is the The Profit level the second is the the fast and free traffic that's a yes or no the third is the difficulty the fourth is the startup cost the fifth is ongoing maintenance and the sixth is scalability so of profit level what we're doing here really Taps into the ability to be able to compound and there are a couple of different business models out out there that give you potential High um profit margins High profit levels um but there are only a couple most of them have sort of moderate to low uh in my experience um but what we're doing definitely falls into the high profit level fast and free traffic I don't think there is any business model that I know of we fast and free guaranteed traffic and you might say oh but isn't Amazon FBA the same and it's actually not because with Amazon FBA you're you're launching your own product and you don't actually know if it's going to get any traffic with this we're selling something that already exists it's already got a foothold it's already got demand um so that gets fast and free traffic the difficulty level um we've made this push button honestly um I I don't want to say it's going to be like um the simplest thing ever but that's kind of what I believe honestly um and you'll see that for yourself so um I think it's really low difficulty the startup cost I've shown you a coffee mug um or a coffee milk frother and you can buy it for $8 per unit it's got a minimum order quantity of four so startup cost for a product like that and the it just doesn't get lower than that um ongoing maintenance um very very low like I've said you can run this from a smartphone um I'm just going to stop this for one second um guys um this is a last call for action for those of you that want to jump in and secure this uh special bonus here when I get down um so here's what we'll do I've probably got about another minute of explanation to do on the opportunity uh Matrix slide when I get down to the end of that slide we will this bonus will close period um and that'll be it okay so um let me know in the question box um Sunni says I'm calling my bank okay um Maria gave me an a give me an a if you are about to get in and you have and you want to get in before I finish this slide um a few more A's are coming in um and more questions as well so great stuff okay so um I will um reset that timer I'll just leave it like that I'll stop that we don't need that anymore because I've just said that when I finish the opportunity Matrix slide that bonus will be removed and if you've got in then you'll get it so um you've probably got another 60 seconds or so there um okay guys so um ongoing maintenance I mean this is a really important one because if you've got something that's high maintenance then it's not a lifestyle business a lifestyle business only works if it's low maintenance um so um you know for me this is really really important and then you've got scalability so this one here is I've already said that you are compensated in um uh you know in proportion to the amount of time and effort that you put in and the time and effort is really going through and identifying these super products so no one has limited you to you know having one super product we don't have any limits on the the Buyers Club none none are established and how many products could you get up I mean you don't you're not limited to one Niche I've shown you diagrams that they've got like eight or 10 different products around that's just a A visual representation so because of that I think the scalability is quite large now one of the things that tends to um stop that um scalability is um uh when you're dealing with a lot of the operations of a business and this is true not just for e-commerce but for any any kind of business when you start dealing with all the operations or having to manage them then that becomes that really impacts um scalability and with what we're doing here with e formula we are handling all of the operations for you and we're doing it at a price which is incredibly competitive um Angel mentioned how we have um you know reached out and analyzed um I think she's like 60 different warehouses and to get it to a point where it's $2.20 where you can get per unit where you can get all your operations done is just unheard of in a specialized um operation like this so um you know in my opinion eformula is the perfect storm um I've seen some things that have been really enticing um over the years but I have never seen anything like this this is the opportunity of a decade and I know that some people are going to get in here today and are going to look back on this and are going to see that it changed their lives but you're only going to be able to do that if you take the leap of faith and if you can do it right now then do it jump in you got everything to gain here um and nothing to lose okay and um congratulations to everyone who has gone ahead uh and jumped in um that's awesome look forward to to working with you so it's now time for another 85 in TV giveaway it's giveaway time okay okay okay I've got another question here for you okay are you guys ready yeah give me a give me a one in the question box if you're ready if you got your fingers on the on the keyboard there I want to make sure I want to make sure everyone is paying attention I'm going to give it another 10 seconds or so because you guys this is a this is going to be an easy one and it's going to come down to the first person to type in okay so um the ones are coming in the ones are coming in all right so the question is according to me what is the business master key let's see the business master key and the winner is James James did it leverage leverages the B business Master James Lake congratulations and James was not the only one to put it in but he was the first one uh to put it in so if you missed out um there are other people who missed out who were right behind him um you guys were close but James Lake um sha is reaching out to you now um we will um get your email and you're going to get um an 85 inch Samsung TV that's like huge it's even it's even longer than my my wingspan now we do have more prizes including another TV to give away a little bit later so don't go anywhere I'm going to have a sip of my coffee here and we're going to talk about the math of money which is one of my favorite um favorite business topics all right so you might be wondering how do you work out the profit there are only three ingredients that you need to worry about here one is the the wholesale price and I'm bundling in like Warehouse fees with the wholesale price because that's like part of the the price of it the retail price and the Amazon fees okay and we can work these out uh the Amazon uh FBA calculator makes it easy you just copy in the product as in which is that that string of of numbers and and text you copy it into a special tool which is free to use I can pull it up and show you in a minute in fact um and it'll tell you what the fees are for any given product and then once you know those you know the wholesale price you know the Amazon fees you know the retail price and you know what it's going to cost per unit at the warehouse you can work out what um what the profits going to be the other thing you need to know though is the demand the volume so when I took this um this screenshot here uh we were seeing 600 units uh per month of the dog jacket and based on this we could work out what the potential profit would be and if we multiplied all those these things out be $8.98 multiplied by 600 that would give us what the profit is now if there were two people selling then we would have to share that that profit would get split two ways but that's how we work out what the the pro the profit is and you've seen that um again um uh in um these examples in the past and I'm going to go through some more so this is a neck muscle massager we can see that it does 199 monthly sales about five sales uh per day um roughly and that's a you know that's a bit of an an estimate there I'm not sure actually how they work that out but um yeah they round about five sales a day that's that's okay um and it's close enough anyway for us to for us to do this math okay and if we break all of this down we've got the the sell price we know that $73.99 we've got the wholesale price $15.59 we've got some Amazon fees in there which we can see from the Amazon fee calculator on the right hand side of my screen there we've got Amazon Fulfillment charges we've got Amazon storage um we don't have any miscellaneous costs to worry about so the total costs are $36 the total costs are $36 and that means that the profit per unit sold is $378 see how that works and that's a neck muscle massager um here's a Star Wars board game okay and we can see this one um does have about five sales uh per day here um the wholesale price is $48 for this one okay $48 and S we can see the sell price there and we can see what the Allin costs are going to be so this one here has a slightly lower profit margin in fact it's more like a 25% profit margin which tends to be around at the low end um but nonetheless you know who's going to turn down $22 in profit per day and again I just want to stress here not every product is going to be profitable there are products out there that are not profitable but we don't look at those we look at products that are profitable and our objective is that every product inside um uh inside the Buyers Club is profitable okay so um let's move on um I want to talk now about something that I'm pretty about breaking the chains um and this is about breaking the shackles that have been been holding you back I'm a big fan of um mindset because I felt like in my own Journey it's been what ultimately determined the the success that I've had so um you know the first thing I'll say is I I definitely don't have all of the answers but I have been in the trenches doing this stuff since um you know 2005 I built multiple different um you know multi-million dollar perear businesses I've helped thousands of students get started and I can tell you I've probably been at one point where you are uh right now and I've probably seeing other people uh in your situation and what I'm going to share what I think are the real foundations um to the success that I've had and um you know the secrets that have changed my fortunes and also the fortunes of of students that I've worked with as well so um why do some people achieve massive success in business in life While others seem to be aimlessly blown through life I think it starts with your current reality so I've spoken about leverage as being a business master key but if you go one layer uh deeper I think it starts with your current reality and what I mean by that is what you expect of yourself and it's the state of mind and it'll make or break your success in every aspect of life so if you expect average results and you behave and an average way that average people behave guess what's going to get you're going to get average and that's what the average person gets that's what the vast majority of the population get if you expect success and you behave in a way that successful people behave then you will be so much more likely to be successful and a lot of the stuff I know that it sounds like Eerie Fairy like Guru speak but um I actually think that a lot of it when you boil down it's quite scientific because I don't like this ruo I say it to myself a hundred times and I'm G to manifest it into my life or the universe is going to drop it on my lap I don't believe in that I believe in the science uh behind why things happen though so I'm going to work through some important mindset shifts that I think can help you get set up for success in 2024 and look whether you become an e formula member or not I think these are things that are going to be um valuable okay so um actively seek radical change if you didn't get what you wanted to get last year then do something different this year it doesn't have to be e formula but do something different because when you do something different it's cause and effect it's different action gets different result doing something radically different is the easiest way to get a radically different result so um and you know Al Einstein supposedly said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results as inanity I don't know if you actually said that but there's a lot of Truth to that I've spoken about going outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens that's where you learn and I think it's also important to embrace failure most people give up on their online business streams before the magic happens in fact they the people that I've seen fail uh the people that give up before the magic happens failing is part of the journey I must have failed like I can't even count how many times I've failed uh in in business since I got started in in 2005 failure is part of the journey and um you know our the hope is that our failures are going to be dwarfed by our wins and in online business you know you only need one win you only need like one home run to set you up you only need one super product to be able to get you going and if you failed in the past at anything even on Amazon that's okay don't let it stop you from trying again otherwise you know your hopes really are doomed and the things that you have or haven't achieved in the past have no bear ing on what you could achieve in the present today and in the future what dictates that uh the behaviors and the actions that you take today so how many times should you try you know James Dyson the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaners he failed 5,126 times that's how many prototypes of this vacuum cleaner he made 5,126 and eventually he cracked the code the founder of Pandora approached investors 300 times before he got uh funding now colel Sanders of of KFC 1,9 times um you know before he was able to finally sell his recipe Steven Spielberg was rejected three times from the University of Southern California um afterward she dropped out to become become a director so how many times should you try some of the most successful people in the world have been knocked around by failure but they keep getting up off the canvas and and they keep pushing forward understand your reason why and the reason this is important is because it's going to give you that fire that drive to be able to keep going and one thing I often say to people is go multiple layers deep like go seven layers deep um because that that really digs out why you want something so what do I mean by this if I were to say to you uh why do you want to start an online business you might say because I want Financial Freedom okay why do you want Financial Freedom uh because I want to be able to give my kids the things that they've never had um okay why do you want to give your kids the things that you never had because I want my kids to have opportunity why do you want your kids to opportunity because I want my kids to be able to control their own destiny um and then ultimately you might get to because I want them to be happy and I feel like this will give them the best chance of happiness you know whatever whatever it might be but when you got multiple AEP you get to what really matters and um for me I've got this vision of of helping uh thousands of people get started with online business that's part of it I've got something related to my family um as well I've got as I've mentioned I've got two young kids um I want to spend as much time um as I can with them and you know the reality reality check that I've got is in 10 years time my kids are going to be like young adults and it's going to go in the blink of an eye so you know I cherish every day that they still they're still little kids and that's one of the things that I'm trying to do at the moment um the fourth thing I've got here is what I call my my soccer strategy or my football strategy and this is something that we've used over and over again in online business to succeed and not just online business as well but the basic um you know the basic idea behind this is you want to put yourself in the middle right in front of the goal with the opportunity to score and when you do that you are more likely to score and I've seen this happen lots of times in online business so one example that comes to mind was about um eight years ago I opened an office um in China an office and a a warehouse and a storage facility more than the warehouse a storage facility and an office in um in China and we hired a team of people in China and it was leap of faith and I didn't know what was going to happen but that ultimately led to the explosion of my e-commerce business and I was putting myself in a position to succeed and if I hadn't done that then I wouldn't have my own products in 20,000 different stores across the United States right now and they wouldn't have done millions and millions of dollars on Amazon either um it happened because I put myself in the position to score I put myself uh right in front of the goal and that's when opportunities tend to come and when you invest in something like e formula I think that's um that's something that you're doing as well you're putting yourself in the Middle with a Fighting Chance of actually getting a win so that's a that's a big one for me um having a Clear Vision and focus you need Clarity um where do you want to be where do you really want to get to what's your objective here write it all down and point the ship you know um once you know where you want to go you can can continually course correct until you get there one of my good friends has sailed across the Atlantic multiple times you know on his own with like one other person and he told me that when he was crossing the Atlantic he was almost never going straight towards his destination he was always going too far north or too far too far south and but like through this iterative approach little by little he was getting closer and then as he got closer and closer to the Caribbean he was finally pointing straight where he needed to be but he wasn't always going in a straight line you know he was sort of continually course correcting and course correcting is fine as long as you know your destination and it means that you can change your tactics along the way and that's why you know you might have this um destination of having a lifestyle business of having a passive income and the vehicle that you use to get there might continually change but that's okay and eformula might be the vehicle that you are riding on today and that might be the vehicle that gets you there but you'll only know that if you take the leap of faith and keep in mind that you've got 30 days to test it out um you've got access to enormous uh leverage along the way um and we're going to absolutely you know help you every step of the way here I'm building in a circle you might have heard your network is your net worth and as I've um you know got more life experience more business experience and built up more wealth I've seen this to be true and I'm really careful with who I surround myself these with these days and you know if it's hard to find uh people who are like-minded who really want to progress in life in your community then do it virtually and this is why something like the incredible eformula Community is um amazing because you can form bonds there you can make friendships there um that's why you know attending Live Events and conferences can be valuable as well because you get to connect with these like-minded people it doesn't have to be done in person adopt a there's no tomorrow um attitude so you know stop with the procrastination once and for all take a leap of faith get on with it and do it you know um this is you this is something that that you can do but you need to uh push forward okay you need to push forward and take a leap of faith and I think one of the big secrets here is just to keep it simple you know keep it simple um that's how you can succeed at business and and the best things in life normally are pretty simple and what we're doing here with this model is we are buying a product at wholesale price which you've got a whole catalog of winning products we're making it so that you don't have to deal with supplies or anything like that okay and you're selling on the world's biggest Marketplace that gets 65 million visitors every single day of laser targeted um you know buyer traffic it doesn't really get simpler um and I think a good test for that is how easy is it to explain to someone and this is pretty darn easy I'm buying product at wholesale price I'm selling it at retail price that's it and you're profiting the difference and there are operations that happen in the middle but you don't have to do them you don't have to worry about them and you know what kills startups there are there are um six things that I've seen over and over again that that will kill a startup and they are capital for one so um normally in terms of things like inventory requirements but what we're doing here I've shown you how you can get started for a teeny tiny minuscule investing investment inventory could be 30 or 40 bucks and obviously you earn in proportion to that so if you put $30 down for inventry maybe you make $60 back but then you've got $60 and you put that $60 down and then maybe you'll make $100 back and then you can reinvest that reinvest $100 make $140 back it doesn't take long for this kind of a thing to grow you know um but the key there is that you don't need a lot of capital to get going with the business model uh marketing skills so um there is a reason why copywriters um and um you know um advertising experts cost a fortune because it's a skill it's a talent and if you don't have it if you don't have those marketing skills it can be the death of a business um Facebook so um Facebook kills startups it's actually true um marketing on Facebook is is really tough if you if Mar if Facebook is a requirement for your business model um it's tough and it's getting tougher uh technicalities like technical website requirements like setting up shopping carts um Integrations and those type of things um they can kill startups um legal and administrative headaches um I was this close about I'm going back about 15 16 years or so ago I was this close to quitting uh my um my online business because of dealing with um llc's and um filing requirements in the USA that I couldn't understand anything I was this close um I remember um I was in London with my wife at the time and I remember saying to her oh man this is just too much what should I do and she was like just do it just take some time just do it it'll be okay and um thank God I did that because I was this close to to quitting and the other thing is slow results and the reason slow results kill startups is because it means that your motivation dwindles okay so um I think it's good to get a quick win um so I do have another 10 minute uh bonus for you here um so as you can see um we got lots of different surprises um here for you today and um in fact just before I show you this one [Music] um this here is the page that you can come to if you want to make your investment here today so you type in the URL www.e formula.com start and you'll be taken to this page here oh crap me start that timer again I just did something funny that I didn't want to do on okay there we go that seems to be working now pull that into a place where you can see it okay all right so um this is what I just wanted to show you you can go to the URL that you can see on the screen here and when you go to that URL it'll take you to a page like this and you can get started um and if you get started in the next uh 9 minutes and 31 seconds then I'm going to give you something extra special here and if you have already jumped in if you have already jumped in then you will also get this okay now what this is is a free Resort stay okay and what we've done here is we've partnered with a company that gives away empty Resort rooms empty hotel rooms and most hotels are actually empty um most of the time they've got at least one or two rooms that are empty most of the time and when they have an empty room they don't make any money from that room um but it still has over KS coming in and so on and so forth and if the hotel can get somebody to stay in the room even if they're not paying for it um they still earn something uh from from that that guest potentially because they could make um you know they could make an purchase in the mini bar maybe they'll buy something at the cafe downstairs maybe they'll eat in the restaurant get room service and so on and so forth so in that case the hotel wins and the guest also wins and there are some small taxes and SE charges that that you might have to apply here but um at the end of the day it's a win-win and this is a free Resorts day real deal as I can say we've partnered with a company that can um make this happen and it can be used in one of over 1,800 you know resorts in over 37 different countries globally after seven nights of free accommodation you can go away for a week or a long weekend um travel expenses are not covered by me you have to get yourself there you could drive there you know if you wanted um and this is real and if you look closely here you'll see that 49 people took advantage of this in 2023 you can see the dates on there you can have blured out the names for privacy reasons um but you can see people went to Bangkok New York City Singapore barley Hawaii Soul um uh rivel Stoke San Diego Cancun another Hawaii toyoto Orlando Florida Sydney um Amsterdam this is real and we gave this to 400 and N people who qualified for it last year and if you decide to get in right now then um I'll also be able to extend this uh to you okay so I know this has got nothing to do with e formula this is just a way that I can sweeten the deal uh and if I can do that then um all the better so you could say somewhere in the United States there's places all over the United States what about Hawaii you saw some people um went to um Hawaii maybe want to go to the UK Australia loads of um great places to visit in Australia um New Zealand Canada Asia my wife and I did our honeymoon in Southeast Asia and we traveled through Vietnam Cambodia La Thailand and it was amazing and I remember when we were up in um at the start of the trip we went to Bangkok and then we went up to um Hanoi Hanoi in Vietnam it's up by har Long Bay which is an incredible place where they've got these big mountains that surge out of the water they're incredible and we've booked a cruise in har Long Bay and from memory was like four three or four day cruise and we were in the hotel in Hanoi and we received an email from the The Cruise Company and they said hey do you want to be um upgraded to the luxury cruise and we were like on like the standard one and we thought we thought about it something doesn't seem quite right about this like why would we get a why would they upgrade us to one that's like twice the price we're quite happy with the one that we've got so we replied and we said thank you but we're going to pass on that um that's fine um and um and then they called us and they said you do realize that we are offering you a free upgrade to the luxury Cruise which is twice the twice the price you've paid and we're like yeah but something just doesn't add up like you know we don't want to we don't want this we don't want to take the risk or something what if it's not like what if it's a trip kind of a thing and they said look when you come down to the port tomorrow you can have a look at both of them and if you're not if you don't want to take the luxury Cruise that's fine you can go on the standard one we said okay that sounds like a good deal and anyway um we were on the luxury cruise and it was amazing um but we thought that it was too good to be true we were like what this this can't be real so um sometimes things that seem too good to be true are just amazing and um I think that's the case with e formula and I know it's the case with this holiday bonus um that we're offering you here because there are some small SE charges like it might be like 20 or 30 bucks a night but it makes it a lot cheaper than paying $200 or $300 a night for these um these hotels and you can go to Europe all over the world like there's hundreds and hundreds of places all over the world in fact we don't have South America here but um I happen to know that um I know some people who have used this in Buenos areis Argentina um so you can come down to South America um for sure and um we'll make you sure you get that now so um type um vacation type vacation in the question box if you are going to get in right now and take advantage of that vacation bonus [Music] um um Tammy says we need to point out that it has to be in another state and we pay the flight so yeah so just to be 100% clear um we're not going to pay your your travel you need to figure out your own travel arrangements and I actually don't think it has to be in another state Tammy I may be wrong on that I think it has to be with it um 200 miles away from where you live I think that I think that's what the thing is it's something like that I don't want I don't know what the exact I can't remember what the exact technicality is there but it's something it's something like that so that alone could be worth the price of admission if you if you think about it if you went to the right kind of place and and saved um you know thousands of dollars Jeffrey says vacation John says vacation um Julie says vacation so if you want to do that guys you want to do it do it right now okay go to the link that you can see on the screen screen in the next 3 minutes and 25 seconds and you're going to get the vacation bonus as well thrown in just for good measure this could be a nice um surprise you can redeem it immediately and I think um maybe Tammy can correct me if I'm wrong here but I think you've got six months once you redeem it actually use it so the way it works is you go into the you go in you get a special certificate we will give you a certificate with a redemption code on it you copy that code into the special website that manages all of these um free locations um and you tell them the the city or the place that you want to go and they will normally serve up a number of different options number of different hotels or Resorts and that place and then you can choose one so you can go over to the web you can have a look at it you can see which looks like the nicest option which is in the best location and you choose it and you're done and um there are like a very small um like search charge or tax normally which might be 20 or 30 bucks a day um but that's way better than like 300 bucks a day so this is real um we had 409 people actually take us up on this in 2023 so it's real um I didn't at first I was like how's this work um it was introduced to me by a friend of mine and I had to pay a significant um membership to be able to do this by the way so it's not uh you know it's not something that's free for me I pay to be able to do this to be able to participate in this to be able to offer this benefit to you but look it's just another perk of the system um it's more icing on the cake here um and but look the real the real big win here is the fact that this could be something that that changes your life you know this is this is a business it's a real business it's a real deal business and for those of you that have just typed vacation um give me a one in the question box if you have finished jumping in if you've just jumped in right now got 1 minute and 35 seconds I'm not going to be extending this one guys so um if you need to get in right now just do it right now I'm not going to be saying oh we'll wait until the the end of the next slide um I think you can get in in 60 seconds and if you do um you will get this bonus and if you've jumped in previously you're also going to get the the vacation bonus as well um and everything else that we've got here this is comprehensive um now is the time to get in guys we have been on this uh workshop for three hours already I've got a lot more to cover um and you can probably see my slides I've got um another like 60 plus slides almost 70 slides to to share with you lots more information um about mindset about the business model I've got uh more giveaways to do um very shortly as well um but um uh right now is the time to get in so I'm just GNA see um Isaac Sharon um Julie it sounds like you guys are getting in uh congratulations um and congratulations to everyone who's taken the leap of faith 35 seconds guys um finish processing your orders if you want to do this um and then we'll push on to talk about uh the next thing that I've got um on my list here you can see um what you're doing here you are 100% backed up by the 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked um and 17 seconds now is the time to uh jump in okay so um don't wait any longer you can get in right now um and um uh Linda says I got in last week and bought five more for family members wow that's awesome Linda that is um is so cool uh and um good on you wow that is fantastic I love that Linda got in and bought five more for family members so um Linda that is awesome um is this the right place for entering giveaways yes it is John yeah um just and we do have another giveaway coming up pretty soon okay but um I W to um what I really want to do is have another sip of water and I want to talk about the the money back guarantee so um you've got and again I've said this multiple times I want it to be crystal clear and transparent if you change your mind for any reason within 30 days we'll refund your purchase no hassles no hard feelings we want you to take this for a test drive the reason we're setting it up like this is because we know that if you get on the inside if you take for a test drive you are going to see how this can work and it could potentially change your life all right so two times $250 cash give away so hands on the keyboard guys get ready for this one I've got uh two here right now to give away okay so the question I've got for you is get ready what is the warehouse fee charged per unit [Music] processed who's going to be the first person a lot of you know the answer here the first person is Bella nles and the second is burant Emmon Bella nles and burant Emon congratulations Sean is reaching out to you guys and guys there was like a flood of hundreds of correct answers that time so don't feel bad um if you didn't get it um a lot of you got it right but they were the very first two people uh to type it in so we got more giveaways coming uh we've still got an 85 TV to give away as well okay so I'm going to give some more product examples now um and don't wait any longer guys if you're ready to jump in Now's the Time To Do It um we have been here 3 hours and 15 minutes I've got more examples I've got lots more things to show you give you another demonstration different bits and pieces but um right now um if you want to get in just just get in because that's that's really where the magic is going to happen for you um so this is a B shift toaster uh you can see that um 105 is the monthly sales um estimate there wholesale price $736 stale price $55.30 profit per unit $21.49 um this is a Weller uh soldering iron okay we can see the sale price at the time of analysis 6499 okay um we can see that uh wholesale price is 2662 um we've got Amazon fees there Amazon Fulfillment a bit of storage um total costs would be $41.64 and the sale price $64.99 that means we've got a profit per unit sold of 2335 okay so um it's easy for me to show you lots of examples because there are thousands of of products like this and that's one of the reasons by the way that we want to get this out to people is because there's no chance of of us getting um you know saturation um and in any of the okay now just before I talk about the next thing I want to ask you one more time um if you have not got into this and you've got some concern just type fence in the question box and put capital letters and let me know um let me know um why you are on the fence okay just let us know okay because um I I want to make sure that if you're on the fence particularly that we answer your question because I would hate again like I said for us to end this Workshop um without you getting your question answered so I do have Shan and alen um here in the background busy answering questions replying to comments and um if you've got a question if you're like on the fence type fence let us know why you're on the fence um so some people are saying I'm just on I just need to figure out resources and cash flow Jun there's no way on fence I'm on the fence um a lot of do with funding um honestly so um um I get it um sun says I keep calling the bank um I get it guys um you know we have the split pay um something else and I don't know if this is um available to everyone or not but I have heard that um um for some people in the United States and Canada there's actually uh I think it's United States and the UK I think it is there's something called PayPal credit which may help some people I'm not sure exactly how it works but I'm pretty sure that they give you a um if it's not an interest free loan it's very low interest on using PayPal credit um and you can probably see that when you go out through the with the checkout through PayPal might be an option um maybe something you want to check out um you know just trying to think of other ways here or try to find a business partner maybe you can talk to a business partner um about this and maybe you can have like a someone to help you find under the business um anyway let's let's talk about the results first approach so um you know driven by you know our vision and and all of our experience that we've built up and and Innovative new approach to this you know we've got this extreme focus on getting people to take action so we've got Pro proactive engagement with students proactive monitoring um and the idea is here that we're not going to leave any man or woman uh behind and we're going to make you do everything that we can try to make you do on your schedule to make sure that we're doing everything that we can to to see that you're successful and um what I want to share with you now is what I call my universal recipe for riches and it's not a blueprint or a system it is 100% mindset okay and um again I've shared a little bit about my backstory I want to give you my my credentials um here a little bit more um you know I'm not a self-help Guru I'm not trained in anything like that I'm not a bestselling book author but I am friends with at least 50 self-made millionaires um and I've personally built six business that earn millions of dollars um every single year my businesses have done over hundred million um in sales and I've broken down the common traits that I've seen into 13 different areas the common success traits and each of these I'm going to discuss in more detail and share examples of personal experiences as well so um I firmly believe that anyone can become a millionaire and this word millionaire it's really interchangeable with success um because for some people they don't care about being a millionaire but they do care about um success whatever that means to you and I feel like your background um has an impact on it but it's not the number one thing because you know being a millionaire being successful it's not some dark art it's not some cryptic code it's more a set of ingredients that that build on uh one another and they stack on top of each other and they can stack the deck in your favor or not and I feel like success leaves Clues and I feel like this is 100% true and most self-made millionaires have the same set or a similar set of of attributes and they're the clues of Mega success and you can use these as a recipe for your mind and there are dozens of common characteristics that come up over and over again and these are the ingredients to SU so um I'm going to go through what I think the ingredients are and you could ask someone else they might say something different but I'm sure there would be a lot of commonality there it's not rocket science and I want you to think as I go through these where are you weak like Conant consciously take note and work on your weaknesses okay so number one is the meth money now I started talking a little bit about this but I didn't really get into the equation here so the dollar equation is at the heart of all of this so the dollar equation are four variables that when multiplied together will multiply to give you what your income is and the variables are leads or traffic traffic is another way of saying leads um conversion rates uh dollars per um per customer that you can make and in the average number of transactions so if we take a lemonade stand as an example here the leads are how many people are going to walk past the lemonade stand the conversion rate are the number the percentage that stop by to actually buy something um the the the dollars per customer is how much they're going to spend and the average number of transactions is how many times they're going to go and buy lemonade so let's say that we've got 1,000 people coming past the lemonade sand and um there's a 5% conversion rate so we times that by 5% $1 per lemonade and one average number of transactions so that gives us 50 you can see the math there now where it gets really interesting is if you double two of the factors you actually quadruple the income so if we double the conversion rate to 10% and if we double the price to $2 like maybe instead of you selling the lemonade you put a cute 5-year-old like my daughter on the corner to try to sell it and maybe your conversion rate will double uh to 10% and she can charge a higher price in this case we've gone from $50 to $200 now where it gets really interesting is if we can double four of the factors because if we can then say that we get 2,000 visitors because maybe instead of being in the middle of the block we shift to the corner um and we've still got a a cute little kid selling it and they're making uh $2 per um sale and they're able to make two sales per customer because they come back on a regular basis or something then we've gone from starting at $50 to $800 do you see the power here this is when you can really um you know manipulate the different levers of uh of business and the good news is that there are not that many levers and the other good news is we know how to manipulate them with the e formula uh method because it's a simple multiplication here so you know this is an an example here I'm not going to go right through the numbers because I think um we've really hammered that one now the second is to stretch your mind and stretching your mind establishes a new Benchmark and it's why millionaires who lose it all tend to bounce back so quickly they're comfortable with Big Dreams and they expect nothing else and the first million is the hardest and then once you've done it once it's in your comfort zone and I mentioned a few times that um I'm a I'm quite passionate about property investment and I've got quite a large portfolio of properties all around the world um at this point and in 2006 I I thought about this stretch goal and my stretch goal back then was to earn to own 20 rental properties outright that would give me at least $20,000 per month in rental income by 2020 so it was it was a simple one for me to remember in my mind it was 20 Properties by 2020 and $20,000 per month and I gave myself um that was 2006 so I had like 14 years to get there and I actually got there um like I think it was like 7 years early or something or 10 years early um I got there really really quickly and that photo on the left is my very first property that I purchased um and you can see the the date on the photo if you look closely on the on the 23rd of October 2006 and we absolutely smashed it back to the bricks and renovated it and turned it into a brand new new property and that was in Buenos Iris um I've since built up a property portfolio in New Zealand um I own um luxury condos in in Manhattan and to give you an idea some of these condos are like 1.5 million a pop but they are like luxury luxury end and Manhattan is like a A++ plus uh Marketplace um I own Farmland um I own a farm in New Zealand and I love all kinds of property and I love it as a storage of wealth and I also love being able to get passive income um but anyway I digress a little bit what I really want to share there is that when you um have a big goal and go after it that's when you you put a steak in the ground and you can chase something down um so I would encourage you to do that with your online business get get you know go outside your comfort zone and get comfortable with that if you want something in life you've never had then you'll have to do something that you've never done and e formula is something that that no one here has done because they haven't existed before but you're able to get in on the ground floor now the third ingredient is being growth orientated so all the millionaires I know intuitively think in terms of growth it's dialed in to their subconscious and I see three key parts to being growth oriented one is um getting uncomfortable just getting used to being uncomfortable another one is constant learning uh and self-improvement um and another one is confidence and optimism like that second one there I'll give you an example I went to the supermarket this morning um and the whole time I was gone it was like a 30 minute walk by the time I had all gone to the supermarket and got it and I was listening to um a book from um someone who's been very successful in business uh and it was an audio book and I was listening to it and I was getting ideas and my brain was thinking about this stuff so um that might not be your cup of tea but that doesn't have to be you can do this in lots of different ways um the point there is constant learning and self-improvement and when you come into e formula what what do you think you're going to be doing you be learning you be surrounding yourself with people who've been there and done that um we're going to give you confidence and optimism and um you know hopefully you're going to be able to use that to your advantage so growth orientated that helps um getting help so there are two types of help that that pretty much everyone needs the first is expertise because you can't be an expert at everything and you certainly can't be an expert at e formula unless you know how it all works um and we do and we can help you with that and the other thing is time you need time help so with e formula we have tried to to serve this up on a silver platter by identifying these super products and by taking care of all of the operations from the moment that you choose the product in the vending machine and the moment that it lands uh in your um in your Amazon account ready to sell um and you know this is why getting help this is why millionaires focus on building teams on delegation uh to the point where they're able to get hundreds or thousands um of hours of work done uh in a day so that's another one um and another example here like let's say you had a Workforce of 60 people that would be 480 um hours of work done in a given day um I've got a Workforce of around about 150 people uh in my business so you know I can get um over 1,000 hours of work done every single day and the the key for me is directing um people to be working on the right things and if I go wrong there it can get like out of hand and expensive very quickly but if people have got a clear focus and we know what we're doing then it can be very very very effective um and the need to get help is why we focus so much on delegating and On Letting Go as as much as we can Building Systems and and streamlining and you know it's no coincidence also that a lot of millionaires have have business partners um and have incredibly smart people that they work with and You' you've met Sean and Angel they're two examples of that and number five is a success Circle so you may have heard the quote um you become the five people that you spend most time with I absolutely um believe that ingredient six is being the millionaire so what I mean by this it's more of a mindset so when you begin to think like a millionaire or a successful person then you begin to make decisions and behave in a way that they behave and when you behave in a way that they behave you end up doing the things that they do and guess what surprise surprise you start getting the same kind of results so um this is when I talk about like the science behind this this is what I'm so passionate about because I think there's real um cause and effect um relationship um here and um I think and I hope that I'm going to be able to pass a lot of these ideas on to you inside of e formula not just the um block and tackle strategies to help you build a business but a lot of these ideas that could help you in like ways that I can't even possibly imagined you know and and in your own life and um guys we are going to be wrapping this up very soon um if you've decided that you're going to get in um just type and you're not in yet type me um in the question box it's like me in the question box if you've decided you're not in yet but you have decided that you're going to get in um okay so Charles um good stuff Charles I saw your comment earlier by the way um that's awesome um H Bill Helen uh Robert good stuff Robert Melissa Nathan says I may um yeah if you need to know something Nathan let us know um looking for the customer link so um Renee the customer link is the one you can see on the screen okay it's e formula.com slstart that's the customer link okay and Sean's spping that in Kathy is in hey good good to have you back Kathy um okay guys so um let me push on here um a little bit more ingredient seven being um solution oriented okay so millionaires know that Solutions are valuable and think in terms of solutions um I recently saw um a documentary or read something about um Arnold Schwarzenegger and he's obviously um you know achieved a lot in in his life and you know he's the first of he's made some mistakes along the way as well um but he said that his dad always told him to be useful um and so he took that with him and he he applied that to a lot of things in his life to to great success and um I think it's another common trait between you know some of the most successful people they try to be solution oriented they try to be useful they try to think in terms of um you know how a situation can be taken in a positive light instead of a negative light okay um protect your time so your time is your most valuable nonrenewable resource we don't have any way to renew time so um you know I've been been on here for 3 and a half hours and I'm happy to be here after 3 and a half hours because I feel like I'm I'm going to be doing an enormous service to people and I feel like I'm sharing something which could change people's lives and you're going to be able to be the judge of that and again um you've got 30 days to take it for a test drive uh and maybe it'll work or maybe it won't work for you in 30 days but we're going to be doing everything that we can in our power to to make sure that that it works for you you know but um your time is precious and that's why you need to select your opportunities carefully and this is why you know we've done everything we could to streamline the path that it takes you to process a to to choose a product super streamline to um process it and to get it live online and I can even show you that um right here like this is another Compass it's another one right there are couple of different ones here I can open this one up we can see it's got a per unit cost of $27.70 $27.70 and let me pull this up in Amazon have a look at it there it is there and let's run the numbers on it okay so what I'm going to do this time is I'm going to um see if I can pause my screen here and I'm going to pull up a notepad and I want us to Crunch the numbers here real time for this one okay so let me um share my screen again so what we know about this this product this Compass is we know that it is retail is $548 okay the monthly revenue is 10,335 okay and that over here there are two different people selling that at the moment so we would be the third seller so um it's going to be divided by three okay now let's see what the wholesale cost is jump back over here where is it here it is here so the wholesale cost is $27.70 per unit and we know that we're going to have a fee Warehouse fee is going to be $2.20 okay and what I can do which is pretty cool is I can take that as number and I can take it into this Amazon um fee calculator and I can paste it in there and this is where it finds the exact thing it's going to tell me what all the fees are okay so here I can say my wholesale is 27 and I'm actually going to combine these two so wholesale Plus equals that'll be 2990 if anyone sees me make a mistake make sure you pull me up on it it's it's quite likely that I'll make a mistake here so um 2990 okay so cost of goods 29.9 okay and uh item price 54.80 okay so here we're seeing that based on this it's going to have a net profit of $182 so if I wanted to buy 10 of these if I wanted to buy 10 of them the cost would be 10 * 2990 which is 290 99 okay and I just want to double check uh actually the retail price is I got that wrong it's 65 so that's a big mistake I told you I was going to make a mistake but I can fix that the retail price is 65 so it's $20.49 is the [Music] um is the so the total fee let me see here total fees are total cost per unit that the total fees plus costs equals $44 51 So based on all of this we can see that uh net profit per unit is $20.49 so hopefully that makes sense to people so again getting back to this example if we were going to buy 10 of them it would cost us $299 and to sell 10 we would get $650 back but that's not all profit but we have to subtract bees plus cogs cost of goods so to do that we say 650 minus what I can simply do is I can say the um toal it could be 4451 * 10 so we can say- 445 because what this total fees plus costs is is um the wholeale fee it's the wholesale cost it's the um the fee of the warehouse and it's Amazon fees I've lumped all those things into one so if we sell 10 of these it's going to be $445 okay so therefore the profit and selling 10 would be 650 minus 445 that'll be 25 see how that works did that make sense just give me a yes in the question box if that made sense and please let me know if I made some horrific horrific example there yeah made sense so what if they don't sell well the thing about this the thing about this is we actually know what the sales demand is um we can come up here and I can see that there are seven units sold per day but there are only two sellers so if we become the third seller how long is it going to take us how long is it going to take us to get rid of the inventory if there are seven units sold per day and we become the third seller it's going to take us about five days does that make sense did anyone put a five in there going to take us about five days because we're going to be selling two units per day because the first seller will sell two units per day we're going to become the second seller is going to sell two units per day and we're going to become the third seller so we get two units and then someone else is going to get another unit because there's seven units per day so um that's how that works um and um it works really really well and the meth is pretty easy and to be honest um I'm doing this live on a notepad I don't think it was my best example of breaking this down and making it really really simple but the only ingredients you need to worry about uh the wholesale costs um any other fees that you've got Associated so that's Amazon fees plus $220 for warehouse fees um and the retail price and you know those three things and then you work out what your profit is um and um then um you know you can multiply it out by your your sales volume okay so um that's how that works okay um so think in terms of abundance this is the the 10th ingredient here and this is the big one so all the millionaires I know think in terms of abundance and like relating back to Amazon what I see when I look at Amazon is an incredible opportunity not just Amazon like to be honest Amazon is like the Launchpad Amazon's like the first part of what we're doing here but it's a good way to start so what I see when I look at Amazon is I see see a place where tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of products sell successfully I see a place where there are millions and millions of buyers going every day and with what I've seen in dealing with wholesalers is that I see cataloges of of tens of thousands of products and Angel mentioned like something in the millions of products that that angel and the team have been through and we pick out we cherry pick these golden nuggets these gems these super products and we manually put them in to this um Buyers Club um and I see abundance there and I know that there are tens of thousands of products there and we're just getting started with the buyers club like we're going to put more and more and more and more products in there and the people that reap the rewards are going to be eformula members and we're not going to bring more eformula members in that's a that's a reality got no plan at all to do that I just want to make keep expanding the pie that e formula members can tap into that's my my and my partners um objectives here now the 11th ingredient is Vision so having a vision um you know about knowing what you want in life I had this vision of having Geographic freedom and I didn't know how I was going to get there but I knew if I just keep trying if I could find a way to make money online then I'd be able to achieve it and um it took me a few years but but I got there so um you know until you know what you want it's impossible to acquire it other than by dumb luck I'm sending off Good Vibes like this one might sound Eerie fairy and I get that but think about it like this if you've got a positive mindset and think regularly about what you want then you'll see more opportunities present themselves because you're always thinking oh how could this happen how could this happen um and you will you know maybe that's why and how somehow you ended up here today and if you were thinking negatively you just wouldn't see the opportunities in the first place so as an entrepreneur I see opportunities everywhere and my challenge is saying no to them and focusing on the ones that I think could have the biggest impact like and that's why you know I've been focusing on e formula for the past year so um this is a big one um enjoying the journey look grinding away day after day after day um that gets all pretty done quickly and I think it's important to find something that you love find something that you can enjoy and I enjoy lifestyle business I love the fact that with e formula I can be seeing um results coming in on my phone I love that I can um you know order a product at the push of a button get it Zapped into my account and see the results and this is a game changer you know and then there is gifted lunacy and of all the ingredients here this is the one that we can't replicate this is the one where people are wired differently and we can't do we can't try to do what you know El musk does like the guy is wired differently he's a he's a gifted lunatic you know um but we can um you know leverage um the other ingredients here so um was that useful guys just give me a yes in the question box if you found going through those ingredients were useful I hope that you were able to um identify a few areas where you think you're strong and areas where you think you could you could do some work and we can all work on some of the okay all right so we're going to give away some more cash now okay so the next question I've got is get ready and each the first two people to get this right will each get $250 in cash um how many times do James Dyson vacuum cleaner prototype fail how many times does James Dyson fail before he finally got it let's see if anyone remember that it wasn't five okay um Mitch Mitch guess and Clark schaer Mitch guess and Clark schaer the correct answer was 5,126 5,126 so um the winners there were Clark schaer and Mitch guess so um Sean's got those reaching out congratulations guys that's $250 in cash um final recap guys final recap and for this final recap I'm going to do my final uh 10minute bonus and this one here is for something that you'll get if you um get in in the next 10 minutes okay so um I'll start the timer going I want to make sure that um this is out of the way so you can see the timer there just see if that's all working yep okay so um if you get in in the next 10 minutes and if you are in previously you're also going to get this but this is only for the next 10 minutes okay you're going to get a full online course called the performance plan and if you like some of the ideas that I've been sharing with you here I've actually got these condensed down into a systematic dayby day plan of attack for hitting Peak Performance as you can probably tell it's something that I'm really passionate about I love it um it's a full course uh there's a members area there's videos there's the day-by-day plan and all of that stuff you're going to learn about productivity you learn about planning systematization and processes and each session Builds on the one that comes before it so this is about um the secrets to pick performance uh in business and getting more done and being hyper productive okay so I'm going to go through um the core steps one last time here and as I say if you get in right now you will get this and when I get to the end of the 10 minutes we will be approaching the 4our mark and we would have finished our halfday Summit so this will be the last time that I go through the core components okay if you want to get in um now is the perfect time to do it because you will secure um your your spot and that bonus um so um guys type now in the question box if you have decided uh you've made up your name and you have decided that you're going to get in in the next eight minutes and um and 26 seconds and I'll have a look at that um and um just do it just jump in if you want to do it jump in we will be wrapping this up um and if you've got any burning questions last minute questions get them in right now we will be wrapping this up so the core steps are to select a super product we've got them there serving them up on a silver platter you just need to select them you can do this in about 60 seconds flat activate your inventory you don't actually have to do anything there by virtue of you know funding the vending machine and pressing the button uh we are going to do everything else behind the scenes okay and then start selling on Amazon and your aim here let's not lose track of this is to get one super product up and get to $50 per day as quickly as you can with one super product okay um and that's what the training is all about we show you how to do this and how to rinse and repeat and the aim is to build out a portfolio of these things and by virtue of doing that um you know potentially multiply out the the profits that you can make and continue to scale and your income level is entirely based on the amount of time and effort that you want to put in this is good news um l Al more products that you select and sell the more Revenue that you could generate and um here's how we're going to help you make that happen we're giving you the shortcuts the super products the done for you uh products which you've seen through the Vault of products we've been curating these we've been building up this list there are far more of these than we could possibly use in in my business there are far more of them um I don't want to have um you know an Amazon account with thousands and thousands and thousands of products in um even if I could do it because I do have po products um I would rather I would rather allow more people to be able to to get in and you know I'm I'm continuing to expand my business as well so um look there is an abundance of products here um we've created the agreements with the suppliers you don't have to call anyone you don't have to register or anything like that all you need to do is pick and choose which products you want to sell the done for you products are there waiting for you um we've got the second shortcut with the done for you inventory operation it's a massive Warehouse um that we own and operate we've put in an enormous investment to be able to help you we're going to be able to store your inventory there process all of the inventory there's no need for you to do anything with your inventory doesn't matter where you are in the world you can um use this to your advantage and we've got an incredible team uh behind the scenes you've heard from Angel you can see her there um Angel is the leader of this team and they are brilliant these are people who um take a lot of pride and making sure they do a good job they've been with us for a long time now um and they're great I can't speak highly enough of these guys they're the ones that are going to be processing your orders speaking to the suppliers adding more products into the Buyers Club day after day after day after day and you do nothing you do nothing so these shortcuts could allow you to massively accelerate everything you're doing you're getting for the first component core training you heard from Sha Shan is a great guy really smart a lot of experience and training and helping people um you're going to be able to go through all of Shan's videos you're getting live coaching on a week by week basis where we're on a zoom session like this one uh doesn't go for four hours but um we are on a zoom session like this one and we're just guiding you through what we're doing on a week by- week basis answering your questions making sure uh we're there giving you support uh you get the Buyers Club I mean honestly the Buyers Club is worth the price of admission it really is with the price of admission on its own and I can say the same thing about the warehouse because this is a game changer it's a game Cher it's going to save you so much time so many complications and allow you to focus on scaling out more Super products the support station uh this is the best support in the business these are a group of individuals who actually care about your success you're getting uh the ability to expand through the different expansion components with the products buy the expansion engine and the message machine you're getting the performance Awards which is something up until now I haven't even spoken about and there's a lot more behind the scenes I haven't actually spoken about um but the performance awards are really cool because when you hit 100 uh sales you're going to get the bronze card and along with a bronze card you're going to get $50 in cash or an Apple ear tag when you hit the silver card 500 sales you're going to get $250 in cash or the Apple homepod when you gets 500 um sorry um uh 1,000 sales you get the gold card $500 in cash and or no not and or $500 cash or one pair of these um awesome um Apple earpods which I use um every day Apple upon Max's um really really cool and you might think why would we do this we do this because we want your success we want you processing more products through the um you know through the warehouse we want to hear your testimonial we want to um see you succeed with this so we are giving you accountability we're giving you something to chase after this is unlike anything that's come before when have you ever been in a in a program where someone says you know if you succeed I'm going to give you cash prizes and money it's a little bit like a like an ethical bribe really because um you know you suc it's win-win we want you to succeed with this are you eting a live Summit something else I haven't spoken about today either you're going to get um full access to a two-day live success Summit where it's going to be a little bit like what we've done here today but um uh but 100% training and broken out into 1 hour blocks where we talk about different um different things related to to building business and seeing success you're getting the bonuses the four-part bonus pack um everything that you could possibly um need to succeed with this but you need to make uh your decision in the next 2 minutes and 35 seconds um and um then we'll be shutting down I do have one more um prize to give away um and free gift as well so I'm going to be giving away a um 85 inch Z Samsung TV in a moment um but right now now is your last um call to action um I want to have a look through the um question box here um if you've got a question um let me know if you have decided to jump in let me know um and um let's see um let's see let's see let's see I just joined due to technical issue awesome jittin that's great [Music] um uh let's see if you got a question guys um now is the time to answer it actually if you want to get in just get in right now I can stick around for a couple more minutes after that timer gets down to zero but that'll be it we're going to be doing a Samsung TV giveaway and I'd love to answer any question I haven't covered so far um and we'll be shutting down so we got the Samsung uh TV giveaway I'll give you a a link to a free gift actually before that as well I'll make sure you know what our support um uh address is as well in case we we've missed anything here and then we will be wrapping this up okay all right we got one minute there guys if you're getting in if you've just got in um let me know um will the link be open for a little bit longer trying to transfer money over um Tracy if you you can get in today I think you'll be I think you'll be okay um I don't know exactly when it's going to close but um you know it is going to close down soon I don't think it'll happen uh today um thank you so much for your time and dedication Aiden when's the first training um good question so all the details about that are in the members area uh the first um live training by the way is on Friday but you've got early word training that you can kick on with um as well um bill says I'm already in two hours ago awesome guys you guys have been amazing here and I tell you what um the only reason or one of the main reasons that I can um you know stay energized for four hours is because I love this stuff okay and I've got this beeping here so um we will um go ahead and wrap this up now I do want to give you a free gift so make sure that you check out um the link on the screen here there is a free gift that you're going to be able to get and you can see the link there where you can go for that okay so I'll give you another 10 seconds to see what that link is and then um I will go back and I'm going to give away another TV okay all right so I'm going to give away one more 85 in TV I hope you've enjoyed this I've had a lot of fun doing it um here today so one more 85 in Samsung TV V and just before I do that um because we are wrapping this up right now um you can see the support email um on the slide there as well so if we have um missed a question if You' got a burning question something you need please use that okay and if you don't have a question and you want to get in just get in right now to secure your spot okay so um okay so here we go here we go here we go let's see see okay here we go here's the question first person to get this right will take away the 85 in TV so how many people claimed the free vacation from me last year the winner is Adam steinber 409 congratulations wow that was seriously quick it's like you knew what I was going to ask before I even asked it that's incredible he was the first person to type in any answer and he nailed it so um I don't know how how you did that but um that's like telepathy or something um congratulations guys um this is a wrap um I'll just wait um Sean let me know message me um to let me know um once you've got all the details I want to make sure you got all the details of the um the people if you could just send me a message to my phone um that would be awesome just to let me know once we've got all the details there um guys let me know in the question box um if you um if you're not in yet but you've decided that you are going to get in um today preferably uh just so you don't miss out and um I'll just wait for confirmation from Shan um let's see um Sean after you've got the details okay so we're just still waiting um thanks for that Sean so um we're just going to make sure that we get the the details there so we can um deliver this amazing uh prize uh thank you once again guys for taking some time out of your day here um I'm Blown Away how many people we've had on this uh call today it has been um awesome um and um right awesome so Katherine sounds like you're going to get in that's great um thank you guys oh so the free gift link I'll pull that up one more time for you there's the the free gift link there um all right that's a wrap we've got um all the details so um look thank you so much for being here with me today thank you for participating in this it's a real pleasure to be able to um share all of this information and I know that I'm going to be getting to know many of you on the inside so I I am genu genuinely really looking forward to being able to do that and um you know regardless of what you do whether it's e formula whether it's something else I just wish you all the best for the year ahead and I would leave you with this idea that I've mentioned earlier if you want to get something different in your life happening this year then do something that's radically different do something that makes you feel uncomfortable do something that is new do something that's simple and e formula I think tips ticks all of those boxes it's streamlined it's systematic it's reliable and do something where you don't have any risk you know because um then you can feel comfortable and you've got peace of mind um and we've tried to engineer that into eformula as well so with that said guys thank you so much for being here today look forward to chatting to you all again very soon by for now

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