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what's up sumalings it's Jay from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at Center the productivity web app that eliminates distractions with AI powered coaches Focus techniques and smart timers ever feel distracted when you need to get work done ever feel burned out by the end of the day well centered is here to help you overcome procrastination and master productivity once you log in you can start browsing for groups and coaches that feel right check out what's popular or Browse by category like General productivity groups for engineers the ADHD crew you get the idea these groups are where you can interact with other productivity hackers and hundreds of AI coaches these coaches greet you during every session send nudges when you get distracted and suggest breaks for healthy habits if centered sounds like the perfect productivity tool for you go ahead and click that buy now button if you want more Deets let's keep going over on the right you've got your task panel this is where you'll drop in your to-do list once you're ready just drag and drop them into your work session and Bam you're ready to get productive and see that little calendar icon centered syncs with your calendars to block off time for your tasks no more are you free for a quick chat during work time when you're ready to roll just hit that play button now focusing gets fun Center's got hundreds of hours of focused Music Plus rain and ambient coffee shop sounds you can even connect your own Spotify playlist okay you're focused you're working but then it happened distractions this is where your AI coach comes in if you wander off to Twitter or YouTube your coach will pop up and nudge you back on track and for those pesky phone distractions just scan the QR code and centered will keep your phone in check too you get multiple break timing options like Pomodoro timers to help maximize efficiency oh and these aren't just get up and stretch kind of rings there's actual guided breathing exercises that feel like a Mini Spa session ah isn't that nice okay back to work finally at the end of your work session you'll get a productivity score which makes it easy to see how you block distractions manage tasks and maintained healthy habits so there you have it with centered you'll be able to focus on your work and actually get it done so grab this lifetime deal and start tackling that to-do list [Music] check out what's popular or braz buy cagnam my name is I am here for your life ever feel distressed burned out by the end of the day

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