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Mr Zuckerberg is mad and not for any of the reasons you might think of you see a few months ago Facebook decided to go all in on AI they spent billions of dollars into creating their own AI model not just that they gave it all of its users data AKA your data to train on they did all of that and more to try to improve on their greatest creation the optimization algorithm this algorithm is what decides who goes viral on Facebook and decides who gets traffic and who doesn't it's very powerful and very complicated and for the past few months they've been integrating it into their new AI but you know what we actually found a way to legally hack into that exact algorithm and use it to our own Advantage without breaking their to or spamming anything we finally are able to siphon off thousands of super targeted clicks from Facebook redirect them to any link we want without paying even a dollar in ads without writing any posts and without designing or creating any images how we created the world's first AI engine that integrates directly with Facebook algorithm and forces it to send us traffic wherever we want here's the best part evoke doesn't require any previous experience or technical setup in fact all it takes to get started with evoke is just 45 seconds yes just 45 seconds and you will be on your way to generating loads of buyer clicks to any link you want here we just created a campaign with evoke and within the first 12 hours we got a whopping 2,496 clicks to our link not only that but those clicks converted into a massive Payday for us and all of that happened by creating our campaign in 45 seconds only without writing anything without designing anything and without paying anything up front that's the power of evoke my friend and today you can have the same power as us and replicate our success we just do 45 seconds of work a day and then evoke does all the work for us on complete autopilot you don't need to learn anything you don't need to buy any expensive app and you don't need to spend your day tied to your laptop working evoke eliminates all of that you can use evoke from anywhere in the world whether it's your bedroom or from the beach you can set up your campaigns from your laptop PC Mobile or even your iPad and remember each campaign takes less than 45 seconds take a look at this while I'm recording this video for you I made $845 35 in commissions that's just money I made in the past 20 minutes or so while recording this message for you evoke gives me the freedom to do whatever I want in life and still make money it works for anyone affiliate marketers product owners coaches service provider Ecom store owners and more hey my name is venata and on behalf of my team we are happy to introduce you to evoke the world's first AI engine that directly integrates with Facebook optimization algorithm allowing us to siphon thousands of clicks for free I'm sure by now you're wondering how much is this going to cost me if we decided to charge you the fair price for evoke it will be at least $997 per month and even at this price it's still a no-brainer our average users made that money back in just a couple of days but here's the thing $997 a month is a big commitment especially for someone who is just getting started and the whole purpose of creating evoke was to make it accessible to the people who need it the most so with that in mind for a limited time only I'm willing to give you full access to evoke for a fraction of the price less than the price of a cheap disc dinner which is enough for me to cover the cost of the servers running evoke but you must be quick there is no point in selling evoke if it doesn't produce the results we promise and in order to do that we put in a lot of support for each new member the good news is we take each new member by hand until they get results the bad news is we can't do that for unlimited people after all we are humans too so after we hit our limit we are raising the price again to $997 per month after that there is no going back so if you can still see the buy button below don't wait you might not get this chance ever again listen right now you have the option to change your life with just a few clicks we created this for people exactly like you to help them finally break through and in the unlikely event that you fail to use a voke for any reason we insist that you send us an email it's simple if you don't make money we don't want your money we will refund every penny you paid within 24 hours worst case scenario you get aoke but don't make any money you get all of your money back no questions click the button below and get instant access to evoke plus an exclusive bundle of bonuses worth over $ 13,345 I'll see you inside hey fellows welcome to evoke I'm sure you have heard about Facebook right Facebook is a product of meta platforms formerly known as Facebook Inc a large technology company that also owns Instagram WhatsApp and other services at its core Facebook is a website and app designed to connect people it allows you to create a profile share updates photos and videos with your network of friends and family but more than that Facebook for business has been proven to increased brand awareness and reach by tapping into a massive user base billions potential audience targeted advertising by using sophisticated advertising tools that allow you to reach specific demographics interests and even behaviors Direct Customer engagement by converting your Facebook business page as a hub for two-way communic a valuable insights by monitoring demographics seeing what kind of content resonates most and tracking engagement and helping you refine your strategy and make datadriven decisions costeffective marketing by creating and managing a business page which is 100% free and running ads that happen to be very affordable compared to traditional media and the best way to achieve all this is through the power of Facebook business Pages meta says over 200 million businesses use Facebook pages this massive number of businesses indicates the huge potential reach that Facebook affords companies for connecting with their audience who Sate says 80% of Internet users interact with businesses on Facebook this means the vast majority of your potential customers are already actively connecting with businesses on the platform Shopify says Facebook is the top social referral site to e-commerce sites Shoppers aren't just browsing on Facebook they're clicking through and making purchases having a strong business page is vital for driving sales that's why we decided to create evoke A specialized web application designed to make Facebook marketing quicker easier profitable and even automated with the power of ai ai has come to stay and it's saving a lot of the time money and effort for practically any aspect we can imagine let me show you how we have developed the Facebook AI ads generator where you can generate effective and results oriented Facebook ads for any topic or niche in just seconds with the power of AI we have developed the Facebook AI posts generator where you can generate effective and results oriented Facebook posts for any topic or niche in just seconds with the power of AI these generators have been built especially for Facebook the length the content the call to action and everything is specially tailored for Facebook marketing so we have all the text components covered for ad posts and organic posts but what about the visual component we got you covered on on that too we have created the Facebook AI designs generator where you can generate stunning Facebook designs for any topic or Niche with the power of AI we have also provided you with a stunning set of design templates organized by niches easy to edit download and use for your posts you can also create stunning designs from scratch with our powerful design editor and what about videos yes we have developed a pretty impressive AI videos Creator as well here you can create portrait landscape or Square videos with background image video or color here you can generate AI content AI voice over in any language and even add background music and do it all in just seconds we consider this as the easiest quickest and highest quality Video Creator you have ever come across with test and see for yourself but this is just the tip of the iceberg we have prepared a whole set of marketing Arsenal to automate your Facebook marketing like never before in Pages you can integrate your Facebook account and connect all of your Facebook pages into evokes Facebook approved web application in the poster you can create and schedule text image link and video posts in seconds way easier than doing it inside Facebook itself in the comments manager you can create schedule and track autoc comment and auto reply campaigns for each and every one of your posts and for all of your Facebook pages in the live chat you can communicate with your customers and potential customers for each and every one of your Facebook pages in real time easier than doing it inside Facebook itself and if you want to sell access to this outstanding app getting into the multi-millionaire software selling market and keeping 100% of the profit to yourself you can easily do it with the agency upgrade but that's not all as you can see the profit generating potential of this simple yet extremely powerful app is just amazing but I can't show it all in just this short demo video that's why we decided to create a VIP training which consists of an over-the-shoulder premium training that will show you step by step how to make money with evoke the quick and easy way here you will find everything you need to succeed with Facebook business pages on behalf of your business and faster than ever just get inside and see for yourself really no other solution will give you as much value for your money you'll be glad you did see you on the other side [Music]

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