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imagine if you could turn your smartphone into a money-making machine how awesome would that be and no you don't need the latest or greatest iPhone or Samsung any old smartphone will do yes any Android too but how well billionaire Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook has released a Cutting Edge feature in another platform he owns called WhatsApp I'm sure you've heard of it it has 2 billion monthly active users this new feature is called WhatsApp channels and our new AI solution lets us take these channels and turn them into a $53 per hour set and forget viral moneymaking machine without any existing Tech skills experience or subscribers introducing Falcon here's how easy this is Click one grab a copy click on any of the links on this page to get instant access to Falcon click to profit connect your WhatsApp account to the Falcon app and one click and that's if we start in join $53 an hour passively thanks to the power of AI there's no technical setup no video recording no investment needed no speaking no reading no waiting for results and no waiting to get paid this is literally the best way we've ever seen for beginners to get results online so how much is this going to cost well how much is getting results online worth to you I'm guessing $67 a month to make things a reality would be a bargain right but of of course you aren't going to pay $67 a month you aren't even going to pay $47 a month no not even $37 a month in fact you're not going to pay monthly at all when you act right now during the special launch period you can get in for a tiny onetime investment but that's not all because we believe in delighting our customers so when you act right now you'll also get our brand new bonus bundle absolutely free you can see all the details below these bonuses have never been offered before and are not available anywhere else for anybody to buy at any price but you get them absolutely free and to make this a no-brainer for you we're totally removing all the risk for you with our 365 day money back guarantee and to totally blow your socks off when you act now you also get our get results or get paid $250 money back guarantee if for some reason you don't get results with Falcon just let us know what you tried and not only only will we send you your money back we'll also send you $1250 it's literally a win-win situation for you but wait because there's more the first 500 buyers will be in for a chance to win it iPhone 15 Pro revealed on our customer live stream you can find the details below make sure to attend but hurry act fast because the price really goes up every 60 minutes if you come back later you will pay more so if you want to tap into this incredible AI powered opportunity then then all you need to do is click the button below to lock in your spot remember Falcon lets us turn any smartphone with the WhatsApp app into a set and forget $53 an hour viral machine if you want to join in on the fun then you know what you need to do so hurry click the get started button below for instant access do it now before the price increases and we'll see you on the inside hello and welcome to the Falcon in this video I'm going to show you how the app works so let me demonstr the Falcon after login you will be able to reite to this dashboard page Falcon is our brand new application and it's a AI powered WhatsApp automation tool as you can see here is the three statistics like total AI content whatever you have created Total AI Pages total status downloads okay let me come to the left hand menu first of all you will be find all of our training over here here is our upgrades and these all are the AI generated features so first feature is AI WhatsApp text by using this feature you can create the WhatsApp message okay so let me show you an example suppose here I writing affiliate marketing okay and click on the submit button and yeah as you can see the WhatsApp text message has been created successfully so you just need to copy and using it to your WhatsApp okay here is WhatsApp channel name by using you can create the WhatsApp channel name suppose here I type like make money okay and click on the submit Button as you can see all the channel name has been created with the power of AI here is WhatsApp Pages firstly I'm just going to let you know uh you can't add the direct affiliate link or direct promotional link to your social media account like WhatsApp based on that you need a landing page or any kind of promotional page so for that reason this feature is created with this feature you can create a landing page okay and in this landing page you can add your affiliate link so this is totally drag and drop let me show you one of the example so this is the uh drag and drop Builder you can simply edit it your WhatsApp CH so you can add any content any link over here and simply download and promote through your WhatsApp okay so now next the feature is called WhatsApp image by using this feature you can generate the AI powered WhatsApp image it's a pretty cool suppose I'm write like Dr owl and hit the generate result button yeah image has been created successfully here is a WhatsApp video you can simply create WhatsApp video by using this feature suppose here I'm writing like car and create the result as you can see all the car related video over here so you just need to download and you can go ahead with your WhatsApp account here is hashtag this feature is created for the WhatsApp hashtag purposes like here I'm writing like food and click on the submit button as you can see all other the hashtag has been created successfully so just need to copy and go ahead and here is another powerful feature it's called WhatsApp status maker and by using this feature you can download your status from our software and upload in your WhatsApp account so let me show you as you can see this is the totally the drag and drop bis you can easily edit anything over here you can add video you can add image you can add text you can add elements anything you can add here and download and upload as your WhatsApp status so whenever we test it we download the image video and text from our Falcon software and upload on our WhatsApp and we have get traffic and sales okay and this is a very powerful features it's called get traffic features you can easily Blast Your WhatsApp channel to 100 plus traffic sources so yeah whenever we test it with this software we have received both traffic and sales thank you so much

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