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what's good Sumo links I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at ala an AI writing tool that generates high quality content while simplifying the user experience if you're a little overwhelmed by chat GPT and want a user-friendly alternative check out ala chat they've got loads of tools like the prompt list this feature helps you jump straight into writing paid ads cold DMS sales Pages product descriptions whatever you need there's even a strategy section packed with like viral Loop strategy and product launch strategy or you can ask ala chat to write something using a custom prompt the AI will always generate the most accurate content because of the improved feature which perfects your prompt in one click everything can be saved to individual projects too I still got a lot more tools to show you but if you're ready to scoop up this lifetime deal go for it otherwise let me show you alta's brand voice feature creating a brand voice is simple all you got to do is add some sample copy and click analyze brand voice voice the AI will analyze the sample and provide a description that you can save now when you create a new project you can Infuse your unique personality into anything you generate so things like LinkedIn post won't sound generic and lame altic copy is the content generator that provides a list of time-saving templates let's say you want to write a quara answer just choose the template and click Start new copy to get a template that you can customize set your word count plug in key points and choose a tone and just like that your content is ready to publish with ala you'll get the convenience of an AI writer without all the complicated UI so snag this lifetime deal right now before it's too late all you got to do is click that buy now button to start using it [Music] today

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