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Sup, Sumo-lings! It’s Jay from 
AppSumo, the best place to get   insane deals on business software. Today, 
we’re checking out Leadster – A marketing   chatbot that helps you generate more 
qualified leads through your website. Let’s jump straight into the dashboard. Here 
you’ll find performance stats and conversion   rates. You can filter the data by 
device, lead qualification status,   flows, and dates. You can also track leads, page 
views, and website speed, along with performance   stats for Meta ads and Google Ads. Now lemme 
show you how to create a chatbot. To start,   click “create a new flow.” Using ChatGPT 
and the Leadster JavaScript connection,   your new chatbot will then create some calls 
to action. After choosing one, you can create   a flow from scratch or duplicate one of the 
templates. Customize everything, including   the name and display triggers – like specific 
pages or users. You can even create flows for   different marketing channels, and configure UTM 
parameters that direct leads to the right places.

Leadster lets you configure designs for different 
devices. You can set up the language and set up   calls to action for multiple segments. Need 
to qualify leads? Set up questions to secure   the right data for your sales team. And set 
up lead scoring! You can redirect leads to   your WhatsApp and set up open hours to enroll 
them. You can even connect to Google Calendar,   so leads can easily schedule 
calls with your sales team. So you can use flows for just about 
anything. Like qualifying leads or   selling custom services to your 
clients. All you gotta do is click   “Buy Now” to start using Leadster today! 
Alright, let’s finish creating this flow. You’ll be able to create unique CTAs and choose 
specific actions for desktop and mobile users.   You can integrate with Google and Meta to 
track conversion events, too. For every new,   qualified lead in your pipeline, Leadster 
shares that conversion event to optimize   paid media campaigns.

This way, you can 
discover more potential buyers. From there,   just configure your privacy policy and 
email settings to launch your new flow. Once you’ve got multiple flows going, you can 
run A/B tests to determine which calls to action,   content, and photos drive 
better results. From there,   you can use the version that outperforms the 
rest. And if you’re using tools like HubSpot,   Active Campaign, and Salesforce, you can 
connect those using the Zapier integration. So what are you waiting for? Hit that “Buy Now” 
button to add Leadster to your tech stack today!.

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