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what's good Sumo Lings I'm Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at writer access the content platform that lets you order carefully vetted custom content that's SEO optimized and tailored to your budget writer access carefully vets their talented writers designers strategists editors and translators to deliver you topnotch content and get this you pay on a sliding scale get unlimited revisions and if you aren't satisfied you don't pay a dime plus it's jam-packed with new AI features to help speed up your entire content workflow to start just fill out a Content template in the tools portal you can go as in-depth as you like but the Golden Rule here is pretty straightforward the more you tell writer access the better your content will turn out they've even got helpful add-on services like proofreading topic pitches image research social media assistant and general SEO support if you need help choose choosing Talent the request recommendation feature will pair you with a writer access team member to suggest someone there's also a casting call feature which is great for getting more Niche content but this one is my favorite the AI search feature will scan one of your content samples to match you with similar writers and anytime you find a potential match the talent profile will reveal detailed work histories reviews and portfolio work so you know you're making the right decision now if you need quality content with unlimited revisions and a delight guarantee just hit that buy now button otherwise we're taking a look at ryer access's new AI features custom content briefs and buyer personas say hello to the new AI powered content wizard you can use content wizard to generate comprehensive content briefs based on your keywords competitors and audience just fill in your Brand's basic details pick a Content strategy theme and voila the wizard generates article outlines with subheadings difficulty ratings and search volume and then all you got to do is place your order use the AI content idea generator to find relevant topics for your target audience all you got to do is enter your URL and the AI will start crawling your website to generate ideas it won't suggest things you've already written about but it will suggest content similar to your orders lastly the AI Persona Builder is an amazing tool for creating business personas just select your business model share some key details and the AI will generate a detailed Persona complete with demographics goals motivations pain points and social media user Behavior with all this AI content it'll be a breeze to collaborate with the writer access team to produce the best content but this deal is only around for a limited time so click that buy now button while it's still up for grabs

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