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what's up sumo links it's Jay here with appsumo the number one digital Marketplace for busy content creators and marketers today I'm talking about voila the AI powered browser extension that helps you optimize your workflows create content and get the answers you need and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel we've got new deals coming out every week so stay tuned voila uses the power of AI to elevate your content game charm your audience and optimize your workflow to get started just install the extension to your browser and open it up with a simple keyboard shortcut if you can think of it you can ask voila like why is this guy blue why doesn't Paul Rudd age at expected detailed response in seconds so did Paul Rudd make a deal with the magical being or never mind that's a question for later not sure what you want to ask no sweat there are tons of templates to get you started voila can help you write marketing content brainstorm ideas and build decks just search the template and tell voila what you want from business proposals and invest after decks to product requirement docs voila's got you covered right long form posts in minutes by dropping in your title to generate an outline want to take it a step further you can ask Wala to take some text and write an entire post about it you can even create Twitter threads just tell voila what you want to say and post it directly to your account no matter what kind of work you do you got to send emails I know we all hate it but with a seamless Gmail integration voila takes the stress out of emailing just hit compose to create a new email or reply to one in your inbox then tap the shortcut and tell the AI what you want to say but it gets better because you've got even more voila shortcuts like creating a new Google Calendar event or opening a new Google doc in one click instead of digging through tabs or opening another program let voila get you where you need to go click the link below to grab this lifetime deal today [Music] thank you

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