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what's good Sumo Lings it's Eric from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today I'm going to show you how to use Hub Hopper the creator-driven podcast distribution Network that helps you build your brand and grow your following after you log in you'll start with the two main options create a new podcast or migrate your existing show onto the platform we'll focus on starting a new podcast just follow the step-by-step guide to build your show start by adding the basic details like the podcast and host names the website and the description then pick the main categories and subcategories set the language and whether the content is explicit once the basic details are done it's time to add your cover art you can upload your own or use the built-in canva integration to create an image now it's time to add the audio if you have pre-recorded episodes you can upload them or record episodes in the hub Hopper Studio editor you can adjust the volume split up audio files and use the Dragon drop Editor to create professional quality sound you can also import audio files for intro music or pre-recorded segments when you're done recording and editing it's time to upload your first episode add the audio file and update the episode name and description if you have sponsor links or calls to action you can add them to the description for your listeners to find if you're ready to start reaching more listeners with Hub Hopper don't let me stop you click the buy now button to grab this lifetime deal now all right let's dive back in when everything is uploaded hit create episode now you're ready to share your podcast with the world with the oneclick distribution you can share your podcast to every major platform or pick and choose specific platforms then click publish podcast and voila grab the link to share your podcast on social media and distribute your podcast via RSS feed which hubhopper can help you set up if you don't have a website you can build your own micro site with your own subdomain showcase your creator profile host all your shows Under One Roof and link your social handles just upload an image and add your profile information podcasts email address and social handles now the micro site is live and ready to share with fans and potential sponsors if you already have a website you can embed the player there just copy and paste the embed code to your site you'll be able to choose to Showcase all your episodes at once or single episodes once your podcast is live you can track analytic on hubhopper check out your total streams and gross listens at a glance track the streams over time see individual episode performance the times when your podcast gets the most plays and which devices people are using to listen You'll see listener demographic info that tracks their location and streaming platforms you can also use your custom tracking prefix to integrate with thirdparty analytics tools with hubhopper it's easier than ever to create promote and distribute your podcast to the world plus you can make multiple shows with the same account so what are you waiting for hit that buy now button to grab this lifetime deal before it's [Music] gone

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