How Carvana Boosted Sales by 323x with Kissmetrics

sup Sumo Lings it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at kiss metrics a powerful analytics platform that analyzes human behavior to optimize conversions and drive Revenue growth the ultimate secret to sales growth no thy customers imagine knowing exactly what every visitor does on your website and then using that data to supercharge your Revenue sounds awesome right that's kiss metrics all right first stop the metrics dashboard this bad boy showcases your top kpis like total revenue purchase conversions site visits and way more the best part is it's totally customizable so you only get the metrics you need you can even make dashboards for your teams see these little colored dots each one is a custom set of analytics so marketing sees what they need sales sees what they need you get the idea Switching gears to the main dashboard where data visualization is the name of the game fast sleek and precise that's the kiss metrics way your data gets updated daily and and of course everything is customizable complex data made super simple if you've been looking for a way to really understand your customers kiss metrics is the way to go so go ahead and hit buy now and start turning that sweet sweet data into fat stacks want to see more let's go all right next up is the populations feature this is your go-to for segmenting users based on unique criteria want to know how many people visited your site from London how about New Jersey or how long it took them to go from just browsing to shut up up and take my money that's where the activity and cohort reports can help there's a whole heap of reporting options like revenue reports AB test insights power reports and more it's a data Lover's Dream Come True oh and I know what you're thinking but Jay is kiss metrics impossible to set up no it's actually super easy you can just copy paste the API key Global identifier or JavaScript code and you're ready to track there's also a bunch of data Integrations so really you've got no excuse there's a reason more than 10,000 companies use it it's simple and it works so whether you've got a lean crew or an Enterprise level business understanding your customers is key to growing and kiss metrics gives you everything you need so grab this lifetime deal [Music] [Applause] today

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