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just because the leads you want are on LinkedIn doesn't mean they're waiting for you no you've got to scrape the internet for up-to-date contact info then you gotta send like 35 messages every day each tailored for every person only to get ghosted LinkedIn Outreach is a numbers game and it's time to start playing like the best of them hey oh Sumo links I'm Jay with appsumo the number one digital Marketplace for sales teams and marketers today we're looking at lead spot a platform that optimizes LinkedIn and email Outreach with a robust leads database AI personalization and a CRM extension and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel we've got new deals coming out every week so stay tuned lead spot is a total Triple Threat think LeBron James and his record-breaking 61 Point win for the Miami Heat yeah it's that good with a database of over 25 million companies worldwide lead spots AI pulls more leads than you can handle good thing you've got a dope filter feature to narrow down your search you'll be able to filter companies by country State size or industry download data from hundreds or even thousands of companies all of which are automatically qualified using chat GPT and find leads with specific positions but check this you can also find their LinkedIn phone or business email contact leadspot only charges you for valid emails and they have a 96 accuracy rate which is like way better than LeBron James free throw percentage after writing a thousand pitches your sales team is bound to lose steam which is why lead spots AI helps craft and rephrase your messaging to better hook your prospects and it ain't just a one-off either lead spot builds templates for all your pitches all of which can be personalized with the click of a button and that's about to come in handy right now with lead spot's powerful CRM extension you can send one of your new templates directly on LinkedIn lead spot even lets you reach out to a bunch of leads at once plus lead spot tracks response rates for every template so you can test your messaging and actually measure your results okay I got time for one more LeBron James reference and the shot clock just ran out but you've still got time to snag this lifetime deal so click the link below to get lead spot today [Music]

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