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what's up sumo links it's Jay here with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're going to dive into right rank the AI powered content writing tool that helps you create SEO optimized copy and outperform the competition when you sign into the right rank dashboard you'll see the article writing tool right away but right rank isn't just limited to articles there are tons of different content types and tools that you can use to level up your writing since writing articles from scratch can take a lot of time and research let's check out the ideas for articles tools add your article topic and fill out the keyword tone SEO localization and language parameters right rank will do all the keyword research for you if you're saying hey Jay enough already where do I sign up great news just hit the buy now button on the right side of the deal page to grab right rank for today okay let's get back to it after the titles are done choose the one you like and hit generate to create the article you can already see how right rank is super useful for creating content at scale this AI platform searches the internet and collects the content about your topic then chooses the most relevant search term so you can be confident your article will rank well in just a few minutes brightrank creates a whole article based on your topic using the most effective keywords the articles are completely structured with subtopics headlines and a conclusion where has this been all my life write rank integrates with WordPress or you can use the Chrome extension on any site let's check out the WordPress integration just connect the plugin to your site and you're ready to go first add as many article titles or keyword pairs as you want you can export the right rank article topics or add your own and bulk generate content assign the post category set the language and publish your content immediately progressively or save it all as a draft and post later you know the drill click that generate button and let right rank do the rest all the Articles will be created in WordPress and posted according to your settings it doesn't get much easier than that so what are you waiting for level up your content creation game and save time with right rank hit the buy now button to grab this lifetime deal today boom that's what we call running a gamut I didn't make a mistake and I didn't plan it well there you go uh hero status let's go

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