How to Create Studio-Quality Videos Fast with RECnGO

what's up Zumba Lings it's Chris here from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at Rec and go the pro live streaming and studio recording app that helps you create multi-camera videos from your phone tablet and milc slash DSLR devices via Mac OS reckon go gives your events the exposure they deserve with glitch free full HD streaming and recording whether you're running corporate workshops doing virtual home tours filming weddings or creating product demos you can capture engaging footage with no heavy equipment reckon go works with your iOS Android or Huawei devices just install the app and you're ready to get started you can easily create multi-camera videos in minutes by connecting up to 12 phones tablets computers or milc and DSLR devices running a presentation or a demo add multiple images videos and overlays to create custom presentations that wow your customers what's that you've heard everything you need to hear in that case just click the buy now button to get your own Pro V visual studio today all set let's get back into it while you're recording or streaming it's super easy to switch between back and front cameras turn off the flash adjust the white balance and zoom in and out remotely add some Pizzazz to your production with logos and background images you can insert these images as sources or as layers you can also add pre-recorded videos and insert visual overlays for example you can create name tags for speakers highlight your products insert CTA buttons and create your own layouts this is great for selling merch or driving subscriptions or you can keep things simple with a static logo overlay whatever you do it'll be easy to customize and organize with Rec and go now that you've gotten a preview of the pro level visuals we gotta talk about the audio with Rec and go you have full control of your own audio mix panel adjust the sound on the go and switch between different microphones to get the best sound quality you can use one camera source to stream video and another one to capture audio that way you're able to film multiple rooms or activities in at once you can also use an external microphone as long as it connects to one of your devices reckon go has built-in Integrations with Facebook and YouTube so you can stream directly or post a recording if you want to live stream set up the post title in a short description for the final platform if you want to live stream on a different platform create an rtmp URL and key to connect to tick tock twitch and more reckongo also supports simultaneous live streaming and recording so you can repurpose your video for all sorts of projects after the event reckon goes the key to putting out high quality video productions with no heavy equipment so hit that buy now button to grab your lifetime deal today [Music] [Applause] DSLR milc Dash again DSLR via Mac OS milk I don't think it's milk across all of your milk devices apologies if you know the answer and I sound like an idiot ICS all right

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