How To Make Money On Clickbank With Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai)

in this video I'm going to show you howto make money on Clickbank with Vidnami formally known as content samurai hi I'm Ken Furukawa of kenfurukawa.comand I provide helpful tips and information to help you build youronline business if this is your first time now sounds the subscribe button andring the buzzer so you don't miss out on my future content and if you're lookingto build your affiliate marketing business then click on the link below tofollow a simple step-by-step blueprint and start your online business today sofor the purposes of this video I'm going to assume that you already have yourClickbank account set up if you don't have one then you can watch my video howto promote Clickbank concoctions and I'll display you how you can set up an accountokay now next you need to choose a niche and a commodity now in general you shouldchoose a niche that “youve had” some those who are interested in as you'll be spending a lotof time raise content now retain you don't have to be an expert in thatniche okay by making material for your niche over experience you'll eventually learnmore and gradually become an expert okay that's how everybody starts off nowchoose a niche that has interests and that you are familiar with beings are searching forinformation on don't choose something that's really fog because you mayhave a hard time finding a concoction to promote okay and the traffic may not beworthwhile so if you look over here you can see all the different categoriesthat they have and I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna choose for this example Iwant to choose the health and fitness category okay because I know thatthere's gonna be a ton of produces here let's scroll down now you can seethere's one tonne of commodities there's a hundred and nine pages worth of healthand fitness makes okay it's very broad as well okay so we're gonna beable to find a good deal of different concoctions okay and I know that there's going to bea high level of interest and along with that comes a high level of competitionso you've got a way that rival and interests okay because you're going tobe playing as other people in the state and fitness list here andit's very very competitive okay now you need to do your own researchalright to determine what niche and what concoction works for you okay I recommendthe you buy the product first okay beef andtry it okay “theyre gonna” help you because you're gonna be able to answerany questions that might come your highway from people who purchased a commodity andit's gonna determine whether or not it's a good product in the first place okayit's going to determine whether or not you want to promote that produce inaddition it's good for you to experience what it's like to go through the salesfunnel okay and the reason is that your potential patron will be going throughthe same process as well and you want to make sure it's a smooth one right youdon't want to you don't want to be spammy or scammy okay that's that's theworst kind of experience and that implies parties aren't going to purchase thatproduct okay now scanning scanning this list over here I discover I see you know Isee a make here that talks about the keto diet okaynow you know I'm I'm very familiar with the keto ketogenic food I know it's verypopular I've tried the keto diet so I'm very familiar with it so I'll becomfortable promoting this product okay and in basically time various kinds of learningmore about it – okay what I like about it here is the gravityscore is is high so this means that it's a popular product okay the averageinitial cell is about $30 and there's also a rebuilt average of about 40 bucksand this means that there is a chance to make a bit of recurring income now thisis important too because you know if you can find a make that has recurringrevenue meaning that they get blamed “the consumers ” does blamed every monththat's going to help to create more of a passive income for you okayso ever look for that as well when you're choosing a product and basicallyI think this reviews good so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to click on the linkhere to go to the Philippine I'm gonna check out this produce now here we areinside their affiliate dashboard here and this is pretty good in fact I don'treally examine I don't I don't really discover a good deal of commodities that have thelevel of information or expressed support for their affiliates so this is reallyreally promising okay one thing that I'm gonna be looking for when we're makingvideos on Vidnami is I want to take a look here right down here not everyproduct is going to have this articles what I'm talking about here is articlesso you know I want to show you how you can get around that or or get contentfor your videos okay but this is promising not so we're going to take alook at this two sections here and we're gonna download this and see what theyhave okay so let's go ahead let's save this and we're gonna unzip this so let'sgo ahead and open up this one right here call these seven the advantages of the ketodiet okay as you can see this is pretty good first of all you would want to readthrough this whole thing and make any changes that you feel you need to makeokay it's always good to kind of look throughit make sure there aren't any links or anything in there because what we'regoing to do is we're going to mostly copy this entire article here okay we'regonna photocopy this entire article and let's say we've we've looked it over it looksgood and we're going to go ahead and use this so it's copy this and then we'regoing to head over into Vidnami okay so if you don't have a Vidnamiaccount they have a free trouble available and if you click on the link in thedescription below you can sign up for the free inquiry and you can make as manyvideos as you want now I too have a video that goes through the entireVidnami app so you'll be able to make your own videos next following thiswalkthrough okay so I'm I'm gonna precisely display you what I do or how I go aboutthis process so first of all we're gonna choose one of the format's here nowthey've got Square and they've got sixteen by nine since we're makingYouTube videos we're gonna go ahead and we're going to filter this by thesixteen by nine format now okay and we're just gonna choose this first onethat comes up now cool blue-blooded okay you know you can you can customize atemplate if you want to gonna go ahead and only use this andwe're gonna time title this okay we're just gonna title the entitle itit was the seven benefits of the keto diet okay so we're gonna word the videothat and we're gonna paste our dialogue in here okay so this is the script that webasically grabbed from this article that that our product designer afforded uswith okay so particularly handy okay so we're gonna take a look at this okay andbasically what's going to happen is Vidnami is gonna take all this verse andit's gonna create a video from it is currently one of the things that's missing here isa call to action so I'm going to add in a call to action for this video so thatway when they reach the end of the video we're gonna tell them what to do okay sowhen is this type in something real simple to grab your emulate of these copyof you are familiar with recipes or your nutrition click on the link below description okay so basically what we're doing iswe're instructing them what the hell is do okay and that relation in the description belowwill be your affiliate tie-in for the make that we're selling okay and thereason why I try to make it generic is that if you alter makes you know youwant to be able to keep this video without having to change the entirevideo okay because if it was specific to the custom keto diet and you hear changeto another one called the keto diet the super keto diet it's gonna be you knowyou're gonna have a hard time in terms of the video itself because the video isset you would have to record a new video all together okay so for this examplebecause this is gonna be really long I'm gonna actually cut off a great deal of this sothat I can show you how this all labor okay so let's go ahead and let's justcut out all this okay and let's say that this is the entire video okay because Iwant to show you how Phenom II places this together okay so let's say we've gotthis write it ogles good we got our call to actionnow we're gonna compose the incidents and now Vidnami will go in and what itdoes is it takes the the words from your write and basically prefers the imageor the video that corresponds with that so in this case keto diet they'reshowing you know someone eating a salad you are familiar with and you're gonna you're gonnasee it's pretty good in determining which type of video to select with itokay but if you want to you can change it by clicking on any of these or youcan choose for a for a specific keyword in this case everything reviews good I'mjust gonna support you how it labor so let's go all the way to the bottom let'ssay you've gone through all of this and you like it and you want to go ahead andmove forward to the next step so now we're going to add a articulate road to ourvideo now in this section right here you can just go with music simply okayalthough I would suggest you narrate this video okay you can go with the autovoice facet and this is a synthesized enunciate that Vidnami helps okayI don't recommend you use this because it bangs counterfeit if you listen closelyenough it announces doesn't sound real and it's hard to emphasize some of the wordswithin the video you you can only do that if you're the one that's that'sdoing the expres track yourself okay so you can record your own voice track oryou can upload a voice line so you know if let's say English is not your firstlanguage if you have a friend that can record it for you then go ahead and havethem record it for you if you want to hire someone from Fiverr or from UpWork then you can have them record it for you and then you can upload thevoice road okay so for this example I'm just gonna go ahead and only leant musiconly I'm not gonna record this on my own but let me just show you what it lookslike okay so if we were to go in to record our own expression way I would justbasically smacked this record button and record what's what's listed here andthen I would save that okay and then Vidnami would allow you to go througheach row and record each of these lines okay and then I'll lean it all togetherfor you okay but in this case I'm just gonna go aheadand simply save music simply okay so when you're ready you go ahead and youpreview your video so now Vietnam II is gonna go ahead I'm gonna applied everythingtogether and create a nice little preview and this is this is not gonna bea high-res because this is a a preview of the video but you can see here if youplay it everything ogles smooth it's got some nice music now at any time if youwant to not select music or not use any music you can go ahead and select noneif you want to choose a different move you can choose any of the tracks thatare listed here or you are eligible to even supplemented your own music okay merely make sure that it'snot copyright protected commonly the the music that they have for backgroundis really good in Vietnam II so I'll go ahead and use that but when you're readyall you have to do is click on looks good and continue and then from hereVidnami will give you a choice okay you can download it as 720 p ok or youcan download it as 1080 p so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to generate thevideo in 1080p okay so I paused the video becauseit was taking a little while it was a 1080 p download okay so formerly it's readyit's just gonna say download your video and we're just gonna download it to ourcomputer okay we'll save it and let's take a look at what this video lookslike so you can see it looks really good okay let's say it's ready to go okay andwe're going to upload this now to YouTube okay let's head over to ourYouTube account and then we're going to upload a video this is where we're goingto select the enter the video document that we are only formed okay seven benefits ofthe keto diet and then from here this is where you're going to optimize the videookay so you're gonna I'm not gonna go through this through all of this butyou're gonna optimize it with the entitle you're going to write a description inin your description this is where you're going to add in the link to your to youraffiliate offer okay and there's a couple of ways you can do it you can goahead and use a bitly link okay it's shorten the decreased connect frombitly so let's say you do have your keto link now and let's go ahead let's justcreate one just for fun now so let's say this is your link okay we're gonnago ahead and we're gonna go into bitly and we're gonna drop this tie-in in hereand then we're going to shorten it okay and you can see right here it made thelink and it diminished it here okay now it looks nicer you can copy that and youcan add that in here into your description so – well you do the samecall-to-action to grab your duplicate of these keto recipes visit and we're gonna paste that tie-up in thereso this is the link when they click on this this is what's gonna take them tothe give okay and you can see that our video is already here alright and thenyou're gonna want to select the playlist you're gonna want to optimize it withthings like calls so formerly you're done optimizing your video make sure that youcreate a thumbnail okay for it an adequate one and I have a video onhow to create a YouTube thumbnail utilizing canva okay you can do this completelyfree but you're gonna want to create a nice-looking thumbnail to captivate theattention to your video and then you're gonna click on nextthis is where you can add an cease screen and add posters okay for the end screen Ialso have a tutorial on that and you can go ahead and included a join in thedescription below and then this is where you're gonna want to publish it okay sofor this example I'm just gonna make it unlisted but you emphatically want to makesure that it's public okay and from there that's when you are going to saveit okay once you save it you're gonna see that the video shown in and this isour video right here so let's go ahead and play video games it and you can see everythinglooks nice right you can see everything's optimized and you can seeour link right here alright so if someone clicks on this link this pausethis video so someone clicks on this connect it'll make them directly to thecustom keto diet sales page now what happens if there are no articlesavailable for you to use in your Vidnami videos like our previous instance wellnow you have three options number 1 you can create the content yourselfnumber two you can hire somebody to write the content for you or numberthree you could obtain what's called PLR or private label rights digitalcontent now be maintained in mind not all PLR content is created equalI've created a video announced how to select PLR digital makes and I'veincluded a tie-in down in the description belowthis will help you to choose the liberty PLR product for youso there you have it how to make money on Clickbank with Vidnami formallyknown as Content Samurai keep in mind that this is only a small part of theentire strategy when it comes to making money on Clickbank there are otherpieces of the puzzle that you need to implement in order for this to reallystart working things like creating a squeeze page to capture email addressesa bridge page to pre-sell your public before you hand them over to the salespage and what about a follow up email sequence to help build a relationshipwith your brand-new reader so that you can make even more marketings you experience improving asuccessful affiliate marketing business move beyond really driving traffic to anaffiliate furnish it takes time and a willingness to work hard so with thatsaid if you're interested in hear how to build a real and sustainableaffiliate marketing business one that you can be truly proud of then click ona link below to follow the exact same approach that I use to build mine it'scalled The Simple Traffic Blueprint.Hey thanks for watching. If you met thisvideo to be helpful then please consider agreeing to my youtube channel anddon't forget to hit the notifications bell to be alerted to my next video thisis Ken Furukawa from and I'll see you in my next video.


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